Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harvard 66-GW 53

Well, you can't win em all. GW played pretty crummy the whole game, which was more like Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season than Good Will Hunting, minus the end part. Harvard has read books we haven't even heard of yet:

GW only scored 18 points on 25% shooting in the second half to let a 3 point deficit balloon to 13. The team shot 36% for the game and a miserable 13% (2/15) from behind the arc. At least they shot 75% from the foul line. GW was also out rebounded by the Ivy-ers, 38 to 27, and nobody on GW had more than 4, to go with 8 assists versus 18 turnovers. Yucky.

Damian Hollis had 11 on 5/14 shooting, Tony Taylor had 10, Lasan Kromah was only 1/7 from the floor. I believe "lack of effort" about sums it up.

Harvard's Jeremy Lin, however, looked like Magic Johnson out there, leading the Crimson in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals (with an absurd 7). Or he looked like whoever the best Ivy League basketball player was. Bill Bradley? Michael Jordan? (No, the other Michael Jordan).

Here's the GWSports box score and recap, plus the Hatchet's. I would post the Washington Times' recap, but they don't have a sports section anymore!

At least Howard is at the Smith Center Sunday. Hopefully GW can recover for that game. Hobbs said on Twitter "Tough one last night. At the airport in Boston. Have to keep the players spirits up. More challenges are ahead."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tonight: Harvard

Today GW travels up to some school called Harvard, populated by these guys at right (as seen in Good Will Hunting - "Wood drastically underestimates the impact of social distinctions predicated upon wealth, especially inherited wealth...").

However, this year, Tommy Amaker's Harvard is a pretty good team. They're 8-3, beat Boston College, played Georgetown and UConn tough, and have a good RPI and strength of schedule. Most GWHoopsters are predicting GW loses, plus Tim Johnson will miss the game.

It's streamable on the Internet for money.

Here's Herve's preview. My boy's wicked smaht.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let 'em shoot threes

Some chatter over at about how GW lets teams get back into games from the three point line. Even with some of the recent close games, I have to say I'm pleased overall with the start to this season, seeing GW stay focused on the road, and hoping they can keep up the intensity as things start to get tougher.

To the three point accusations. Over the years it appears Hobbs prefers opponents shoot from deep. Kenpom defensive style stats show that Hobbs encourages opposing teams to live and die by the three. I don't know how much our annual two games against the Lutz long-bombers skew these numbers but the 3PA/FGA ratio indicates that opponents have tended to take significantly more 3s than 2s against us over the last 6 years compared to the D1 average. Gotta wonder the role this may play in Hobbs era BCS blowouts when teams tend to not only live, but thrive from downtown. The Providence game is the most recent and visceral memory.

Year - GW Defense 3PA/FGA [Rank] - D1 Defense 3PA/FGA Avg.

2010 - 40.5 [331] - 32.6
2009 - 39.9 [325] - 33.1
2008 - 42.9 [332] - 34.4
2007 - 38.7 [298] - 34.2
2006 - 35.3 [241] - 33.2
2005 - 37.4 [294] - 33.0
2004 - 34.8 [237] - 32.7

Is forcing (allowing?) opponents to take far more shots from three point land a good strategy?


Monday, December 28, 2009

Tonight: Holy Cross

GW plays Holy Cross today. The Crusaders are pretty crummy this year, 2-9 overall with their only wins over Marist and Brown (in overtime). The game is in Worcester (the home of Holy Cross) but since they're only 1-3 at home, that's not saying much.

And Bob Cousy went there so... that's something.

GW ought to win this one, but who knows with a young team. The game is at 7 pm and it looks like you can watch it online a number of places: maybe here, maybe here, here for money, and you can listen here.

Here's more on from Herve and from the rest.

Image from here

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alumni tailgate for Xavier game

This is pretty cool: the Alumni House is hosting a tailgate for young alumni for the Xavier game on January 10th, with food and discounted tickets. You have to sign up here, and you can just get food if you already have your tickets. It starts at 10:30 am and is at the Alumni House, 1918 F Street NW.

Sounds like a good event, and since I think school is not in session for the X game, we'll need a lot of alums to come!

They also have discounted tickets for the rest of the games as well, in the alumni seating section.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whither Fire Karl Hobbs?

As you may recall, a Fire Karl Hobbs blog started up during the particularly dismal times last season. I didn't agree 100% with the blogger, but I was pretty mad. However, probably thanks to the promising freshmen and hot start this season, the blog has been pretty quiet. In fact, the last post was in September, and the blogger claimed "If we win 9 games this year, FKH will nominate him for coach of the year." I guess he had better get that nomination ready.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GW beats Navy; Tonight: Providence

In the BB&T non-tourney, GW came out flat but turned it on to beat the Midshipmen of the Naval Academy. The seamen kept in the game by hitting a broadside (see, nautical term) of open three after open three, but good games from Damian Hollis and Lasan Kromah torpedoed them in the end. GW held Navy to 37% shooting, forced 21 turnovers and had 11 steals, and scored 21 off those turnovers. Tim Johnson also scored 12 off 5/9 shooting. Bryan Bynes, David Pellom, and Daymon Warren were suspended for the game, something about overspending their student accounts.

