Friday, February 29, 2008

Saturday: at Xavier

This is gonna be a tough one. GW faces #9 in the nation Xavier at the Cintas Center. I don't expect a win, obviously, but GW has been playing well lately, winning three in a row. Those teams were mostly on their way down, however, and X is on their way up - 24-4 and 12-1 in the A-10.

The game is at 7 pm and says it will be on CN8 in DC and CSTV-R (regional). Herve points out they have a live stream too, so you may be able to see it online. Hopefully this game will actually spawn a Post article.

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--GW preview
--Xavier preview
--Statsheet preview

Hobbs cheers after the URI game

Hobbs crop
Originally uploaded by squidpants

Snapped this with my cameraphone. Note the buff jerseys too.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whither Miles Beatty?

As some have noticed, Miles hasn't played in awhile. The Hatchet reported that Beatty was suspended for a violation of an undisclosed team rule, and the rumor at GWhoops was that he wasn't getting along with Hobbs or wasn't happy or something. Details are sketchy. I liked the kid in the brief time he played, so it'd be too bad for him to leave.

Hatchet sports editor Joanna Shapes talked to him at the URI game, and he said he wasn't happy with how the season was going (who is?) but that he's happy being on the team and at GW.

That GWHoops thread has more too, and in this thread, george the hippo hunter says he has heard it's beyond Hobbs or Beatty's control, which to me could mean some kind of issue with the NCAA or the athletic department (or grades, who knows.) But that's all speculation, rumor, innuendo, etc.

More rumors - a new GWHoops poster claims to have talked to Beatty's high school coach, Bob Hurley (yes, Bobby Hurley's dad), and he says Hurley told him Miles will transfer. He says "The official announcement will come sometime in early May just before finals." Other posters don't buy it.

Three in a Row. GW 85-URI 68

Wearing buff jerseys and undershirts, GW came out hot and Noel Willmore was the second coming of Greg Collucci as the Colonials outran the Rams 85-68. Thanks to aggressive offense and defense and excellent three point shooting, GW leapt out to a 49-25 lead at half. They lost some momentum in the second half but managed to keep clear, even when URI got as close as 13.

Noel Willmore scored 24 on 7 threes and Damian Hollis added 22 and 8 boards. For the game, GW was 13/27 from three. Rob Diggs didn't have a good offensive game, but still grabbed 11 boards. GW also had 18 assists versus 7 turnovers - one of the best margins this year. Reece Rice had 6 assists and no turnovers, but was only 2/8 from the floor. He did, however, show flashes of the old, confident Maureece.

GW's defense was strong too, holding URI to 23% shooting in the first half and 35% for the game, and swiping 7 steals.

GW is now 9-14 and 5-8 in the A-10, still second to last. URI is 20-9 and 6-8.

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--Post (very bottom).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tonight: Rhode Island

Tonight at 7:30, GW faces the Rams of Rhode Island at the Smith Center. Rhody was ranked earlier in the year and doing well, but has fallen on hard times, going 6-7 in conference, losing four in a row. So much for four A-10 teams in the NCAAs - thanks, you smallest state jerks.

Their last four games, Rhody has given up 90, 98, 81 and 92 points. Maybe this won't be so bad. Then again, who knows.

There's also an alumni tailgate at the Alumni House. $22 for food, beer and ticket, or $10 for just food and beer.

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--GWSports preview
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Colonial Breakfast Bits

Breakfast time. Here's a few tidbits.

--GW baseball will play the first ever game at the new Nationals ballpark, against St. Joe's. The game is Saturday, March 22. Nats owner Ted Lerner is a GW alum.

--Nice article on Rob Diggs' family at NBC4. Make sure you watch the video too.

--Have you voted for Sarah-Jo Lawrence yet?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yinka Dare Video

Fantastic. Love all that early 90s stuff.

Yinka has a nice fade, plus bonus Adama Kah footage.

Here's Wikipedia's Yinka page.

GW 59-Richmond 53

Apologies for the delay, it's been busy in the secret underground lair that is Colonial Hoops HQ. Starting the game down 14-4, GW played tough defense and got to the line a lot, erasing the deficit and pulling away in the second half. Rob Diggs was his usual beastly self, scoring 18 in the first half (for 20 total), running all over the court and hustling, and Damian Hollis picked it up in the second, scoring 16, including 10/10 from the foul line.

