Friday, November 30, 2007

Sunday: GW vs Auburn in the BB&T

This Sunday GW faces their next big name opponent, Auburn. While not a gimme, this one should be somewhat easier for the Colonials, which is a good thing. Hopefully GW can right the ship with this one.

The Tigers are 3-1 with a GW-esque schedule: wins over Charleston Southern, Kennesaw State, and Alabama State. Their one loss is to Tulane, which is not exactly a good loss - the Green Wave is 3-2 with a similarly crummy schedule. In that loss, Tulane outrebounded and and outshot the Tigers.

Auburn as a team is shooting .500 on the season, due in part to their weak schedule, and .359 from three, with about 7 made threes per game. That seems like a lot, but it's even in the top 100 nationally. For comparison, GW is making 7.5 per game.

They're led guy forward Korovotney Barber (15 points, 8 rebounds, 1.5 blocks per game, shooting .771!), and guard Rasheem Wright, the recent SEC player of the week who is averaging 14 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists. He's also their primary three point shooter, taking about 6 per and hitting about 2. Other contributors are guards Dewayne Reed and Frank Tolbert, both averaging more than 9 points and shooting under 40% for the season. Freshman forward Lucas Hargrove is GW sized (6'6, 188) and has been decent so far, about 7 points and 5 boards a game.

So it looks like if GW can contain Wright, this will be a much different game. And GW must stay out of foul trouble.

The game is at 2:30 at the MCI Center, and it will be on MASN. GW has not lost a BB&T game since 2003, which was against Gonzaga.

Abandon Ship!

"Oh no, GW lost to UMBC and UCLA! We stink! Hobbs stinks! Rice stinks!"

Not really. But some in GW fandom have posted messages like "Karl is overrated" and "Can Hobbs save the season?" It's a good thing that us GW fans have become accustomed to success in these past few years, but as many GW fans knew coming into year, this is a young team. Maureece Rice (and Rob Diggs to a lesser extent) are the proven components while Travis King and Damian Hollis looked good. And King is out for the season.

GW was picked 7th in the A-10 by the coaches, and while many GW fans (me included) thought that was a bit low, with King out it's a real possibility. My pal The Ukraine Train (his GWhoops poster name, not Alexander Kireev) compared the UCLA game to the 2004 game against Wake, which was then ranked #2 - GW got beat, but it could be argued that it was a good experience for TJ, Pops, Mike, Omar, Carl, et al. The stats of the two games are similar too, although Hobbs didn't bring in as many walkons against Wake.

So what does that tell us? Be patient. This team will have some frustrating lapses (see UMBC) and doesn't have much of an offense now, but that was exactly what I said years ago too. And look what happened to that team.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Next Day

GWhoops is a-twitter with a lot of things I mentioned here - why did Hobbs give up? The block and charge fouls at the same time were ridiculous. LA Fan liked Beatty too. And so on. I'm looking forward to Herve's review.

As for Hobbs post-game quotes, they are spot on:
It was really simple. We have a lot of work to do to compete. We're not disciplined. We did not get back on defense. UCLA is a physical team; anytime you play against a physical team like this, you're going to have a lot of fouls.

This team (UCLA) is very good. There is a reason why they are projected to be a Final Four team, plus they have six McDonald' s All-Americans. We did not really focus on anybody; Westbrook had a great game for them. By playing a terrific team, that will help us out for the conference.
I think he also said something like "this is a young team and we played like it."

The links to game articles are after the jump:

--AP (via GWsports)
--GW Hatchet
--Hatchet analysis
--Daily Colonial
--Box score
--There is no Post article apparently.

Soon After the UCLA Game Reactions

Well that stunk. GW played pretty well and hung in the first half, but the Colonials were blown apart in the second for a final score of 83-60. Mo Rice and Cheyenne Moore apparently didn't score in the second half at all, finishing with 11 and 9. Witherspoon and Alexander fouled out, and Hobbs seemed to give up, putting in walkons and stuff with about 5 or 6 minutes to go, maybe more. Which I didn't get - if you scheduled the game for experience, why not at least give folks like Beatty, Katuka, and Opoku a lot of time.

