Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GW plays UDC on Halloween

Tomorrow is the team's first exhibition game, against the Firebirds of the University of the District of Columbia, a Division II schoool. The school, DC's land grant public university, has been a D2 power in the past, but has also been plagued with scandals, leading to some forfeited games and canceled seasons.

The UDC team was 20-9 last year and returns all its starters. The team had four players scoring in double figures last year, two of whom were widebodies, and a number of shot blockers too. That could be an interesting matchup, UDC's big guys versus GW's skinny guys.

And apparently 6'7, 260 pound forward Willie Shaw lost 60 pounds in the offseason, which is Monty Singh Harika-esque.

It's the first ever meeting between the two teams, and I think it's a good thing for the city. Now if only Georgetown would come down the hill and play GW.

The game is at 7:30 at the Smith Center. No idea if anybody is dressing up in costume, but I hope so.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wizards: We don't need basketball IQ, defense, rebounding, or shooting

Because they released Mike Hall.

Apparently it was completely a salary move, as keeping Mr. Hall would have put them over the salary cap, meaning they'd have to play a luxury tax.

Mike didn't get a lot of time with the Wiz, 2 games scoring 1 point per (and 6 this preseason scoring 2.5), but I still believe he could be a solid player in the NBA - he's got what analysts call the intangibles.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Colonial Breakfast Bits: Shocker Edition

It's been awhile, but it's that time again. Breakfast time. Here's some old stuff that fell through the cracks, and some new stuff.

--Montrell McDonald, the quixotic former GW player, is being recruited by Kansas. He plays at Cowley County CC in Arkansas City, Kansas.

--Not exactly MTV's Cribs - the homes of Dayton hoopsters.

--Kyle Whelliston on Southern Cal playing at The Citadel. Yes, at.

--Fordham's schedule: not bad. At Georgetown, at Syracuse, at Manhattan, home against Hofstra and the College of Charleston, and possible matchups with Mizzou or other good teams.

--And finally, here's Ben Stein giving the shocker.

GW Men's Practice 10/23

Lots of people have lists. My turn:

  • Hobbs is a fun coach. He's hard, but wise. I wish he coached me. At life.
  • "If a teammate say it, you must obey it." Today was about communication.
  • As the team ran lines (for not setting up a drill properly) Xavier Alexander was first each time and Cheyenne Moore was last (read into this as you please).
  • I liked the floorplay I saw from Herm, the postplay I saw from Katuka.
  • Hollis and Diggs are ready to roll.
  • Hobbs mentioned a lot of players hobbled by recent injuries including a few surprises (Jabari, Katuka, Diggs, King, Moore) who all appear to be recovering. King did not practice, when I asked him about his knee he said it was coming along. Reese arrived late after a class.
  • Hobbs said that ideally, he wants to play 10-12 deep with players on the court in 4 minute bursts. Wow, talk about 90 miles an hour 40 hard. Should be exciting often (and infuriating at times).
  • Hobbs watched film from the early years of Omar, Mike, Pops, and Alex to remind himself (and us) that quality basketball takes time and . . .
  • Patience, Hobbs' new favorite word.
  • This is Reese Rice's year. Hobbs' goal: 4th NCAA, one for each yearly serving of Rice
  • Hobbs gave high marks for the noise and excitement of the student body during games
  • Lots of scheduling questions from the fans (including one of my own)
  • Hobbs: Hard to schedule majors at Smitty. The first question Hobbs asks about a potential away game: "what is the opponent's winning percentage at home." This is the major factor.
  • Hobbs says that there were literally no other games that we could schedule this year (presumably that met the above criteria).
  • Essentially (my inference), if another GW was out there (small arena, 1 home loss in last two years), Hobbs would not schedule them.
If you missed it, and the lists just don't seem to do the event justice, check out the video above courtesy of the Hatchet's Sam Salkin.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reece Rice

Just saw this over at Frank's WRGW Sports blog, Maureece Rice will be known as Reece Rice for his senior season. I like it, it has a nice ring to it. Your thoughts?

UPDATE: An astute commenter mentioned the Steve Miller song "The Joker,": "Some people call me more-reece/ weeew-woooow". It'd make a good chant for the Colonial Army. "Some people call me gangster of love."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Men's Open Practice, Dinner Tonight

Yup, today from 5-6 is the men's open practice, and from 6:30 to 8 is the "Meet the Colonials" dinner at the F Street Bistro, a nice little place located in the State Plaza Hotel. The practice is at the Smith Center and is free, while you have to RSVP for the dinner, which is $25. Email Cara Savino at GW to do so. I hope I can make it to the practice, but it may be tough considering I'm supposed to work until 5:30. Maybe I will start to feel ill around 4:45.

