Thursday, December 11, 2014

School up the Street fans do clever thing: Duck Hunt-inspired tifo (fan skit)

Now, far be it from me to praise Georgetown about something, but this is pretty awesome: they made a Duck Hunt-inspired tifo (fan choreography, basically) showing a light gun shooting down a Kansas Jayhawk, then the bulldog retrieving it, like in the game.

Pretty clever. Colonial Army, got any funny ideas?

A video posted by Pam (@reddusfoximus) on
Of course, Georgetown lost, so there's that. Some players wore "I can't breathe" shirts as well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby steps towards GW vs Georgetown in men's hoops?

GW vs Georgetown, 1923
It's been more than 30 years since the Colonials played those guys up the hill, the Hoyas, but a hopeful article from CSN's Ben Standig hints that maybe our two teams might actually play at some point in the future. Perhaps.

Standig talks to both coaches, who aren't opposed -- Lonergan is excited about while John Thompson III said he was "not opposed." Patrick Nero hinted on Twitter that he'd like to play, but it's not clear if the Georgetown athletic director, Lee Reed, is opposed or just didn't comment.

The two teams have played each other 94 times, which until a few years ago was the most for each against any opponent -- since then, Georgetown has played conference rivals St. John's and Seton Hall more. It's still the most for both schools against any non-conference team, however, despite the last game being in 1981. The other guys lead the series 54-39, but old timers on will argue that Georgetown stopped the series after a few GW wins.

Standig also notes the 2.1 mile distance between schools and the long, long time since the game, and mentions ultimately unsuccessful chatter about Georgetown facing GW at the BB&T Classic, or making it a truly local tournament. It's great that the Hoyas are at the BB&T, facing Towson, especially considering it benefits Children's Charities, but a GW-Georgetown game there would be incredible -- both for the fans and for the charity. It's also too bad Maryland left after losing to GW -- it was a great rivalry, and again, it's for charity! (And I almost forgot the BB&T is this Saturday, more on that to come this week.)

Anyway, let's hope.

(Also, that great photo is GW-Georgetown football game in 1923, from Shorpy. The "Hilltoppers" as they were then known beat the "Hatchetites" 20-0.)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

GW trounces Bloomsburg 89-47, freshmen look good

GW vs Bloomsburg (exhibition)

It was an exhibition game against a school I hadn't heard of before, but 89-47 is never a bad thing.

Despite big problems with turnovers (GW had 21) the good guys played well offensively and pretty good defensively, with six players in double figures and long looks at the many freshmen on the team.

Freshman forward Yuta Watanabe impressed especially -- the big man from Kagawa, Japan (via St. Thomas More School in Connecticut) was fast, passed well, shot well from midrange and outside, and on one tremendous rebound, showed he can leap out of the gym. He finished with 12 points and 8 boards, including a three, and hustled: at one point he tossed a half court pass on a fast break then ran to be in position for the rebound. He also blocked three shots. He is pretty skinny, however, and was occasionally manhandled down low -- he'll need to work on that. I'm excited to see more of him.

The other freshmen impressed in places too: Darian Bryant, a 220 pound 6'4" guard (my friend said he was built like Carl Elliott) was fearless, attacking the rim and making some nice moves to score. He finished with 13 points and 4 boards. Point guard Paul Jorgensen is very quick and has a good handle, but occasionally dribbled himself into trouble. He also dribbled himself out of trouble again, and finished with 3 assists and 5 rebounds, only shooting once. Anthony Swan, a lanky 6'7" forward, didn't play a ton but was efficient: 10 points in 7 minutes, including an impressive, acrobatic layup on a break. Matt Cimino, the 6'10", 213 pound forward, collected 10 rebounds but had some trouble on inbounds plays when Bloomsburg pressed. He also looked a bit confused occasionally, but then again he's a freshman in an exhibition game, that's to be expected.

That wasn't just Cimino though, the team as a whole struggled with inbounds plays, often passing from big to big and turning it over. They'll need to work on that. The team was a bit cavalier with the ball, sometimes making ill advised passed or dribbling into the corners, but they also attacked the passing lanes for 9 steals.

As for the rest of the team, they looked like last year, which is to say pretty good. Kevin Larsen was the KevLar we remember, making a lot of nice post moves to score 11, and also had 4 rebounds and 5 assists, mostly on nice passes out of the post or to an open player when he was double-teamed. Patricio Garino delivered a couple of nice dunks and scored 16, plus 4 assists and 3 steals, as he is wont to do. Joe McDonald had a quieter game, only scoring with a couple of minutes to go, but did have 6 assists. Kethan Savage had 10 points and 4 boards, but also 5 turnovers. John Kopriva, who will need to step up this season as the only other non-freshman big man, had a sold game, a quiet 11 points and 7 boards.  If he does that every game, it would be fantastic.

The team as a whole shot 66% from the floor versus 24.2% from Bloomsburg, but only some of that can be attributed to GW's pressure. Often it seemed the Huskies' offense was running the Colonials all over the court for open looks, just failing to knock them down. GW only shot 2 for 8 from three, which may be a problem all year, and was 17/28 (61%) from the line -- something else that we hope improves. That said, the good guys also had 21 assists on 35 made baskets, which is nice to see. Here's the box score and recap.

It's an exhibition game, and there's a lot of room for improvement, but considering it was the first game for half the team, I'm pretty pleased.

The team starts their regular season on Friday at 7 pm against Grambling.

Other notes:

30-second shot clock: The game was played with a 30-second shot clock, something the entire Atlantic 10 is doing during their exhibition games.

