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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brad Bower on players sitting

I emailed GW Sports Information Director Brad Bower asking why Diggs and Witherspoon were benched, and here's his response:
Hi Andrew,
It's my impression that Hobbs is unhappy with what he sees as inconsistent effort by Diggs, Hollis and Witherspoon. He cited that Hollis had no rebounds in 20 minutes in today's game. When that happens, Karl sits them out. That's always been every coach's prerogative. None of the three are injured. There's no more to it than that but I can understand your frustration and that of others.
Here's the box score.

It's started

Someone (not me) just put this up:

GW loses to Coppin State

Wow. Coppin State was 1-10. Now they're 2-10.

The final score was 59-53. GW went 4-14 from the free throw line.

Rob Diggs played 13 minutes. He had better be hurt or sick, otherwise it's unconscionable for GW's best player not to be out there.

The team was outrebounded by 10. See above.

Is it time to start calling for Hobbs' head?

Here's the box score.

GW loses to Vermont, Hawaii: What's going on?

GW lost to a Vermont team similar to themselves, and then late last night, lost to a mediocre Hawaii team 73-47. The team shot 30% against Hawaii, including 1-7 from 3 for Matt Allbritton (?) and 0-5 from 3 for Noel Willmore.

Wynton Witherspoon didn't play for the third game in a row. After last game I emailed Brad Bower about it, and he said "not injured-coach's decision." The Hatchet has more: "Hobbs said after the team’s loss to Vermont Saturday that Witherspoon has not lived up to standards the team has set and would not elaborate on his status for the future." Not good.

GWHoopsters are disconsolate, asking lots of questions about Hobbs and his future at GW. Pretty sad that after 3 NCAA tourneys, an undefeated conference season, and a ranking as high as #6 in the nation these questions have to be asked.

For a long time this season, I was reluctant to panic - GW was 6-2 after all, with only losses to good teams. Now GW is 6-4 with two disappointing losses. I'm starting to worry. It seems that Karl Hobbs has become intransigent and frustrated and has his players on a really short leash - one mess-up and they're out. He's benched Witherspoon, one of the best players on the team, and he's still playing 10 players for at least 10 minutes a game. I can see wanting to get a feel for players, and maybe giving them some experience, but it's not working. It doesn't make sense to me either, as Joseph Katuka had a double-double in the win against Sac State, then played 11 minutes the next game. Maybe it was a match-up, but there's a lot of second guessing going on, and Hobbs is not one to clarify things. It seems like the players have gotten frustrated too, which is my guess as to what's happened with Witherspoon. Ugh.

And I'm working on some more analysis, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

GW vs Sacramento State tonight

GW plays lowly, crummy Sacramento State tonight in Sacto. The game is at 10:05 pm Eastern, and you might be able to watch it on or through the Big Sky's website (though it's a free registration).

Herve takes a look at Sac State, who basically are terrible. They're 1-9 and 310 in the RPI, and Free Quebec has an analysis of how they'll drop GW's RPI by thirty points. Awesome!

Mason to Play at GW Next Season

According to a blurb in the Post, George Mason is scheduled to bus and metro in for a game against the Colonials in Foggy Bottom next season. GW would return the game in 2010-2011. Will there by flying cars for the 2010 match-up? Will Mason still be talking about 2006?

Thanks EvWill of Gwhoops for the heads-up!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pith on GW from the DC Sports Bog

Hope everybody has done your shoppin (see last post). There's some pretty funny stuff on the DC Sports Bog's last Atlantic 11 poll on GW. Enjoy:
9. George Washington

Chris Farley interviewing Karl Hobbs: "Remember when you guys were undefeated and ranked 6th in the country?? That was awesome!" (Christopher Ring)

The Colonials knocked off Harvard last week, which shows that George Washington is still sticking it to Harvard-alum John Adams from beyond the grave. (Chris Chase)

Tommy Amaker's homecoming is just how he always dreamed it would be, losing to GW in front of 2,205 fans as the head coach of Harvard. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Former University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg will be proud to know that Colonials lent credence to his "Harvard on the Potomac" claim by actually beating the real Harvard. (Ted Gotsch)

Can now say that they beat Harvard in tuition cost AND basketball. (Max Wasserman)

Beat Harvard by 15. That's one point for every billion dollars Harvard's endowment has lost this year. (Chris Olson)

I wonder if Obama was reviewing the law that the Colonials laid down on Harvard? (Michael Palan)

Beating Harvard by 15 totally proves that we could have gotten in there if we wanted, but chose to come to D.C. for the connections and the internship possibilities and to go to the most expensive school in the country. As for AU, um...Blue/Orange Line's better! [/Colonial'd] (Paul Campbell)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Need to buy presents?

Check out the GW online store - jerseys, shirts, hats, other cool stuff. There's also different things for sale at the games.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

GW wins Battle of Rock Creek, beats AU 63-50

GW played pretty well and despite the wholesale substitutions, were able to keep American at arms' length.

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was in the house to see the game, where GW held AU star Garrison Carr to 6 points on 1/14 shooting, which was nice to see. Joseph Katuka did some good work down low on offense and on defense, at one point chasing an American break from one end of the court to the other and blocking a lay-up. He only played 10 minutes and didn't make much of an impact on the stats, but he looked good.

Rob Diggs was nasty on offense, scoring 17 on 4/13 shooting, but 9/10 from the free throw line, and added 6 rebounds. Damian Hollis got 9 boards, and Xavier Alexander looked hungry, which was good to see, collecting 5. Tony Taylor knocked his knee and only played 11 minutes. Opoku was active, but just could not collect a rebound - at least three bounced off his hands.

Otherwise, there was some weird stuff. The Jumbotron was off, which was annoying, the refs made some bonehead plays, and GW started the game with four 3-pointers. Ten players played at least 10 minutes, and it seems like Hobbs would occasionally sub out a group of players after some good defense. Then again, GW won, so I can't complain too much.

I hope we keep this rivalry going, as there were a fair amount of vocal AU fans in the house.

Here's the box score and the GWSports brief piece.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GW vs AU tonight: The Battle of Rock Creek Park

GW plays American tonight at the Smith Center in what I'll call the Battle of Rock Creek Park. You might notice that Georgetown is also near Rock Creek Park and they beat AU, but since they've refused to play GW since 1983, they are disqualified from this championship.

American had a good season last year, making the NCAA tourney behind shooting Garrison Carr who was this year's Patriot League preseason player of the year. This season, the Eagles are 4-4 with wins against Howard, Jacksonville, Stony Brook, and St. Francis (PA) and losses to Georgetown, Oklahoma State, Mt. St. Mary's, and Fairfield. In the Post's Atlantic 11 basketball poll, GW is #9 and American is #11.

Here's the preview, and the prediction thread (no Herve preview tonight).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meet the Freshmen: Matt Allbritton

The next installment of the (somewhat delayed) Meet the Freshman is Matt Allbritton.

