Monday, April 30, 2007

Majerus to coach Saint Louis

I guess this is what SLU meant when they fired coach Brad Soderberg and said "it is imperative that the team be led by a coach who we believe can establish a program that consistently vies for conference championships and engages in postseason play." The school hired former Utah coach Rick Majerus to a six-year contract. Majerus had a lot of success at Utah, leading them to a Final Four in 1998 and 10 NCAA tourneys in 15 years. He also coached at Marquette, and agreed to coach USC in 2004 before backing out a few days later. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

This has to be good for the conference, because 1) it gets press for the A-10, 2) should help SLU be a better team, which helps all the schools, and 3) Majerus was a terrible ESPN commentator. Atrocious.

In one GW game I saw him work, he was woefully unprepared, calling GW "George W," "Washington," and "Georgetown." He also frequently praised GW's player "Allen," even though neither team had a player with a first or last name of Allen.

Previously on Colonial Hoops: SLU fires Soderberg

Gotta go to Mo's

gw shirt
Originally uploaded by squidpants.
The other day I found this shirt at Modell's in Bethesda. It's kind of orange, which is odd, but was still cool to see. They also had NCAA tourney shirts, but no GW - just Virgina, Maryland, Va Tech and Gtown. That was annoying.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mike Hall at the playoffs

Dan Steinberg's DC Sports Bog writes about Mike Hall, who's at the playoffs with the Wizards. Apparently the Cleveland scoreboard shoots fire and Mike Hall thinks that's cool.
"That was so crazy," he said. "I came out and they did the lineups with the fire and the flames and people waving towels. I was talking to Caron, I was like, 'Man I want to play right now. You can put me in in my suit, I'll dunk on anybody on the court.' I was literally bouncing on the bench. That was amazing, man."
Pretty cool to see a GW alum go to the playoffs, even though he probably won't get any time. Here's the rest of the post

Women's highlight video

Pretty cool video up on Youtube. It was the video shown during the women's team banquet.

The GW women will return everyone except Kenan Cole next year.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Losing four of five starters?

This was an interesting find by BM of In the Hatchet article about the A-10's schedule, it says "Hobbs said he does not believe GW deserves to be ranked in the top tier considering it lost four of its five starters from the previous year. He said Rhode Island was not in the top tier, despite bringing all of its starters back." (emphasis mine)

Last year, the five players who started the vast majority of games were Carl Elliott, Regis Koundjia, Dokun Akingbade, Maureece Rice and Rob Diggs. The first three graduated, so who's the fourth? I hope that doesn't mean the rumors about Maureece Rice leaving are true. It could be a typo or exagerration, or possibly Hobbs means the year before when Pops, Omar, Mike and Danilo all left. However, he's talking about Rhode Island this year. I've emailed the Hatchet, we'll see what they say.

Big news in scheduling

A couple big things came out today with regards to scheduling: first, GW is playing at Virginia Tech, will play a Missouri Valley school in the BB&T, and is trying to get a game with an SEC school. That's all good.

The second is that the A-10 is changing their scheduling formula. They're dividing into tiers for scheduling, meaning means that the better schools will play each other more, and the not so good schools will play each other more. GW is in the top tier, as well as Xavier. The conference is also banning out of conference games against teams with RPIs more than 200, even if the other school is paying for the game. I like the no 200 RPI thing, but not getting paid by other schools is tough. Coach Karl Hobbs and GW AD Jack Kvancz both disagreed with it, with Kvancz saying it's hard to get home and homes with good teams in the Smith Center. I don't mind them being forced to get better opponents though. I guess we'll see.

Hatchet says Katuka not signed

The Hatchet reports that Joseph Katuka (and Cem Dinc) aren't actually signed yet, according to the AD. Hopefully this just means they just don't want to officially announce it yet. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hobbs to appear on NPR Thursday

Coach Karl Hobbs will be a guest on NPR's Talk of the Nation Thursday, which airs from 2 to 4 pm. It's a call in show, and this episode is about Take your Daughter to Work day. The show will talk about how kids don't really know what their parents do for a living, but sometimes go into the same profession anyway. Journalist Cokie Roberts will be on the show too, who happens to be married to GW professor Steve Roberts.

Unfortunately neither WAMU and WETA don't carry the show in DC, which stinks, but 88.1 from Baltimore does, and you can stream the show over the internet from Cleveland's NPR affiliate.

And you can see how to listen to the show in your area here.

The show's blog, Blog of the Nation, is also writing about the issue and the Hobbses' appearance, check it out.