Nobody could shoot (both teams were below 40%) and the refs were bad, but bad on both sides - it was make-up call city out there. Cheyenne Moore was a bit frustrating (two missed monster dunks) and young-Regis-Koundjia-like, but made up for it by being clutch from the line, hitting 7/8, including 5 towards the end of the game. And GW was 0/12 from three - no free pizzas for us.

Mo Rice and Wynton Witherspoon were both 1/7 from the floor, although Wynton and especially Xavier Alexander were solid on D. GW trapped a lot, and it worked well - 15 Richmond turnovers versus 8 assists. Unfortunately Richmond's trapping defense worked well too, causing a few big turnovers in the second half. And GW alum and former Virginia governor Mark Warner was at the game (and sitting in the cheap seats) so there's something.

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--GWSports article
--Hatchet recap
--Hatchet analysis

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GW 80 - St. Bonaventure 71

Book your tickets for San Antonio! Ok, maybe not. And maybe not Atlantic City. But GW at least avoided being last place in the conference, topping the Bonnies and ending the 10 game road winless streak in Olean, NY. Olean is never an easy place to play, and that's not just because it's in the middle of nowhere - the Bona fans get riled up.

It was a good game offensively, with the team shooting 54.5% from the floor and 52% from three, hitting 13 treys. Mo Rice ended his 2 points over three games run, scoring 17 on 4/8 shooting including 3/6 from three point land and 6/6 from the stripe. Not bad. Damian Hollis also had 17 on 6/8, 3/4, and 2/2, all in front of his dad, who played at St. B's and had his jersey retired before the game. Pretty classy of Bonaventure to do that. Also for GW, Noel Willmore looked like early season Greg Collucci, hitting 5/10 three pointers, and Rob Diggs added 12 points.

The Bonnies shot 42% and only 24% from three, and GW outrebounded them by 3. GW had the lead to start the game and held on the whole time. Nice. That makes GW two for their last three games (although also two for the last ten, so hey). The only negatives for the game is that GW got beat on the offensive boards 15-9 and had 15 turnovers (but also 15 assists).

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--Hatchet article and photos
--Hatchet on Hollis

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hail to the Buff

GW beat Bonaventure. George Washington always wins. See:

Stay tuned for a more thorough GW-Bona game recap tomorrow.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday: St. Bonaventure

Bona stinks, even more than GW at this point. No, really! GW is 2-8 in conference (next to last place), while Bona is 1-8 in conference (last place). The Bonnies are 5-4 at home and 7-16 overall, not really stellar numbers. Then again, GW is 0-10 on the road. That's Washington Generals-esque.

This is an important one for GW to get close to qualifying for the A-10 tourney in Atlantic City, and the Colonials must control big man Michael Lee, who scores 17 and gets 8 boards a game. (Stopping guard Zarryon Fereti, who gets 14.4 and 4 and whose name sounds like a villain in Star Trek, would help too.) Do that, and there's a chance. If not, just remind yourself about the $10 million gift for the Smith Center. Mmmm, money.

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--GWSports game notes
--Stats comparison

Thursday, February 14, 2008

$10 Million Donation to Upgrade Smith Center

In the single largest gift ever to the University, the Charles E. Smith and Kogod families have donated $10 million to upgrade the Smith Center. GW plans to raise an additional $15 million for it.

The press release says the money will go to "an academic center for student-athletes, improved general admission and club seating in the basketball arena, new locker rooms, remodeled office space to centralize athletic operations including those currently located elsewhere on campus, enhanced athletic training and weight room facilities, and a renovated natatorium (pool area)."

There will also be upgrades to the outside, "The exterior concepts include a dynamic new main entrance along 22nd Street, which will present a revitalized box office and concession concourse, and a new VIP entrance along F Street."

New concession stands! Does that mean no more terrible hot dogs!?

UPDATE: Spoke with GW spokesperson Tracy Schario, who said "The seating will be improved. However the total seats will remain around 5,000."

UPDATE 2: I asked Schario about food: "While there are no specific plans about food at this point, the overall goal is to improve concessions – atmosphere and food services."

The Hatchet wrote about the Smith Center a few months ago (and even quoted me).

The Kogods have previously given money to American U and elsewhere.

Older articles after the jump:

--Hatchet from last April
--Hatchet from last September

Payback. SLU 63 - GW 38

I'm glad this game wasn't at the Smith Center. GW dropped to 0-10 on the road, 6-14, and 2-8 in conference. Geez. The team shot a miserable 26.8% from the floor and had 6 assists, while SLU was 14/28 from three. Bryce Husak and Dwayne Polk combined for 27 while the Billikens' leading scorers Kevin Lisch and Tommie Liddell added 18 total.

