Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That sucked. GW 69-UNCW 73

GW is bad at three things: scoring inside, defending the 3, and rebounding. The Seahawks (which apparently is a thing) shot 54.5% from beyond the arc, and while freshman Nemanja Mikic had a Lasan Kromah-esque game, scoring 23 on 7-12 from three, GW couldn't keep up.

The Colonials had trouble all day scoring from inside, going 14/38 from 2 while 11/27 from three.I'd be interested in seeing a shooting chart, there'd be tons of X's around the basket and tons of O's around the arc. The Colonials missed lay-ups and short shots like crazy, and were slow on rotations, allowing the Seahawks to shoot the lights out, 12/22 from three.

If you look at the stats, the game actually looks pretty good for GW, 19 assists versus 12 turnovers, 17 offensive boards (mainly due to missed short shots), 22 points off turnovers. However, the team only shot a combined 38.5% from the floor, and 32.3% in the second half, allowing UNCW to walk away with it. 

The rebounding numbers don't look too bad (38 for the bad guys vs. 35 for the good guys) but a lot of those UNCW boards were uncontested, and GW seemed to miss ones they should have had.

Joseph Katuka had an ok game, though he missed some shots off nice post moves, while Aaron Ware seemed to be the only consistently energetic player, grabbing 7 boards. Dwayne Smith had 10 points and 9 boards, while the Taking of the David Pellom 1-2-3 had 9 points.

Tim Johnson played sparingly after getting pulled for turning it over two possessions in a row, and Tony Taylor fouled out, going 1/5 from the floor.

Blah. The recap is on GWSports.com and lots of stats are on Statsheet.

If you want to see more hand-wringing, check out GWHoops.com.  GW next faces George Mason at the Patriot Center on Wednesday.

On the bright side, Mikic played very well, reminiscent of Lasan Kromah's coming out game last year. Mikic was one three short of tying the school record (held by Greg Collucci and somebody else). Former players Mike Hall and Dior Toney were in the crowd as well.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that Mikic basically kept GW in the game.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Basketball tonight! GW men vs Nevada in Preseason NIT

Nevada's old logo is a ripoff.
Do you like basketball? Good! Get to the Smith Center at 8 pm tonight as GW faces Nevada in the consolation round of the Preseason NIT. Earlier in the P-NIT, GW lost to Boston U to open the season and then beat Marist (Karl Hobbs' 150th win) behind big games from Tony Taylor and freshman Chris Fitzgerald.

Nevada s 1-2, beating Montana then losing to Pacific and Pepperdine. Unfortunately GW doesn't start with a P, but considering those losses, I think the Colonials have a chance.

Here's GWSports on the matchup. If you really like hoops, BU faces Hampton at 5:30 as well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More from the game: fans, Smith Center, food, funny stuff

So now, the non-game portion of our program.

Mac n cheez
The first thing was, of course, the updated Smith Center. The outside looked sleek and modern, and the ticket booths had nice wood above them, not quite as functional as they used to look. The corner areas are all white and modern now (and empty), and the concession stands moved downstairs. They still have the people walking around selling food, which is good, and the hot dogs were fine. One addition though: mac and cheese. I figured I had to get it, and it was not bad. Not amazing, but not bad either, I'd get it again. No chicken sandwiches though.

The downstairs concession stands also have seats where you could conceivably sit and eat, though nobody was doing that. There were also two trophy cases in the concession area, which included the game ball from the 1957 Sun Bowl, GW's only bowl game, where GW beat Texas Western, which is now UTEP.

Back upstairs, there's a new jumbotron, which was cool, and it seemed like the scoreboard operator could keep track better of who was in, which is good to see. There were times last year when nobody on the scoreboard was actually on the court. There was decent student turnout for an exhibition game, and the noise level was pretty good during Tim Johnson's run and Mikic making good plays.

Buy this stuff
 I also noticed some other random stuff: Big George was walking around with two guys who had shirts that said "Mascot Secret Service." There was some kind of scout sitting behind the basket too, he had drawings on the lane and was charting something on it. He was an older guy, maybe he'd volunteered to keep stats or track plays or something. I should have asked.

They had clothing and such for sale too, including new blue foam tricorner hats. A bit more tasteful than the bright yellow ones. They only had #20 jerseys that I saw, but maybe they'll get more in. They usually do.

