Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pops signed by the Spurs?

Pops and some colonials

Over at GWHoops, Mister Days says Pops has been signed by the Spurs, who are Austin's mother team. Pops has been tearing it up in the D-League, including 39 and 18 in his last game (yes, 39 points) so I hope he gets some time with the NBAers. I've also read that he's been hitting midrange jumpers, and his free throw percentage is 70%.

Previously on Colonial Hoops: Pops playing well so far in the D-League

Photo by me

Can GW make the A-10 tourney?

Unfortunately UMass (5-7 A-10) beat SJU at the Palestra this weekend, making GW's road to the tourney that much more difficult.

GW, currently 2-10 in the A-10, must finish 12th or higher to make the A-10 tourney. GW has four more games, and Bona has 3 - in order to catch the Bonnies (4-9 A-10) for 12th place, GW must win at least two of their remaining games and Bona must lose all their remaining games, as the Colonials hold the tiebreaker. Or, GW can go 3-1 (or better) and Bona goes 1-2 (or worse). That seems unlikely though, since GW has only won 2 in conference all year and the next four opponents are Charlotte, at Richmond, at UMass, and Temple.

Another possibility is GW can catch Charlotte, but it's unlikely - Charlotte (4-8 A-10) holds the tiebreaker (because they beat Xavier), so they'd have to lose out, which means losing to Bonaventure and Fordham, and GW would have to win at least 3 of 4, including Charlotte.

If GW manages to win two games including next Wednesday's contest against Charlotte, they would lose the second tie-breaker since Charlotte (4-8 [A-10]) beat X last week. That said, the next homestand against Charlotte is still a must-win for GW's chances to pass St. Bonaventure in the standings.

There's other possibilities, like GW winning 4 and La Salle losing 4 or GW winning 3 (including UMass) and UMass losing 3, etc, but those are more remote.

Then again, Max predicted last year that GW would finish 5-11. In that case, we'd be in pretty good shape.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Round-up: GW in Cinci

If you didn't notice, GW (2-10 [A-10]) lost to X this weekend in Ohio. The Colonials certainly played tough battling back to within 11 on a few occasions late in the 2nd half, but with Rob Diggs battling foul trouble, the game was never in doubt for the Muskies. On the plus side, Katuka is beginning to emerge as an inside presence, specifically on defense. For a change it wasn't Xavier's deep frontcourt that won the game, it was their three-point shooting, specifically a stretch of 5 consecutive bombs from downtown that opened the gap early in the first half.

Box Score

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good old times

Just ran accross this on the interwebs, pretty cool article from a few years ago. Here's a blurb:
How loose are they?

Listen to Nana Papa Yaw Mensah-Bonsu and Danilo Agustin Pinnock banter like Abbott and Costello as they each argue the other has the best name in college basketball.

First it is important to know about their names: Pops is a nickname Mensah-Bonsu has gone by since infancy. Pinnock went by J.R. last season — it stands for Junior — but this season reverted to Danilo, the birth name he shares with his father and his son.

Mensah-Bonsu: "Easily, it's Danilo — a guy who changed his name back and forth. Not everybody can do that. Prince did it. Danilo's on the level with Prince, the artist formerly known as."

Pinnock: "I have to admit, I have a unique name. But 98% of the country can't even say his name. ... (It) means whale killer. My name don't mean nothing. It's Panamanian. That's it. But this dude is, like, a whale killer."

Mensah-Bonsu: "I love Shamu. I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Pinnock: "Pops' (long-ago ancestor) was off the shore of Ghana and he saw a whale and he killed it. And the way you translate whale killer in Ghana is Mensah-Bonsu. So that name was given to the family and has been carried on ever since."

Ahab chased his white whale. Could a national title be GW's quest?

"Never thought of it like that," Mensah-Bonsu says.

"I don't know," Pinnock says. "Ahab got eaten by Moby Dick."

Mensah-Bonsu laughs hard and grabs Pinnock by the arm. They are cracking each other up, joyously lost in looseness and laughter.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What GW Needs Next Season: Volume 2

GW should go after center Neon Boudreaux (pictured). He currently plays for the Western University Dolphins, but I think GW could get him to transfer. He's a talented big man with a lot of skills. Here's another picture with his coach, Pete Bell.

GW loses to Charlotte

Yeah, whatever.

Barring a huge run, it looks like GW won't make the A-10 tourney for the second year in a row.

But don't lose hope, there's still stuff to write about and stuff to wring your hands about.

Friday, February 13, 2009

GW Squares off Against Charlotte Tomorrow

The Colonials (7-14) take on the 49ers (8-15) tomorrow at 3PM at Halton Arena in North Carolina. Both teams are fighting to make the twelve team cut-off for Atlantic City. Both anticipated a competitive 08-09 campaign, but both have disappointed to date. Injuries, particularly to standouts Shamarr Bowden and An'Juan Wilderness have weighed heavily on the 49ers this season. For GW, it has been a tumultuous season with former Charlotte standout D'Angelo Alexander's younger brother Xavier transferring from GW. More than just trying to avoid the league basement, embattled coaches Hobbs and Lutz are fighting for their tenure.

