Monday, April 25, 2011

Karl Hobbs is out: many questions

To misquote the Simpsons, you have many questions, Mr. Nero. Karl Hobbs's tenure at GW is over.

What's the deal? Why now? Why was Hobbs forced out? Was he forced out? It seems so, considering he tweeted a few hours before the announcement about next year's schedule. Did something happen? Did some big scandal just get unearthed?

Where will Hobbs go now? Did he get a job somewhere else? What about his recruits, like Erik Copes (whose uncle is assistant coach Roland Houston) and recent signee Trey Davis?

Who will GW get to replace him? Mike Lonergan from Vermont? Former assistant Steve Pikiell? Some people are asking about Bruce Pearl, is that a good idea? Roland Houston?

So many questions. Tune in soon for (hopefully) some answers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GW announces new AD: Patrick Nero, former head of America East

As you've probably read by now, GW just announced Patrick Nero, former head of the America East Conference and former University of Maine athletic director as the new AD for GW. This seems like a good hire, as he proceeded over an entire conference and thus has a holistic view, and also presided over Maine as they went to the NCAA hockey championship game. He's also 45 and has no prior connection with GW staff. Nice to see a talented-sounded younger person hired, and I look forward to hearing more.

Here's GW's press conference:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great article on Yegor Mescheriakov at GW Today

There's a great article at GW Today about Yegor Mescheriakov, a small forward from Belarus and one of the stars of those great late 90s teams (#55 to Shawnta Rogers' #54).

Yegor got his undergrad degree between his junior and senior years, played overseas successfully, and is now back getting his masters. He also runs a basketball camp for kids (Belarus champs two years in a row) and sounds like he's doing well for himself. He's deciding whether to continue in pro ball or work in sports. Nice to see him doing well, and I'm glad GW is writing these kind of articles.

Yegor also writes a blog about European basketball, with a lot of tips on how to make it overseas as a player and his memories from throughout his career. Good stuff.

And something hilarious in the article is that class of '96 GW player (and 7 footer) Andrei Sviridov is apparently a pretty successful actor, in among other things, and a Russian sitcom called University. Awesome. Here's his website, lots of photos, and his IMDB page.

Hat tip to GWHoopsters for finding it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cool event with Jack Kvancz and John Feinstein about mid-majors this Thursday

This sounds pretty neat. You may recall that Jack Kvancz coined the term "mid-major" when he was coach at Catholic.
Hello GW fans,
On Thursday April 14th at 7pm, WRGW will be hosting an event with Jack Kvancz and renowned basketball writer John Feinstein. Along with two student moderators from WRGW, the two will be discussing the recently completed NCAA tournament and the success of mid majors, while tying in Jack's time at GW and career in college basketball. After the discussion Kvancz and Feinstein  will take questions from the audience. Admission is free and all that we ask is for you to RSVP. The event takes place in Jack Morton Auditorium on the corner of 21st and H Street in the SMPA building.

RSVP here:

Friday, April 8, 2011

GW athletics idea forum on the 20th: go there and tell the university your ideas

This sounds great. Got an email from David Earl of the athletic department on the second GW Idea Forum, check it out. I missed the first, which was on the 5th.

It's Wednesday, April 20th in the Marvin Center's Continental Ballroom form 5-7 pm. The idea is for the steering committee that's looking at GW athletics to hear what fans and others have to say. There's going to be a lot of people there to listen, so it's a great opportunity.

If you can't make it, there's also an online feedback form:
(Not promising the cute idea girl above will be there, however).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Results of the Colonial Hoops NCAA pool: I stink

I almost forgot to mention the results of the Colonial Hoops First Annual NCAA pool! This was a Sweet 16 pool, and "In memory of red" won -- fitting. He had Butler and UConn in the Final Four and picked UConn to win it all and thus dominated the rest of us. The prize is... congratulations!

I finished sort of in the middle. Unfortunately "TP Rubbed me the wrong way" didn't win, because that's the best name. "You best be A. Ware" is a runner-up on the best pick name award. "Carl Elliott School" and "Busted like Atilla" get honorable mentions.

Thanks to all who entered.
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