Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alabama 93 - GW 57

I can't say I'm surprised. Alabama was a much better team and GW got their asses handed to them. As I noted in the preview, if GW could contain big big man Richard Hendrix, it could be close, but that was a big if. GW didn't, and was creamed. I didn't listen to the game on the radio, but apparently GW was beaten in all facets - rebounding, shooting, even hustle. It's a rebuilding year, and maybe I just always want to look on the bright side, but there are a few spots. No, really. Here they are

1. Rice played. Thus he's not off the team.
2. Only 11 turnovers. That's good. Only 7 assists, but still.
3. Good games from Rob Diggs and Wynton Witherspoon.

There's a lot of negatives, of course. Mo Rice was 3/12 and Cheyenne Moore was 3/13. Moore is shooting about 25% on the year. GW was outrebounded by twenty. Only 7 bench points. And on and on. It was also curious that Joseph Katuka didn't get much time, as some GWhoopsters said he was good. They also said GW didn't hustle back and such. That's bad, but seems to be a common theme.

Just keep reminding yourselves, it's rebuilding year. It's a rebuilding year.

GW starts A-10 play Jan. 10 against Saint Louis.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tenleytown in Flames

The Container Store is on fire! Steak and Egg has a line around the block! Students are carrying tortilla machines from Guapo's and organic cheese wheels from Whole Foods down Wisconsin Avenue!!

Not really, but American did beat Maryland. At the Comcast Center. That's pretty awesome. You could argue it's karma for Gary Williams dodging GW in the BB&T these last few years.

And the Post's John Feinstein even voted for AU in the AP poll.

I would link to AU's paper, but they don't have an article for the game!? But anyway, congrats Eagles. This almost makes up for the game at Bender a few years ago when AU slaughtered GW. I still have nightmares about that short AU guard hitting three after three.

Saturday: Alabama

Happy Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Eid, Solstice, Arbor Day, etc. Now that GW's gift, a win, has come and gone, it's time to face a slightly better foe - the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

Alabama is 9-3 with wins over Iowa State, Missouri State, and Southern Miss, and losses to Georgetown, Texas A&M, and Belmont (?). The team is led by Richard Hendrix, who's a 6'9", 255 pound forward averaging 19 points and 10 rebounds a game. Yikes. There's also Alonzo Gee (willikers) who's averaging 15.2 and 7.6, and Mykal Riley, who is at 14.2 and 4.2. As a team, they're shooting .486 and getting 4 more boards than their opponents. This looks tough.

If GW can contain Hendrix (that's a big if) this might be a good game. Otherwise, watch out.

This game is in Tuscaloosa at 6 pm Eastern and it isn't on regular TV, but will be on Comcast Sports South and also on ESPN Full Court package. It will be on 1050 AM radio and WRGW.

Here's Bama's preview.

UPDATE: And hopefully Rice will play. No word on that yet, so stay tuned.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

GW beats Longwood, Rice is on the team

In a result that Beavis and Butthead would enjoy, GW beat Longwood 63-54. GW was down 13 at one point, but battled back and contained LU's Lamar Barrett, who had 19 points in the first but only 2 in the second. GW went on a 20-0 run at one point too, which is a good sign. GW was outrebounded 37-35, which isn't good, and shot 40% from the floor, but held LU to 35%. Here's the AP article and the box score.

Maureece Rice didn't play, which Karl Hobbs said was due to him violating a team rule, but he said he's still on the team. He wouldn't comment on why he was suspended, and when asked if he'll play on Saturday versus Alabama, Hobbs said "I should hope." Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Probably False Rumor: Mo Rice off the team

I say probably false because it was first reported by a poster named "The Colonialist." The Colonialist is also the name of the blog written by receSs, GW's sketch and improv comedy group. Thus I don't buy it.

The Hatchet says Rice missed practice the other day, and The Colonialist says that proves their statement. I think that's B.S., as Rice was sick for the 2nd half of the Binghamton game.