Statswise, GW shot 38% for the game after shooting 44% in the first half while UCLA shot about 50% for the game. The Colonials really seemed to settle for threes in the second, until a nonexistent Damian Hollis turned it on and drove and Miles Beatty started to drive too. Hollis has 7 of his 9 points and all 6 rebounds in the second half, so I'm glad he turned it on for the second. Too little too late though.

Cheyenne Moore played really well in the first half, making nice passes, scoring well, and not being selfish or showboaty. He had 3 assists, which was the second most for GW. Second half, however, he disappeared. Witherspoon fouled out with about 12 minutes to go in the second, but had 4 assists, most on the team. GW only had 10 assists total, as usual.

UCLA shot poorly from outside, which is a good thing, because the score would have been very ugly if they hadn't. GW was outrebounded by 9, no surprise there, and the fouls were fairly even, 26 for GW and 22 for UCLA. Hollis had 6 boards, no other Colonial with more than three. I wish GW had Dokun Akingbade again.

Miles Beatty led GW with 12 points, but most of his playing time was late. Again though he seemed to take charge however. I really hope he gets more playing time in the future.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Live Blogging the GW-UCLA Game

I've decided to do the first Colonial Hoops live blog, since most folks probably aren't watching. Enjoy, hopefully:

10:42 pm - I'm so glad the Pepperdine-NAU game is in overtime. It's riveting. All 400 people at this arena are pleased, or something.

10:43 - End this game please. The TV announcer is a madman.

10:45 - I tried to emulate GW vs UCLA on Fox Sports College Hoops 99 for the N64 but I couldn't get it to work.

10:47 - This is ridiculous. Yahoo Sports says UCLA is up 10-2, but we couldn't know. FSC isn't showing any other scores.

10:49 - Game is over. Yahoo says Diggs and Hollis have two fouls! Crap!

10:50 - I am loving this Proactiv commercial. TELL ME MORE please, and not just 30 seconds.

10:52 - only 22 minutes late. FINALLY

10:53 - what's with the yellow Cs on UCLA's jerseys?

10:54 - Rob with a nice shot. I dont like Mata-Real's new name.

Click below the rest of the blog

10:55 - well there's Collison. Oh boy.

10:56 - Beatty is in, I'm glad. Willmore fighting for the ball. I like how Aboya has 2 fouls. And they're praising Beatty.

10:56 - Mata is killing GW inside

10:56 - They called a block and charge on the same play! What!?

10:58 - Cheyenne with a three point shot. Please keep it up

10:59 - 11 something minutes, commercial break, GW not down too much. Not bad. I like this talking fox.

11:01 - They're talking about GW and showing famous alums. Courtney Cox??

11:02 - Max tells me she went to Mount Vernon College back before it was part of GW but she transferred. Interesting stuff.

11:03 - Max: "I like the extra pass. I like that Collison doesn't know how to walk"

11:04 - Max again: "Kevin Love is playing volleyball with himself"

11:04 - Mo Rice three, good transition D

11:04 - Oh! Chey Moore 2 3s!

11:05 - Max says it's more likely that GW wins than somebody wins the lottery, and people win the lottery all the time.

11:06 - Mo Rice more threes! Got to stop the inside offense.

11:06 - Opoku with a sweet jam after a nice no look Moore dish.

11:08 - zit medicine and thinning hair clinics, is that who we are watching this game?

11:09 - Max: "If we can pull a UMBC on them"

11:11 - So many easy inside baskets inside for UCLA. Witherspoon with a bad three and a foul in transition.

11:12 - On Xavier Alexander. Max likes him, I feel like I don't have an impression on him yet. He plays quietly, but it adds up.

11:14 - 28 - 22 UCLA is up. My roommate: "Wow! Wow. I was expecting it to be a football score."

11:14 - UCLA has hot cheerleaders. Terrible air balled free throw by Xavier. He's hearing the airball chants.

11:16 - 3 fouls for Witherspoon, that's not good. Announcer says he's from "Vaa Tech"

11:17 - I want to see Mo Rice shoot more.

11:18 - poor shot selection by GW leads to easy baskets.

11:19 - Max likes how Cheyenne is playing. He is definitely hustling, and just flew into the crowd trying to steal one.

11:19 - My roommate: "Look at the fisherman back there," an old guy with a beanie and plaid shirt.

11:20 - finally a defensive rebound. UCLA dominating inside.

11:21 - GW down 12, 3:26 to go. Not bad. UCLA is missing a lot of threes thankfully.

