Monday, August 31, 2009

Smith Center renovation photos up

Nice! posted a bunch of photos of the Smith Center renovations, showing the court, locker room, workout areas, and more. All of it looks pretty nice. Here it out here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CBS Sports preview of GW

CBS Sports has a preview up for this year's season, and it's pretty decent. They make points I agree with, like Katuka having a big role this year, but don't mention the freshmen too much. But like Reading Rainbow, don't take my word for it, take a look.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Year's Freshmen: Dwayne Smith

By Chris

The next in our This Year's Freshmen series is Dwayne Smith from Toronto, Ontario. Smith went to Bridgton Academy in Bridgton, Maine, and is 6'5” to 6'6", from 185 to 215 lbs.

Smith was thought to be coming to GW last season, but due to NCAA rules and the fact that he is from the Canadian school system, he was required to attend a prep school before his was allowed to join us.

ESPN reports that he has very good athleticism, quickness, and leaping ability, and good body control adjusting well in the mid-air for lay-ins when faced by an interior defenders. His shooting range extends out to the 3-point line. He also runs the floor well and finishes off plays in transition. Smith has the length and the lateral quickness to become a dominant wing defender.

Shortcomings noted by ESPN are that Smith needs to improve his ball-handling skills, and that he does not exert maximum effort at the defensive end at all times.

According to DCMetroSports and Comcast Sportsnet, Smith averaged 15 points, eight rebounds, four assists, three blocks and two steals a game as a senior at Bridgton Academy. They say that he is noted for his rebounding and court vision. According to his coach at Bridgton, “He’s a gifted scorer but could become a tough defender. Very good rebounder for his size and plays bigger than 6-6. He is perfectly suited for GW’s tempo and style. Great kid on and off the floor, very well-regarded by his teachers and peers alike.”

Coach Hobbs on Smith: “Dwayne is a very mature, physically strong player who is very athletic and runs the floor well. He will give us some maturity in terms of his basketball experience.”

According to Pat Stevens' 2008-09 rankings of all prep school players, Smith was listed as #27. Pretty solid! Here's his Bridgton profile.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mid-major Scheduling Woes

Interesting piece on the scheduling woes of successful mid-majors and how Siena is dealing with it. Luckily we're playing low major ball these days.

Might lend a bit of credence to the "we were too good no one wanted to schedule us" line circa 2004-2007 and partially explain the anticipated majors (one specifically comes to mind from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations) who've returned to the docket for GW's true 'rebuilding' in 09-10. As a side note, did it take a recent mid-major coach from Drake to make it happen? At any rate, the 09-10 schedule certainly beats any I can remember from the last 5 years.

During the 2004-2007 era, do you think think a GW assistant "...called or at least left messages with each Division I school as he searched for potential non-conference opponents. Even when a school said it had completed its schedule, [did he] call again just to make sure [?] " Would have been nice to hear more details other than the standard "of course Duke won't come to the Smith Center" dismissal. Maybe the Coach/AD are worried about 'bad-mouthing' the big boys who won't play nice once GW can compete so that we'll still be able to schedule them when we can't compete? Hopefully the paranoia runs deep enough that there are secret tape recordings that someone can sue to acquire and publish. We have some GW fans at the Post, right? Steinberg? Maybe Colucci can be "Deep Threat". Okay that's enough...

Also interesting: The coach mentioned trying to lock in multi-year contracts for next season before the NCAA tournament starts. How long does it take for a middling program to cross over to perenial mid-major contender (Memphis, Xavier, Gonzaga, Butler) and drop the mid-major tricks of the trade? Win your league (or league tournament) each year and make some noise in March year-in year-out for...... 5 years? 10 years? Survive key personnel departures like coaches and players? Reach the final four?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pops comes to verbal agreement with Rockets

Nice! Pops and the Rockets have reached a verbal agreement. Glad to see it! Not sure on the details yet, stay tuned.

This Year's Freshmen: Lasan Kromah

Post by Chris

Next up in our This Year's Freshman series is local recruit Lasan Kromah from Prince George's County, Maryland.

Lasan is 6'4” to 6'6”, 175 to 185 pounds and went to Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt.

The good: According to Keith Stevens, a director of Triple Threat (an AAU
team) Kromah has displayed an ability to shoot and finish craftily around the basket. Kromah has said that he will play as a guard in college, though he played the three position in high school (a sign of his willingness to put team before his own desires - seemingly a necessity with GW). Brenden O'Connell from Roosevelt said "He is definitely a Division I prospect. He is hitting nearly 45 percent of his 3-point attempts, but mostly he is just a flat-out scorer. He can shoot deep, get to the rim and he has a good mid-range game. I think he has the skills to play wing guard in college, though as he gets bigger and stronger, I think he can also play small forward at the next level." Good, because GW will need scorers.

