Monday, August 11, 2014

Get to know you interviews with incoming players Jorgensen, Cimino and Bryant

GW has three great videos on incoming players Paul Jorgensen, Matt Cimino and Darian Bryant -- interviews by GW players with the newbie. Pretty cool stuff and a good idea. Check them out. I, for example, learned that Cimino is pronounced like "SIM-inno" rather than "sim-EENO." One thing I like is that everybody talked about academics and the location as a reason for choosing GW.

John Kopriva interviews Jorgensen:

 Nick Griffin interviews Cimino:

 Patricio Garino interviews Bryant:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whoa, is Woodrow Wilson the Nats' new racing President? (Update: Nope)

Update: I'm told this guy wear the head at local races to promote a Woodrow Wilson Bridge race. Too bad, it would be awesome if the Nats added Wilson. It's a cool head, anyway. Now back to your regular off-season GW stuff.

First off, my apologies for non-GW basketball related stuff, but this was pretty cool (and it's a president, so that sort of counts?)

My friend tagged me on an Instagram photo by Pacers, a DC running store, of what looks like a Woodrow Wilson Nationals racing president running on a track.

The style and size of the head looks similar to the others, but the runner is only wearing the head, so maybe the Nats are testing out a new one to see how it works? If you recall, folks who ran complained about the Teddy head being exceedingly difficult to run in, which is why Teddy always lost (until they rigged it.)

Here's the link to the picture on Instagram. It's not clear where it is (and of course, could just be some other random racing president, but I find that hard to believe.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wake Forest forward Tyler Cavanaugh transfers to GW -- learn more about him from a Wake blogger

You may have seen that 6'9" forward Tyler Cavanaugh announced he was transferring to GW the other day -- a great get for GW and Coach Mike Lonergan. Cavanaugh started 22 of 30 games as a sophomore at Wake and averaged 8.8 points and 3.8 boards a game.

Cavanaugh has to sit out this season due to transfer rules, but that didn't stop former GW athletics department communications and outreach guru David Earl from talking to Wake Forest blogger Robert Reinhard about Cavanaugh. Earl is starting a new podcast called Hail the Buff, and this is the first episode. Good stuff. I'll be looking forward to more.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maurice Creek signs pro contract (we're not sure where yet, though)

This is pretty awesome news: today on Twitter Mo Creek posted a picture of him signing his first pro contract with his mom. Creek, a transfer from Indiana after multiple injuries, led the Colonials in scoring this past season and helped bring the good guys to the NCAA tournament.

I couldn't be happier for him, and hope we find out soon where he'll be playing!

Here's his GWSports profile -- he was named third-team all conference last season.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Men's basketball opponents announced: 2 games vs VCU, Davidson, Mason, Duq, Rich

Basketball! It's almost here (if you consider fall 2014 almost.)

But to wet your whistle for the season, GW released the home and away opponents for the good guys: home-and-home with new conference member Davidson, plus VCU, Richmond, George Mason and Duquesne. There are also home games against UMass, Dayton, St. Bonaventure and St. Louis, and away games with the rest, Fordham, La Salle, Rhode Island and St. Joe's.

Seems like a pretty good schedule, most of the better teams the good guys will face at home.

The dates are TBD.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the Interest of (hopefully) Burgeoning Rivalries

The court case between Maryland and the ACC has had its share of ugly moments, but this just might make the whole ordeal worth it. The ACC submitted the following document during the proceedings. The document, filled with errors, simplistic phrasing, and rampant Clip Art, reads like something a student would put together at 3 A.M. the night before a presentation. Also, the entire thing is in caps. I feel like I'm being yelled at. 







Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Contract extension for Mike Lonergan

No April Fools joke here! Head coach Mike Lonergan has had his contract extended through the 2020-2021 season.

The Post has an article about it, as do most other major news sources, citing the team's 24-9 record and 14-1 record at home as part of the reason.

I couldn't be happier about this, I think Lonergan is a really good coach, shown by this year especially. I hope he stays here for a long time (and for a very cynical viewpoint, the long extension may mean teams would need to pay more to hire him away. He's a local guy, from Bowie, and has said GW is his dream job, but I suppose you never know.)

That said, the GWSports article about the extension has some great quotes from Lonergan, like this one:
"When I was hired at GW three years ago it fulfilled a career-long dream to coach at the highest level of college basketball," said Coach Lonergan. "Having had the opportunity to return to my roots and once again coach in the area where I grew up, it's now my truest hope that this will be where I retire. I'm very grateful to be able to coach this proud program, and I want to thank President Knapp, Patrick Nero, my family, friends, players, assistants and staff who have helped to make this possible."
Pretty cool!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

GW falls 71-66, but a good game and a great season

All good seasons must come to an end. It was a close game, but in the end, shooting, fouls and bench play gave Memphis the edge. That said, the entire time was a lot of fun and it was great to see the Colonials in the tournament after a few years and hanging with their opponent. The team definitely deserved to be there, and I'm proud of the team, the university, and the fans.