11:22 - Just went back and confirmed, the announcer said something like "don't be like Courtney Cox, stay in school!" after a UCLA basket. Weird.

11:24 - My roommate: "the only problem with big white guys is that they disappear in games."

11:25 - Many fouls on UCLA.

11:25 - Willmore stuffs Mata, but Shipp hits a three. Doh.

11:26 - Max says Beatty has a slow and low release. Interesting.

11:26 - UCLA starting to hit threes. Underhand layup by Beatty not a good idea.

11:27 - If this was a video game I'd turn down the crowd volume and turn up the announcer volume.

11:28 - Good rebounds, nice pass by Cheyenne.

11:29 - Cheyenne nice three. Max: best half of Cheyenne's career!

11:30 - announcers giving props to GW - "not fazed" or something to that effect.

11:31 - Max correctly predicts that GW turns it over before the half. Halftime. The cheerleaders look cute but not particularly smart. I am mean.

11:33 - All in all, not bad. GW down 9, playing decently. At breakneck speed but it's working fairly well. Cheyenne has 9 and Mo Rice has 11 points. Somebody named Russell Westbrook has 13, he was Collison's starter when he was out. Collison has 8. GW shooting .440 and UCLA is shooting .500.

11:39 - Rodney Peete is a football analyst on this station.

11:43 - The announcer is named Don MacLean. A long, long time ago/when I could still remember/how the music used to make me smile.

11:48 - just showed Jordan Farmar, he looks like a doofus with the sideways hat.

11:49 - My friend texted me and saying McFaddens is closing for the night. That sucks for people watching there. Come to my place.

11:52 - They should show GW-UMass highlights from 94, why not

11:52 - The refs are calling it really tight on both sides. I fee like GW is settling for threes too often.

11:55 - Nice move by Diggs on Mata for the basket.

11:55 - Witherspoon 4th foul with 17 minutes to go. Not good.

11:57 - Diggs had a couple good moves and couldn't finish. Quick fast break by UCLA and it's time out time.

11:58 - Another wide open three by UCLA. What is this, the UMBC game?

11:59 - Official time out. 17 point UCLA lead. That was fast.

12:02 - Collison runs the court quickly and scores. Outside shots by GW clanging. Good D by GW, fast break, crummy alley-oop attempt by Moore and Diggs.

12:03 - GW denying the ball to Love pretty well.

12:04 - Witherspoon fouled out and pretended to sit down, messing up the UCLA fans' sit down chant. That was funny at least.

12:06 - I'm starting to not like these refs. They're not going GW's way here.

12:07 - 21 point deficit. Max makes the point that Hollis has been silent.

12:07 - Big jam by Westbrook. GW getting hammered, so damn flat. Quit shooting the threes GW.

12:08 - GW settling for threes. Max says GW isn't beating the first guy like Moore was doing in the first half, and Rice and Moore are quiet this half.

12:10 - Collison has 14 points in 18 minutes. GW has scored 4 in this half. GW can not hit threes whatsoever this half.

12:11 - Glad to see Katuka in. Nice inside points by him. Announcer says GW won a recruiting battle for Katuka, and that he can bulk up at GW. No, not at GW.

12:13 - Johnny Lee is in, getting a rebound off yet another three. Hobbs giving up?

12:14 - Damian Hollis drives and scores after faking a three. More of that please.

12:15 - Late whistle there by the refs. Career high for Westbrook, just like a couple seasons ago when some random guy would have a career night every time against GW.

12:16 - Hollis seems to be wanting it more, playing somewhat better.

12:18 - Dominic Green is in with 8 minutes left. Hobbs really gave up?

12:18 - More easy baskets by UCLA. Lee and Green are in. GW has played terribly this half.

12:19 - Max is speculating about time outs, Hobbs hasn't called many if any. Maybe Hobbs is letting them play for maturity, to see if somebody steps up, or my theory, maybe he wants them to fend for themselves.

12:20 - Sloppy play by GW, another turnover. Even Johnny Lee is laying lackadaisically.

12:21 - Collison's mom was a sprinter, that makes sense, he's very fast.

12:21 - LaPlante is in too. I guess it's good these guys can play against the #1 team, but it also stinks.

12:23 - If UCLA is actually hitting their open threes they'd be destroying GW.