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Uniform number, and why: #33, because my Lord & Savior (Jesus Christ) was resurrected when He was 33 years old! I want to honor Him in everything I do!
Sneaker size: 13
Best part of your game: 3-point shooting
Still need to work on: defense and getting stronger
Game day superstition: don't really have one
What you like about DC so far: the excitement going on everywhere!
College team you'd love to play: U of Texas
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: Lamborghini
Favorite athlete and pro team: Dirk Nowitzki; Dallas Mavericks
Favorite class in high school: team sports
Planned major: sports management
Class you're looking forward to at GW: ?
Typical breakfast: ideally eggs..if not, good ole cereal and a banana
Favorite musical artists: Anberlin, Hillsong United, Red, Linkin Park, POD, David Crowder Band
Favorite movie: The Passion of the Christ, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dumb and Dumber
Favorite video game: Madden, Halo, NBA 2k series
Last thing you read: Isaiah 32:17
Your best sports moment: scoring 38 points in the finals of the Cistercian Tournament and beating the host team.
Biggest influence in your life: Jesus Christ and my awesome family

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wolf Blitzer Reduces Work Hours to Attend More Colonials Games

Well, among other teams. Wolf Blitzer is looking forward to 2009 when he will have more time to attend his favorite local DC sports teams which include the Colonials. Can't wait to see you at Smitty again Wolf!

Wooooolf Blitzer, clap-clap clap-clap-clap-clap.

Credit to poster "Section 105" on for tracking this one down.
Photo credit Ben Solomon, GW Hatchet 2007.

Why GW is still better than Maryland:

For one, the only famous UMd alum I could think off the top of my head was Jayson Blair, the New York Times writer who fabricated and plagiarized stories. I since found a few more on Wikipedia.

But here's the real reason:

Monday, December 8, 2008

GW spanked by Terps, 76-53

Well, that was crummy. In what seemed like a really quick game, GW couldn't shoot and all the balls rolled Maryland's way, and the Terps took this one running away with it. GW was up briefly in the beginning of the first half, and that was it - poor shooting and crummy defense by GW, and Maryland making good plays left the result hardly up the air about 10 minutes in.

The team looked a bit slugging, and shot only 30.8% from the floor, versus 42.9 for Garyland. Rebounding was pretty even, with 45 for UM and 42 for GW, and surprisingly Hermann Opoku led GW with 7 boards. Opoku tried hard out there, but got burned a few times on D and made a few ill-advised offensive moves. Still, he's improving. Damian Hollis, however, only played 16 minutes and was kind of invisible, as was Wynton Witherspoon, as he's been all year. Tony Taylor and Rob Diggs led the team with 10 points each, though I really want to see Diggs get at least 10 shots a game - he's the most consistent scorer but isn't getting enough looks.

In general, the team seemed more comfortable driving than shooting, and multiple times Colonials passed up open outside shots. The team was 4/15 from three while Maryland was 9/19.

As for other things I noticed, Johnny Lee was in an got a lot of playing time. He's fast, but why? Hobbs had him guarding Greivis Vasquez, who is almost a foot taller. Lee turned it over 4 times, most on the team.

The rest of the line-ups were made fun of too in the Times. Here's the box score and here's the more hand-wringing here from the GWHoops crowd.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coxman is back!

One of GWHoops's most beloved posters, Coxman, is back. You might call him the James Joyce of GWHoops - alleged to be the alias of Longing for Oscar, he posts long, complicated, verbose, over-the-top praise of GW players and staff without punctuation. It's awesome and hilarious - you can't tell whether it's sarcastic or not, but it's great either way.

A random selection from the post:
that house of glory on 22nd street in NW Washington DC and bearing witness to one of the most fabulous events to grace our nation’s capital and that is when our leader and great warrior Mr. Robert Diggs puts on his game face and leads our team into battle on Tex Silverman’s hardwood and it is so very beautiful to see Robert leap to the rafters where our many banners hang and secure a perfectly lobbed pass from super guard Travis King and come barreling back toward earth with a deafening thunder as he slams the round ball through the hoop and puts the Colonials ahead and all our opponents can do is stand there, mouths agape...
The full post, if you were wondering, is 1,032 words. In one sentence.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vote for Hobbs vs JTIII

The Post's new Press Break blog has a poll today to name the best area head coaches. Karl Hobbs is bracketed against John Thompson III and is shockingly winning as of now.

Go vote!

Spaniards are mad at Pops

Looks like Pops' Spanish league team, Badalona, is not happy with the King Whale Killer. Pops hurt his shoulder and went to the US for treatment and has been there longer than they expected, and thus aren't happy. Apparently they might consider his contract void, which would suck! Hopefully it works out.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Post college hoops blog

Just found this via GWHoops, it's a new blog from the Washington Post about college hoops: Press Break. I'll be reading it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Women vs Tennessee on Tuesday

Big game for the women, who face the Lady Vols at the Smith Center at 7:30. The women are 4-2 this year under new coach Mike Bozeman, with losses to Kentucky and Western Kentucky. UT is ranked #9 in the nation with their only loss to #15 Virginia.

There will probably be a lot of UT fans in the house, so we need a lot of support! GW is led by Antelia Parrish at 13.3 points per game, followed by Jessica Adair at 12.8. They're missing point guard Kim Beck, but are pretty young. Should be a big crowd in any case, and a good atmosphere for some solid b-ball.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SirValiant Brown playing in Canada

SirValiant Brown, a high-scoring guard who played for GW from 1999 to 2001, is playing in Canada now, with the Premier Basketball League's Halifax Rainmen. The same league also hosts the Vermont Frost Heaves, where Dokun Akingbade plays now. Hat tip to Herve from GWHoops for finding the article.

If you don't know Sir Val, he was a character. Playing for Tom Penders' offense-focused teams, he nearly led the nation in scoring as a freshman with 24.9 ppg, and had a green light to shoot whenever - that means he had some spectacular misses, as well as some spectacular makes. He didn't play as well his sophomore year, and after that he left for the NBA draft, which some speculated was due to bad grades. He wasn't picked and has hopped around since then.

As for his name, his parents really liked King Arthur and stuff. His brother is named SirLancelot. Some guy even made a Youtube video of his highlights:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Disappointing. GW 71-Auburn 83

It looked like GW could run away with this one. In the first half, the Colonials were playing good defense and hitting tons of outside shots. The second half, Auburn made adjustments (going from zone to man-to-man, for example) and torched GW for 54 second half points. Coach Karl Hobbs attributed the 2nd half slump to toughness while Damian Hollis attributed it to low energy level. I think those were issues, plus not adjusting. That was the story, basically.

Wynton Witherspoon was 1-10 from the floor, and Damian Hollis scored 13 in the first half, but only 3 in the second. Auburn also scored 25 points off turnovers to GW's 7. GW shot 50% in the first half and 33% in the second and vice versa for the Tigers. In all, it was a disappointing game with some bright spots. Hermann Opoku looked Pops-esque at times, throwing down an alley-oop and such. Tony Taylor was good, quick and aggressive off the dribble and scored 13. Travis King had some nice moves and good shots - 3/4 from three. Noel Willmore was 4/6 from three.

More bad news - the team was beat on the boards, however, 27-36, and Xavier Alexander was nowhere to be found, racking up 4 fouls. Aaron Ware played like a freshman as well in limited minutes, and Rob Diggs only took 5 shots, hitting three.