Memphis led the entire game, but it was back and forth with an average difference of about 5. The Tigers were never able to pull away and the Colonials have a few opportunities to tie or take the lead late in the second half.

With 2:40 to go, GW brought the game to within two. Memphis kept answering with clutch shots, but the Colonials kept coming back. Nemanja Mikic had a chance to tie up with an open three with 58 seconds to go, but he missed. Then with 15 seconds to go, Joe McDonald made an acrobatic layup to bring the game within one. After a couple of fouls and then two Memphis free throws, Maurice Creek had an opportunity to tie it with 5 seconds left, but he airballed. After that, Memphis made free throws and that was game.

For the game, the good guys shot 44.6%, while struggling at the line (14/24) and from three (2/13). If GW makes a few of those, it's a different game. Memphis were hot from outside, hitting 5 threes in the first half, and then shot 66% in the second half from the floor. Creek had some good driving moves but didn't shoot well from outside, going 2/8 from three. That said, he also proved his toughness: he was hit in the face on the first possession. The team took him to the locker room, he got 10 stitches, then returned to the game.

GW played well inside though, with Kevin Larsen and Isaiah Armwood scoring seemingly at will, with 37 points between them. However, this is where the refereeing really took effect -- the stripes called GW very closely while allowing Memphis to get away with a lot more. Colonials on offense kept getting hit under the basket when going up for putbacks, with no call, but then on the other end the good guys were called a lot. Memphis actually had more fouls, but it seemed like the more important ones went against GW -- or at least the ones that hurt their style of play the most. (CSN's Chick Hernandez and Baby Lonergan didn't like it either.)

Bench play hampered the good guys too, with GW getting outscored 25-3 off the bench. John Kopriva had the 3 points, playing well in 10 minutes.

That said, with all the negatives, it was a fun, exciting game. The team hang close and played hard.

The fans were also amazing. GW fans outnumbered the Memphis fans and were exponentially louder. The lower student section stood the whole time, as usual, and kept the volume up and the crowd engaged the whole time.

Athletic Director Patrick Nero deserves special praise too -- the stadium ushers kept hassling the GW fans (mostly students) close to the court, and Nero constantly defended them. At first, an usher came down and was questioning the girl who leads the Colonial Army cheers. They actually kicked her out, but she returned shortly thereafter. The ushers came back 4 or 5 times, asking students for their tickets, kicking a few out (who returned shortly thereafter,) and most bizarrely of all, trying to get them to sit down. Nero defended the students to the ushers and in the end prevailed, the ushers left, nobody was kicked out and everybody kept standing. A very strange scene, and lucky that Nero and other staff were sitting next to the students. (Also in the section was women's coach Jonathan Tsipis and the Lonergan family, and I got on the jumbotron going nuts for like a minute straight during a break.)

The pregame events and fun were also well-done by GW. The first event, a send-off for the team at the Hilton, had a huge crowd. The team got a great reception as they boarded the bus, with the band, cheer team and tons of excited fans. The second event was an alumni event in the box overlooking NC State's football stadium, with free drinks and food. Nicely organized all around.

It was also great to see some of the crowd in Raleigh. On Thursday I hung out with Igor... not Yegor, Totti and Bigfan, and at the Friday events I ran into founder Herve, plus BCD and a few other guys. I also saw a lot of my friends from school and fellow season ticket holders. Great to see that kind of turnout and camaraderie.

So while the Colonials didn't win in the end, the game was fun and the experience was great. I look forward to next year and I'm proud of everybody -- the players, the team, the staff and the fans.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Putting the College in College Basketball: Your Drinking Guide to GW's Second-Round Game

Not making the trip out to Raleigh to see the Colonials play the Memphis Tigers? Need some pre-game ideas for your Friday night? Throughout GW’s March Madness run, Colonial Hoops will provide some info on each upcoming match-up, presented, of course, in the form of some, uh, recreational activities. We remind you to drink responsibly/don’t sue us.

Level 1, Freshman

Yeah you've had a few months of liver damage under your belt by now, but tolerance, like most things, is relative. Let’s pace ourselves a bit.

Drink if:
Patricio Garino records a steal. Garino has averaged 1.6 of them per game this season, and his length at the top of GW’s 1-3-1 zone disrupts the opposing offense and forces turnovers. Memphis really plays through their guards, and Garino’s effort at the top of the zone or in man will help dictate the flow of the game on that end.

