Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost. GW 59 - St. Joe's 61

For awhile there it looked like GW was going to get run out of the Smith Center, with the Hawks starting the game on a 7-0 run. Eventually the Colonials got their energy up and made it a close one, going back and forth pretty much the while game, finishing with a controversial no-call on St. Joe's.

For the game, GW's defense was solid, holding the Hawks to 40.8% from the floor and only 20% from three, both well below their season averages. And Rob Diggs was the man, no other way to put it. He was 10/10 from the floor and got 10 rebounds, most of them emphatic. It was an impressive performance. And the team managed 19 assists, best in the season, and only the fourth time all year they've had more assists than turnovers.

Cheyenne Moore drove a lot of the crowd crazy earlier in the game by hot-dogging it on a pass that led to a turnover, but he redeemed himself in the second half by slamming home an alley-oop from Johnny Lee that reenergized the team and began a run to bring GW back from 7 down to take the lead. After that the game mostly flip-flopped until Rob Diggs fouled out. It then looked lost for GW, with St. Joe's going up 8 with about a minute to go. However, some good defense, steals, and timely threes from Mo Rice and little-used Noel Willmore brought GW to within one with 2 seconds to go.

GW fouled, Garrett Williamson missed the first but hit the second free throw, and GW had the ball back. Inbounds pass, gets to Mo Rice, and Mo Rice gets run over by a St. Joe's player. There's no call, game over, and the refs high-tail it off the court. Boos echoed down as the two teams shook hands.

It was an unfortunate end for a good game, but the team did show some gumption by reeling the Hawks in when the margin got big. Aside from Diggs, Moore, Wynton Witherspoon (12 points, 5 assists), and Johnny Lee (6 assists), the team was sluggish on offense, with Mo Rice and Damian Hollis going a combined 3/15 from the floor for 7 points. Hollis did collect 10 boards, however. For St. Joe's, Pat "CBA" Calathes had 21 points and 10 boards and Rob Ferguson and Ahmad Nivins both had 15. The loss brings GW to 5-11 and 1-5 in conference, St. Joe's to 13-5 and 5-1.

Baby steps.

Links, box score, and Pita Pit Dance Contest/Pat Calathes heckling after the jump.

As for the Pita Pit Dance Contest, my buddy and I were robbed by some kid. I was doing a robotic version of the sprinkler while my Shawnta Rogers jersey-wearing buddy was shaking his butt at the camera. It was a travesty. And we also heckled Pat Calathes about CBA and defunct NBDL teams he was going to play for (Albany Patroons, Quad City Thunder, North Charleston Lowgators) and how he was going bald. He looked like he actually considered the heckles at one point. So that was fun.

--AP article
--Hatchet recap
--Hatchet analysis

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tonight: Saint Joe's

This could get bad. The Hawks are 12-5 and 4-1 in conference, having beaten UMass twice and narrowly losing to Syracuse and Gonzaga. They have 5 players scoring in double figures, including Pat Calathes, who I swear has been at St. Joe's since the late 90s, with 18.3 points and 8.3 boards, and Ahmad Nivins, who is averaging 14.5 and 7.0.

The Hawks are shooting .471 from the floor and almost 40% from three, which doesn't look good for GW. Herve's GWHoops preview gives the Hawks the edge in every category except the bench. GW may end up with 5 straight losses and 11 of the last 14. Here's the GWSports preview.

And thanks to whoever made this graphic, I forget. Maybe Dootie Bubble?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wanna See Rick Majerus Naked?

Who doesn't! Apparently Ricky the Saint Louis coach enjoys being nude.

In the long and interesting Sports Illustrated article on Mr. Majerus, there's a section about his nudity (on the 4th page):
Something about the body: Is it a weapon? A shield? Or is it just that Majerus, unlike so many in our fit-versus-fat culture, simply doesn't care about the impact of his physique? He may be the least self-conscious man alive. How else to explain his propensity to get naked -- in practice, watching film, at meetings, during interviews? Nearly every former player of Majerus's has a can-you-believe-it anecdote.