There's been a lot of chatter on GWhoops about this - GW lost to another BCS team (the 14th straight, as the Hatchet notes), and it was a game the Colonials could have won. But at the same time, this is a new team, and we're still 2-1. Don't give up the ship.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

GW vs Auburn streaming online now

Sorry for the lack of posts, have been on the road. GW-Auburn is available through, just scroll to the bottom where the 2 pm games are. I think you have to have Internet Explorer.

Monday, November 17, 2008

MH3(7) Gets It Done, With a touch of Pops

Mike Hall, playing for Armani Jeans Milano, is tearing up the top Italian league. He was named the week 4 MVP of the entire Euroleague. Check the video in which Mike puts on a clinic in his team's losing effort.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu, who is out with a shoulder injury at the moment, was named week 2 MVP as he threw down serious dunks and blocks for his Spanish side DKV Joventut.

Type rest of the post here

Friday, November 14, 2008

Season opener tonight: GW vs Boston U

GW plays its market-basket buddy tonight in Boston, the Terriers. Herve has his preview up, as does, and BU is ranked 51 overall by the AP.

The game is apparently on the net in some form, according to BU's website, and it's also on radio, 1050 AM and radio over the internet here.

apparently might have it! Unconfirmed though.

UPDATE 2: Another watch link, via Herve.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hatchet basketball preview out

The Hatchet's basketball preview is out today, and as usual, it's good stuff. There's some nice videos and such too - they've been doing a good job with the multimedia stuff.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Four GW games to be televised on MASN

Here's a decent surprise. I got a press release from MASN, the network that shows Nats (and some Baltimore baseball team) saying they'll be showing 4 GW games this season - Maryland, Richmond, Bonaventure, and Charlotte. Of course, Maryland is the BB&T and the rest are home games, so that's not too exciting.

And another minus is that's less games than UMBC, Loyola, Mt. St. Mary's, American, Richmond, Lafayette (!?!) and Liberty. And no women's games. I guess you reap what you sow.

Here's the full release.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

GW 101-West Georgia 71

Originally uploaded by squidpants
It's just an exhibition game, but it looked good for the home team. Stats aren't up yet, but the Colonials executed well on offense and defense, with at least 5 players in double figures.

Tony Taylor started and looked good as point guard - he's very fast and made some nice moves and nice passes, with a few freshman mistakes. Xavier Alexander was big-time on both ends, scoring well and getting a lot of rebounds. Rob Diggs was Rob Diggs, scoring down low and playing good D. And Damian Hollis was solid too, making a lot of long jumpers.

The other freshman had their moments too, with Aaron Ware looking very quick, and Matt Albritton hitting his first three with a really nice shot (but missing two others). And rarely-used Joseph Katuka looks like he's developed some nice post moves, scoring 6 quick points when he was first in, though he got beat a few times on defense.

Defense was solid too, with lots of quick hands getting steals. There were some lapses in the lane and on the perimeter, but for the most part I really can't say much bad about this game - there were good plays, solid D, and not many mistakes. The tempo was up, as the score indicates, and the team scored well from inside and outside, and was decent from three. Free pizzas were to be had for making 7 threes.

Once stats get up I'll write a bit more. But if the team plays well and plays together like this, they might surprise some people.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mo Rice makes D-League training camp roster

Maureece Rice looks like he's still trying. He attended local tryout camps for the D-League Erie BayHawks and made it through all three, and was named to the team's training camp roster. No guarantee he'll make the team, of course, but it looks like he's working.

Some GW players have been in the D-League before, notable Pops Mensah-Bonsu, who was D-League All Star Game MVP (and also got brought up to the Mavs), Mike Hall, and Danilo Pinnock.

GW vs West Georgia on Saturday!

I'm getting excited. The game is at 2 pm and I'm looking forward to seeing how the team gels, who starts, which freshmen look good, etc. And of course, hitting up some drinking establishments before and after. For example, Tonic has "white trash mimosas" - Tang and Miller Lite.

As for West Georgia, the GW players (Tamal Forchion, Darnell Miller) who transferred there have graduated. Majestic Mapp used to play there too, remember that guy?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

GW stuff on sale

In honor of Obama's win (or maybe not) the GW Bookstore has a lot of neat stuff on sale.

Check it out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ukraine Train Update

Last week I bumped into 2005-2006 GW Basketball Alumnus Alex Kireev at Chef Geoff's. I didn't want to bother him but a few super-mugs deep I was able to conjure up the courage. I annoyed him and his family just long enough to find out that Alex played overseas last year but was back in DC working for a non-profit organization. Best of luck to him.

I still remember when Alex drained that deep 3 pointer from the top of the key to start-off Senior night for what would eventually become one of top GW basketball games of all time and cap the magical 16-0 A-10 season. Hope to see you at Smitty this season.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rumor: GW plays well in Nova scrimmage

Don't know much about this, since it's a scrimmage, but GW apparently fared well against Villanova the other day.

Herve reports:
whispering bird(s) say:

Apparently Damien went off for 30 points in two 12 minute sessions. Also heard Taylor started (with Spoon, Hollis, Diggs and Herm). Herm was also impressive.

Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher handled the GW traps and pressure quite well.

Uh oh, Pops is hurt


And in other news, did you vote?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mo Rice makes D-League roster

Maureece Rice survived the cuts to the D-League's Erie Bayhawks and made the final 11 man roster. Rice first made the team from try-outs held in the area, and he impressed. He also seems to be buckling down, which is good - "I tried to impress the coaches so they won't be able to second guess keeping me around," he said. Good luck to Mo.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Dwayne Smith, two others give GW verbals

The Hatchet has the scoop, Canadian Dwayne Smith, who was rumored to not be eligible, has given his verbal commitment to GW, as well as two new guys I haven't heard of, Daymon Warren and David Pellom. Coach Hobbs must like guys whose first names start with D. They'll be freshmen next season.

Warren plays at Worcester Academy, which is where Albert Roma and other GW players came from, is 6'9" and weighs 230 pounds - good to see some weight. The rest about him sounds good too.

Pellom is a 6'8" 200 pounds. The GWhoops thread on him is a little slim on details, other than serving a suspension for an altercation with the coach. Hopefully that's solved, but uh-oh.

And Smith I've written about a lot before. He's a PF from Canada, sounds pretty solid.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Chat with Jack Summary

On Friday October 24th, Jack Kvancz and the athletic department hosted a gaggle of dedicated Colonials fans from 6-8pm. Jack spent most of the two hours explaining to the 20 odd GW diehards the myriad of challenges GW basketball faces. It was clear from the frank and, at times, frustrated tone of discussion that the AD office has heard and hoped to address a growing chorus of concern. Jack at times appeared reluctant to divulge specifics and often spoke without mentioning schools by name instead alluding to them with nods and winks. The overall message was clear: Jack's hands are tied. It was less clear, other than through the Smith Center Renovation efforts underway, how they plan to creatively loosen them.

Notes after the jump.

I lack a photographic memory. If I have distorted any of the statements from the event or read between too many lines, please comment below.