UPDATE: Hobbs should be on at about 3:15, and his daughter (who plays hoops at Mason) will also be on.

More on Katuka

I hadn't heard much about this guy, but the more I do, the more I like. He's ranked the 49th best center in the country, which isn't too shabby, he was on the same team as widely hailed FSU recruit Solomon Alabi, and their team went 30-0 and was ranked as the 4th best team in the nation by USA Today. This seems to be a goal of Hobbs' recruiting, getting players from winning schools, as Jabari Edwards' school is ranked 5th and Miles Beatty's school is ranked 7th. Other players from Katuka's team went to Wake and UCF. recruiting guru BM says he's a good rebounder.

Judging from the school's media guide, it seems to be completely on the up-and-up, and he seems like a good kid too. His favorite book is "Founding Brothers," a good one that I've read about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Sounds like a great kid who's played against some good competition.

Previously at Colonial Hoops: New commitment: F/C Joseph Katuka

Current Scholarship Situation

Since it's getting hard to keep track of, here is GW's scholarship situation for the 2007-2008 season as of today.

PG Carl Elliott
F/C Dokun Akingbade
F Regis Koundjia

07-08 Seniors:

G Maureece Rice


F Rob Diggs
SG Noel Wilmore
G/F Cheyenne Moore
C Jermaine Middleton (transfer, now eligible)


PG Travis King
F Damian Hollis
F Hermann Opoku
F Wynton Witherspoon (transfer, now eligible)


G/F Xavier Alexander
PG Miles Beatty
C Jabari Edwards
F/C Joseph Katuka

That means zero open scholarships. However, the rumor is that somebody is transferring out, a person who poster Blue Seats says we "won't lose sleep over." Stay tuned.

There are also four walkons who do not have scholarships: junior F Dominic Green, freshmen guards Jeff Del Favero and Johnny Lee and freshman forward Peter Laplante

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New commitment: PF/C Joseph Katuka

Looks like Karl Hobbs and company are hard at work, there's a lot of news on the recruits front. Florida center Joseph Katuka just signed with the team. He's 6'10 or 11 and somewhere from 220-235 pounds. He's been ranked as the 131st best player in the country, and Auburn, Miami, Southern Methodist, St. Joe's and others were interested. I haven't been able to find his stats, but his Scout profile says "Top player at high school known for developing prospects. Can run the floor and is a very good athlete with a big time wingspan. Still working on his feel but offense/defense coming around." He's Nigerian and went to Monteverde Academy in Florida. Sounds like a great get by Hobbs, who also got Damian Hollis from Florida. People at are giving assistant coach Greg Collucci, who's from Florida, credit for the recruits.

New recruit: Jay-Z

GW is recruiting a forward named Sean Carter. He's from the Marcy Projects, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, owns Roc-a-fella Records and the New Jersey Nets, and dates Beyonce. He's the second from the right, next to some other guy.

Actually, he just happens to have the same name as rapper Jay-Z. This Sean Carter is from North Carolina and played at Laurinburg Prep, like Regis Koundjia (and a few other recruits GW has gone after but not gotten, like Ousmane Konate and Phil Jones) and is 6'9", 205. I'm sure if GW gets him, we'll hear lots of "Big Pimpin" and so on at basketball games, and I hope he lives in HOVA.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rumor: Mo Rice leaving, fowards Dinc and Katuka in

An anonymous poster at says that Maureece Rice will stay in the draft, thus leaving GW, and that Cem Dinc and Joseph Katuka will be coming to GW. If true, this is not good news at all, since Mo Rice is a great player and scorer. The poster says he is leaving for "family reasons." However, JR Pinnock said on WRGW the other day that he's helping Rice prepare, that he wished he had stayed his senior year, and that he expects Rice to remain at GW. The Hatchet reports Karl Hobbs as saying he has two commits this year.

As for Dinc, I wrote about him before, and Katuka is a similarly big forward from Florida - 6'11, 235.

UPDATE: I haven't been able to get a confirmation on any of the post from elsewhere. Frequent poster Mister Days says this: "I know for a fact Rice hasn't signed with an agent and is not going to. As for the rest of the original post, Dinc hasn't even visted the school yet and Katuka was just here a few days ago."

UPDATE 2: The original poster says the information is from Philly, not GW.

Mike Hall gets some time

mike hall jumbotron
Originally uploaded by squidpants.
Last weekend I went to see the Wizards-Bulls game at the Verizon Center. The Wiz got clobbered, but unfortunately despite being down big about the entire game, Mike Hall only got about 6 minutes. The Wiz were down 2-15 or so at the beginning and by about 30 at halftime and lost 101-68.