Concession area downstairs. Trophy case at right.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recap: GW clobbers Bowie State

The season started! And it was good for GW. The Colonials took the lead early but couldn't pull awway until about 15 minutes had elapsed, and then they outran the Bulldogs for the rest of the game, 82-64. Lasan Kromah was out with an injury while freshman Nemanja Mikic started, so it was a pretty different lineup. Here's my thoughts:

It's going to be an interesting year. To me, there aren't a lot of assigned roles really. There's a lot of tall guys (Mikic, David Pellom, Dwayne Smith, Jabari Edwards, Chris Fitzgerald), a bunch of point guards (Taylor, Tim Johnson, Bryan Bynes, Dan Guest?), and then some other miscellaneous, but solid, guys (Aaron Ware, Joe Katuka, Lasan Kromah). It almost seems like it doesn't matter who's doing the damage, and at times, it was tough to notice who was in and who was scoring. But it worked.

The new guys: I liked Mikic, who played 31 minutes, the most of anybody. He shot from outside, shot from inside, and got 6 boards to go with 11 points. Pretty solid outing. Dan Guest was in briefly (9 minutes) but seemed pretty steady, getting 4 assists in that time, tied for most with Aaron Ware. My first impression of Chris Fitzgerald was that he looked like me as a freshman, aside from being big (listed at 6'8", 235, which I buy). He's maybe the palest guy ever but had some good defensive stops, though he was 0-4 from three, his only shots. Daymon Warren only got a few minutes and didn't do much.

The old guys: Ware was his usual athletic self. Tony Taylor had some nice offensive moves, and Bynes looked lightning fast. Tim Johnson was pretty quiet until about 10 minutes to go in the second, when he went off, getting two steals and hitting two 3s and a layup over about 2 minutes. He just took over, and finished with 19. I really liked his attitude, he was encouraging other players and looked good out there.

Joseph Katuka apparently played 22 minutes, but I didn't really notice, though he scored 10 and got 6 boards. There weren't many entry passed to him to make post moves, though he did one that worked pretty well, as I recall. David Pellom quietly got 11 points, 7 boards and 3 blocks -- reminiscent of Omar Williams, who'd have good games and you didn't really notice. Dwayne Smith got 6 boards and 7 points in 13 minutes, but it was sort of subtle too. Maybe that's the idea, it doesn't really matter who's doing the damage. A lot of threes were taken and made too.

Stay tuned for more about the atmosphere at the game, the Smith Center, and other non-basketball stuff I noticed.

All in all, an enjoyable game, and it made me look forward to the season. Here's the article, box score, and quotes, and the Hatchet's coverage, with lots of photos.

Friday, November 5, 2010

BASKETBALL TOMORROW!!!! Exhib vs Bowie State 2 pm!!!!

Hey, just a usual day in Colonial Hoops land... oh wait!


That's right, it's GW vs Bowie State tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 pm at the Smith Center. Be there! See the freshmen! See how Big Joe Katuka has progressed! See Mark Lund! (Sorry, he graduated 10 years ago)

Here's something to put you in the dunking mood!

And something else!!

6 AM workouts: I'm glad I'm not a college basketball player

Spotted these two messages on Karl Hobbs' Twitter: 
You just can't help but get better at this hour. #riseandshine (posted at 6 am)

Early practice tomorrow. I love the 6 AM workouts. Gives players the whole day for school and to receive any injury treatment they may need.
 Oof.  I had a tough enough time waking up for my 2 pm classes when I was at GW. I would have gotten kicked off the team in days. Assuming I wasn't already kicked off for being bad at basketball.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I got my season tickets: did you?

The envelope with season tickets arrived in the mail the other day, which is always a good day. Did you get yours?

If you aren't a season ticket holder, DO IT! It's inexpensive as heck. Plus you're helping out GW and putting butts in the seats. Even if you can't make all the games, it makes a good present, or something fun to do with friends.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GW Cribs: Looking at the new Smith Center

GW is getting more involved with web 2.0, social media, and all that jazz. I like it. As one example, here's a pretty cool video on the new Smith Center upgrades, called "GW Cribs," like that MTV TV show. It features Aaron Ware and Sara Mostafa. Enjoy!

Surprisingly, GW is no stranger to MTV. For example, here's Xzibit wearing a Chris Monroe jersey on Pimp My Ride. Apparently a producer or something went to GW.

You can get college basketball tickets here.