Scheduling and "Majority Rules" in the A-10

-According to Jack, the the A-10 rules are the major impediment to GW scheduling. Jack stressed how a majority of ADs voted for the 3 tiers. Presumably he was not one of them.
-Jack dislikes the RPI stipulations by tier.
-Jack dislikes that teams can only schedule Home and Homes.
-Now that the A-10 expressly forbids Buy games, the AD cannot accept one-off games against opponents, like UCLA, who would pay GW to visit. As Jack put it, "When I can't get bought, that's a problem."
-BCS teams WILL NOT play at the Smith Center. Thus, Home and Homes are impossible with those types of schools.
-Jack is unsure, other than financially, how the A-10 might punish GW for scheduling teams outside of their tier's RPI range.
-Jack defended the game against Harvard on a number of grounds. Large number of former and potential GW student from Massachusetts, Harvard's academic acumen, number of local DC metro basketball products on the Crimson including Coach Amaker.
-GW keeps its commitments even if other teams don't. USC and Clemson dropped out of Rainbow, GW cannot afford that leisure. Providence may not return the game in DC, but GW will honor the 2&1 agreement with Longwood.
-The AD is on board with scheduling Colonial Athletic teams next season such as Mason, VCU, UNC/W, and ODU and date-matching should become easier next season as current contracts expire.
-Mason sounds like its going to happen. Approximate Jack Quote: "How many CAA teams do you want? 5, 8, 2? I'm with you."
-Jack subtly alluded to trying to schedule a game with the brother of a notable potential presidential spouse but that given A-10 scheduling rules pegged to last years RPI figures, GW would not have been allowed to schedule Oregon State. Makes you wonder who might be in attendance when the Beavers play their first game of the 08-09 season against the Bison off Georgia Ave...

TV & Media Exposure

-GW would have to pay a local station to pay CBS College Sports to play a GW game. Maryland gets paid to have it's games on TV.
-It has become harder and harder to field good teams in the BB&T. Kansas wanted $1M to participate. The BB&T has historically been a clever way to bring a BCS team to DC and then return the game away the following season. As Dom put it, the BB&T usually means 3 games: 2 at the tourney and then a return away game with the previous BB&T opponent. Sounds like another hole to fill next season.
-President Knapp values athletics, and specifically GW basketball, as an important part of the University. First question he was asked by a Washington Post reporter during his first interview. Rough paraphrase: What will it be like to move from a Lacrosse School to a Basketball School? "It will be easier to see the ball."

The Team
-Jack and Dan Rocha and others others reminded fans about the bottom line: GW Student-Athlete stand out Nationally in their academic achievements.
-Universal excitement about Tony Taylor.
-Travis is still a ways away from full health. He's '70%'

Smith Center Renovations
-Dan Rocha, Knapp's man leading the Smith Center renovation fundraising efforts, updated fans on the progress.
-The Board has ponied up for $4 Million of the required $10 Million to match the Kogod and Smith families' generous contributions.
-With a couple million already in hand from the first few months, Rocha and team expect to exceed the necessary $10M by June 30.
-Along they way, they want to continue to encourage donors at all levels who are interested in contributing.

Andrew has written extensively on this Blog about the need for greater transparency within the Athletic Department. This meeting was a good first step, one that allowed Jack, Dom, and others to articulate (vent) their frustration with the constraints of being GW. Now armed with a better understanding of the constraints, the Colonial nation would love to hear more about creative solutions and how they can help realize those goals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hatchet: Kvancz unconcerned about unsold season tickets

The Hatchet has a piece today about athletic director Jack Kvancz being unconcerned about unsold season tickets - the $375 blue seats (plus $500 you have to pay to join the AD's Club in order to get the seats), which are the best seats in the house. He blames it on the economy, which seems pretty bogus to me - most of the bad economic news came out recently, and people have had a long time to renew their tickets.

To me, this problem comes down to two issues - crummy out-of-conference teams visiting the Smith Center, and a lack of publicity/hype about the team over the last few years. This was a team that was ranked #6 in the whole country, and now can't even sell its best season tickets. GW failed to capitalize on those great seasons of a few years ago, and they're reaping that now.

And really, who would pay $875 to see GW play such lowlights as Binghamton, Harvard, and UMBC? That, with American, are the only home non-conference games at the Smith Center this year. That's crummy. The A-10 schedule is ok, but that's going to be basically the same every year. I'll compare other A-10 teams' schedules soon -- in short, GW plays fewer home games than every other school in the A-10, aside from Temple (which plays two games at the Palestra).

To paraphrase James Carville, "It's the schedule, stupid."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Talk with the AD on Friday

This sounds like a cool event, it's "Chat with Jack" (Kvancz) on Friday from 6 to 8 pm at the Smith Center. You have to RSVP by Thursday.

I hope people take him to task about marketing and scheduling. I'm going to be out of town, so I can't go. Keep me updated about what happened!
On Friday, October 24th, from 6pm – 8pm, Jack Kvancz, Athletic Director, will be providing an opportunity to GW Season Ticket holders, alumni, and friends to “Chat with Jack” on the following topics:

* GW Athletics
* GW Basketball scheduling and the A-10 Conference
* Prospects for the Charles E. Smith Center Renovation
* Colonials Athletics Club
* The Future of Athletics at GW

This “Q and A” session will take place in the AD’s Club in the Charles E. Smith Center. Refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP to Francine Smith at (202) 994-6650, or by October 23rd, 2008.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New commitment: Kinley Branch

Sort of a surprise - Karl Hobbs got a verbal commitment from Kinley Branch, a 6'5", 200 pound power forward from Georgia. He graduates in 2009, which means he'd be a freshman next year. Rivals and Scout don't have much, and while a 6'5" PF isn't very big, Tamal Forchion was a 6'6" power forward and (when he was healthy) he had some awesome low post moves. He was also 50 pounds heavier, but hey.

Stay tuned for the updated scholarship list.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hatchet, other folks want Midnight Madness back

Can't say I blame them. While Colonials Invasion sounds fun, Midnight Madness is awesome. The Hatchet has an editorial on it, and there's a GWHoops thread.

Your thoughts? I know Hobbs said he didn't like Midnight Madness, and they spent a lot of money on it, but I think a simple event would be fun.

Egg-savier ranked in top 20

I think they're crawling back up the A-10 Teams I Hate ranking as well. At least Drew Lavender and Stanley Burrell are gone.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Colonials Invasion set for October 23

Colonials Invasion is back again, scheduled for 8:00 pm on Thursday, October 23. Doors open at 7:30. Should be pretty awesome, there's going to be a "special-effect filled" introduction of the men's and women's team, and they're introducing the new, cool looking mascot and "decommissioning" the old one.

There's a tailgate before starting at 6 pm at a "the newly renovated student lounge at 2145 G Street and Veteran's Park, adjacent to Smith Center." What is that?

And there's also a contest for fans to make a one-minute pump-up video which will be shown at home games all season. Sounds pretty cool.

Here's the GWSports article on it.

GW ad in the Express newspaper

Today I was reading the Express commuter paper and saw a half-page ad for GW season tickets. Pretty cool, I'm glad to see they're doing some advertising this year.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Not much playing time for Johnny Lee?

I heard a secondhand rumor from someone affiliated with the team that Tony Taylor is so good, Johnny Lee won't see much playing time this year. I like Johnny, as does everybody else, but I'm excited by the hype around Tony Taylor. Can't wait for the season!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mo Rice waived by Sixers

It was kind of a long shot anyway, but Maureece Rice was waived by the Sixers. Hope he catches on somewhere.