Then another new poster, named ZONAGW, says

"Mo Rice is back home and will not play vs Longwood. Reports out of D.C. say that KH and MR never saw eye to eye as Rice did not want to be the PG. Lee and co. will need to step up as this year is unraveling quicker than my X-mas presents. SEE WHATS HAPPENS WHEN YOU RECRUIT GUYS FROM FAKE HIGH SCHOOLS, KARL????? COMES AROUND ,GOES AROUND."

Again, I don't buy it. What reports? Who is this person? I think people need to chill out and wait. I am 90% sure Rice is on the team, and if he doesn't play he might just be sick still from Binghamton. Relax.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Women beat #10 A&M in OT

GW beat the 10th ranked Aggies 66-65 in a thriller last night, even without leading scorer Jessica Adair who was out with a concussion. That makes for a pretty impressive win for the women, with Sarah-Jo Lawrence getting a career high 29 points, including a game-tying three with 4.3 seconds to go. That shot was initially scored as a 2, meaning GW was down one, but the refs then called it a three. Pretty crazy. The women have to get a bump in the polls after this win.

Kim Beck also broke the all-time GW assist record, and Antelia Parrish got her third straight double-double. A&M were the highest ranked team GW has beaten since 1999. The Colonials next face Pepperdine on Dec. 30.

UPDATE: It's on the front of ESPN's women's hoops page

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tonight: GW Women vs A&M

The GW women (#22 in the ESPN/USA Today poll) play #10 Texas A&M today at the Smith Center at 7 pm. I hope everybody can go out there, as this is a big game (imagine if the men were playing Michigan State or Pittsburgh).

GW has a great team this year, with the Adair twins from Anacostia tearing it up, transfer Antelia Parrish averaging almost 14 and 9, Sarah-Jo Lawrence at 13 and 5, and Kim Beck is one assist away from the GW career assist record.

Last year GW beat the Aggies in the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney, en route to the Sweet 16.

GWSports has a preview, as does A&M and ElCoache at GWhoops. And the Aggies enjoy giving the thumbs up around DC.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back In My Day: Clay Travis

Here's the second in the Back in My Day series, where we talk to prominent GW grads about their time at school and the basketball team back then. Today's installment is Clay Travis, CBS Sportsline writer, authorand NFL pudding striker who even has his own Wikipedia page.

Here goes.

When were you at GW?

I was at GW from 1997-2001. During this time I was the worst student basketball manager on earth for two NCAA Tourney teams and one 15-14 squad featuring Val Brown.

What comes to mind about GW basketball when you were in school?

Every time I think about GW basketball four things immediately come to mind:

a. Shawnta Rogers' shot against Xavier to win the A-10 West and how I was the first non-player on the court to celebrate.

b. How angry the Mike Jarvis's wife was when I broke her blender while making team smoothies.

c. Tom Penders explaining that he didn't pick players based on favorites by saying he would play Adolf Hitler if he could hit the 3.

d. Our crushing defeat to Temple in the A-10 Semis in 2000-2001.

Rest of the interview after the jump:

Remember any chants or traditions from the games?

The only chant I remember very well was my friends in the crowd who would scream loudly for me to get water for each player as they came off the court.

Did you take any basketball road trips?
I travleled with the team on a five-night trip to Fordham and Massachusetts during the 1999-2000 season. We went 2-0 which I attribute to the stress relief of a late night team visit to a strip club in Springfield, Mass. There were no coaches involved but the whole team was there. I take credit for the inspired performance that followed at UMass.

Since then I've traveled to the last 3 A-10 Tournaments with buddies from GW. Two in Cincy and last year in Atlantic City.

Who were your favorite and least favorite players and teams? (GW or otherwise)
Shawnta Rogers, Pat Ngongba, and Albert Roma were favorites. All of them were really nice guys. Least favorite? Honestly, I didn't have one. Most of the guys were friendly. And if you were willing to play basketball for GW I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks, Clay.
Photo from Facebook.

UPDATE: Clay wrote about the Penders Hitler quote in his CBS Sports column also.

Monday, December 17, 2007

"No stopping the green freight train"

On the post about the Binghamton loss, there was a pretty amusing and grammatically challenged comment from a Binghamton fan. Aside from being funny, it raises an interesting point. Here it is:
I was at this game. GW lost because they got out hustled. Binghamton came out slugging with something to prove and didn't let up from tip off till champaign celebration. GW on the other hand acted like a bunch of IV league chumps sipping on martini's while discussing the NASDAQ. It wasn't until late second half that they actually woke up from the hang over to put their uniforms on. But by then there no stopping the green freight train. Lights out GW, come back anytime.