The bad: According to Lasan himself, to prepare for college, he needs to improve his ball handling in traffic and the overall consistency of his game – particularly on the defensive end of the floor. Let's hope his consistency has improved, as we all know what happens on this team when you're inconsistent!

Why is he coming to Foggy Bottom when he had offers from VCU, GMU, UNCW, among others? He spoke to the Post's Recruiting Insider blog:

"Other schools were recruiting me and calling sometimes, but George Washington was the most consistent, staying in contact and showing a lot of interest," Kromah said. "There's a bond there that I feel comfortable with."

"I felt comfortable with [George Washington's] coaching staff, their style of up-and-down, fast-break play."

And awesomely, Kromah has lots of videos on the interwebs:

--Shooting in a 3 point contest
--Interview after a game
--Capitol Hoops interview

Photo by Chris Gregory/GW Hatchet

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Smith Center photos up!

Thanks to the new GW Sports Facebook page and Twitter, I've seen these new Smith Center renovation photos. The first thing I notice is the luxury box where the blank white wall used to be, which is awesome, and overall it looks pretty cool. (Click the photo for the full version).

They're using the new logo and installed seats to replace the benches (which appear to be pulled back in the photos below).

Not sure who took the top photo, but the four bottom photos from the GW Sports Facebook page.

GW Sports now on Facebook and Twitter

I've already written about GW Sports on Twitter, and now they're on Facebook too. And it's already proved useful -- they posted photos of the Smith Center renovations. Check them out!

I'll post the photos here soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New GW athletics photo store

Pretty cool, GW just launched where you can buy photos of GW sports. Here's the link to the store and the basketball stuff. Looks like it starts with about the 2005 season.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A-10 headquarters moving to Newport News

he news this week is that the Atlantic 10 headquarters is moving from Philadelphia to Newport News, Virginia. While Philadelphia holds three A-10 teams (St. Joseph's, Temple, and LaSalle), they are moving to a state where there is only one team (The University of Richmond, a good hour drive from Newport News).

According to Chas Rich of NCAA Fanhouse, “the move is apparently driven by economics, as the city's development office actively courted the A-10 to move” to the City Center at Oyster Point, which is described by them as “premier Class A office space.”

The Philadelphia Daily News quoted the A-10 Commissioner, Bernadette McGlade, as saying "Moving the office to a new region of the Atlantic 10 footprint is an opportunity to further brand the A-10."

But as noted on GWHoops, the new City Center is near a major airport (Norfolk), has a number of potential “recruits” (Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, and Hampton University, as well as nearby William and Mary and Richmond’s Virginia Commonwealth University). Many of those schools have been thought as possible A-10 members if the A-10 decides to grow some more.

In addition, there are at least 3 basketball arenas in the area, that could be utilized for an Atlantic 10 tournament, if the A-10 decides to leave Atlantic City, which is probably also costly. One such arena is the Hampton Coliseum, which used to house the Virginia Squires of the American Basketball Association (the team that first drafted Julius Erving from the University of Massachusetts). In addition to basketball, the Hampton Coliseum hosts concerts, including Elvis twice, and the Grateful Dead 21 times. Word is that Elvis has left the building though.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pat Joyce highlights!

Remember Pat Joyce? He was one of the walk-ons everybody loves from 2004-2005 ago playing in a beat down against URI. Former GW coach Mike Jahvis is doing the commentary.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Smith Center update: benches gone, replaced with seats

Via the GW Spirit Program Twitter page: "bleachers are gone in the GWU Smith Center, replaced by nice chair-back seats." I've also heard the center court logo has been replaced. Sounds like the renovation is coming along.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Traffic record for Colonial Hoops!


I was checking my Statcounter today and we crushed the previous Colonial Hoops traffic record, which was about about 700 unique visitors or 800 page loads -- currently there's about 1,300 unique visitors and 1,500 page loads! I expect the number to go up, since we're still pretty early in the day.

The reason for the surge is my scoop (yeah, I'm calling it that) about the new logo got linked from UniWatch, a cool blog about sports uniforms and logos.

This Year's Freshmen: David Pellom

This is a new series from new blogger Chris on the incoming GW freshmen, talking about how they play and more. The first up is David Pellom.

David Pellom 6' 8” (6'7” low), 210 lbs. (190 lbs. low) Hails from North Carolina, a state with a couple of universities that have basketball teams, including one in the Atlantic 10. He graduated from high school last year, and choose to take a year in Charis Prep School. ESPN said the reason was to increase his chances for college “opportunities”.