12:25 - Peter LaPlante scores inside. Huh. UCLA still has everybody is. Max: "Is Ben Howland stupid?" Why are starters still in? They're up by almost 30.

12:26 - UCLA finally putting in the random dudes. GW has Hollis, Beatty, Lee, LaPlante, and Green in.

12:27 - GW outscored 15-33 so far this half.

12:32 - We're talking about the walk-ons going in. Why? Is it to protect from injuries? But don't the starters need this experience? Why schedule if you're going to put in all the walkons so early? Why not Opoku and Moore and Katuka?

12:33 - Offensive foul by Lee. Hobbs is laughing on the sideline.

12:34 - Beatty playing tougher. Scoring and driving.

12:38 - Well that sucked. GW got out of the 50s, which is good. Doesn't look as terrible.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More on UCLA, plus TV

The more I read about the Bruins, the more worried I become. There's Diaper Dandy Kevin Love, a McDonald's All-American who is 6'10", 250, and averaging 19.3 points and 10.5 rebounds, plus big man Alfred Aboya at 6'8", 233. Yikes. And of course there are returners from last year's Final Four team like forwards Lorenzo Mata-Real (formerly just Mata) and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and scorer Josh Shipp.

As mentioned before, the game is on FSN, or Fox Sports Prime Ticket as GW and UCLA's sites are calling it.

ESPN Zone will show it, Lindy's Red Lion said they'll have it (but I'm not so sure about that), and RFD will not have it. The game will be on at the Hippodrome with free food, though probably no booze.

And there's a discussion on what TV stations the game is on. Buff End says for Comcast folks, you have to pay $2 to order the package to watch the game at home, but apparently it gets set up quickly. The number is 1-800-COMCAST.

Here's Herve's preview.

UPDATE: Commenter some dude says "If you have Time Warner cable it's the same deal - pay $2 extra to get the college sports package - the game is on Fox College Sports."

GW versus #1 UCLA Today

UCLA is number one in the nation (number 2 in the AP poll), and the game is at Pauley Pavilion. GW is done. Right?

Maybe not so fast. ESPN has the game on their "Upset Watch." And UCLA may be without All-American point guard Darren "Don't Call Me Nick" Collison and shooter Michael Roll, and forward Alfred "O'Boises are O'Boisterous" Aboya is playing with a recently broken orbital bone.

And of course, GW has a little bit of history on their side, having beaten then number one UMass in 1994 at the Smith Center with President Bill Clinton and fam looking on. GW beat UMass at their place later on in the year and then beat them at their place again next season (when they were again ranked #1). However, I think Marcus Camby was out for at least one of those games.

Then again, GW is without Travis King but should have Maureece Rice back, if the chatter is accurate. And the odds were well with the Bruins even if GW had all those players back. It should be interesting, and hopefully at the very least the Colonials make it a game, unlike, say, the NCAA tourney last year against Vandy. According to, it's on FSN, which I assume is Fox Sports. On my Comcast Digital Cable in DC, it's FCS, channel 264, starting at 10:30 pm.

Here's the game notes from GW

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TJ Thompson in Le Havre, France

Former GW star (and former CBA leading scorer) TJ Thompson is playing for Saint Thomas Basket LeHavre in France. STB Le Havre, as it's known, is currently in 4th place in the top French league.

It looks like TJ is doing pretty well, playing in all 8 games so far, averaging 14.8 points and I think 6.5 assists per game, if that's what "Pd" means. He scored 19 with 12 assists in one game.

He plays with a couple Americans: Marcellus Somerville from Bradley and JK Edwards from UNLV, plus Frenchman Ali Traore, who was in the NBA draft last year.

There's a whole bunch of videos too, but I can't tell if TJ is in them. And bonus, they're PAL!

Plus their mascot, Stouby the bear (pictured at right), is amazing.

Colonial Breakfast Bits: Cheyenne Edition

Good Morning, Colonials. Here's what's on the menu

--As Herve noted at, Cheyenne Moore isn't doing too hot so far. Shooting 16% from the floor with 5 assists and 10 turnovers, averaging 26 minutes a game.

--GW gets two mentions in ESPN's Weekly Watch - the team is on their Upset Watch for tomorrow's game against #1 UCLA, and Jay Bilas gives GW a pass for the UMBC loss.