Mike was 0-2 with one rebound and one foul. I guess the Wizards wanted to get their new starting lineup more time, since Arenas and Butler were both hurt, but it was disappointing.

However, Mike did appear on the jumbotron during a break, where he gave his review of "Blades of Glory," the new comedy movie about male ice skating. He said it starred Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite, and that he was cracking up the whole time. Kind of a cool little thing for Mike.

I have a few more photos from the game as well.

Friday, April 20, 2007

An Interview with Monty Singh Harika

I wrote about Monty Singh Harika earlier, the GW freshman who's not on the basketball team but entered the NBA draft. He claims to be the first Sikh in the NBA Draft, and he's been written about many other places - the DC Sports Bog, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (his hometown paper) and tons of other blogs.

So the other day I sent him some questions via email. Here's my questions and his responses:

CH- How'd you come up with this idea?

MSH- Well since my junior year of high school I was going to enter after high school under the same conditions, but David Stern had to put an age limit. I read an article where some kid entered the draft from LSU and that brought back the idea to me. My friends told me to just do it so I just did it. Why not?

CH- You've said this is to get publicity - what do you hope to accomplish? Would you do something with the publicity?

MSH- Just to get my name out there. Show the world who I am. Religiously want to get people to know and be recognized with my religion, which is Sikhism. I also did it to make new friends, and I have. I am trying to walk onto the team here and with this publicity when I get on the team next year or the year after I know people from the media will look back and say “hey remember that kid Monty?” Also a good chance to give people a good laugh.

CH- And what position would you play?

MSH- Shooting guard (I shoot lights out) or small forward. Working on my athleticism. Used to weight 290 pounds and used to be as athletic as Rosie O’Donnell, but now improved a lot and progressing very well.

CH- What NBA player would you consider yourself closest to, and why? Yinka Dare? Frederic Weis?

MSH- Neither. I’m a 6’5” version of Rasheed Wallace. I learned how to shoot from him with that high release, which goes in every time. We also both play dirty and talk a lot of trash. We also both now got the beard, but he got that random bald spot.

CH- I think Sikhs are best known for kicking ass in the British army in the World Wars, having an interesting syncretic religion, wearing traditional turbans, and cricket. How'd you you get into hoops?

MSH- Just to get the recognition out there. Many people do not know about my religion and mistake me for being Muslim. Taught a lot of people from my hometown (Pittsburgh) about my religion through hoops so can maybe educate the whole world with hoops one day.

CH- You've said you used to weigh 290 pounds. How'd you lose the weight? Atkins diet?

MSH- With motivation from my friends, who have always been like fam to me, and my coaches who supported me. Worked out A LOT and ate smart. I haven’t drank soda in two years. I watch what I eat. No secret. I hate it when people cry on shows like Oprah why their so fat. Put down that donut and tissue and start hitting the gym. A lot of strong mentality involved.

CH- You're from the Pittsburgh area. Why is there no NBA team in the Steel City?

MSH- We are a football city. Used to have an ABA team back in the days. We have Cleveland Cavalier preseason games and the games do not even get close to getting sold out. I am a Cavs fan (and always have been…aint no band wagon fan). Closest team to us so always been my team.

CH- If you made it in the league, would you use your windfall Mario Lemieux-style and buy a team, then move it to Pittsburgh?

MSH- No, no one would go to the games. If I make a team its going to be on South Beach or in California. I also want to live in a nice place.

CH- Shaq called himself the Big Aristotle. Would you call yourself the Big Guru Nanak, or would that be sacreligious?

MSH- YO that ain’t right man and disrespectful. Would never disrespect.

CH- Do you have any other nicknames?

MSH- Cadillac is my main. I used to be Escalade, hence the fat dude from And 1 mixtape tour, but I lost weight so became a skinny Cadillac. I also am called King Kong, Kazaam (Shaq wit a turban), rain man, and I could seriously go a whole article with my nicknames.

CH- What if you do get drafted by a pro team somewhere, say the CBA or a small foreign league. Would you go?

MSH- Getting paid to ball is what I want. Any where really. Would even go play in China for some cash.

CH- What if the Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants of the Phillipine Basketball League drafted you?

MSH- Only if they pay me well enough. For them though, we talking bout millions.

CH- Your Facebook profile says you live in Fulbright. That place is a dump, huh?