ESPN describes him as having good ball handling, passing and outside shooting abilities, and say that he's a finesse player with a lot of “upside”. They say that he can become a significant player for the Colonials.

Karl Hobbs described Pellom as "another in the mold of the long, lean athletic forwards we've had. He's a runner and a terrific shot-blocker who will give us instant energy on defense. He's also an above-average scorer around the basket."

The bad is that ESPN says he needs to add weight and muscle, does not like physical contact, prefers playing on the perimeter (potentially a problem as on this team, you play where Coach Hobbs wants you to play. Period. And at 6'8” he could end up as a Center), and was suspended a couple games in high school for yelling at the coach, but for what it's worth, the coach apparently left after that season. Lastly it appears as if he was a part-time starter at Charis Prep, though Charis was the champion of the National Prep School basketball tournament.

Here's his Scout and Rivals pages.

What do you think?

This post by Chris

Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome to a new blogger!

We've got another blogger here at Colonial Hoops named Chris, who you may be familiar with as ChrisW at Chris has been a GW fan for awhile, moving back to the area in 2005 just in time to catch Pops. Aside from work, he's written 4 unpublished novels, 7 feature-length screenplays and a sitcom pilot, including an indie film called The Fig Garden.

Welcome! Chris has some posts about the new recruits coming soon, so stay tuned!

Anna Montañana joins WNBA team

Former GW women's b-ball star Anna Montañana joined the Minnesota Lynx on Monday, and played against LA. Pretty cool to see, Montañana was my favorite women's player back when I used to go to all the games -- she was a do-anything forward and I believe had a triple double.

Before the Lynx, she led her Spanish pro team to the league title, was on the Spanish national team in the Olympics, and had lots of success at GW - a bunch of A-10 West championships and NCAA tourneys.

I bought a Montañana jersey at that jersey sale earlier in the year, and her number was 21, same as Pops.

Here's the WNBA press release.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New GW logo!

I posted about all the GW Twitter pages the other day, and on the one for the GW Spirit program I noticed something: a logo of George Washington's face I'd never seen before. I emailed the Spirit Program, and GW Spirit director Nichole Macchione-Early said this is in fact the new logo for athletics, replacing the current one of George's face, like on the back of this cap.

I like it!

It looks like they also changed the color of the GW logo too, to make it more buff, and that one's being used on, like in this article. I emailed GW sports information director Brad Bower to learn more about the logos, so stay tuned.

What do you think?

Weird Matt Albritton highlight video

Found this on Youtube awhile ago, pretty weird: it's Matt Allbritton's video announcing his transfer, I guess meant for other schools to watch. Not a bad idea, but the video's highlights aren't really highlights -- he catches the tip off, makes a couple shots, misses a 3, then does stuff like dribble. And they repeat the highlights later, interspersed with quotes from Hobbs and athletics officials. Kind of odd. But hey, he signed with Texas Pan-American, and best of luck to him.

I guess part of the reason I think it's weird is because there was always this strange Matt Allbritton hype team, they'd come onto any blog post I wrote about him or on GWHoops and just say ridiculous things -- I was going to eat my words after I asked who he was, because he's going to lead GW to the NCAAs, that he was recruited by all these Big East schools, etc etc. It was strange. But like I said, best of luck.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Following GW basketball on Twitter

So I've known about Pops Mensah-Bonsu's Twitter for awhile, and recently found out that Danilo (JR) Pinnock has one, so I decided to look for as many GW basketball-related ones I could find. Check them out:

*Pops (which is pretty funny)
*Danilo Pinnock
*Dokun Akingbade (rarely used)
*The Hatchet (more than hoops)
*Colonial Army
*GWSports (official)
*GW Spirit Program (pretty useful)
*GW Cheer Team
*GW Dance Team (the First Ladies)
*GWTweets (the official GW news office)
*Atlantic 10 Sports
*WRGW News
*and me - since I do blog about it

and semi related:

*GW Swimming

If you know any others that might be of interest, post them in the comments!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Recruits announced on

Been meaning to post this, but GW released some info on the recruits -- nice to see this.

The six players are guards Bryan Bynes, Tim Johnson and Lasan Kromah, and forwards David Pellom, Dwayne Smith and Daymon Warren.

The guards all sound pretty impressive. As for big men, where I'd argue we need the help most, Warren sounds like he might be a Dokun type, Smith sounds like Omar Williams, and Pellom, dare I say it, a bit like Pops. But like Highlander, there can be only one!
You can get college basketball tickets here.