--GW got a vote in the AP poll (before after! the UMBC loss). Huh.

--And GW drops to 8th in Dan Steinberg's Local Hoops Poll.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ugh, UMBC. GW 79-UMBC 89

Yeah, we lost to the Retrievers. With Maureece Rice suspended for an unspecified rules violation, GW was beat on the boards and from behind the arc, falling to the now 4-1 Retrievers of UMBC. I can't say I'm stunned, considering this team is full of young folks and transfers, there had to have been some bad losses. And this one isn't terrible, hopefully.

The Retrievers have been feasting on the A-10, so far beating Richmond and La Salle along with GW and St. Peter's, and losing a close one to Lafayette. They've finished with low RPIs the last few years, but maybe this time they'll be middling, which would hurt GW less.

In the the game, which was at UMBC ("Maryland's Honors University"), GW was outrebounded 42-32, and the Retrievers shot 12/25 from behind the three point line, including 9/15 in the second half. They also had a 55-15 run at one point. On the bright side, GW shot fairly well, 44.4% from the floor, 33% from the arc, and 85.7% from the free throw line. Wynton Witherspoon scored 21 and Rob Diggs scored 19.

Oddly, the Retrievers played 5 guys at least 31 minutes, and only two more got off the bench, which leads me to believe that GW was the tired team out there, probably running around trying to cover three point shooters. Miles Beatty, who I've really liked so far, only got 13 minutes but scored 9 and had 3 assists, the most on the team. That's another issue, this team needs a point guard.

I hope Maureece Rice will be back for Wednesday's game against #1 UCLA, and hopefully the team will have a chip on their shoulders.

-Box Score
-And lots of displeasure at GWHoops

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Official: Tony Taylor Signs with GW

I mentioned the verbal commitment from PG Tony Taylor before, but GW just released that he has signed a Letter of Intent with the school for next season. I'm glad they released some good news after Travis King's season was ended with knee surgery - maybe that was the idea. But in any case, he sounds good.

Taylor is a 5'11 scoring point guard who averaged 22 points, 6.8 assists, and 4.9 rebounds while hitting 56 threes for Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, NY. GW coach Karl Hobbs and Taylor's coach Tim Philp had a lot of praise for him:
"I feel he is going to make an immediate impact on our program. Tony brings all the intangibles we look for in a student-athlete. He's a guard with terrific speed and court vision who can create plays. What separates him is his ability to shoot from three-point range. He also is a very goal-oriented student-athlete." [said Hobbs]

"Tony has an unbelieveable basketball IQ," Philp said of Taylor. "He is extremely consistent, a great passer and a terrific shooter who makes everyone around him better. He is a pure point guard who can shoot like a 2 guard."
Previously on Colonial Hoops: Updated Scholarship Situation (with Taylor)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Travis King out for season, Diggs getting X-ray.

Bad bad bad news. WRGW radio and the Hatchet are reporting that Travis King, who was probably going to start at point guard, is out for the season with surgery, and Rob Diggs is getting his wrist X-rayed.

The Hatchet says King felt a pop one minute into the BU game, which would explain his limited time then. Hopefully he didn't come back too soon, and hopefully he can get a medical redshirt for the year.

Obviously this is bad news about King, as I was really hoping he'd come back and help stabilize the team. The team is 2-0, but they still look a little lost. I guess that means Miles Beatty will get more time - a trial by fire.

As for Diggs, I am still hopeful.

UPDATE: says it's King's knee, and they're applying for a medical redshirt waiver.

Friday, November 16, 2007

SirValiant Brown in the CBA

Remember him? If not, Sir Val was one half of GW's scoring machine back in the Tom Penders days, the other being career all time leading scorer Chris Monroe. Sir Val had the green light to shoot, and he took advantage of it, nearly becoming the first freshman to lead the NCAA in scoring in the 1999-2000 season, with 24.6 points per game on 33% shooting. Yes, 33%. He did set the GW single season scoring record though, with 783. I think he also broke some of Allen Iverson's Virginia high school scoring records.

He didn't have as good of a year as a sophomore, with his scoring dropping to about 17 points per, and then made the ill-advised choice to leave school and declare for the NBA - the rumor was that he was doing very poorly in school and wouldn't have qualified for the next season. Needless to say Sir Val didn't get drafted, and he drifted around, with brief stints in the NBDL's now-defunct Roanoke Dazzle, Uruguay and I think Puerto Rico. He also played for One World All-Stars, one of those traveling exhibition teams.