From a Mike Hall tug and Leemire Goldwire elbow to cap an OT victory sealing GW's perfect A10 run, George Washington and Charlotte have built a steady non-geographic A-10 rivalry. The niners dominated the lone match-up last season, but GW took the 4 prior matches since Charlotte joined the A10. With both teams struggling to stay afloat in the flooding A10 cellar and both coaches on the line, expect a battle.

(Graphic courtesy of charlotte49ers.cstv.com)

The GW Basketball mix tape

I saw this awhile ago in the Hatchet, they asked GW basketball players what song they liked for a mixtape. Here are the results: mostly hip hop, but with some interesting choices - Damian Hollis picked Jimi Hendrix, Noel Wilmore picked the Beastie Boys, Matt Albritton picked Christian metal guys P.O.D., Jabari Edwards picked Earth, Wind & Fire, and Jeff Alston picked DC natives Mambo Sauce.
1. Rob Diggs, Michael Conward - Lil Wayne - Sky’s the Limit
2. Wynton Whitherspoon - Young Jeezy feat. Nas - My President
3. Noel Wilmore - Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey
4. Damian Hollis - Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child
5. Xavier Alexander - Lil Wayne - Best Thing Yet
6. Travis King - Lecrae - Souled Out
7. Hermann Opoku -Young Jeezy - Crazy World
8. Joseph Katuka - DJ Khaled feat. Kanye West, T-Pain - Go Hard
9. Tony Taylor - N.E.R.D. - You Know What
10. Aaron Ware - The Game & Lil Wayne - Red Magic
11. Johnny Lee - Clipse - Mr. Me Too
12. Jabari Edwards - Earth, Wind, & Fire - That’s The Way of the World
13. Matt Allbritton - P.O.D. - Boom (aka "here comes the boom" when Karl Hobbs comes on court)
14. Peter LaPlante - Lupe Fiasco feat. Unkle - Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)
15. Jeff Alston - Mumbo Sauce - Miracles

Thursday, February 12, 2009

GW has no offensive plan, loses to La Salle

The Hatchet had it best: "Inept offense plagues men in loss." The team used an old staple, the "put 4 men outside the three point line and pass it around, then hope something happens" offense, and that resulted in a 68-57 La Sall victory at the Smith Center.

The team actually shot better than La Salle (43% to 37%) and were beat badly from the line, with GW going 9/13 while La Salle was 23/28. The refereeing was pretty bad, especially from the older, white-haired ref, and even Karl Hobbs complained about a lack of consistency:
And what happened with your technical?

"There was a play where the ball went inside to Rodney Green, and I thought Robert [Diggs] played pretty good defense. He had his hands up, and created the contact, and they gave them the foul. At the other end, there was a similar play in almost the exact same spot, and there was no call. I felt there had to be some consistency with the calls, but I'm not criticizing the officiating, I'm answering your question."
It almost seemed like the white-haired ref was calling fouls to spite the angry crowd, who got angrier and angrier at his poor calls as the game went on.

That being said, GW didn't lose this game because of the ref (not refs, as the other two seemed fine), but played bad defense at times, allowing a number of open drives to the lane and turning it over 16 times, including 10 La Salle steals. Hobbs also went back to pulling players angrily after one mistake or for no reason at all - I saw him numerous times point angrily for a bench player to get in after a player made a bad play, and sometimes for some reason I must have missed.

Rob Diggs was good, especially on D, while Damian Hollis scored 21 in only 20 minutes, thanks to (somewhat bogus) foul trouble. It was a game that was no fun to attend.

--Box score
--Herve's game notes

Pictured: Sieur De La Salle and his stupid mustache

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A note from Kangy the Kangaroo


Kangy the Kangaroo, GW's good luck charm during the A-10 title season, sent me a note via his Facebook, and also on GWHoops.com. Here's his note to me:
I see from your writings that I am missed. Be aware that this is all part of my larger plan, my friend. I will one day return, when the time has come. GW Basketball will return to glory!

He sounds like the Quetzalcoatl of GW basketball.

Here's his longer note at at GWhoops.com:
Hey guys-

I spoke with Kangy via facbeook just this afternoon, and he appreciates your concern and support. He informs me that he is safe and sound, enjoying the weather far away from the serious fire threats. He refused to tell me his exact whereabouts.

Anyway, as some of you may or may not know, Kangy decided to return home for a bit following the 2006-2007 season. He cited the fact that he thought our team had peaked and a wanting to find his biological parents. He set out from the shores of Atlantic City sometime during May of that year, finally ending up in Australia not until sometime in September. He had lost nearly 25 pounds in kangaroo fat by journey's end.

However, unbeknownst to him before setting out on his journey, he was soon to become a father. Kangy Jr. was born in late December, conceived during GW's glorious run through the A-10 tournament, led by Carl "The Cat" Elliott. I won't say exactly where or with whom Kangy Jr. came into being, but I think many of us have been to Atlantic City and can imagine.

Anyway, it's still unclear whether Kangy Jr. possesses any of the "cursing" power that his father did, but it is also possible that this ability may have been hampered due to lack of a proper pouch for gestation.