Rob Diggs scored 14 to lead GW, but on only 5/14 shooting and he only got 2 boards. Xavier Alexander had 6 boards and 3 points and Cheyenne Moore got 8 points and 5 boards, second best on the team in both categories. Johnny Lee started, played 31 minutes, and got 5 boards. Wha?

Something else that stuck out, Mo Rice broke his 2+ game scoreless streak, making one basket, but also only played 21 minutes. Over the last 6 games he's averaged 6.3 points, only once scoring in double figures, and his minutes are dropping. I wonder what's up? Is he hurt? In Hobbs' doghouse? Just not wanting to play?

GW plays Bonaventure in Olean, NY on Saturday. Maybe GW can break that road loss streak. Maybe.

Stats and charts after the jump

--GWsports recap
--Hatchet article
--Hatchet analysis

Mo Rice's minutes and points this year:

And Mo Rice's stats the past four years:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tonight: at SLU

The men face SLU tonight at the Scottrade Center in Saint Louie. We know what happened the last time GW played SLU. Since then, the Billikens have gone 4-4, beating Rhode Island and UMass and losing to Dayton twice.

Basically the same stuff rings true - keep Kevin Lisch and Tommie Liddell under control and don't let Bryce Husak dominate down low. If SLU shoots 15% again, that would probably help.

As a team, SLU is shooting worse in conference than out (42% vs 45%), but otherwise their stats are pretty similar to conference play. Hopefully GW can get continue to get strong play from Rob Diggs and Wynton Witherspoon, and maybe Mo Rice will get out of that funk.

Then again, the St. Lunatics might be looking for revenge after that historically bad game. And GW is 0-9 on the road this season.

The game will be on WRGW radio, 1050 AM.

Preview and stats after the jump:

--GWSports preview
--The SLU site doesn't mention the beating in their preview.
--A history of GW vs SLU
--Just for fun, here's the game flow from the last GW-SLU game

Monday, February 11, 2008

Vote for Sarah-Jo

GW women's star Sarah-Jo Lawrence is up for the Lowe's Senior Class Award, for the best on and off the court senior. She's up against some big names, but is so far in the lead. Vote early and often!

Rob Diggs and Mo Rice's Top Play

Here it is, the Top Play on Sportscenter, Rob Diggs' dunk of Mo Rice's alley-oop

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wow, we won! GW 57 - Dayton 54

In the face of tons of Dayton fans at the Smith Center, Wynton Witherspoon hit a three with 1.9 seconds to go to give GW the win, 57-54. For the second straight game, Mo Rice didn't score, but Rob Diggs got a career high 29 points, plus 11 boards, and Wynton Witherspoon added 19 and 7 boards.

GW's defense was tough all game, with the Flyers shooting 36% from the floor and 22% from three, 4/18. The team seemed to have more energy, pressing and trapping, and Xavier Alexander stood out, forcing turnovers and getting steals - he had to account for something like 7. GW was up ten at one point in the first half, and the lead seesawed for most of the game, with Dayton up a little in the middle of the second half. GW also shot 26 free throws, with Diggs taking 14, hitting 11.

Diggs played with a vengeance in the game, and was pretty much unstoppable. After the game he said "I got tired of us losing. I just tried to play to my ability and do what I can to help us win." Hobbs attributed the win to the players' attitude. "The players really wanted to redeem themselves. They may not admit it, but I think they were a little embarrassed by their last performance. They felt like they let the students down...They wanted to give a great effort and were able to do it."

More recap, links, and box score after the jump.

There were a ton of Flyers fans in attendance, but the students also showed up in force, being loud and rowdy all game, which was nice to see. There were very few at the La Salle debacle. The cheerleaders also threw out shirts, which I haven't seen in awhile, and blog friend Rory was clearly taking notes after Max's cash crawl, getting $64, a record.

Miles Beatty got some time, which was good to see, and Mo Rice only shot 4 times, missing them all. Hobbs said he's in a bit of a shooting slump, but Rice did get 6 assists, which was good to see. Johnny Lee actually played more time than Rice, and was pretty good. Cheyenne Moore didn't get off the bench.

There were some nasty alley-oops too, like Mo Rice throwing it off the backboard and Diggs dunking it. It wasn't really showboaty, it was more like Rice got tangled up and half shot it, half passed it. Pretty impressive. It was Sportscenter's top play too.
--GWSports article

Friday, February 8, 2008

Time Change for Tomorrow's Game

Thanks to Brendan, I learned that the Dayton game tomorrow is at 7 pm, not 2 pm as it says on the printed schedules and tickets and stuff. The game was moved because it'll be on CSTV.