But anyway, he's back, with the Butte Daredevils. I wish him the best of luck.

More on Brown:

USA Today

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Halfcourt Shot at the BU Game

A kid swished the halfcourt shot in his first try at the GW-Boston U game yesterday. Check it out:

See below for my full postgame writeup.

GW 69 - Boston U 56

Originally uploaded by squidpants
It wasn't the prettiest offensive night at the Smith Center, but GW controlled for much of the game to take the win. Both teams shot below 40% on the night, with GW at .385 thanks in part to a combined 2/14 from Reece Rice and Cheyenne Moore. The home team dominated on the boards and at the foul line, outrebounding the Terriers 37-21 and going 21/25 from the stripe.

Rob Diggs had a great game, especially in the second half, dominating inside, collecting 20 points on 8/13 shooting, 12 boards, and 3 blocks. So far Mr. Diggs is averaging 20.5 points and shooting 69.5% on the year. Xavier Alexander had a quiet 11 points in 22 minutes, adding 4 boards and 3 assists, and as noted, Rice had a poor offensive game, 3 points and no assists.

GW pretty much controlled the game, going up after about 5 minutes and holding a roughly 10 point lead for most of the contest, and despite going up by 18 at one point, couldn't quite pull away for an extended period. Boston's main offense was shooting threes, and they were much more successful in the first half than the second, probably due in part to what appeared to be a "pass around the perimeter and tire out the opponents, then pass to Diggs" GW offense.

As for the rest of the Colonial backcourt, Cheyenne Moore played more in control, though he had 5 turnovers, Noel Willmore was solid, Travis King played 1 minute, and Miles Beatty played well in the 4 minutes he was in towards the end. It was only 4 minutes, but he took charge for those 4 minutes, at one point waving off another GW defender to challenge his man one on one.

On the front, Damian Hollis didn't do much until about midway through the second half, when he suddenly started making an impact, and Wynton Witherspoon was decent. Moore and Holls both had 6 rebounds. Opoku was in for 2 minutes, and Katuka didn't appear at all, maybe he's hurt. I'll look into it.

As for the negatives, GW shot poorly, and generally just passed it around the perimeter, especially in the second half, then passed it in to Diggs. The Colonials took a lot of threes too, going 8/25, which of course means 2 for 1 pizza.

The team turned it over 17 times, but so did BU, so that's not terrible and got 9 steals, but again, so did BU. GW's defense was decent, though there were the occasional wide open guys and the one-on-one breakdown.

Despite watching the whole game, this one sort of gets an incomplete. There wasn't much flow until the middle of the second half, but no major, lengthy lapses either. Diggs has been a beast so far, and hopefully Rice can bust out of his mini-funk. He didn't seem very aggressive scoring-wise this game, and no assists isn't too good either. But just like ET, we still love you.

Here's the box score.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little George: Worst Mascot in the Nation

More from the Nobody Likes Little George Department: College Hoops Heaven, a Philly sports blog, names Little George the worst mascot in the land. Then again, they're a Philly blog, so they probably throw snowballs at Santa Claus and think the weird looking Temple Owl is awesome. Then they go drink some "wooder."

But come on, Little George is worse than the Billiken?

Previously on Colonial Hoops: Little George 6th Worst in the Country

GW vs Duke (In a video game)

This is pretty odd. On Youtube there's some kind of video game showing a GW vs Duke game (or "match" as the poster calls it). Duke appears to win. I like how Reddick gets stuffed a bunch of times by the GW guy with the afro. Enjoy?

it appears to be a Turkish video game, as many of the Google results are in Turkish, which I guess explains "match" and stuff. You can play it for free, but apparently you have to download something here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Doubleheader, Food Drive Tomorrow

Do you like basketball? If not, you're at the wrong blog. But if you also like helping people, you've come to the right place. GW has a womens-mens doubleheader tomorrow, with the 13/14th ranked women facing Kentucky at 5:15, followed by the men facing Boston U at about 7:45. If you bring a canned food item, you'll get a raffle ticket for a gift certificate to the F Street Bistro (a nice little place in the State Plaza Hotel) or some GW apparel.