"The first time, [Utah was] recruiting me, and after the game I went down to the [Utes'] locker room," says Jeff Johnsen, who signed with Utah in 1996. "His hair's everywhere and his sweater's off and he's just drenched, and he's eating a whole pizza in front of me and he's like, 'You want any?' I grab a piece, and then he starts undressing and gets in the shower and is still talking to me. It was funny. It was weird. How many grown, fat, naked men do you see when you're a high school kid?"
More after the jump, including a link to a terrifying photo.
Another player remembers Majerus calling him up to his hotel room on various occasions, and "he'd answer the door in his towel and I'd come in and the towel would fall off and it was like nothing had happened. He'd just be standing there buck naked. One year he had this lower-back injury, and he would have the trainer massage it with ultrasound. But instead of just lowering his pants a little bit, Majerus would pull his pants down to his ankles and sit in a chair and coach us. Sometimes he'd be like, 'Guys, bring it in, take a knee.' We'd come in, and we're just like, No way this is happening."
And apparently this blog has a photo. WARNING: DO NOT LOOK AT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE NAKED FAT MAN. Link.

Doh. GW 67-Duquesne 92

GW dropped to 1-4 in conference over the weekend, losing to a resurgent Duquesne team by 25. Shawn James, the Duquesne block party host, returned to action with 21 points, 7 boards, and 5 blocks. Kojo Mensah (not Bonsu) added 13, 6 assists, and 6 boards.

The Dukes scored 53 in the first half and GW's three point shooting was not there, with the team going 1/8 from behind the beltway for the game. That ain't good. GW outrebounded the Dukes but also had an absurd 29 turnovers, including 7 from Mo Rice and 5 from Cheyenne Moore, who also collected 4 fouls and went 1/4 from the field. Rice scored 9 on 4/9 shooting. On the bright side, Wynton Witherspoon scored 17 and Rob Diggs had another double-double with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

GW is now 5-10 and DU is 13-5. Pretty ugly. At least the Dookeznee logo has a stylish cape in it.

GW returns to the Smith Center on Wednesday to face the Hawks of St. Joe's, who are 12-5 and 4-1 in conference.

Box score and links after the jump.

--AP article
--The Hatchet site appears to be down, and there's no Post article, GW was relegated into the other area action section.
--Check out the Duquesne blog if you want to be sad.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Next: Saturday Afternoon Block Party at Duquesne

I say block party because resurgent Duquesne features 6'10" Shawn James, who blocks 4.1 shots per game, good enough for 6th in the nation. Mr. James, a transfer from Northeastern, also is the Dukes' leading scorer and rebounder at 14.2 and 7.2 per game. DU also features two other 10+ point scorers, Kojo Mensah (not Bonsu) and Kieron Achara.

However, James might not play this game, having injured his knee last week. He's a game time decision, so that should be interesting.
For the season, the Blufftoppers are 12-5 and 2-2 in conference, with wins over no one really that impressive - Bowling Green seems to be the best team - and losses to West Virginia and Pitt with an RPI of 63. Stats-wise, Dukeznee shoots .471 from the floor but only .314 from behind the arc, holding their opponents to 40% from the floor. Compared to GW statistically, the Dukes are better in most categories. They also outrebound their opponents by 2.

This should be an interesting game for an improving GW team. If the Colonials can contain James, or James doesn't play, it will be easier, but hardly an automatic win. Duquesne may not have signature wins, but they have played as a team.

--And Dukes Court, a Duquesne blog, has more.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rams Outshoot GW 81-70

Not really much of a surprise here, the Rams from our smallest state hit 10 threes at a 45% clip to butt out the Colonials (note that ram metaphor), 81-70.

GW shot 37% from the floor and had 17 turnovers, but did have 13 steals and force 19 Rhode Island TOs - looks like the pressing/trapping defense from days of yore may be making a comeback. However, Karl Hobbs says he was disappointed with the team's judgment.

Mo Rice had another good game, scoring 17 with 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals. Noel Willmore and Wynton Witherspoon added 10 each, though 'Spoon only shot 4/13, and Rob Diggs had 9 points and 10 boards. Rhody had 4 guys in double figures. Baby steps.

Stats and links after the jump.

--GWSports article
--Hatchet article

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tonight: Rhody

GW faces the 15-3 Rhode Island Rams today (pictured right, get it?). The Rams have been in the top 25 this season and are still in the RPI top 25. However, they're only 1-2 in conference, falling to SLU and #16/18 Dayton.

The game is a rematch of last year's A-10 title game, when as we know GW beat the team from the smallest state 78-69. They're led by Will Daniels, who's at 18.9 points and 7.2 rebounds per game, and coach's son Jimmy Baron, who is scoring 15.8 with 44% from behind the arc. There are also four other players scoring 8 or above. For the season, URI is scoring 83 points a game, whereas GW is at 62, and is shooting 48.5% vs GW's 41.4%. Rebounding is about even.