I'm glad he thinks GW is in the "IV league," but the lack of hustle is an issue. While supposedly Mo Rice had the flu, and the rest of the team could have had it, it's still worrisome - this team has some issues, so hustling is a must. I'm not sure if it's a lack of leadership or coaching or what, but it shouldn't be happening, in my opinion. Anyone else care to comment?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kind Of Wish They Had Mike Hall Right Now.

So it looks like the Washington Wizards' brilliant move to keep less than the league maximum 15 players on their roster has, imagine this, backfired. With Antonio Daniels joining hobbled Gilbert Arenas, rookie Oleksiy Pecherov, and Etan Thomas on the inactive list, the Wiz only have 9 players on their bench. According to published reports, the team is actively seeking out someone to give them some depth at the guard position.

Far be it from me to say I told you so.... but I'm pretty sure "We" [read: The greater GW Basketball community] told you so.

It's unclear if Mike Hall has a chance at the roster spot. Both Wizards coach Eddie Jordan and team management say they'll look at a number of players with experience playing in DC including Brian Chase and Donell Taylor who is now under contract in Greece.

There is some hope for MH3 as Ernie Grunfeld had this to say about the situation:

"We have some names on a short list and in all likelihood we'll bring someone in who we feel can help us," Grunfeld said. "We're not going to get someone from another team in a trade scenario. It's going to be a free agent type of player from the development league, CBA, someone who isn't currently on an NBA roster."

So is Mike on that short list? We should know shortly.

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Record for Colonial Hoops!

No idea why, but last Friday, this version of Colonial Hoops had its busiest day ever, with almost 700 visitors and 800 page loads. I looked at the DC Sports Bog, Deadspin, etc, and couldn't find a link. I wrote about Linda Bruno and the then-upcoming Virginia Tech game, anybody have an idea why there was such a surge? You can check out the stats for yourself here.

The 691 unique visitors number is almost more than the biggest day of the previous incarnation of, which was 697 during the 2006 NCAA tourney, back when our site was part of Yoni Cohen's blogosphere. That number was due largely to speculation about whether Pops Mensah-Bonsu would be playing (he was hurt, but did end up playing a little). Either way, thanks for visiting!

That's the last time I assume anything. GW 59 - Binghamton 71

Ok. I needed to calm myself before writing, but still, WHAT THE HELL?! GW lost to a 1-7 Binghamton Bearcats team from the America East Conference! And the Colonials never led the game. The GWhoops chat from the game is a descent into madness. It's like "Heart of Darkness."

Here are some stunning numbers - GW was 3/24 from three point range. Mo Rice had ZERO points. Zero! He was 0/3 from the floor. He only played 14 minutes, but Max told me Hobbs said he was sick. Let's hope so. GW also went 12/22 from the foul line, while Binghamton took 40 free throws, hitting 29.

Hermann Opoku started, but only played 8 minutes. Xavier Alexander also had zero points, and Cheyenne Moore was 1/9 from the floor. Rob Diggs and Wynton Witherspoon had good games, but at this point who cares?

Going over past games, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason, other than GW lives and mostly dies by the three. But the Auburn game, for example, GW was 11/24 from three, AND outrebounded the Tigers, so that's not the entire picture. I can't put my finger on it - is the team just not used to playing together? Is it motivation, desire, confusion? I dunno.

Articles below.

-GW game article
-BU game article
-Box score

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tonight: Binghamton

GW plays the 1-7 Bearcats in snowy Binghamton, NY tonight. Binghamton (famous alum: Tony Kornheiser) is coached by former Hobbs assistant Kevin Broadus, who is in his first year. Just going on record alone, GW ought to win this one, but then again, who knows.

BU is led by guard Richard Forbes at 16.9 ppg, followed by big man Lazar Trifunovic at 14.2 ppg and 8.6 rpg. The team is shooting .413 on the year with their opponents at .500 and they're being outrebounded by almost 7 per game.