MSH- You got that right. That’s why I’m in the gym, FSK, or Thurston all the time. Got a kitchen and that is only positive thing I can say, since I cook a lot.

CH- Do you ever play on that tiny basketball court next to Fulbright or the one near Quigley's? How about Barry Farms?

MSH- Heeellllls no is as simple as I can say it. Court is smaller than my bath room here.

CH- What are you studying, and how does that affect your hoops?

MSH- Psychology is my major. In pre-med thing (due to my parents making me). I just go along with it. Not that hard at all. I don’t really study, but after college if getting payed to play ball does not work I would go into coaching or athletic training. Those are the two things I am also passionate about.

CH- At GW, you've played a lot of rec hoops. Who's the best player you faced?

MSH- Myself.

CH- Would you consider your hops to be "mad" or "Woody Harrellson-esque"?

MSH- I ain’t got bounce cuz of my bad knees. But working with that with some people.

CH- And what do you have to say to any haters?

MSH- Why are they covering up their names. Talk to me to my face. If you got something to say to me say it. I could care less what people say though because I learned to not listen to other people. I’m having the time of my life and the best of friends. I could care less about those other kids. I want to make the team now and even get into the league to shut up all those haters. Thanks for giving me another reason.
Anyone can contact me on AIM at GWbBaller33 if you have things to say.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mo Rice : "I'm humble, man"

The Hatchet has a good interview with Maureece Rice, who talks about his high school days, how he used to duck interviews, and his plans for the NBA Draft - he is going to take into account lots of people's opinions. Which is a good thing, you never know when someone might tell you something for their own benefit, as Sir Valiant Brown can probably attest.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hobbs to recruit: HOW R U?

Looks like the NCAA is thinking about banning text messages to recruits, which is probably a good idea. I read somewhere that some recruits get hundreds of texts a day, some as late as 3 am. Maybe a few per day would be ok, but it'd be hard to monitor that. So maybe the headline I made up won't be happening.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SLU fires coach Soderberg

This I don't understand. Saint Louis, which has had success in the A-10, fired coach Brad Soderberg. I guess they didn't like 20 win seasons or the semifinals of the A-10 tourney, which is what happened this year. The university's statement says
"Because the success of the new Chaifetz Arena is largely contingent on the success of the men's basketball team, it is imperative that the team be led by a coach who we believe can establish a program that consistently vies for conference championships and engages in postseason play. The new head coach also must be committed to the University's history of following NCAA regulations and graduating its student-athletes."

It seems strange, and the last sentence makes me wonder if something else is going on. In five seasons at SLU, he was 80-74 and 42-38 in conference. Four of the five were winning seasons, with the 04-05 season being 9-21. I think he's been a pretty successful coach and he's brought in good recruits to SLU, like Tommie Liddell and Ian Vouyoukas.

ESPN has an article on it, with Phil Martelli saying he's "flabbergasted."

Soderberg's SLU bio

Possible recruit: Cem Dinc

Cem Dinc (pronounced Gem or Jem Dench) is 6'10, 245 pound a German-Turkish guy who was at Indiana for a season, then transfered. I've liked almost everything I've heard about him - big, fast, a shooter, etc - the only negative is that he entered the draft despite playing minimally at IU. His IU profile says he was on the Turkish National Team along with Hedo Turkoglu and Mehmet Okur and that he runs a 10.8 second 100 meter dash, which I think is pretty fast. He's also pretty smart and majored in international business at IU. And he has a Wikipedia page, for some reason.

An anonymous poster at says "trust me" it's between GW and UPenn, while says GW and BU.

Mo Rice declares for draft, will keep options open

Not a huge surprise, junior guard Maureece Rice filed for the NBA draft, but is able to take his name out of the pool. Carl Elliott did something similar last year. I assume he'd come back, due to his profile being not very high, and this year's draft supposedly being very deep. Stay tuned here in case anything else comes up.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A fourth GW pro?

I've talked about Pops, Mike Hall, Danilo Pinnock, but is it possible that GW could have four people in the NBA? No.

Monty Singh Harika, better known as Cadillac at, has declared for the NBA draft. At GWHoops, Cadillac is a goofus who is either posting terribly spelled rumors about GW basketball (which are usually true, like Carl's NFL workout) or challenging other posters to fights. Needless to say, he's my new favorite poster.

Apparently anybody can register for the draft - I knew a guy on the trivia bowl team from GW who did that as a joke a few years ago, and actually got a phone call from an Irish league team (apparently that does exist). Needless to say they didn't offer him a contract once they learned he didn't actually play basketball.