Danilo of Rhodes

It has been reported that Danilo (JR) Pinnock, after being waived (or asking for a release) from the Trail Blazers, is off to Greece. His new team is the up-and-coming Kolossos Rodou of the Isle of Rhodes (limited resources, limited seating? sounds familiar...) in the competitive Greek A1 league. Maybe he'll get a chance to play fellow GW Mediterranean Pop's Benneton Treviso. Best of luck to Danilo in his continued pursuit of the professional basketball dream.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ask A-10 Coachces Some Questions

Ever wondered what Karl Hobbs' favorite food is? Well, us neither. But now's your chance to ask any of the A-10 mens' coaches, and some of the womens' coaches, whatever is on your mind because the A-10 is accepting questions for Media Day on Oct. 25. Let them have it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jaaron Greene: "blockbuster of all blockbuster signings"

Ok, I wish former GW center Jaaron Greene all the luck in the world, but since when was he an NBA prospect? I quote from a news article about him joining the ABA's Corning (NY) Bulldogs:
During his senior [high school] season, Jaaron was left to make the hard decision that many players just wish they could even have the change to be in a position to make. Jaaron had to choose from jumping straight to the NBA or going to play NCAA D-1 basketball. The Mt. Zion sensation eventually decided not to jump to the NBA and to play at George Washington University where he had family living close to the campus.
The press release says he's the "blockbuster of all blockbuster signings" and the coach says that because of Jaaron, "[t]he 2007-08 ABA championship belongs to the Corning Bulldogs; anything less than a league championship is no longer acceptable." Well, good luck with that.

Due to injury, Greene played a total of 8 minutes in his freshman and sophomore seasons (2003-2005). After that, he was ruled academically ineligible and didn't come back to basketball.

Who knows, maybe he really is the second coming of Kevin Garnett, but to say he's the blockbuster of all blockbusters seems like a slight exaggeration. As some GWhoopsters suggest, maybe GW should hire whoever wrote that press release.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Linda Bruno TV

Not really. Regarding discussion about which GW games will be on TV (verdict: I dunno) GWhoops.com poster gdub enthusiasm has a pretty funny post with his thoughts on the A-10 TV package:
To answer your qustions:

Will the conference have a cable package? Yes, a crappy one

What will it be? Linda Bruno will wear a hat with a tin foil wrapped antenna on top. If you are are standing within a 1.7 foot radius of her, you will be able to listen to the beginning of the game on a CB radio.

Will it require moving out of the A-10's geographic sphere to see the games? Ms. Bruno has formed her own Coalition of the Willing...nations willing to broadcast A10 games include Malta, Barbados, and Slovakia.

Will Linda Bruno find some station even more obscure that last year's? BYU TV (Channel 374 on Direct TV) will show games only when they run out of Mormon Programming and when their new "Mitt Romney Cam" stops functioning.

Will it be easier to watch DIII women's ice hockey than A-10 hoops? Not DIII Women's Ice Hockey, but thanks to Ms. Bruno, the internet video of the monkey picking his ass and smelling it will have more viewers than A10 Hoops.

Will the women be on TV this year (they have some great made-for-TV tilts on the schedule)? Yes, if they make the NCAA Tournament. Otherwise, there is a better chance of Jack scheduling home mens games against Duke, Kentucky, and Ohio State at the Smith Center.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pinnock waived by Trail Blazers

Too bad for Danilo (JR) Pinnock, who was waived by the Trail Blazers yesterday. He only appeared in one game, scoring 2, getting 4 boards, 2 assists, and 2 steals. Hopefully he makes an impact in the D-League (as the number one pick in the expansion draft, by the Rio Grande Valley Vipers) or elsewhere.

The Trail Blazers had a full roster, so this isn't really unexpected.

Pinnock photo from the D-League website

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wanna buy an old carved wood GW mascot?

Who doesn't! Thanks to eBay, this guy can be yours.
It's a carved mascot made by Italian company ANRI. The company also sold mascots from Yale, Michigan, Boston College, etc. Only five hours left!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Updated Scholarship Situation

After the recent news about Tony Taylor and Jermaine Middleton leaving the team, here's the updated scholarship situation. I believe GW only has 12 on scholarship now out of 13 max, which could be why there are two recruits slated for 2008-2009.

PG Carl Elliott
F/C Dokun Akingbade
F Regis Koundjia
07-08 Seniors:
G Maureece Rice


F Rob Diggs
SG Noel Wilmore
G/F Cheyenne Moore
F Wynton Witherspoon (transfer, now eligible)
(junior according to GWSports)

PG Travis King
F Damian Hollis
F Hermann Opoku


G/F Xavier Alexander
PG Miles Beatty
C Jabari Edwards
F/C Joseph Katuka

Coming in 2008-2009:

PG Tony Taylor
and one open spot - possibly
G Nigel Munson
SF Wesley Witherspoon

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rumors: Wesley Witherspoon in, Nigel Munson out

GWhoops.com poster Mister Days has some rumor fodder - he claims that Wesley Witherspoon, brother of incoming transfer Wynton and also the #57 recruit in the nation, which would be a great get for GW, and one of the highest ranked recruits in school history. Kansas State and LSU (plus Shaq!) are after him as well.