Friday, October 3, 2008

"The best dunk contest you've never heard of"

Senor Pops Mensah-Bonsu was mentioned in ESPN the Magazine this week, for their article about the ACB dunk contest - the Spanish basketball league, where El Rey Matador de Ballenas (king whale killer) plays now.

Here's the video of Pops and otros jugadores.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meet the Freshmen: Aaron Ware

So I'm doing a reprise of last year's Meet the Freshmen series, where I ask each incoming freshman the same questions.

Last year's was pretty good, and gave us tidbits like Xavier Alexander eating Flintstones vitamins for breakfast, Joseph Katuka being a big fan of National Treasure, and Miles Beatty's biggest influences being Tupac and Michael Jordan.

This year's first interview is Aaron Ware. Enjoy!

Aaron Ware
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Sneaker size: 13
Best part of your game: driving to the basket
Still need to work on: jump shot
Game day superstition: tying both shoes double-knotted
What you like about DC so far: the history and culture
College team you'd love to play: UCLA or USC
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: a house
Favorite athlete and pro team: Kobe Bryant; Lakers
Favorite class in high school: American History
Planned major: Journalism
Class you're looking forward to at GW: Jackie Robinson Class
Typical breakfast: Waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, orange juice
Favorite musical artists: The Game, Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z
Favorite movie: Scarface
Favorite video game: NBA 2K8
Last thing you read: The Jordan Rules
Your best sports moment: Winning 2007-08 section championship
Biggest influence in your life: mother, grandmother

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mo Rice on Sixers training camp roster

Kind of a surprise huh? Maureece Rice has been named to the Sixers training camp roster.

Maybe it's just a nod to a local legend (in high school for breaking Wilt's record) but hey, maybe he will make it. To be honest, I don't really feel like wishing him good luck. There's that old Simpsons line: "I'm a well-wisher, in that I don't wish you any particular harm." He did a lot for the team for a few years, but I think the end of his career left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. Obviously I hope he does well for himself, but I won't be following his career nearly as much as Mike or Pops or Carl or Danilo.

Pops, GB make European Championship

Not bad! For the first time since 1981, the Great Britain national basketball team are in the European Championship, thanks to Luol Deng, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, and some others. The Brits beat the Czech Republic on the 17th. Pops has been all over Basketball24/7, a British basketball site, and has been doing well for the Brits, usually one of the top 2 scorers.

Glad to see Pops doing well, and I hope he gets more notice during the Euros.

Here's a couple other articles.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What a tease: Hippo not being phased out

Man, that sucks. Turns out the bookstore folks thought the university was phasing out the Hippo, but they weren't, just wanting to use it less on merchandise. Just when I thought GW did something smart for once.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

All our prayers have been answered

Because GW is phasing out the Hippo mascot. Thank god.

The Hatchet has the story - it won't be on any merchandise, won't be at games, etc etc. They also have former university President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg saying the Colonial is "a lame mascot." Get bent, SJT.

I always thought the Hippo was a stupid mascot. It had nothing to do with the school, SJT invented a fake legend for it, and it was ridiculous. There was always the story (unverified) that Trachtenberg bought the hippo sculpture at 22nd and H at an auction when he was drunk, and Mrs. Trachtenberg wouldn't let him keep it, so he donated it to the university. No idea if that's true, but it's funny. And some guy I used to be on the trivia team with claimed he had personally seen or taken part in putting a number of various bodily fluids in the hippo's mouth. For the sake of probity, I won't mention the ones he hadn't.

In other actual news, they're also changing the color used on some things from "athletic yellow" to "sparkly Vegas gold." Here's what Vegas gold looks like. Vegas gold is already on men's and women's basketball uniforms.

Little George was already updated a few months ago to be less terrifying.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alexander Koul: Still around

Back in the 90s, GW had a poster that said "Washington's New Monument," with Alexander Koul on it. Koul was a 7'1" center from Belarus, and he was pretty good. He averaged 13.3 points for his 4 year career at GW, as well as 7.2 rebounds and 1.5 blocks.

He's still career GW's leader in consecutive starts, field goal percentage (.610, 635 of 1041) and blocked shots. Unfortunately his draft stock dropped each year, from possible lottery pick his sophomore year to not drafted at all, though he still got a lot of hype - Sporting News listed him as better than Tim Duncan!

I was looking up heights for the GW Basketball Facebook application and discovered that Koul is still playing professionally - he's been in Turkey, Poland, Greece, and now Belarus. Glad to see he's still making money playing hoops.

Pictured is Koul vs Marcus Camby of UMass.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool Smith Center video

Just stumbled on this, GW posted a video about the Smith Center on the Smith Center Renovation page. Pretty cool stuff, with interviews with some old timers, Karl Hobbs, Joe McKeown, and with a bonus Noel Wilmore sighting. It also has a lot of cool drawings on the interior and exterior.

Check it out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mario's old school GW site

I remember reading this site years ago, and Herve from cites it as one of the first (if not the first) GW basketball websites. It's Mario's site from something called I didn't know it was still up until poster BM linked to it. It's got tons of interesting old stuff, like records, season previews, all kinds of things. It's outdated, but fascinating.


Richmond men's, women's assistants quit over texting

OMG! Some Richmond assistant coaches have resigned over some possible text messaging and phone violations with recruits. 2 BAD 4 RCHMND, who have been trying to rebound from some bad seasons lately.

Richmond also released some statements about NCAA violations. O NO.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brits love Pops

No surprise, who doesn't like the King Whale Killer?

There are a bunch of articles about Pops recently, such as these from the London Telegraph and the Basketball 24/7, a British hoops site.

Monday, September 8, 2008

GW fundraiser Dan Rocha at GWHoops

Dan Rocha, the main fundraiser for the Smith Center upgrade, has a post on GWHoops explaining how he's doing his plan. He says he always reads the site, and it's good to see him post there.

Here's the thread. Your thoughts? Seems like a decent plan to me, though as some posters say, if GW had a better schedule and actually released it, it might make it easier to get big donors.

Friday, August 22, 2008

2008-2009 Out of Conference Schedule to date

It's always fun at the end of summer. Not because school is starting again or that the summer heat begins to settle. Those are downers. It's because GW basketball doesn't release their out of conference schedule until the late fall and everyone must use their intarweb skillz to hunt down who GW plays when and where. Let the hunt begin (after the jump)!

Here's what we know so far:
@BU - Fri. Nov. 14
UMBC - Wed. Nov. 26
Harvard - ?
UMD - Sat. Dec. 6 (BB&T Classic)
AU - Wed. Dec. 17
@Hawaii - Dec. 27-30 (Rainbow Classic)
(Clemson has withdrawn from the tournament leaving Hawaii, Colorado, Colorado State, Coppin State, Buffalo [pending], Pepperdine, & Vermont)
@Longwood - Sat. Jan. 3

I'll leave you with a good fundraiser idea for GW athletics care of Bobo on gwhoops:

'I wonder if GW can sue UMBC and American for damages? Obviously, GW's schedule is a trade secret that the university does not want revealed. It is not helpful for these other schools to "spill the beans" and expose our inside information to the world.'

Sources: gwhoops, gw hatchet, opposing team schedules,

We're number 53!