GW has a brief preview, and BU has a long one, and Herve at has his usual good one. The game won't be on (shockingly) but it's on WRGW. The Binghamton newspaper has an article about Hobbs and Broadus too.

Back In My Day: Matt Bonesteel

I'm starting a new series for the blog called Back In My Day, where I'll ask well-known GW alums about their time in school and their memories of GW basketball then. First up is Washington Post writer and college hoops live-chatter Matt Bonesteel.

If you know any other well-known GW folks, please let me know!

When were you at GW?

What comes to mind about GW basketball when you were in school?

You gotta remember, back then the Internet was in its infancy. I'm pretty
sure the Hatchet didn't get the Internet until my junior or senior year,
and didn't go Online until after I graduated. I'm pretty sure
didn't exist back then (though I think there was a Usenet group frequented
by about 10 people), so there wasn't a constant chorus of opinion. It was a
different time.

I always had the feeling that, while he put GW into the national
consciousness, there was a huge amount of untapped potential under Jarvis.
GW would beat No. 1 U-Mass., then go out and lose to Rutgers or St.
Bonaventure. There was the collapse against Iowa, which in my opinion
caused a ripple effect into the next season, 1996-97, when GW was ranked in
the top 10 by one preseason publication but finished in the NIT.

Remember any chants or traditions from the games?
I remember when the band still was allowed to play the "Hey" song. During
the women's A10 final in 1997, we chanted "Beep Beep Beep" (like a truck
backing up) at a St. Joe's player who was, shall we say, husky. GW fans,
classy to the end. [Andrew's note - The Hey Song is "Rock and Roll Number 2" - Na na na na hey! You suck!]

The rest of the interview after the jump.

What were the most memorable games you went to and why?
Obviously, the U-Mass. game when Clinton was there and the Minutemen were
No. 1. I tripped and fell while rushing the court, tearing my jeans and
messing up my knee. But it was so worth it. There was the game when we beat
Virginia Tech when they were ranked, I think, No. 8. We had a Hokie Roast
in front of the Hatchet house before the game, with a turkey hygenically
served in a laundry basket. That's when I discovered that Boone's Farm and
turkey is a delightful pairing.

I was in Europe during the Iowa debacle, thank God.
Did you take any basketball road trips?
A few. My freshman year, we went to an early-season tournament in
Charlotte. I think GW beat South Carolina but lost to North Carolina. We
went to the Palestra and the Spectrum for A10 tournaments. I think I went
to the last game ever at McGonigle Hall, which I remember most for the
comically bad game Koul had. While covering the team for the Hatchet my
senior year, I drove to St. Bonaventure from Syracuse (where I'm from) over
winter break to see them play there. Let me tell you, there's nothing
better than driving 3 1/2 hours through a snowstorm to cosmopolitan Olean,
N.Y., only to see GW get beat soundly. Good times.

Probably the most memorable was the trip to Columbia, S.C., to cover the
women's team in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. After that win over UNC, we were
making Final Four plans, only to have them crushed by Notre Dame.

Who were your favorite and least favorite players and teams? (GW or

Favorites: Shawnta (even though he didn't much care for me for reasons I
can't remember). Vaughn Jones and his sublime insouciance. Nimbo Hammonds
when he put forth some sort of effort. Ferd Williams wasn't much of player,
but he was a really nice guy. I remember being thrilled when he showed up
at a party I threw. Remember Andrei Sviridov, the guy who came over with
Koul? He once bummed a smoke off me at Odds.

As a journalist, I've found there are few better coaches to cover than Joe
McKeown. He's just a fundamentally good guy.

Both Phil Martelli and Skip Prosser were fun opposing coaches, Martelli
because he's always good for a quote and Prosser because he was just a nice
person, even to meager student journalists. Unlike Jarvis, who was at best
merely tolerant of any reporter who didn't have an ESPN microphone in his

I pretty much hated everyone on U-Mass.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Queste polpette sono deliziose, potete punto mi nella direzione della biblioteca.