Anyway, both games should be good - do yourself a favor and see Antelia Parrish for the women, who may be the second coming of Anna MontaƱana.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

GW Wins, Mounts St. Mary's

Starting lineup:
Diggs, Hollis, Witherspoon, Moore, Rice

First off the bench:
Xavier Alexander (Although it should be noted that by the time X actually entered the game, he had three other colonial subs join him on the sideline. Only 'Spoon remained of the starters after the first rotation).

Fun to watch, clearly many early season mistakes against an undermanned foe, but the game still gave the sense of good things to come.

Quik Sum:
With 21 points, Rob Diggs paced the Colonial squad that scored the first 15 points of the game and never trailed. 'Spoon chipped in 15 and with Hollis the two accounted for more than half of GWs total rebounds. GW shot over 50% from the field and drained 7/11 from 3 land. See AP, GW press releases.

The game was punctuated by three monstrous dunks, one by Cheyenne (windmill break-away), Witherspoon (unreal baseline one hand in-your-face-omar-style), & Robb Diggs off a sweet alley-oop.

Other notes:
Maurice Rice scored a quiet but effective 15. His trademark. Although Hobbs talked about Rice taking up the point in King's absence (who sat out again but did dress and warm-up with the team), others like 'Spoon seem to be pulling a fair share of the weight as well.

Noel chipped in 3 baskets (which Noel followers know usually equals 9 pts).

GW turned the ball over 6 more times than Mt. St. Mary's but road the +10 rebound differential in their favor. Will be interesting to see if typically pocket-picking GW maintains such a positive rebound differential against teams with bigger bruisers in the middle.

Errant passes and overdribbling. All over the place, often. The vast majority of GW turnovers were the result of those two fundamental infractions.

Chey looks healthy, which is good, but his shot selection still seems questionable at times. Granted, if two more of his long-distance 3s fall I don't make this comment- but they didn't.

Witherspoon. Not enough can be said about the guy. Kept GW going steady and strong.

Freshmen. Definitely saw some action, definitely tended to defer to their upperclassmen counterparts on the court.

Opoku and Xavier battle foul trouble. See next note.

Refs paced the game reasonably well (e.g allowed the game move at a GW pace) but called a lot of bizarre offensive fouls (esp. on Opoku and X). Would have to look at the numbers, but the refs may have called more offensive fouls on GW than defensive.

Neat Note(s):
Many audience members including three young boys in the upper deck above the home basket busted out their Soljah boy moves during halftime. Coach McKeown would be proud.

Check out this box score. Now check out this box score. Lone senior, large underclass roster. 2004-2005 redux anyone?

As always, check out the chatter over at GWhoops.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Colonial Breakfast Bits: Fans, TV, and Mid Majors

Eat Breakfast. It's the most important meal/blog post of the day.

--Mid majors have been getting fewer at-large bids, and some A-10 coaches don't like it.

--GW Alum TJ Miller is on that ABC show "Carpoolers". There are some videos on their website, check out the "Living with the Carpoolers" one. He's also in "Tuesdays!" and "Carpoolers Bonus Scene!" He's pretty funny.

--This Georgetown guy has an interesting post about the different types of freshman basketball fans.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kangy the Kangaroo on Facebook

More Facebook shenanigans. Kangy the Kangaroo, semi-famous for being the GW good luck charm last year, has his own Facebook profile. Pretty funny stuff.

In case you forgot, Kangy (last name Gareaux, get it) came from Australia, symbolized the leapers Hobbs has brought to GW, is good luck for the team, and curses one opposing player each game. He was present for every GW win last season, and the only two games he missed were the Xavier debacle and the Vanderbilt NCAA tourney game. Which GW both lost. In short, he has magical powers.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dokun signs with ABA team

I missed this earlier, but Dokun Akingbade signed with the Vermont Frost Heaves of the ABA. Great for him! And something I didn't know, he also played for the Long Island Pride of the USBL and "earned a look" from AD Vagos in Portugal.

The Frost Heaves (actual slogan: "we're gonna be the bump in their road") play in the towns of Burlington and Barre, Vermont. Maybe Dokun could hang out with Phish.

TJ Thompson formerly starred for the Albany Patroons of the ABA CBA, where he was the league's leading scorer. (Last I heard, he's in France now).