While GW was better against Xavier, this doesn't look too good for the Colonials. Here's Herve's preview, the GWSports preview, and a Providence Journal article.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Week's Women's Update

The ranked women finally ended their 18-game A-10 winning streak this weekend, dropping to Dawn Staley's Temple Owls 68-66. The team, which had won their last 9 overall, dropped from 13th to 20th in the rankings after the loss, which makes them 14-4 and 2-1 in conference. Temple is 9-10 and 2-1. Box score here. On the 16th the women beat Rhody, and they next face La Salle on the 23rd at the Smith Center.

But in some good news, the women will be getting a Wake Forest transfer next year, Yolanda Lavender. No relation to Xavier's Drew Lavender as far as I know.

Star Spangled Smith Center

Found this on Youtube. Good stuff.

Pops and Regis and whoever is in the black warm-up approve.

Monday, January 21, 2008

X etch out a close one

The nationally ranked Xavier Musketeers took care of the Colonials on Saturday, but it wasn't without a fight. GW came within striking distance late in the game, but X came out on top 74-66, led by the unbelievable and seemingly infallible Drew Lavender, the final score cushioned by the culminating classlessness of Derrick Brown. More notes after the jump.

-Again, another stellar home defensive effort right? Or another example of offensive inefficiency? We battle a chicken-or-egg conundum, but I think it's time we start to credit GW defense at home, when well-oiled Musketeers begin to falter.
-The biggest story of the night was undoubtedly the resurgence of Mr. Rice. He made big shots, grabbed big boards, shook off mistakes, and kept his team in it. Undoubtedly his best performance to date.
-I was VERY pleased with the student turn out (although at many points it seemed that the upper section made more noise than the earlier arrivals below).
-I'm beginning to think that our own X (Alexander) is being punished, perhaps breaking another unspecified team rule like the one that kept Mr. Rice out of two games this season. Yet to see action in 2008, this may be a more significant infraction.
-Rob Diggs' one-hand, follow-up, and-one Dunk was a sight for sore eyes. Boy can get up!
-X got the threes they needed when they needed them, including some challenged looks by Duncan and Lavender late in the 2nd half.
-Maybe I miss Carl, or I'm really excited about Tony/Travis next season, but I can't get the play of Drew Lavender out of my mind. It wasn't one of his best shooting nights and usually a lock from the line, he missed two. Still, he had the poise to bring his team through a surprisingly resilient GW.
-It was that end-of-game resilience that hearkened back to years past. X hits a big shot, GW would quickly bring the ball up-court (but not toss it away as in previous big games) and respond with a big shot of their own, or if they missed, grab an aggressive O-board (Spoon, Moore, Rice, and Hollis come to mind).
-As Hobbs said during the post game radio interview, the team appears to be getting better each game.
-For the most part of the game, Mr. Wilmore and Mr. Moore seemed to play with the fear of Hobbs in their hearts. Thankfully they ignored ill-advised shots, but appeared to fear their advised shots. On one set early on, Moore seemed to hesitate about the open three only to seemingly reconsider a nano-second later with the defender that much closer. On the break (I know a transition game, almost forgot what that was like!), Rice drops it down to Wilmore who shakily lays it up as it hits front iron before bouncing in. Later in the game, Moore was able to assert himself with an energetic rebound and emphatic 3 pt shot. Wilmore was not. All in all, good to see both players contributing a bit outside of their usual "roles."
-Spoon. Man, he's such an anchor.
-Damien had another good game on the boards, but his biggest accomplishments came from getting inside, getting fouled, and nailing BIG free-throws. Hollis confidently sunk 7/8 from the line. GW needs him to get to the line 4-5 times a game.
-Joe "says No" Katuka needs a nickname. Sometimes I kind of wish he wagged his finger like Mutumbo, but I'm glad he prefers to scramble up-court as fast as possible. He's beginning to establish himself down-low on the defensive with boards and blocks and contributing congestion on the offensive end with high-post screens for Hollis and Diggs. He had twice as many blocks as all of Xavier during the game (2 to X's 1).

Other Notes at GW Hoops

Article One at ESPN
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Friday, January 18, 2008

We Talkin Bout Practice!