Hi, I'm Brendan. Andrew has been generous/charitable/foolish/myopic enough to give me a chance to join the great pantheon of Colonial Hoops bloggers. I am honored, humbled, and slightly confused. That said, I hope to help keep you, dear reader, abreast of former Colonials' efforts on the hardwood from Tulsa to Treviso. I will likely fail miserably and have to live in shame, cowering in section 210 of the Smitty hoping to avoid Squid's gaze.

So on to the ballin:

MH3 continues to play ridiculous minutes for the 66ers of Tulsa. Though his scoring average is down. He still shows up big on the boards consistently and contributes offensively ringing up 12 and 10 in his latest contest. Look for Mike to be on an NBA roster at some point this season.

Also in the NBA Developmental League, Carl Elliot is filling out the stat line. After coming off the bench for the first few games in Sioux Falls, he's in the starting line up and contributing with his all around game. He tallied 13 with 3 and 3 on 50% shooting in a loss to the dreaded Dakota Wizards. (Note: Yeah, that box score is correct. Former Cal Standout Rod Benson went for 28 and 28, as in 28 points and 28 boards. Absurd.)

Over in Europe TJ Thompson earns his paycheck at STB Le Havre. He's getting the start and in his last game pulled the unselfish double double with 11 and 10.

Shawnta Rogers, also playing in France's top league with Elan Chalon, comes off the bench. He's getting good minutes and contributing.

Pops appears to have lost his starting job, but still gets quality minutes for Italian juggernaut Benetton Treviso. A down game this weekend as he notches 5 points and 7 rebounds in about 21 minutes.

Hobbs has "verbal altercation" with Hatchet reporter

Don't know how I missed this - apparently Karl Hobbs had a verbal altercation with Hatchet sports editor Andrew Alberg after the loss to Virginia Tech. Hobbs said that the team was beaten in every way, and Alberg asked if that included being outcoached, or something to that effect, which seems like a fair question to ask. After the press conference, Hobbs asked to speak to Alberg in a tunnel and was angry, saying "When I get some top-50 recruits, you can ask me about being out-coached" twice before being led away (or "pulled away" as the Post says) by athletic director Jack Kvancz.

Obviously this was somewhat unfair to Alberg, who asked a reasonable question, but at the same time I assume Karl Hobbs wasn't at his happiest after his team got crushed. And maybe the fact that he was so angry (apparently) in response to the question means that he did think he was outcoached. Who knows.

But in any case, I don't think this is as terrible as some GWHoops folks say. Should Hobbs have been nicer? Yes. But it seems to be in the heat of the moment.

And Alberg is going abroad next semester with co-editor Joanna Shapes taking over basketball, so it hopefully won't affect the Hatchet's solid press coverage of the team.

The Daily Colonial mentions the incident too.

Early Season Review

In short, not so hot. GW started out 2-0 against meager competition but shuffled to a 3-4 record following a mauling by Virginia Tech. So what's going on?

As most people know, this is an inexperienced and skinny team. That means the team makes dumb mistakes, doesn't work together well (90 assists versus 130 turnovers) and gets beat down low. Sizewise, the team is basically the GW teams of the past few years but with all Omar Williams and no Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Mike Hall, or Dokun Akingbade.

The team as a whole shoots a lot of threes, and I would argue way too many, despite the fact that they're shooting 37.4% as a team. It's almost a Grinnell style offense, but without 20 players who can shoot well to pull it off. But more threes means fewer offensive rebounds and more time for the other team to get a break going.

Here's what I'd like to see for the rest of the season:

-Taking fewer threes and driving more on offense
-Getting back on defense more quickly
-Better transition play in general
-More offense from Mo Rice (almost forgot this one)
-And a new starting lineup: PG Beatty, SG Rice, SF/PF Witherspoon/Hollis, C Diggs. First off the bench Alexander or Moore, depending if the team needs steady or high energy play.

After the jump is my review of each player individually. What do you think the team needs to do?

Here's my review of the players' performances:

-Mo Rice is playing out of position at the point, and he's not scoring or manning the point too well - averaging 11 points on 37.7% shooting (although 42.4% from three) and only 1.3 assists. I don't know if Karl Hobbs thinks his future in the NBA is as a point guard, but it's not working so far.