Concessions: There's now a small third snack bar on the main level selling drinks, chips, candy, a few hot dogs. The downstairs snack bars have upgraded options, including a pretty tasty southwest turkey wrap, nachos (with optional pulled pork), a grilled chicken sandwich, pulled pork BBQ sandwich, waffle fries and more. I look forward to trying the nachos -- the waffles fries were tasty, but it's hard to go wrong with waffle fries. They also have some fancier candy and chips, like gourmet chocolate and chips, along with the usual Snickers, Skittles, etc.

Pops on the radio: Pops Mensah-Bonsu is now the color man on Federal News Radio, along with main commentator Byron Kerr.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Colonials Invasion is tonight! Kickoff GW's season at the Smith Center

It's time again, all -- the season is starting. Tonight is Colonials Invasion, when the good guys have a big party and hold a dunk contest. Here's more info! Go!

Click on Live Events tab above video player, then GW Colonials Invasion on right side of video player

Join the GW men's and women's basketball teams, gymnastics, Capital Funk, Bhangra, the Spirit Program and more at the Smith Center as we kick off Colonials Weekend and get the 2014-15 basketball season underway. The night will be filled with performances, giveaways and more.
Doors will open at 8 p.m. and all fans can enter through the main entrance of the Smith Center on 22nd Street, between G and F Streets NW.


All Colonials fans are invited to attend Colonials Invasion and it is a FREE event for all! We encourage students, parents, faculty and staff to come out to the Smith Center to help us celebrate GW Athletics and school spirit.

What To Expect

  • Introduction to the GW men's and women's basketball teams
    Performances by:
  • The GW gymnastics team
  • The Cheer Team and First Ladies
  • Capital Funk
  • GW Bhangra
  • The Voice Gospel Choir
  • GW Band
    Contests and Giveaways hosted by the Colonial Army
  • The annual men's basketball dunk contest
  • Fun, music and more!
For questions or more information, please call 202.994.7670 or email

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the men's basketball team on Oct. 25, scrimmage, Q&A

This is pretty awesome: GW is hosting a Meet the Team event on Saturday, October 25, with a lunch with players and staff, a scrimmage, and a Q&A with Coach Mike Lonergan and his staff. And it's free! Click the image for the full version and you can RSVP here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Quick (literally) video of GW practicing -- 56 days to go!

It's 56 days until GW starts their season! And the athletic department posted a quick video of practice, sped up just a little bit.

I'm excited! How about you?

Hat tip to GWHoopsters for the video

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Atlantic 10 tournament coming to Verizon Center in 2018!

Well, this is pretty awesome! The Atlantic 10 announced that the men's conference tournament will be at the Verizon Center in 2018. It's in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center until 2016, then Pittsburgh in 2017. Here's the link to GW's press release about it. That means we not only get to see lots of basketball, there's presumably a home court advantage for the good guys.

AD Patrick Nero and coach Mike Lonergan are pleased (for good reason!)
"The announcement of the 2018 men's basketball championship coming to D.C., just days after the news of our record number of national television games ahead in 2014-15, is yet another sign of the strong, upward trajectory of our program and conference, and should be very pleasing to our fans both locally and across the country," said George Washington Director of Athletics Patrick Nero. "This is an incredible city to live in and to visit, and we're thrilled that D.C. will play host to this marquee event."

"Having grown up locally I have great memories of watching basketball games at the many venues around the city and in the area," said Head Men's Basketball Coach Mike Lonergan. "To have this opportunity to compete for a championship at Verizon Center in front of our loyal fan base, family and friends will be very special for me. I've always thought that the best high school basketball in the country is played in the DMV, so having the A-10 Championship here should aid our efforts to recruit locally and be attractive to players who can now try to win a championship at home."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Get to know you interviews with incoming players Jorgensen, Cimino and Bryant

GW has three great videos on incoming players Paul Jorgensen, Matt Cimino and Darian Bryant -- interviews by GW players with the newbie. Pretty cool stuff and a good idea. Check them out. I, for example, learned that Cimino is pronounced like "SIM-inno" rather than "sim-EENO." One thing I like is that everybody talked about academics and the location as a reason for choosing GW.

John Kopriva interviews Jorgensen:

 Nick Griffin interviews Cimino:

 Patricio Garino interviews Bryant:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whoa, is Woodrow Wilson the Nats' new racing President? (Update: Nope)

Update: I'm told this guy wear the head at local races to promote a Woodrow Wilson Bridge race. Too bad, it would be awesome if the Nats added Wilson. It's a cool head, anyway. Now back to your regular off-season GW stuff.

First off, my apologies for non-GW basketball related stuff, but this was pretty cool (and it's a president, so that sort of counts?)

My friend tagged me on an Instagram photo by Pacers, a DC running store, of what looks like a Woodrow Wilson Nationals racing president running on a track.

The style and size of the head looks similar to the others, but the runner is only wearing the head, so maybe the Nats are testing out a new one to see how it works? If you recall, folks who ran complained about the Teddy head being exceedingly difficult to run in, which is why Teddy always lost (until they rigged it.)

Here's the link to the picture on Instagram. It's not clear where it is (and of course, could just be some other random racing president, but I find that hard to believe.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wake Forest forward Tyler Cavanaugh transfers to GW -- learn more about him from a Wake blogger

You may have seen that 6'9" forward Tyler Cavanaugh announced he was transferring to GW the other day -- a great get for GW and Coach Mike Lonergan. Cavanaugh started 22 of 30 games as a sophomore at Wake and averaged 8.8 points and 3.8 boards a game.

Cavanaugh has to sit out this season due to transfer rules, but that didn't stop former GW athletics department communications and outreach guru David Earl from talking to Wake Forest blogger Robert Reinhard about Cavanaugh. Earl is starting a new podcast called Hail the Buff, and this is the first episode. Good stuff. I'll be looking forward to more.

You can get college basketball tickets here.