Oh yeah! The new US News rankings are out. We're the 1st-ranked A-10 school among national universities (although Richmond is #33 in national liberal arts colleges). Take that, Fordham! (#61). SLU is at #80, UMass #102, Dayton #108, Duquesne #130. Other schools are ranked in regional categories, like St. Joe's (#8, Masters universities-North), La Salle (#17, same), St. Bona (#40, same), Xavier (#2, Masters-Midwest).

As for worst schools, Temple, UNC-Charlotte and URI are all tier 3 among national universities!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hilarity at GWHoops

Pretty funny stuff today - Mentzinger starts off with a screed about the weird world of GW basketball, and others join in with Animal House references starring GW people. Good times.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dwayne Smith ineligible?

Looks like it. Thanks to herve at for finding this one, in a random Minnesota article about their Canadian recruit, Devoe Joseph.

Apparently there's a rule that only one core class taken after your first four years in high school can count towards your college eligibilty - and Smith took two in his fifth year. However, apparently it's normal in Canada for some people to take 5 years to graduate, so it penalizes Canadian players. That really stinks.

I'll keep looking into this.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pops does well for Great Britian

Pops Mensah-Bonsu is now an official member of the Great Britain national team, having played in yesterday's friendly against Belgium. Pops scored 20 (8/14 from the floor) and got 14 boards for GB, which won 80-64. Kieron Achara from Duquesne is on the team too. Here's the BBC on the game, a British basketball site, and another site. I can't find a box score though.

Prediction: Mo Rice to Romania

This is not backed up by any rumor, innuendo, or anything. Brendan and I were talking about GW players' pro prospects - Pops to Spain, Mike Hall to Italy, and so on. The topic went to Maureece, and Brendan asked where he might make it. We both answered simultaneously "maybe like Romania."

So there's your completely non-guaranteed Colonial Hoops prediction - Mo Rice will play in Romania. Obviously I hope he makes it somewhere. And eastern Europe wouldn't be unprecedented - GW's all-time leading scorer Chris Monroe starred in Hungary (and his team won the national title) and JR Pinnock played well in Greece.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pops back to Europe

According to this Spanish article Pops has abandoned his quest to land on an NBA team. Too bad for us here Stateside as being able to see Mr. Mensah-Bonsu in our domestic league would be great, but from the terms of his contract I can hardly blame him. He's also more likely to see significant playing time in Spain's top league than the NBA. Good Luck Mr. Mayor. We salute you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mike Hall to Europe

Just saw this at, Mike Hall has signed with Italian team Armani Jeans Milano (aka Olimpia Milano). Maybe he'll face Danilo Pinnock or Pops Mensah-Bonsu if they return to Europa.

There's also an interview on their site here, in Eye-talian of course. Here's the translated version, where he talks about it being a team game in Europe. Sounds like Mike's cup of tea.

Good luck to Mike, I hope he gets paid a lot and scores some sweet Armani freebies.

GW women's hoopsters in the Olympics

GW has two women's basketball alums in the Olympics, with Spaniards Anna Montanana and Elisa Aguilar both playing for their homeland. Anna was honestly one of the best players I have ever seen in person, although Elisa was before my time. Good luck to them - so far they've beaten New Zealand but lost to China.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hats on sale at GW Bookstore

The other day I was at the GW bookstore, and they have some good deals on hats (as well as other new merchandise). They're $5 and not on the website, but it's this hat, except with the George Washington face logo instead of "GW". Pretty cool, and worth a look.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pops needs to focus for English national team

Found this via Google, and mentioned on GW Hoops - the coach of the Great Britain national team says Pops needs to focus in order to make the team. GB, usually invisible in international play, supposedly has their strongest pool of players ever.

The article has various amusing Britishisms ("nursery club") and some inconsistencies, such as sort of implying that college ball isn't as important as prep school, and saying that Pops led the Colonials to the "NCCA" Championships. Championships is British English for tournament, but NCCA is funny. It's either the National Custom Car Association or the National Christian Counselors Association. Those guys had no answer for him in the post.

Friday, August 1, 2008

We've come pretty far

How about some good news? Max found this old Washington Post story from when GW basketball was not so great:
GW Basketball: a Pinto of a Program
Low Budget, High Admission Standards Equal Mediocrity
Money, Grades Keep GW Pinto Heading Toward Disaster

On the day Georgetown University boosters announced they had bought a $350,000 house for their basketball coach, George Washington University boosters voted to buy their coach a $2,300 used Pinto for recruiting.
So chin up, Colonials fans, things aren't that bad. And donate some money to the Smith Center renovation project!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bower: No comment on Smith

I got in touch with GW sports information director Brad Bower yesterday about Dwayne Smith - "We don't have any further comment on his status at this time."

So, who knows! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

O Canada? Ware, Allbritton sign, no sign of Smith has an article about Aaron Ware and Matt Allbritton officially signing and mentions Tony Taylor, who signed earlier. It also says Jeff Alston, former team manager, will be on the team - no mention of a scholarship.

However, it doesn't mention Dwayne Smith. As linked in the comments earlier, Smith's admission status is still pending, so the University can't talk about him. Hopefully he'll get in with no problems, and then he'll join the team, but as of now I guess we have to hold our breath.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pops turns down Spain, looking at NBA

Looks like Pops is trying to stick around the NBA. The Times of London says he turned down a lucrative deal with DKV Joventut of Badalona, in the Spanish league, and is talking to four NBA teams, including the T-Wolves, and I assume the Mavericks. Good luck to Pops!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

GW "still recruiting" Dwayne Smith

The reason GW coaches haven't mentioned Dwayne Smith (see previous post) is that GW is still recruiting him - so said sports information director Brad Bower to me yesterday. So there you go - generally schools can't talk about players they haven't signed.

Although, as a commenter noted, the schedule press release mentions that there will be 4 newcomers.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dwayne Smith prepping?

Some alert GWHoopsters have noticed that GW coaches haven't been mentioning Dwayne Smith lately, the most recent GW recruit - for example, an interview with assistant coach Roland Houston.

Some folks at GWhoops think Mr. Smith might be taking a year to go to prep school, though others say he is coming this fall. If not, let's hope Johnny Lee gets a scholarship.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pinnock gets props

He's the subject of an NBA-posted Youtube video of a nasty move.

He scored 30 in the game. I hope we see this picture a lot more.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carl Elliott fights the Axis of Evil

Thanks to zaoem at for the link and quip

Carl Elliott led a team of D-League All-Stars over the Iranian national team on Thursday, tying the team lead with 11 points. The team, called the D-League Ambassadors, will be playing at the Rocky Mountain Review summer league. Maybe Carl can get some notice and become the fourth Colonial on an NBA summer league team!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pops not going to Spain?

Good news for Pops Mensah-Bonsu and the NBA? The whale-killer is on the Timberwolves summer league team, and his sister told a website that the offer from Joventut is still "on the table." He played yesterday for the Timberwolves against the Blazers, scored 11 points and 5 offensive rebounds (7 total) in 22 minutes. JR Pinnock played for the Blazers in that one too, scoring 9. Pops also played the game before against the Lakers.