We are, because the GW-SLU game is being used as a teaching tool. Thanks to Front Row Center at GWHoops, I saw this Youtube video showing GW's combination of zone defenses which shut down the Billikens. The guy who posted the video also breaks it down on his blog. Pretty cool to see.

And speaking of Talkin Bout Practice: here's Iverson's famous press conference. Not a game!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More New Features at Colonial Hoops

A couple days ago we started using the widgets, and today added a Schmap widget - it's on the right side of the page below the archive. It's a pretty cool gizmo, you can click "Sched" on the bottom for GW's schedule, "Map" for a map of where GW plays, and "stats" for stats from past games. The left and right arrows on the bottom right let you scroll through the various games. Hooray for high tech trickeration. Check it out!

FU 66-GW 53

Maybe the 20 points allowed by SLU was a fluke. Or maybe GW is just terrible away from the Smith Center. The Colonials fell 53-66 to Fordham, who improved to 1-2 in conference and 7-8 overall. GW is now 1-1 and 5-7. Fordham was outshot and outrebounded but hit 11 threes and 13 foul shots, versus 1/10 and 4/7 respectively for GW.

In the time I watched the streaming game, before getting angry and turning if off, it appeared that Fordham's ball movement was frustrating GW, leading to open threes, and GW made dumb mistakes on offense, resulting in 16 turnovers. The Hatchet said the team lacked a spark.

GW narrowed the margin in the second half, but Fordham pulled away again.

On the bright side, Damian Hollis had his second straight double double, Rob Diggs scored 19 on 8/14 shooting, and Mo Rice had 13 points on 6/14 shooting, 7 assists, and 8 rebounds. Those numbers are Carl Elliott-esque.

Joseph Katuka and Hermann Opoku both started but played 20 minutes between them, accumulating 2 points and 6 boards total. Miles Beatty didn't play again, I guess still feeling the effects of hurting his Achilles tendon in the shootaround before the Binghamton game.

Links after the jump.

--AP recap
--Hatchet recap
--Hatchet road woes analysis
--Hatchet conference analysis
--Box score

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today: GW at Fordham

Looking to go 2-0 in conference (which is still surprising to me) and get their first road win of the season, the men travel to the Bronx today to face the disappointing Rams of Fordham. Fordham looked to be on the upswing the last few years, but has struggled so far to a 6-8 record, including 0-2 in conference. Karl Hobbs is 7-0 against the Rams, and hopefully this will make it 8-0.

Fordham is led by senior forward Bryant Dunston at 15.6 points and a conference-leading 8.7 rebounds per game. Guards Marcus Stout and Brenton Butler add 14.2 and 11.3 points respectively. Both Dunston and Stout are four-year starters (and four year double-digit scorers), and this experience worries me against GW's inexperienced team. Then again, the Rams are near the bottom of the A-10 and GW is averaging 7 more rebounds per game.

It should be an interesting game, and one I think GW can pull out, assuming they break the road curse. Has GW turned the corner after the record-seeing beatdown of Saint Louis?

Herve at GWhoops notes that there will be streaming video here. You have to register, but it's free.

Links after the jump

--GW rundown
--GW full game notes (I'm glad to see this)
--Herve's preview
--Statsheet comparison

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cool New Stats Site

I just heard about, it's a pretty cool site with lots of college basketball stats, from box scores to player stats to charts, even to referee performance per game - very in-depth. I'm going to start using their widgets here for stats, such as this one, the box score from the GW vs SLU game and the two teams' season averages. As you can tell, GW had half as many turnovers as usual, more blocks, and fewer fouls. Plus SLU shot 15%.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Women's Roundup

There's a lot new with the women's team.

For one, they beat Xavier in the A-10 opener. They also clobbered Brown 98-22, for a record margin for both schools, and the fewest points by a Brown team ever. What is it with GW teams not allowing many points this year?

ESPN has a good article on the team.

And former star and current WNBA player Cathy Joens got married.

New Places to Drink Before and After Games

Gary likes it!

Looks like you'll have other options besides a packed Lindy's Red Lion and Froggy Bottom if you want to do pre- and post-game boozing. Tonic, located at 21st and G (the Quigley's building, formerly Geography department HQ) got its liquor license, serving beer and wine, and and the WOW Wingery, located in the Hippodrome on the 5th floor of the Marvin Center, will get its in a few weeks.

There's also a Tonic in Mt. Pleasant, and that one is a cool place, so I expect this location will be similar. The Foggy Bottom location has 10 beers on tap and plan to add 2 more. And they have a pretty excellent happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., consisting of half-price draft beers, $5 wine and 50-cent Buffalo wings. If that doesn't scream pre-game meal, I don't know what does.