-Wynton Witherspoon has been a very pleasant surprise, scoring 12 per game to lead the team, but this is his first season with the team meaning there are some missed cues from time to time.

-Rob Diggs is averaging 11.9 points and 7.4 boards, but has had some bad games (0 points, 0/6 shooting against V-Tech, for example).

-Damian Hollis has seemed timid, not taking open shots and not driving the paint as much as he used to. When he drives it makes him harder to guard from the perimeter.

-Xavier Alexander has a good overall game and has started 5 times as a shooting guard/forward, but is only averaging 5 points and 2.6 boards on less than 40% shooting.

-Cheyenne Moore shows flashes of brilliance and some utterly boneheaded plays (sound like Regis Koundjia?).

-I've been a fan of Miles Beatty since the UDC game, and he's been pretty solid with some freshman mistakes.

-Noel Willmore plays his role well.

-Haven't seen much time for Jabari Edwards (who was hurt), Hermann Opoku, or Joseph Katuka.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Colonial Breakfast Bits: Ugly Campus Edition

It's late breakfast time.

--First off, welcome new Colonial Hoops blogger Brendan. He'll be writing about former GW players and more.

--Johnny Lee gets a Hatchet article

--The Ugliest College Campuses in the Country. Maryland is #20, and I'm surprised UMass isn't on there from what I've heard. And Maryland really isn't that bad of a campus. The town is crummy though.

Monday, December 10, 2007

That Was Ugly. VT 68-GW 36

If you saw the game, I'm sorry. It was broadcast on (I think) national cable, and it was a painful experience. It's what happens when a veteran team (which is coincidentally the same initials as Virginia Tech) plays an inexperienced team like GW. And this game, GW apparently thought they were the second coming of Butler times Grinnell, meaning threes rained from the sky at all times, resulting in 6/25 from three and shot 25.9% total, for the game. Those are UMES numbers.

GW shot the three way too early in possessions (leading to Miles Beatty getting benched at one point) and was very bad in transition, leading to lots of east Va Tech baskets. In addition, GW was outrebounded, had 4 assists versus 18 turnovers, took two foul shots total, etc etc. The 36 points were the fewest scored under Hobbs. GW had 14 at the half.

Cheyenne Moore scored 13 off the bench to lead GW, but made a couple boneheaded plays - trying to block from behind, etc. However, he was the best player on the court for GW. Miles Beatty made some freshman mistakes, but nothing too terrible, and the big three, if you want to call it that, of Maureece Rice, Rob Diggs, and Wynton Witherspoon combined for 15 points - Diggs had zero on 0/6 shooting.

Hobbs said "I know that there has to be some changes. There were some performances that just aren't acceptable, so with that being said, there needs to be some changes."


Articles after the jump (if you want to cry)

--Box score

Sunday, December 9, 2007

NYC Watch Party for VaTech game

Just got this earlier today. The alumni association's watch party will be at The Village Pour House, 64 Third Avenue at 11th Street in New York City.

Friday, December 7, 2007

This Sunday: Virginia Tech

GW has a chance to go above (or below) .500 this Sunday, with a return game against Virginia Tech. As you may recall, GW beat Tech 63-62 in last year's BB&T.

VT isn't the NCAA tourney team they were a year ago, having compiled a 4-3 record with wins against Elon, UNC-Asheville, UNC-Greensboro, and Eastern Washington and losses to ranked Gonzaga and Butler as well as Penn State. Mainstays Jamon Gordon, Zabian Dowdell, and Coleman Collins all graduated, and of course Wynton Witherspoon transferred to GW.

The team is led by led by A.D. Vassallo, Jeff Allen, and Deron Washington, who are all about 6'6" and averaging 12-15 points per game each. Allen is averaging 8 rebounds and Washington has 5.4. The consistent big size and scoring ability of the Hokies makes me think GW will be on the other end of those matchup problems GW always used to cause. It should be an interesting game.

The Hokies have a pretty big and informative game notes document (PDF).
The game is at 5:30 PM and will be on FSN, Comcast Sports Net, and elsewhere.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Peace Out, Linda B.

Or for you non-slang types, See You Later, A-10 Commissioner Linda Bruno.