Kangy isn't sure when he will return to the States as of yet, but he has informed me that his return will be timed for maximal impact (ie a team which is a real threat in the A-10 and needs just a little extra push).

He sends his best.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is Regis good luck?

Not Regis Philbin, Regis Koundjia. I wore my Regis Koundjia #23 jersey at the Fordham game, and GW won. I'll wear it again at the La Salle game tomorrow and see what happens. If you have Regis jerseys, couldn't hurt to wear them too!

Then again, my buddy made the point that I should have worn the Mike Hall jersey to the Fordham game to see if they could win with me wearing it. And it's kind of post hoc ergo procter hoc, but hey, we won, I'll go with whatever seems to be working.

Want to have a party at a GW game?

I just noticed this on the GWSports site, looks like a pretty good deal for a birthday party, office outing, or other get together.

For $140 for ten people and $10 for each additional, you get:
* Tickets to the event
* Three large Domino's pizzas and drinks
* GW Basketball t-shirt for the guest of honor
* Cupcakes for party participants
* Group picture on the video board and visit from George, the GW mascot

Party Packages are subject to availability and must be reserved at least two weeks prior to the date of the game. To sign up for a Party Package please contact Ms. Devin McCalla at dmccalla@gwu.edu or (202)994-7325.

Monday, February 9, 2009

GW wins!!

The 11-game losing streak is over, as GW played a good game against a bad team, scoring 57 in the first half to take it 87-62. In the first half especially, GW had good ball movement, rebounding and defense, got to the line inside, and some nice transition play.

Damian Hollis scored 19 to lead GW, Rob Diggs had 17, Wynton Witherspoon had 13 and Tony Taylor added 10. Joseph Katuka had a nice game against a Rams team that was weak in the post, scoring 8 and collecting 9 rebounds.

For the game, GW shot 57.4% from the field (and 64% in the first half), 53.8% from 3, and where 18/24 from the foul line. The team slackened a bit in the second, letting the Rams get open more and hit 8/13 threes, but managed to keep them far enough away to take the win comfortably.

Hopefully GW can keep this up on Wednesday against La Salle at the Smith Center.

--Box score
--GWSports article
--Hatchet article

Friday, February 6, 2009

GW vs Fordham tomorrow

GW has a chance to end that ridiculous losing streak 7 1 pm tomorrow against Fordham at the Smitty - Fordham is only slightly better than GW. What do you think? Here's our predictions:

Andrew - GW continues to find ways to lose. Then I mail my season tickets back in. I just don't have any reason to pick GW in this one. GW 67-Fordham 72

Max - GW finally shows its true colors, a capable team on a rotten streak. GW 65-Fordham 55.

And you?

CORRECTION: The game is at 1 pm, not 7.

What GW Needs Next Season: Volume 1

I'm going to start a little series of what GW needs next season. Here's the first edition: a basketball-playing elephant.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I know why GW is losing.

Two reasons:

1. Kangy the Kangaroo isn't coming to games. If you recall, Kangy came to all the games GW won during the A-10 championship season and missed the ones GW lost.

2. Apparently my Mike Hall jersey is unlucky. I find that hard to believe, because Mike Hall is the man, but whenever I wear it, GW loses. I'm going to switch to my Regis Koundjia jersey for Ford-Ham and see what happens.

GW loses again

Shocker. GW lost to St. Joe's 58-66. GW shot 47% from the floor and only turned it over 11 times, but was 2/15 from three and only got to the line 11 times, versus 31 for St. Joe's. Shrug. That's GW's 11th loss in a row.

If GW loses to Fordham on Saturday, I might send my season tickets back.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pops playing well so far in the D-League

Pops' coach looks like a reject from Miami Vice.

Pops has played two games for the Austin Toros and has performed well. Starting both times, he's averaging 24 points, 10 boards, and 2 blocks (although also 5 fouls).

Carl Elliott is also playing well for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants - as in "Mad" Anthony Wayne, the Revolutionary War general the city was named for. Pops and Carl will face each other on March 10.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can GW make the A-10 tourney?

It's sort of up in the air. The Colonials need to finish in the top 12 to make it, and so far GW is in the last place at 0-6. Fordham is 1-6, Charlotte is 1-5, Bona is 2-6 and UMass, surprisingly, is 2-4.

Ken Pomeroy calculates that GW will go 3-13 in conference, thus missing the tourney for the second year in a row. The only other team not to make it would be Fordham, whose RPI is currently an abysmal 307. GW's is a surprising 201.

But all is not lost - GW basically holds its destiny in its hands. The Colonials face Charlotte twice, and if we can win those games, that gives the team a much better shot at making the tourney. Ken Pom has GW going 1-1 against the 49ers, and 2-0 would make GW and Charlotte 4-12 (assuming everything else is the same) with GW getting the tiebreaker, which is head-to-head wins. Beating Bonaventure would help too. And of course, GW needs to beat Fordham, and a few other wins here or there would help a lot.

Image: Not the A-10 trophy
You can get college basketball tickets here.