WOW is a grilled food place and will have beer too. I'm glad to see actual bars going in on campus. It's almost like GW is a real college now.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

GW vs SLU on PTI

Yet another video I made, this one of the PTI guys discussing the GW-SLU game. Not much praise for GW, though Kornheiser mentions his kid goes there and he holds up a Binghamton mascot.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

GW 49-SLU 20. No, Really, 20.

GW set a slew of records in this game, holding the Billikens to 20 points, the fewest ever in the NCAA's shot clock era. It broke the record of 21 held by Princeton and Georgia Southern. SLU scored 7 points in the first half, a Smith Center record and the fewest by a GW opponent in the last 65 years. While SLU had 7 points, GW had 7 blocks in the first half. Those two-a-days must have paid off.

SLU shot .146 for the game, including 3/25 in the first half and 1/19 from three. Wowsers. GW's defense was smothering in the first half and excellent in the second, with a total of 11 blocks and 9 steals for the game versus only 7 turnovers. It was a bizarre game to watch, with buzz like a no-hitter in baseball. For the Colonials, Damian Hollis scored 13 and added 10 boards, while Mo Rice added 12. Joseph Katuka played pretty well down low while Cheyenne Moore and Miles Beatty didn't play at all. The offense even showed a semblance of efficiency at times.

Bryce Husak led SLU, if you want to call it that, with 5 points. Wow.

Has GW finally figured out what it needs to do? What do you think?\

UPDATE: Here's the ESPN highlight video. Good stuff.

Mike Hall Is A Bad Man

A quick update to Monday's post. Mike Hall dominated in his last performance tallying 30 points on 13-17 shooting, including going 3-3 from 3, and snagged 8 rebounds. Hall was featured on the D-League's website frontpage.

Temple Fans

Saw this on TV today and recorded it.

That's my roommates laughing. It was a good game, Duke won 74-64.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Will we win another game this season?

I hope we all enjoyed that UMES drubbing. How 'bout that come-from-behind one against Longwood? Remember these wins, GW fans- they may be all that we manage this season.

GW is yet to win a game on the road this year, the A-10 is up while GW is down, and with the new structure of the league we are slated to play fellow "top-tier" teams Xavier, Rhode Island, and St. Louis twice, home and away. Eeek.

Will GW get to notch at least one more W for the year? I'll save the "top 12 finish to play in Atlantic City" question for later.

Let's jump into it...

This post is not intended to be defeatist. GW is transitioning after a string of successful years in a historically strong but recently struggling upper-mid major conference. No one said building a program that competes year in and out is easy. That said, GW may very well round out the year at 6-20.

In case you missed it the first time, GW is yet to win on the road this year. That includes two lopsided loses to America East Conference powerhouses UMBC and Binghamton which have "soft spoken" and "composed" fellow blogger Andrew grunting and swear off assumptions for good.

What have we learned by January of this season?
GW has only beaten teams with an RPI of 206 or worse at home.
GW has not yet won on the road.

If those parameters hold, according to the RPI estimates at, GW doesn't win a conference game this season. (His weighted prognostications give us one game by the slimmest of margins). But who cares about number crunchers. Let's look at the home games and fellow A-10 cellar dwellers who serve as the best chance for one more win this year. In recent years GW has dominated the likes of Fordham, St. Bonaventure, Richmond, and La Salle. What are the prospects this season?

Richmond (2/23) and La Salle (2/6) play at the Smith Center this season. My money is on one (hopefully both) of these games. Last time GW lost to La Salle was 2003.

GW faces the Bonnies (2/16) and Fordham (1/16) on the road this year.

The Bonnies have made some pleasant noise in the OOC including a win over Albany and a struggling Bucknell. Although GW hasn't lost to the Bonnies since 2003, this game in Olean won't be a push over. A win (or even a close one) in the Bronx against Fordham and this game should fall under the MUST WIN heading.

Fordham is our first in-conference road test and could set the tone for our conference play outside Smitty. The last time GW lost to Fordham was 2001. The Rams will be coming off two hard road games against an up-and-coming Duquesne squad and dominant Xavier. Their upperclassmen-laden team has underwhelmed thus far as team cohesion and and leadership have been suspect. Sound familiar?

Nothing is a sure thing on the road this season.

