Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tonight: SLU

GW plays Saint Louis University, and it should be a close one. the Saint Lunatics have some good guards and ok perimeter shooting. They're 12-6 and 3-1 in conference wins their best wins over Richmond and a mediocre Nebraska team. They have three guys scoring in double figures, including newly-eligible Cody Ellis. Herve's preview has GW winning by 1, which could mean anything, and SLU folks are split. The Post has a preview too, which is pretty cool.

The main things I think GW needs to do to stop this losing streak (to Xavier, La Salle, Richmond and Dayton) is get some scoring and a functional offense -- they've reverted to the old pass-it-around-the-perimeter-and-hope-somebody-does-something offense, which never works. Hopefully Damian Hollis gets more time today

Plus SLU fans include this guy, who is hilarious. Max thinks it's not a real guy at all but a joke at the expense of SLU fans, while I just think he's an idiot.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Remember Nigel Munson? He's going to UDC

Doh. Nigel Munson, the Dematha star who tried to transfer from Virginia Tech to GW but was barred from doing so by Tech coach/jerk Seth Greenberg, has ended up at UDC.

Greenberg had already lost Wynton Witherspoon to GW, so maybe he just got fed up. Some Tech fans claimed tampering, but no evidence ever came out. Too bad for Munson, who had a promising basketball future and basically seemed to get the shaft from Greenberg, as UDC is a struggling program -- they only had 5 players suit up last game, and one got hurt, meaning they played with 4.

Interstingly, there's no mention of Tech on his UDC profile.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Want to see Karl Hobbs tape his TV show?

This is pretty cool -- Karl Hobbs has a new TV show on MASN, and the tapings are open to the public. They're every Monday at 4:30 pm at the ESPN Zone downtown (12th and E NW) and they air Friday at 1 pm -- set your DVRs. Here's the press release:
George Washington’s head basketball coach, Karl Hobbs, will be taping his new show “The Karl Hobbs Show” at ESPN Zone today at 4:30 p.m. Colonial fans are invited to attend the taping while Coach Hobbs talks about the team and discusses upcoming games and strategies. Players will make guest appearances at the upcoming tapings which are scheduled for Monday, January 25 and Monday, February 1 at 4:30 p.m.

Friday, January 15, 2010

GW dropping close games

It's been a crummy week for GW basketball fans -- after being up as much as 11 on Xavier, the Musketeers go on a 20-1 run to beat GW at the Smith Center.

Then after leading for most of the game against LaSalle, the Explorers went up late. GW forced a five-second violation to get ball back down 1 with 8 seconds to go, but then Travis King got the ball and dribbled out, missing a three to win it. I believe this GWHoops thread says it all "What kind of play was that!?!" Something else odd was that Lasan Kromah wasn't on the court towards the end, and Hobbs was angry when a reporter asked him why, despite Kromah going 4/9 from the floor.

The Xavier game is disappointing but not too surprising, considering Xavier is always a strong team. GW just fell apart inside towards the end, unable to rebound or stop them down low, and that was that.

The La Salle game, however, is tougher. GW probably should have won, and there's nothing that really sticks out from watching on TV and the box score -- in fact GW leads in most things -- which to me means they just got beat, a lack of effort. La Salle was without one of their best players, yet GW allowed them to shoot 46% for the game. Aaron Ware and Damian Hollis played well, otherwise, nuttin.

Hopefully the Hatchet headline is a sign of things to come: Hobbs hopes to learn from close losses. And at least there was a Post article about the La Salle game.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pops off the Raptors, but sings "Oh Canada"

Too bad for Pops, who was waived by the Raptors. It's as we thought with says "I'm told there are European clubs dangling contracts in front of him that may prove to be lucrative and there is a chance other NBA teams might have some interest." On, poster buffandblue_2 said "talked to the big man today, said that Memphis and Atlanta are looking at him right now. Hopefully he latches on somewhere." -- so let's hope!

Before then, he had a good time during the singing of "O Canada."

We wish the best for Pops. With a personality, work ethic, and talent like his, he'll do alright.

As he tweeted, "It's a business." You can't say any more than that without wasting your breath.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Take that, Saint. GW beats Bona 78-71

Just when I was readying a post on Lasan Kromah's slump (below), he explodes for 23 points as GW beats the Oleanders 78-71. Kromah hit 5/7 from three and 9/11 from the floor total. Damian Hollis added 12 points and 7 boards while Opoku, Katuka, Bynes and Ware all had 8 points. Looks like everybody performed well, as I've seen kudos on GWHoops for Katuka, Opoku, and Jabari Edwards (especially defensively). Folks are calling those three the "three-headed monster" and together they had 16 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks.

It sounds like an exciting game, as GW was down 67-63 with 3:33 to go. GW played solid defense all around (42% from the floor at 4/20 from three) and GW shot nearly 70% in the second half.

Here's more from the Hatchet, and GWHoops. There's a bunch of photos from the Bonaventure site.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lasan Kromah -- slump no longer

As you may have noticed, super freshman Lasan Kromah had cooled off quite a bit. His points and shooting were down -- in fact, he hadn't made a three since the 12/12 game against Towson, going 0/12 from three and 6/31 from the floor until the Bonaventure, where he scored 23 and 5/7 from three. Below is a chart showing his minutes, points, and FG and 3pt percentages until before the Bona game.

This kind of reminds me of Greg Collucci in the 2001-2002 season. He started off super hot, hitting 8 threes against Yale and 7 against Navy in the BB&T Classic, where he was named to the all-BB&T team. Then teams started to focus on him and his scoring dropped precipitously. Kromah, however, is a much more complete player, and now (knock on wood) he's out of the slump.

GW clobbers Howard; Tonight at St. Bona's

As is frequently their wont, GW played down to Howard (pictured right) in the first half, with the Bison helped by some crazy three point shooting (including one shot clock-beater from almost half court). However, in the second half GW turned it on, making good stops and playing much better offense to run away with it, 81-63.

In the first half, the Colonials shot 37%, scoring 36 and in the second 65%, scoring 45. All three point attempts came in the first, so maybe that was a halftime adjustment. They forced 20 Howard turnovers to go with only 9 themselves, and GW was 27/35 from the free throw line, mainly on fouls during driving the lane. Nice to see that.

Damian Hollis, as usual, had a good game with 18 and 8, while Tony Taylor scored 13. Dwayne Smith had 9, Katuka had 8, and Opoku had 7. Lasan Kromah continued to slump, scoring 3 of 1/6 shooting. Hope he gets out of the funk.

The main negative was that Howard shot 12/24 from three and outrebounded GW 32-31. But hey, GW kicked butt, so who cares. Here's GWSports and the GWHoops crew on it.

As for St. Bonaventure (pictured left), this isn't the cupcake of old. They're solid at home, only losing by one to St. John's and beating everybody else. On the road, not so much, but we'll see. GWHoopsters are divided on if GW wins or not, so we'll see. Here's Herve's predictions.

First conference game!
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