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hatchet on the Smith Center

The Hatchet has an article today about renovations to the Smith Center, with AD Jack Kvancz saying that a donor is needed before renovations get underway. The reporter talked to myself and Herve at as well. In general, it's a good article, but I think my quotes need a little explanation.

I think the Smith Center has a great atmosphere, and I think I said that to him. However, I said the arena looks like "a glorified high school gym" because of the white walls behind the basket, which I said was the main thing that should be changed in a renovation. I think they make us look cheap and generic.

And I'm pretty sure that me saying I'd like to see an 8,000-10,000 seat arena was in response to a question like "what would be your ideal situation" or something like that. I'm also pretty sure I said it would be difficult to get a bigger arena because of the Foggy Bottom neighbors and so on. Just wanted to clear that up.

So if there are any donors out there with a few extra million laying around, step up!

Add the GW Facebook Application

Just discovered this, the GW Basketball Fan Facebook application. It's pretty cool, has a trivia game and some nice photos and stuff. The app reminds you when the games are too.

It says GW currently has the third most fans in the A-10, so let's get GW to the top!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Smith Center hot dogs are terrible

This is hardly news to GW fans, but the hot dogs at the Smith Center are atrocious. I didn't know it was possible to mess up a hot dog so badly. The buns always seem to have been left over from the previous season, and the dogs themselves are a weird pink color and taste like Spam mixed with Vienna sausages (i.e. potted meat product). They're usually either cold or so hot you can't hold them, and I'm surprised the athletic department doesn't have a dentist on retainer for chipped teeth and punctured lips caused by the granite-like buns.

I enjoy eating at sporting events and I really wish the arena had some real concessions - dogs that don't seem like they came from Kobayashi's stomach and some other choices besides candy bars and soggy, stale popcorn. Chicken tenders? Fries? Big Burger? Pizza? Or even something tangentially George Washington related - Virginia ham sandwiches would be nice. I'd say beer and whiskey, since ol' GW made both at Mount Vernon, but I'm sure that's not going to happen.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Western Connecticut Colonials at BB&T

Thanks to the eagle eye of Young Alum 06 at for this one: the BB&T Classic's website has the Colonials playing Auburn. But it's not the GW Colonials, it's the Western Connecticut Colonials. What, did they do a Google image search for "Colonials" and pick the first one that showed up? At least I now know there is a Western Connecticut State University.

UPDATE: it's fixed now.

GW 74 - UDC 71 : Ugly ugly ugly

It was a scary Halloween at the Smith Center. The game was ugly throughout, with out of control play, fouls, and forced shots aplenty on both sides. It went into overtime after GW was down for most of regulation, and finally the Colonials beat the D2 school.

GW shot 35% for the game and the teams combined for 75 fouls and 95 free throws, and Rob Diggs, Cheyenne Moore, Noel Wilmore, and Damian Hollis all fouled out. Not pretty.

The Colonials didn't have much of an offense for most of the game, passing it around, forcing shots, and making out of control drives to the basket, but that might have been expected considering how many new faces there were and how much time they got. GW turned the ball over 22 times versus 11 assists.

Virginia Tech transfer Wynton Witherspoon was by far the best player for GW, playing 39 minutes, scoring 20 and collecting 9 boards. He seemed to know what was going on on the court, which was not something that could be said for the rest of the Colonials. Reece (formerly Maureece) Rice shot 2-13, scoring 11 total, and freshman Xavier Alexander scored 9 and got 8 boards. Overall GW outrebounded UDC 43-42, but it sure didn't seem like it at times.

As for the rest of the backcourt, Miles Beatty seemed a little lost, Travis King was hurt and didn't play, and Wilmore played decently, scoring 12. Johnny Lee got four fouls in five minutes.

On the frontcourt, Rob Diggs and Damian Hollis both got into foul trouble and neither played a particularly memorable game. Cheyenne Moore played out of control and fouled out in 11 minutes (granted the refs were bad, but he also committed some bonehead fouls, like trying to block a shot from behind). I like Joseph Katuka's energy, but he was out of position of defense sometimes. Hermann Opoku blocked three shots, which I hope continues, and for some reason Regis Koundjia was on the bench wearing sweats.

It's tough to predict the season based on this, but GW needs to play more in control, box out, and get an offense. There also wasn't much trapping and pressing, but maybe the youngins need time to get used to it.

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