As for the crowd and such, it wasn't very large, though Navy did bring a big contingent of cadets. I discovered that sometimes girls in uniform are pretty darn cute. Also odd was that the Navy mascot is not an admiral or a ship or something, it's a goat. However, the goat looks nothing like a goat and more like a ram.

At one point the goat came over to the GW student section, hung around the dance team for awhile, and then came up into the student section to a chorus of boos. One GW girl started hitting it with her foam finger, then the goat head-butted her, knocking her backwards and making her yelp, which was pretty lame. Then another GW kid tried to pull the goat's shorts down, and the goat pushed the kid back. After that, and more boos, the goat beat a retreat to calmer waters. Pretty bad form -- what mascot goes to the opponents' fan section to taunt them?

Anyway, today is Providence. The Friars are 6-3 with wins over no one in particular and losses to Alabama, Boston College, and Rhode Island. Interestingly, the team is recruiting GW style players, long, athletic types to run. They actually named GW in an article. Should be a good matchup.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Season tickets are really cheap. You should buy them.

By Max

Young Alumni tickets are eye-poppingly inexpensive for the end zone seats behind both baskets. Even the woefully underpaid, non-profit volunteer post-grad with a metro-checks stipend should be able to afford $40 for the season. That works out to about $2.67 per game. Hard to beat 30+ hours of live entertainment in DC for $40 bucks. Individual games can be had for as low as $9 a pop. Contact the athletic department for more info.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mason blogger deleting comments about GW

This is pretty lame. The blogger over at George Mason Basketball posted about the GW-GMU game. In the post, he included this:
The NCAA banned schools like GW from recruiting players from these high school "diploma mills" that had helped the school produce a winner. Left having to recruit locally against others GW hasn't adapted well and have recently been in the basement of the A-10 conference. Guys like Pops Mensah-Bonsu who starred for the Colonials would not be allowed to play in today's NCAA rules.
Now GW (and other local schools like Georgetown) did recruit players from schools that were called diploma mills. Those players were all ruled eligible by the NCAA, but it was kind of shady and I think it's fine to bring it up. However, Pops Mensah-Bonsu was not one of these guys -- he went to St. Augustine Prep in New Jersey, a legitimate school.

My fellow blogger Max responded on the blog a couple times in a very reasonable fashion denying that. One commenter had a reasoned back and forth with Max, but Ryan, the Mason blogger, responded saying "Info about Pops came from a few GW fans, so I don't know what to tell you." Max then responded with this:
Thanks variaban [the other commenter]

If you want to replace Pops with Omar Williams or Maureece Rice to rub salt in old wounds, that's your call.

I'm not sure how else to communicate the fact that Pops attended a legit high school. Maybe you should ask Rich Stone, senior on the George Mason soccer team, what he thinks about his alma mater St. Augustine being called a diploma mill.
However, soon afterwards, Ryan deleted the comment. Max posted it again, and Ryan deleted it again. That's lame. It's a reasonable argument and worth discussing. You can see where variabian responded to Max's deleted comment also.

Max then posted something to the effect of "My last two comments have been deleted and I don't know why, so I'm not going to post any more. Good luck in the game." and Ryan, not surprisingly, deleted that also.

I've deleted comments here, but only if they are offensive -- for example I deleted a racist one recently. But legit discussion is legit discussion, and it's incredibly lame to flat out delete comments that disagree with you. I don't want to pick a fight here and I was hesitant to post, but I think it's unfair and I want to set the record straight on Pops.

Either way, I'm looking forward to the game.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GW versus Mason today! Are you going?

It's the Battle of the Orange Line, with GW facing off against George Mason at the Smith Center tonight, 7 pm.

GW's been pushing the game (see and it's gotten press elsewhere too, like the DC Sports Bog, Mister Irrelevant, and Dan Steinberg's chat. There's also talk about it on a Mason hoops blog, with Max challenging the blogger.

The game is also a Buff Out, so wear buff (i.e. don't be naked).

GW vs Mason -- are you ready?

NBC4 interview with Coach Hobbs tonight

Just got this in my email:
Has George Washington University's basketball team turned a corner? There's a lot of excitement about the current squad, and no one is more hopeful than the coach, Karl Hobbs. So does he think this team can make it to the Big Dance? Find out when Lindsay Czarniak sits down for lunch with Coach Hobbs tonight on News4 at 5.
You can get college basketball tickets here.