Tuesday, April 26, 2016

After some transfers, what is GW looking for? And what scholarships are available?

Lately we've heard that Paul Jorgensen and Anthony Swan are both transferring: too bad, though not altogether unexpected in that both might get more playing time elsewhere. I would have loved to have seen them around longer, but what can you do? Transferring is hardly rare in NCAA basketball.

However, that means there are a few gaps, and GW has some opportunities (and some scholarships to fill.) To see what's available, check out this great spreadsheet shared originally by GWHoops poster BM -- it's got updated scholarships and availabilities for all the teams in the A-10.

For GW, that looks like two open scholarships for the 2016-17 year, and then three in 2017-18. With the transfer of a guard and a forward, presumably GW is looking for similar replacements. However, the good guys lost two forwards, Kevin Larsen and Pato Garino to graduation, so maybe they'll be looking for more help up front?

Over at GWHoops, poster Baccas92 heard at a donor banquet that the team expects a visit from a 6'7" forward who is immediately eligible -- and looking through some prospects, my guess is that means Patrick Steeves from Harvard. I had heard a rumor about him a bit ago too, so that matches up nicely. Steeves scored 9 points per game on 45.8% shooting from three last year, which sounds awesome.

As for the other spot -- good question. Baccas said the team was looking for another grad transfer, but maybe a freshman would be more likely. Some GWHoopsters suggested Isaac Vann from Maine, with 16 points and almost 6 boards a game, but he committed to VCU. Sam Cassell Jr. is an immediately eligible transfer too, but I haven't heard much buzz about him.

We'll see!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dang: ESPN says Anthony Swan to transfer

This isn't good -- ESPN's Jeff Goodman reports that forward Anthony Swan is going to transfer. Swan was predicted (at least by GWHoops folks) to get more minutes next year.

Swan didn't play much, but he did look pretty good in limited minutes, blocking shots and such. I was excited to see more form him, and I wish him the best. The rumor is he will head back west.

That means presumably more minutes for the existing big men, and/or maybe more for little used youngsters like Matt Cimino and Collin Goss and newcomers Arnaldo Toro, Collin Smith and Kevin Marfo.

Here's the full scholarship tracker for GW and others in the conference.

And this is on top of Paul Jorgensen also transferring. Then again, transfers are quite common in the NCAA.
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