The T'Wolves blog has more on his performance, as well as an interview with him, where he says he hopes to show what he can do to make the NBA, but he has no problems going back to Spain.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pops back to Spain

Looks like Pops Mensah-Bonsu is going back to Spain, where he was the hero of Granada earlier in the year. Pops signed with DKV Joventut from Bardalona in Catalonia, Spain, one of the best European teams. David Noel form UNC is on the team too - hopefully Pops makes big bucks and is successful over there, and makes it back to the NBA.

And randomly, DKV was one of the teams Paul Shirley played for - he wrote a really good and funny book about being an NBA and international basketball journeyman. I recommend it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pinnock is on the Trailblazers summer team

Just saw this, JR Pinnock is on the Blazers summer league team. JR/Danilo played for the Wizards summer league team last year, and made a splash with the Lakers in the summer after they drafted him, though he didn't make the team. He last played in Greece for Colossus Rhodes BC.

For those keeping track, that means Mike Hall and Pinnock are on summer league teams, and Pops Mensah-Bonsu is looking at Europe. Mo Rice had a workout with the Wiz but didn't make the summer league team.

Cool new GW stuff for sale

Got an email today from the bookstore, they have a lot of new stuff for sale - hoodies, shirts, etc. I like the "Blacksburg hoodie".

There's also #5 Rob Diggs and #22 Damian Hollis jerseys for sale (or you could say #5 TJ Thompson and #22, er, Darin Green?)

Monday, July 14, 2008

What's up with Pops?

I wrote that Pops was on the Mavs summer league team, but now he's not. Turns out the Whale Killer is pursuing offers from Europe, and even though he's not on the Mavs summer league roster, some sources say he hopes to join the summer league team soon.

Obviously I hope Pops can make the Mavs or some other NBA team, but if he can make lots of money in Europe, more power to him.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Donnie Nelson on Pops

As noted before, Pops Mensah-Bonsu is on the Mavericks summer league team. Here's what Mavs president of basketball operations said about him:

"Recruited heavily by overseas teams, so we’re competing against that. Energetic, rebounder, runs like a deer. He’s improved his low-post game."

The Mavs summer league games start the 11th and go til the 25th. Stay tuned for Pops coverage, as well as Mike Hall, who's on the Nuggets summer league team.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mike Hall Gets (Rocky Mountain) High

MH3 looks to get another shot at an NBA roster as he's signed on to the Denver Nuggets' summer league team.

Could we soon see Mr. Hall alongside The Answer and the Melo Man? Who knows. Either way, here's hoping for a standout performance we know he's capable of.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer, Summer, Summer League

Seems like Mr. Mensah-Bonsu is the only former Colonial committed to an NBA Summer League team yet. He's hitching his hopes to Dallas. The team as an absurd amount of roster space this year, so here's hoping he plays well enough to make it back the Mavs.

Friday, June 27, 2008

No A-10 Players Drafted

Not really shocking, most of them were reaches. There were some local players taken, Georgetown's Roy Hibbert and Patrick Ewing, Jr. (?), Maryland's James Gist, and Virginia's Sean Singletary. Some GW opponents were taken too, like UCLA's Kevin Love and Virginia Tech's Deron Washington.

Here's the draft board (and one I could find with school years).

There's also a GWHoops thread speculating on which A-10ers would get picked. Forbes? Calathes? Shawn James? Dunston?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Duquesne looking up?

They seem to think so, giving coach Ron Everhart a 3-year extension after the school's first winning season since 1993-94. ESPN notes some good signees, including the Connecticut player of the year. Maybe things are looking up on the Bluff.

Then again, Shawn James and Kojo Mensah are both suing the university over a lack of security, related to the shooting last year.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Mascot!

No, this isn't an inflatable Martha Washington or something - it's a replacement for Little George, the kind of funny looking miniature father of the nation.

This George is "more aggressive" and does look better - it's the foam kind of mascot I've mentioned before, even though he kind of looks like he has a harelip. And sort of like a Quaker from outer space. But hey, I like it - he does look a bit tougher.

The Hatchet has more, with University folks saying it was done in part because of the bad press the mascot got - twice named one of the worst mascots in the country.

Hopefully this year he'll stop the St. Joe's Hawk from running around half court at the Smith Center.

Hatchet photo by Ryder Haske

New Women's Coach Today at 1pm: Is it Bozeman? and The Hatchet are reporting that the new women's head coach will be announced today at 1 pm, and Mel Greenberg from Philly says it's going to be GW assistant Mike Bozeman. Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Serving Gyros: This time with 100% more Pinnock

So we all knew JR/Danilo was pretty nasty stateside. Turns out the same is true in Greece. The research unit uncovered some prime video of the Hellas Hoopster. Along with what can only be described as a phenomenally melodramatic slide show set to the tune of perhaps the greatest Euro-trash track in decades. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pops gets another shot in Big D is back in Dallas. For a tryout at least. The Mavericks appear to continue to have interest after dropping him just before last season. The team could use more athleticism as they were bounced from the playoffs this year as last year by a younger, more up-tempo team. As at GW, Pops quickly became a very popular, if infrequently used, player. Good to see he's getting another shot at making his NBA dream a more long-lasting one.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hatchet on Allbritton

The Hatchet has an interesting piece on incoming recruit Matt Allbritton, the shooter from Florida via Texas. He's a very religious guy, as I mentioned before, and he says there may be a readjustment period from his 200 student Christian high school to GW's 10,000 undergrads of various religious beliefs. Obviously I hope he does well.

GWhoops has a thread on the article too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who will replace McKeown?

The rumors for candidates to replace him are former GW player and assistant Lisa Cermignano, UConn assistant Jamelle Elliott, and current GW assistant Mike Bozeman.

(At first I thought it was Todd Bozeman, which would have sucked.)

There's a few more names here.

All seem like good candidates to me, anybody else have an opinion? I wouldn't mind looking at succesful coaches from smaller schools - after all, that's what McKeown was, he had success at New Mexico State before donning the buff and blue.

End of the McKeown Era

And a long, fruitful era it was. GW women's basketball coach Joe McKeown is moving on to Northwestern after 19 very successful years - top 10s, an Elite 8, Sweet 16s, 15 NCAA tourneys, WNBA players, and on and on. There's not much praise that can't be said for McKeown, who leaves as the winningest coach in school and A-10 women's b-ball history. I wish him luck up there. Stay tuned for potential replacements.

There's lots of news articles about Coach McKeown:

--Hatchet timeline of McKeown's career

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Miles Beatty and Tupac Shakur

I was perusing old posts, and noticing something odd: Miles Beatty cited Michael Jordan and Tupac as his biggest influences.

Of course, I'm sorry to see that it didn't work out with Miles, but I'm guessing Hobbs doesn't quote Biggie and Pac too much.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Flight of the Conchords at GW

Not basketball, but hey, it's springtime. I found this video of the Flight of the Conchords playing at Lisner Auditorium.

If you don't know the group, they're a New Zealand music group with a hilarious TV show on HBO.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally. FAU hires Mike Jarvis

I feel like we'd been hearing about it for months, but finally Florida Atlantic University pulled the trigger and hired former GW coach Mike Jarvis. Jarvis had a lot of success at GW, getting the team to the Sweet 16, and also at St. John's (at first). He brought the Johnnies to the Elite 8, but then had some bad records and scandals. Hopefully things go well at FAU for him.

