Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good old times

Just ran accross this on the interwebs, pretty cool article from a few years ago. Here's a blurb:
How loose are they?

Listen to Nana Papa Yaw Mensah-Bonsu and Danilo Agustin Pinnock banter like Abbott and Costello as they each argue the other has the best name in college basketball.

First it is important to know about their names: Pops is a nickname Mensah-Bonsu has gone by since infancy. Pinnock went by J.R. last season — it stands for Junior — but this season reverted to Danilo, the birth name he shares with his father and his son.

Mensah-Bonsu: "Easily, it's Danilo — a guy who changed his name back and forth. Not everybody can do that. Prince did it. Danilo's on the level with Prince, the artist formerly known as."

Pinnock: "I have to admit, I have a unique name. But 98% of the country can't even say his name. ... (It) means whale killer. My name don't mean nothing. It's Panamanian. That's it. But this dude is, like, a whale killer."

Mensah-Bonsu: "I love Shamu. I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Pinnock: "Pops' (long-ago ancestor) was off the shore of Ghana and he saw a whale and he killed it. And the way you translate whale killer in Ghana is Mensah-Bonsu. So that name was given to the family and has been carried on ever since."

Ahab chased his white whale. Could a national title be GW's quest?

"Never thought of it like that," Mensah-Bonsu says.

"I don't know," Pinnock says. "Ahab got eaten by Moby Dick."

Mensah-Bonsu laughs hard and grabs Pinnock by the arm. They are cracking each other up, joyously lost in looseness and laughter.

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