Pretty stupendous news out of the A-10's Secret Lair underneath New York City, Bruno has resigned for no given reason. Like most GW fans, I've never been a fan of Bruno, who didn't seem to do much of anything. The league continued to get worse and worse TV deals, as places like UNC-Wilmington and the CAA got better TV deals, with some teams even becoming the official teams of some cable networks. The league has dropped in competitiveness to the CAA, MVC, and others. The league lacked exposure. The A-10 doesn't have any big sponsors and hasn't done much to get rid of the dead weight teams. A-10 football, one of the strongest Division 1-AA leagues, (and frequently the strongest), was dismantled under her leadership, with the good football teams going to the CAA and Patriot League. She did bring in Dayton, SLU, Charlotte, and Richmond, but also La Salle. And the new logo is lame. Good riddance.

GWHoops is all over this. GDub Enthusiasm has a hilarious song, a thread, the (joke) A-10 search committee, and a thread.

Here's the A-10 press release.

Back to .500 - GW 78-UMES 39

The game was over as soon as it began, as GW took a large lead despite sloppy play and stretched it out. Not to be mean, but (at least in this game) UMES is honestly the worst basketball team I have ever seen. As I noted in the preview, they were shooting a paltry 32.5% for the season as a team overall and in this game they shot 20.6%. They missed open shots with abandon and didn't do much better from inside. The Hawks went without a field goal for about the first 11 minutes of the second half, which was also when GW started to click on offense.

It's a little hard to take anything away from this game, but the Colonials seemed to play more aggressively on offense. They were still quite sloppy, as GW committed 19 turnovers, most of which were unforced - bad passes, butterfingers, overdribbling, etc. On the bright side, the team registered 21 assists, a season high. GW had been averaging 13 per game (against 18.6 turnovers per game).

GW shot a lot from three, especially in the first half, going 11/22 from long range and 30/60 overall on field goals. While Hobbs got everybody into the game for a lot of time, Mo Rice led GW with 16 points, his season high, on 6/11 shooting and 3/5 from three. Wynton Witherspoon had 11 points, 7 boards and 4 assists, while lots of others had points. Rob Diggs had 10 rebounds but was only 1/6 from the floor, while Joseph Katuka got into the act late, scoring 8. My guy Miles Beatty got 17 minutes, 8 points, and 2 assists, while Johnny Lee got 5 assists to lead the team.

Cheyenne Moore didn't play - Karl Hobbs said "he got banged up in practice."

Next: At Virginia Tech on Sunday, 5:30pm, Fox Sports Net.

Game articles, box score after the jump.

--AP (via GW Sports)
--Hatchet game article
--Hatchet analysis
--Post blurb
--Box score

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tonight: Maryland-Eastern Shore

Maryland-Eastern Shore is in the MEAC. They're 1-7. This is not going to help the RPI (they are 306th out of 341).

I don't want to get ahead of myself (see the Auburn preview for that) but hopefully this is a good chance for GW to get back to the basics, play well, and get a win to bring the team to a .500 record. Who knows though.

Here's some things about the UMES team. They're shooting .325 as a team and are led by Ed Tyson with 18.1 points per (at a 35.8% clip) who takes almost 7 threes per game. Sounds like Sir Valiant Brown. They're a historically black college but have three Serbians on the team, two of whom have faux hawks. Freshman guard Kevin Burwell went to Imhotep High School in Philly. I'm surprised there are high schools named for ancient Egyptian civil servants. They have a Division I bowling team. I didn't know there was such a thing. And yes, this is really their logo.

Here's what I'd like to see from GW:

-Mo Rice takes at least 15 shots (and drives the lane)
-Damian Hollis play mores aggressively
-Cheyenne Moore plays like he did in the first half of the UCLA game - nice passes, smart shots
-More Miles Beatty!!!