Here's Jarvis back in the day at GW.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GW to play Maryland in 2008 BB&T

Guess Gary Williams couldn't continue to justify not playing GW. The Post announced that GW will face Maryland in this year's BB&T Classic. GW has won the last two against the Terps. Glad to see what should be a yearly rivalry back (as well as one with a school across Rock Creek Park.)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Congrats Graduates!

Welcome to the alumni ranks, class of 2008! I hope you consider buying some el cheapo season tickets now! They're only $60 or so.

CH blogger Max also graduated, and wrote a bit about it on GWHoops. He said he sat next to Keri Gonsalves at the ceremony, and that Gonsalves had some inflatable guitars. He said Sarah-Jo Lawrence was a Phi Beta Kappa, and Regis Koundjia also graduated. Pretty awesome.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Clay Travis Makes it Rain

This is only tangentially related to GW basketball, but hey, it's the offseason. GW alum, former basketball team manager, and current CBS Sportsline and Sports Illustrated writer Clay Travis makes it rain.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Dukes leave early for the NBA draft

Kind of weird news out of Pittsburgh, both center (and shot blocker extraordinaire) Shawn James and guard Kojo Mensah (not Bonsu) are forgoing their senior years to enter the NBA draft. Only James has a real shot at getting drafted, so maybe something else is afoot - grades, money? Who knows.

Best of luck, and too bad for Duquesne, which loses two of its best players. Mensah averaged 12.1 points per game, and James averaged 12.3 points, 6.9 rebounds, and nearly 4 blocks per game - he had 111 last year. He averaged an absurd 6.53 blocks per game the year before at Northeastern, and NCAA record. Those are video game numbers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rumor Time: Xavier Alexander, Isaiah Philmore

Couple of random rumors here and there.

A new GWhoops poster named Baller4Life said Xavier Alexander transferred to Chadron State in Nebraska, "He said he was angry at the lack of respect he was getting, and that GW campus laws didn't let him carry a gun around. he said that he 'hated the crap out of' KH." Obviously that sounds sketchy, and the guy had no source - the Hatchet jumped on it and called Chadron State, who said they are not aware of any transfer. Phew.

The other is that recruit Isaiah Philmore, a SF/PF who sounds like a beast, has committed to GW. No source there, so be skeptical.

Philmore is one the top 100 recruits in the country for 2009. - ESPN has him at #62 and Rivals has him at 69. He has a ton of offers, "is looking hard at GW," and has been called the "Prophet of John Carroll." Stay tuned.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pops, the Hero of Granada

Pops Mensah-Bonsu joined CB Granada of the Spanish league for the last game of the season. That game would decide if 15th-place Granada would be relegated (sent down the minors, basically) or remain in the top league. It was a must win, and it was against TAU Ceramica, one of the top teams in Spain which just finished 4th in the Euroleague.

So what's Pops to do? Fold? Or become "El Matador" and the "King of the Palacio de los Deportes"? The latter of course. Pops took to the air, scoring 22 and adding 9 rebounds, then got the final rebound and dribbled out the clock to help give Granada the 89-87 victory.

And check out the video, with lots of emphatic Pops dunks and fans doing the "we're not worthy" bow, like many a game at the Smith Center.

Pretty awesome that Pops became the hero for Granada; I think he was replacing the injured Curtis Borchardt. And Pops must like playing at places with lots of mascots. CB Granada has 4.

As posted previously, Pops has some workouts with NBA teams coming up.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pops to Spain

Ole! Pops Mensah-Bonsu just signed with CB Granada of the Spanish league. He'll be able to play soon, since the Benetton season has ended. Hope Mr. Mensah-Bonsu makes a lot of dough in Espana, and makes it back to the NBA soon.

The team's article is in Spanish, obviously, but basically says he'll help the team.

Pops will also play for the English national team.

UPDATE: Pops' brother posted a comment saying this contract is only until the end of the season, and that Pops will be working out for a few NBA teams. Awesome!

Women's Update

A few women's hoops tidbits lately:

--Sarah Jo Lawrence was cut by the Washington Mystics. Doh.

--GW hoops alum Tajama Abraham-Ngongba (yes, Patrick Ngongba's wife) was named head coach of Radford University, a D-1 school in the Big South conference. TJ was a GW assistant under Joe McKeown.

--Temple coach Dawn Staley was named head coach at South Carolina. Too bad for the A-10, as Staley was a good coach and class act. She would even laugh at my (good-natured) heckles at the games.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Updated Scholarship Situation

After the dismissal of Cheyenne Moore and Miles Beatty, here's the updated scholarship situation. It includes schollies for all four of GW's new recruits - Dwayne Smith, Aaron Ware and Matt Allbritton, and Tony Taylor.

That means GW has a full compliment of scholarships - 13.

G Maureece Rice

G/F Cheyenne Moore (rising senior)
PG Miles Beatty (rising sophomore)


F Rob Diggs
SG Noel Wilmore
F Wynton Witherspoon (senior according to GWSports)

PG Travis King (could be redshirt sophomore)
F Damian Hollis
F Hermann Opoku


G/F Xavier Alexander
C Jabari Edwards (could be redshirt freshman)
F/C Joseph Katuka


PG Tony Taylor
SG Matt Allbritton
SF Aaron Ware
G/F Dwayne Smith

I haven't heard anything about Johnny Lee getting a scholarship, but it appears they're all taken anyway.

Wesley Witherspoon already took GW off his list, and I haven't heard anything about Nigel Munson.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Miles Beatty, Cheyenne Moore off the team

I guess that explains the scholarship situation. The Hatchet is reporting that Cheyenne Moore and Miles Beatty have both been kicked off the team. Coach Karl Hobbs said "Certain expectations are placed on our players both on and off the court. They did not meet those expectations. Both Cheyenne and Miles were given every opportunity to succeed here at GW. I wish them both the very best in the future."

It's too bad to see both of them leave, but it must have been for a good reason.

That means GW has room for next year's four recruits - Tony Taylor, Matt Albritton, Dwayne Smith, and Aaron Ware.

How do you say "not in my house" in Italian?

Ask Pops.

Il Papa is doing well for Benetton Treviso, averaging about 8.5 boards, second on the team, and 9.2 points per game, shooting 59% from the floor and 77% from the free throw line.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kim Beck competing for WNBA point guard spot

Nice article on recent GW grad and A-10 player of the year Kim Beck, who's competing for a spot with the Seattle Storm. Cool photo too. Always good to see a Colonial in the pros.

photo by TerrenceVaccaro/NBAEGettyImages

Friday, May 2, 2008

Miles Beatty Not Currently Registered

Some good reporting by the Hatchet, who discovered from the registrar that Miles Beatty isn't currently registered for classes. They quote an athletic department staffer who says she'd expect an athlete to be registered fby now. Beatty's high school coach (Bobby Hurley's dad) told the Hatchet "where there's smoke, there's fire."

All of that to me mean Mr. Beatty is gone. Which is too bad, in that the kid had some potential in the few times I saw him, but he obviously had some other issues - getting suspended for violating team rules.

Assuming he is done with GW basketball, that would mean GW is one scholarship over the limit. That means somebody could transfer or maybe prep a year. A new GWhoops poster says Cheyenne Moore won't be playing, but who knows if that's true. I'm asking for more from him, so stay tuned.
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