Joe McDonald pulls down a rebound. Possibly the A-10’s toughest player, McDonald has played through a hip injury for most of conference play. At 6’1”, McDonald also records 4.6 boards per game, third on the team behind the Larsen-Armwood front line. McDonald is going to find himself matched up with Jackson or Dixon, Memphis’ leading scorers, for much of the night. Neither is especially stout defensively, but will be difficult to contain on the other end. With Savage’s health up in the air, McDonald will draw a tough assignment Friday night.

Chug if:
Memphis does something ridiculous on a fast break. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Memphis is a good defensive team, and GW does have a bad turnover habit. Add some creative passers and athletic forwards, and baby, you've got a stew going. Don’t let that dishearten you if it happens, Colonial faithful. Just drink and forget.

Level 2, Second-Semester Senior

Alright I get it. You have three classes this semester, and you couldn't care less. You've been at this whole drinking thing for a while.

Drink if:
Either team misses a free throw. I’m not sure if anyone else caught that NC State-St. Louis game, but it was a clinic on missing shots that are completely unguarded. The teams were a combined 32-63 from the charity stripe, an abysmal 50.8%. For comparison, the much-maligned Dwight Howard is a career 57.5% foul shooter. That means two teams of Dwight Howards would have probably shot a higher percentage. Things may be even worse in Raleigh. GW and Memphis shoot a cumulative 65.1%, but a perfect storm of ineptitude could create an even worse display Friday night. Approach this with caution.

Mo Creek hits a three. Besides the maturation of last season’s freshman class, the most important aspect of GW’s turnaround this season lies in its much improved three-point shooting, which has increased to 36.9%. Nemanja Mikic has returned to form, and McDonald has nearly shot 40% from beyond the arc in limited attempts. But the story of the season has been the play of Indiana transfer Maurice Creek. Creek attempts over six threes per game and hits them at a rate of over 40%. This improved floor spacing has allowed Larsen and Armwood more room to work on the block, and also helps create space for McDonald and Garino to attack the basket. The Colonials are 17-1 when they hit over 35% of their threes. They’re only 7-7 when contained below that mark. Outside shooting has become a huge part of this team’s identity, and the ability to make the three will play a huge role in GW’s prospects on Friday and, hopefully, the rest of March.

Chug if:
Armwood pulls down a contested rebound. Watching Zeek around the basket has been a treat. The guy sort of devours rebounds. He has these long legs that fly in two different directions when he jumps. He uses the full length of his wingspan to grab the ball and corrals it in his chest. He’s an agile, long force at the rim that perfectly characterizes the team’s defensive identity.

I am become Zeek, destroyer of boards

Deciding if a rebound is in fact contested is difficult, as it has a specific definition. However, it’s hard to tell from your couch if an opponent is within 3.5 feet of Zeek when he grabs a board. Instead, let’s go with the Potter Stewart approach: “I know it when I see it.”

Level 3, Grad Student

Am I boring you? I’m sorry if I’m boring you. The only thing higher than your debt is your tolerance. You look down on the neophytes drinking Natties around you. You’ve been playing this game so far with what appears to be pure ethanol. You make Jim Irsay look like a child. How are you even alive?

Chug if:
The announcers mention any mid-major vs. major drama. This includes Coach K’s comments on the A-10, Shaka Smart’s response, and anything related to the A-10 over-performing. After Thursday, the A-10 is 2-1 in the tournament, with only St. Joe’s losing in overtime to a dark-horse UConn team. VCU should avoid everyone’s favorite 12-5 upset, though UMass has a tougher assignment against Tennessee. Regardless, the A-10 deserved to have six teams in the tournament, and the media will milk Coach K’s comments for all they’re worth.

The camera cuts to Coach Lonergan wearing his patented “bemused-but-also-disappointed-dad” look. Coach Lonergan has been known to don this visage in the event of a botched call, a correct call, or an unforced turnover. Players and referees alike cannot escape his half-smirking face and biting remarks. 

More angry than bemused, but this is also an acceptable time to drink. Other acceptable times to drink: any and all

In all seriousness, Coach deserves a ton of credit for turning this program around, though he would be the last to accept it. He built a core for sustained success the past few years and has engaged in creative lineup tweaks to keep the team competitive through injuries this season.

GW wins. This is for everybody actually. Everyone should drink if GW wins.

How cool and appropriate is this picture? Credit to this man

Friday will see two equally matched teams go against each other. Both teams are poor from the free-throw line. Both teams turn the ball over too much. Both teams are aggressive defensively. This is going to be an ugly match-up. This is going to be close. Fortunately, GW has grown accustomed to playing ugly, close games. Should be fun. 
You can get college basketball tickets here.