The game is at 7:30 at the Smith Center. Be there or be square.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Talking About Tony Taylor

I've mentioned GW recruit Tony Taylor before - he's a scoring point guard from Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, NY, and will join the Colonials next season. I had a chance to email Tommy Dee, a coach on Stepinac's JV team, and he told me about Taylor. Here's what he said:
Tony is a coach's dream who has been able to overcome the questions that scouts have had about his size. [He's somewhere between 5'9" and 6'0" and about 160 lbs]

The kid gets better ever day he walks in the gym. His "coming out party" was a 31 point performance against Mookie Jones (Syracuse 2008) and Peekskill where he led us to victory and set the single game scoring record[...]

he followed that up by finishing the season as the highest scoring player in NY State (750 plus points) and quickly vaulted himself into a Westchester county POY candidate as a junior and it's not out of the question that he could get a lot of votes for Mr. Basketball in NY state. Mookie, Sylven Landesberg, Kemba Walker and a few others will be the favorites. But TT will be in the conversation.
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Tony needs to put weight on to have an impact as a freshman but again, he's been proving Nay sayers wrong his whole life. Over the past 4 years since head coach Tim Philp, a friend and class of 1995 grad of Archbishop Stepinac (I graduated in 1994 after playing 4 years) we have tried to restore a once proud basketball program. Our first order of business was to hang up all the D-1 jerseys in the gym as the school. We've had about 35 players play at major D-1 programs. When I recently asked Tony what it meant to him that his GW jersey would hang on the wall he said simply "It's awesome, but coach I'm trying to get another jersey up there too. There's not many NBA jerseys"

That's Tony.

Great kid. 90 plus average in the class room and a coach's dream.
Obviously it's in Mr. Dee's best interest to say good things, but I like what I'm hearing - good grades, learns a lot about the game, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing him at GW.

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Photo by Tom Nycz / The Journal News (Lower Hudson Valley)

Monday, December 3, 2007

GW Forgets to Tell TV Station Where the Auburn Game Was

If you subscribed to CSTV's All Access internet broadcasts and wanted to watch the GW-Auburn game, you were out of luck. Apparently GW forgot to tell CSTV that the Auburn game was at the Verizon Center, not Smith Center. Oops.

The GW-Auburn game was advertised as being shown online by CSTV All Access, which requires a paid subscription. The game had already started and folks were posting that CSTV said it wasn't on yet. Then it said "The URL does not exist" and the game never was broadcast.

LA Fan got ahold of CSTV:
I filled in the support page on the CSTV web site and put my phone number on it. They called me back about 30 minutes later - not too bad for customer service. They said that the reason they didn't broadcast the game today is that no one from GW notified them that there was a venue change for the BB&T. They thought the game was at the Smith Center.

Uh oh. GW 70 - Auburn 74

If you saw that a team shot over 50% and outrebounded their opponent, you'd assume that team won, right? Makes sense. But that wasn't the case Sunday for GW against Auburn. The Colonials shot 50.9% for the game, 45.8% from three, and outrebounded the Tigers 31-26. Auburn, however, shot 54.7% and forced 21 Colonial turnovers resulting in 21 points, and GW only had 11 assists. The Post cited bad defense and poor free throw shooting (5/11). GW is now 2-3 on the year.

Auburn had only 7 scholarship players due to injuries and suspensions, but that was still too much for GW. I couldn't go to the game, but Max said GW had big problems in transition, especially towards the end of the game - three chances to tie it resulting in two turnovers and a foul.

Call it youth or inexperience or whatever, but GW didn't have it. Frank Tolbert scored 24 for AU on 10/16 shooting and big man Korvotney Barber had 21 on 8/9 shooting - that means easy baskets in the paint. For GW, Wynton Witherspoon had 17 and 7 boards and Rob Diggs had 15 and 9 boards. Damian Hollis played better than he had before, scoring 8, and adding 5 boards, and 3 blocks. Mo Rice had 11 on 4/10 shooting, and as John Feinstein noted, made some mistakes because he is basically playing PG for the first time. He had 4 turnovers and 1 assist. Cheyenne Moore seemed to be out of control again, going 2/6 from the floor with 4 fouls and 5 turnovers.

Coach Karl Hobbs attributed the loss to turnovers and praised Miles Beatty, who still only got 14 minutes. Beatty had 7 points on 3/6 shooting and had 3 assists, most on the team. I really don't see why he doesn't play more, or even start at PG so Rice can move over to SG. More on that later.

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