However, Mister Days also says he hears that Nigel Munson has decided to stop playing basketball altogether, and BM says he read the same thing at a Maryland message board. So that could be a big change for GW. And as noted previously, PG Tony Taylor may have been brought in because Munson wasn't coming.

New Commitment: Tony Taylor

This guy kind of came out of nowhere. Tony Taylor is a 5'9.5"-5'11" scoring point guard from Tarrytown, NY (size depending on who you listen to). He goes to Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains and just verballed with GW after a visit from Karl Hobbs. Taylor averaged 22 points, 6.8 assists, and 4.9 rebounds while hitting 56 threes.

And while GW will have a glut of guards (Travis King, Miles Beatty, Nigel Munson), a 5'11" scoring point guard reminds me of one TJ Thompson, so that's always good. Tony is a rising senior (class of 2008), which I assume means he'll be playing at GW in the 2008-2009 season. He's also mentioned as one of the top rising seniors on the East Coast.

The rumor (or speculation) at GWhoops.com is that this means Nigel Munson, the Virginia Tech transfer, won't be coming, which would be too bad.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Atlantic City Men's A10 Tourney

Yes we're 6 months and an entire regular season away, but as most people are hopefully aware, the Atlantic-10 Men's Basketball tournament will return to Atlantic City March 12-15, 2008 at Boardwalk Hall.

In addition to the satisfying similarities in name (ATLANTIC City - ATLANTIC 10), AC offers gambling, boozing, and merriment to accompany the basketball action. Last year the tournament shared the weekend with the annual beer festival, although this year it appears to be happening a week earlier. (sadface)

For the AC haters out there, Andrew has already offered the most geographically balanced alternative. Sorry if you're under 21, but having the tournament elsewhere doesn't change the fact that you are still underage.

Thanks to Rangwx from GWhoops for snapping this awesome photo of the banner at Boardwalk Hall commemorating last year's champions.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Steve Blake likes Johnny Rockets, Byron Mouton wrestles alligators

This is offtopic but hilarious. I stumbled upon some of former Maryland PG Steve Blake's old school papers, one of which is about how much he loves Johnny Rockets, that burger joint. An excerpt:
The restaurant Johnny Rockets is a unique place. The colors of the restaurant are red, white, and yellow. On the outside there are some tables for customers to eat at. On the inside, there is a long bar were you can sit and eat by yourself and even watch the cooks make the food. At each booth there is a juke box for you to put a nickel in and select a song. There is also a straw holder that the waiter or waitress opens for you to get a straw as if you were a five-old kid.
And here's former Maryland G/F Byron Mouton's old homepage. Weird. He says:
Televisions give people news and information that is going on around the world. Before televisions, there were only radios. People could just listen and would not see a picture of the information. Television allows communication to be seen and heard. People will understand better what is being communicated through images and sounds.

Pinnock in Trail Blazers training camp

Great find by "gw fan" at GWhoops.com, who discovered that Danilo (JR) Pinnock is at the Blazers' training camp. He's on the front page of the team's website and in a big photo on their announcement.

Danilo was taken first in the NBA D-League's expansion draft last month, and had a good season before that with the D-League Arkansas Rimrockers, averaging 11 points, 6.8 boards, 4.6 assists, and 1.4 steals per game, including a triple-double.

And I learned that Trail Blazers is two words, not one!

Pinnock in Panama jersey photo from FIBA

Monday, October 1, 2007

Colonial Invasion back with Fabolous

The Hatchet reports that Colonial Invasion, GW's version of Midnight Madness, will be back this year, and rapper Fabolous (sic, pictured) will be playing there. Fab is best known for the songs "Holla Back" (youngin, oo oooo), "Can't Deny It" and a bunch of other singles. He also has a song called "Shawty is A 10" - get it, A-10? So it's a perfect fit, I guess.

And the best part of the Hatchet article: "...Fabolous requested the University provide him with Hennessey and Hypnotiq - both popular hard liquors - but the University cannot comply."

The event is October 26, but will be at 7 pm, not midnight, which I guess means there won't be any practicing by the team. The men's and women's teams will be introduced, however, and there will be contests and such.

No word if Christopher will be there - Christopher being the guy who attaches four dummies to himself, all dressed up like the Village People, and then dances to YMCA. It's amazing.

Bad photoshop by me. Click it for a bigger version
You can get college basketball tickets here.