But Monty/Caddy has signed up, and Dan Steinberg over at the Post's Sports Bog has a great post about it. Apparently he used to weigh 290 pounds. It just gets better and better. I wish all the luck in the world for Monty, this is hilarious.

Caddy plays rec league ball a lot, hangs out with GW players, and his Facebook profile has photos of him and Regis Koundjia wearing what I guess is some Sikh garb. Honestly, I love it. I hope he gets on TV with this or something, it's extremely clever, dumb, and funny all at once - the Sikh NBA Jackie Robinson. Well done sir. I'm not joking.

Danilo on front page of D-League website

Pretty neat, Danilo Pinnock (some call him JR) is laying it up on the front of the D-League's website.

He's averaged 11 points, 6.8 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game for the Arkansas RimRockers in 21 games. Sounds about like Danilo. The season is now over.

There's a lot more great photos in their photo gallery.

Pops returns to the big time

And has a decent game, 6 points and 4 boards in 10 minutes. The Mavs are resting their starters to prepare for the playoffs, so Mr. Pops Mensah-Bonsu should get some more time. Always great to see.

And the NBA also has a Pops widget you can add to your webpage. It looks like this:

UPDATE: it's clearly not working, I've emailed them about it

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Smith Center renovations

The Hatchet got a scoop the other day, that the athletic department will be starting on a two-phase, $7 million renovation of the Smith Center after next season. They'll be fixing up the locker room, offices, and the AD's Club area, where the AD's club members get their grub. "The second phase is less concrete. Kvancz said he hopes to replace upper-bleachers with stadium-style seats." Not sure what that means exactly. I hope it means more seats, I fear it means fewer.

Stay tuned for an announcement from GW about this.

Want to advise the athletic department?

Got $45,000? The Hatchet is reporting that the athletic department is trying a new fundraising idea - get people to donate $15,000 a year and then let them be on an "advisory board" for the department. Seems like kind of a weird idea. The Hatchet quotes an Arizona State U. ethics professor who makes the point that the big donors might not like it if the University doesn't go along with whey they say.

"If I were asked to give my opinion along with my money, and through a few years if my stuff wasn't being acted on, I'd feel like I'm being ripped off," [Peter] French said. "The University may say they aren't locked into what (the committee says) but they'll have to show good faith upon acting on recommendations sometimes, if not more often than not." Good point.

Odds are these people would be folks who already give a lot, and it'd be a shame to lose them. One could argue the big donors probably already have that kind of access; I'm not sure a formal board is needed.

And Herve from pointed out that any season ticket holder should be able to talk to Kvancz, which I also agree with. It seems like a strange idea, and while I hope it gets the department some more dough, I'm not sure it's going to work.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Going Old School

It's been pretty quiet around GW basketball lately, so I thought I'd post these old school pictures I found on various places around the internet. Two of Shawnta Rogers and one of Yegor Mescheriakov. Shawnta was 5'4" and led the nation in steals his senior year. He was also the team's leading scorer that season, scoring 20.7. He played from 95-96 to 98-99. He clinched GW's 99 NCAA tourney berth by hitting a game winning, last second three pointer against Xavier to take the A-10 west. An amazing game. He's starring in France now.

Yegor was Shawnta's teammate in the frontcourt, a do it all forward who scored 17.6 his senior year. He could shoot, defend, and play in general - sounds like Mike Hall doesn't it? For some reason he didn't make the NBA, but has been playing overseas, in the Italian league, the Belarus national team, and elsewhere. Enjoy.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Carl Elliott mediocre at Portsmouth

Too bad for Carl Elliott, who didn't have a very good Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. In three games, Carl averaged 8.67 points per game in 20 minutes per, on a woeful 32% shooting. He also had 2.67 rebounds and assists per game. His team, Sales Systems Limited, also featured Stephane Lasme from UMass and went 2-1.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Mike Hall in Wizards video poster cagwu found this, a video with a reporter talking to some of the Wiz. One of them is Mike Hall, he talks about getting made fun of as a rookie. Pretty cool stuff

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Carl Elliott getting Giants workout

Despite poster Cadillac being unable to spell and challenging numerous other posters to fights, he actually was right about this - Carl Elliott is getting a workout with the New York football Giants. It happens this monday. Carl was a star WR in high school and was recruited for both football and basketball by various schools (I think Michigan was one). The Daily Colonial, which seems to have broken the story, notes he played alongside Hawaii QB Colt Brennan in high school. This is obviously a long shot for Carl, but still pretty great for him.