In addition to Fordham, A10 play begins with another significant test to GW's ability to to play into mid-March. This Thursday (1/10), we host Rick Majerus's St. Louis team that has been inconsistent early in the OCC but is riding a three-win (home) streak against respectable competition including the struggling Southern Illinois Salukis. GW also plays the Billikens away this year (in their new Mega-Arena), but struggled there last year.

Home vs. St. Joe's, Dayton, UMass
Away vs. Charlotte, Temple, and Duquesne

Xavier Home & Away
Rhody Home & Away

Comments, thoughts, disagreements?

Colonials In The Pros

The holiday season is officially over and apparently there has been a lot of professional basketball played since my last post. I apologize profusely, but there were fruit cakes to not eat and sweaters from grandmothers to not wear and Xmas trees to not want to decorate but end up decorating anyway.

In the D-league, Carl Elliot appears to continue to make good strides in improving his shooting percentage, going 5-8 from the field for 11 points off the bench for the Sioux Falls Skyforce. That is a totally sweet team name, it just oozes minor league cool.

Mike Hall, on the other hand, seems to be going through a rough patch on the shooting accuracy department going 1-8 from the field including 0-4 from 3. He did sink 4-5 free throws in his last effort to finish with 6 points.

More after the jump.
In the CBA Dokun Akinbade continues his strong play with 12 and 11 and 3 blocks for Vermont in their latest victory. That Community All-Star needs to start pulling his weight. Sheesh.

In Italia Pops Mensah-Bonsu is back in the starting line up for Euro powerhouse Benetton Treviso. Pops had a strong showing scoring 15 and grabbing 9 boards. His Tiri Liberi percentage is the same old same old, as he sank only 3 of 9 from the line.

JR Pinnock's Rhodes team picks up a victory in a low scoring affair on the road in Greece. JR has proven to be a capable go-to scorer for the team and notches 13, 3, and 2.

There's more to come both at home and abroad from our former Colonials, but I've got a fruit cake to throw away.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Women beat #18 Auburn on last-second three

Pretty cool. The GW women, currently ranked #19/20, beat Auburn 68-66 in Auburn on a last second three by Lisa Steele. It was Steele's only shot. Sarah-Jo Lawrence had 18, Kim Beck 16, and Jessica Adair 15, who outshot the Tigers 49 to 37% from the floor but were beat on the boards 41 to 31. This has got to mean a bump in the polls for the ladies, who've beaten 2 ranked teams and are 11-3 with a six-game winning streak.

Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Here's the AP's take on the game, and the Hatchet's.

Jabari Edwards Redshirting Status

There's been a lot of rumors about freshman forward Jabari Edwards, who's been battling a knee injury and has played 2 games so far this season, grabbing 8 rebounds - namely, is he going to redshirt? I emailed GW's sports information director Brad Bower to ask, and here's his reply.

"Regarding the Jabari redshirt rumors, nothing has been determined yet and most likely won't be until after the season has concluded."

So there you have it.

UPDATE: While Jabari did play two games, a total of 21 minutes, he could still apply for a medical redshirt. According to Virginia Tech's assistant director of compliance, "A medical hardship waiver, which is commonly referred to as a medical redshirt, is when there is limited competition, but a season-ending injury occurs prior to the 20 percent point of the season." That is the case here, since I'm pretty sure Edwards was hurt either in the first game or before the season.

Tech's guy continues, adding that the conferences grant the waivers, not the NCAA, and getting one is "just a matter of the athlete meeting the criteria. As long as the injury occurs within the first 20 percent of the season and all of that competition occurs in the first half of the season, the athlete is good." So far, so good for Jabari. The whole interview is worth a read.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The A-10 is Doing Well

How about some good news? The A-10 is doing well this season, with URI and Dayton currently ranked, Xavier ranked earlier in the season, and UMass getting some votes. Even we did, for some reason.

Seven teams are in the RPI top 100, all of them at 60 or better, with SLU just outside at 104, and even Doo-kez-nee is 9-3! Whoda thunk it. The league is only 8th in the RPI, but in the past three seasons the A-10 has been 10th, 11th, and 15th. Is this a trend?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a good piece on the league.

Herve on the season so far's Herve has a great piece on GW's season so far. Check it out.

And in another post, somebody asked "Would we be a lot more competitive with Travis King?" and somebody replied "At this point we might be more competitive with Big George in the lineup." Thought that was funny.
You can get college basketball tickets here.