He's also at the Portsmouth (basketball) Invitational.

Terrible MS Paint job by me

GW ad on the Metro

I saw this a few weeks ago in a Metro train, so it might have been a little late to actually get people to go to games, but it's still cool to see. I'm in favor of GW getting more advertising around the city. I think they haven't done a very good job of that lately, especially after the #6 AP ranking in 05-06.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rumor: Carl Elliott going to Portsmouth Invitational?

I'm not sure about this one. Carl Elliott is not on the official roster for the Portsmouth Invitation Tournament, a showcase for NBA scouts to watch college basketball seniors. However, two posters at (one of whom is the suddenly notorious Cadillac) say he will be there. The other poster says GW sports information director Brad Bower confirmed it, but I don't have a source confirming that.

The reason I'm not so sure is that Cadillac says "Carl's on the Tidewater Sealants team with guys like Curtis Sumpter, Landry (Purdue), Sims (Michigan)." That doesn't match the PIT roster at all, but it's exactly the same as the predictions from Draft Express, which as they note, are just their guesses on what might happen. Sumpter is also not on the official roster.

He is on the roster now, for Sales Systems Ltd, along with Stephane Lasme from UMass. Good luck to Carl, I hope he turns some heads.

Mike Hall gets some time

Mr. Hall finally got in a game for the Wizards, playing 6 minutes in their blowout loss to the sorry Bobcats. With Caron Butler and Andray Blatche out, Hall should get an opportunity to play a little bit. He scored 2 and got one rebound and one assist. This makes the second GW player to get time in the NBA this year.

Karl Hobbs not going to South Florida or Michigan

That's two open jobs down. Michigan was taken by West Virginia coach (and former Richmond coach) John Beilein, and the South Florida job was filled by Stan Heath, after Heath was fired by Arkansas. The Arkansas job was briefly taken by Dana Altman from Creighton, but then Altman backed out. So GW dodged two bullets, and the other bullets don't seem to have much force behind them (i.e. there aren't many other Hobbs rumors so far). But that leaves WVU and Arkansas open.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rumor: NY Giants talking to Carl Elliott

A new poster at says that Carl Elliott told him that the Giants were talking to him - as in the football Giants. That's about all the info I have now, but this wouldn't be unheard of - other NFLers like Antonio Gates didn't play college football, and Carl was a star WR in high school. Would be great if he makes the team, but I think it's safe to say it's a long shot. George Mason's Jai Lewis had a similiar situation last year with the Giants and didn't make the team. hits 100,000 posts, the only GW messageboard that matters and what I think is the best sports message board out there, recently hit 100,000 posts. Herve, the owner/operator/etc of the board wrote up a cool post about the board, peruse it for your reading pleasure.

I like for a number of reasons - the charmingly old school design, the level of discourse is pretty high and the posters don't put up with nonsense - people being jerks, snarky, etc. Everybody makes good arguments and Herve has a lot of cool little technical things - the ability to ignore posters and a thing that gives trolls a default message whenever they post: "I'm a troll. I'm a loser and no one likes me. My last sexual experience involved Lara Kroft and dual-video cards. When I look into my lover's eyes I see mom. The best thing about my life is that someday I will die. I suggest you ignore me."

Good stuff. Thanks Herve, and thanks to all the other posters for making it a cool place to get GW knowledge.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Pops back in the D-League

The Mavericks sent the King Whale Killer, Pops Mensah-Bonsu back down to the Fort Worth Flyers of the D-League the other day. He's led the team in scoring the first two games he's been back.

He got limited time with the Mavs, which was to be expected, getting 1.7 points per game in 9 games, averaging about 4.5 minutes. I hope he got some experience and learned some things, and hope he continues to play well in Fort Worth.

Quinnipac to the A-10?

This one really isn't an April Fools joke. Former UConn assistant Tom Moore just became the coach at Quinnipiac, and rumor has it they'd like to join the A-10. I don't know what this would do for the conference, unless we were dropping Duquesne or Bonaventure, but if that were the case, there are a million better schools - Vermont, Manhattan, ODU, VCU, George Mason, etc etc.

Posters at say this won't happen, as the A-10 has a 5000 seat minumum for basketball arenas, and QU just opened a new one that holds 3570.

Karl Hobbs becomes assistant at Georgetown

Man, this is terrible news. Karl Hobbs left to become an assistant at Gtown. I guess you can't blame him, but damn, this sucks. Here's the Washington Post article with more
You can get college basketball tickets here.