Will GW win and end the 7-game losing streak? Err, umm. Dayton was ranked earlier in the year after beating Pitt and Louisville but is only 4-4 in conference and 16-5 overall. They feature shooter Brian Roberts at 18.8 points per game and a bunch of other contributors.

Bar Review: Tonic

Old and New
Originally uploaded by bvrdc
There's a new place to drink on campus - Tonic. Located in the Quigley's building at 21st and G, it's a branch of the Mount Pleasant favorite of the same name. The name even fits, as Quigley's used to be a pharmacy and soda shop, a focal point of the campus in the sock hop days.

The owners brought some of the good stuff down from MtP with them - good atmosphere, tasty grub, and tater tots. And the best part is the happy hour - from 5 to 7 Monday-Friday it's half price drafts and 50 cent (delicious) wings. You know what that means - pregame for Wednesday night games, especially when Lindy's is packed.

I've been to this Tonic before the last few games, and it's been good each time. The tater tots with Old Bay remoulade (which we decided means whatever you want it to) are solid and the wings are excellent. The sliders (miniburgers) were a little tough, but still tasty, and the sandwiches looked good. The draft beer selection is excellent as well - Leffe, Stella Artois, Bell's Amber, Guinness, Yuengling, etc.

The place is nice inside, though a little loud, with exposed brick, tin ceilings, and big photos of old GW players (one with the Tonic owner's head superimposed) and pharmacy related murals. And it's pretty big so odds are you'll find a seat on one of the three floors.

The weird thing for me is that Quigley's was the geography department headquarters when I was a student, so it's strange to drink beer in what was the computer lab, and hang out upstairs in what used to be the professors' offices.

Tonic is at 21st and G, next to the old SAE house, across from UPD, etc.

Using the new Colonial Hoops bar rating scale, I give it 4.5 Karl Hobbses.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Operation: Mike Hall Dorm is Underway

The first blow has been struck in the battle for freedom, or something. An anonymous operative sent me this grainy cameraphone pic of the New Hall sign having been renamed "Mike Hall." Pretty cool. He or she said this was after the La Salle game, if you want to call it that. Looks like the color matches pretty well, though it's hard to tell for sure. I hear the sign is not there this afternoon.

Here's the official Mike Hall dorm sign once again.

The Cash Crawl Adventure

The game was depressing. Utterly. I think Andrew covered it better than I would have (I’m thinking backhoe, deserted countryside). To stay on the light side of things, I decided to document my experiences in the cash crawl. Many have come before me, more are sure to follow, so the experience isn’t particularly unique. If you’re bored, depressed, or simply just enjoy clicking this funny little javascript link, have at it.

I felt it. The adrenaline, the hardwood under my sneakers. Springy, yet firm. It was my time to shine. My night. I was ready to charge into it, scramble, and do all that I would need to do to succeed. Last night was the closest I’ve been to being a GW student-athlete: I crawled for cash at half-time.

A little background. I’ve been following this team for only the last four years so I’ve grown accustomed (for better or worse) to big scores on the jumbotron, bigger than life student-athletes (I still possess an unhealthy obsession with Mike Hall), and big dollars on the court during halftime as some hefty white dude flops around trying to recoup as much of the $50 grand he can get in 20 seconds of spasmodic money shoveling. In middle school, if you sold enough magazines (why did we sell those things, strange fundraiser…) during that one part of the year, they’d throw you in the cash machine and blow dollars at you. Imagine, if you will, a phone booth with none of the climate patterns typically exhibited by phone booths: It’s only windy on the inside. The college update is much more mature. Wind simply isn’t as impressive anymore. Let’s do it blindfolded! And dizzy! With so much money spread over the floor and even the helpful guidance of the cheer team, it had to be a cinch.

To be fair to my fellow members of the Colonials nation, I would only put myself in the ‘Top 5’ Armchair NIH Cash Crawl®? experts category. Maybe top 3. It had to be easy, a game of numbers. Simple math. Circle of cash, radius of body, swirl, scoop and ca-ching (thanks to fellow colonial hoops blogger Brendan for assistance in refining my strategy). I got this. Why doesn’t everyone make 370 dollars any more like they did my freshman year? Why does no one seem to have any semblance of a strategy? Why is everyone clearly moronic?

Like any tried and true athlete, I was psyched. Pumped. Ready. I wore loose fitting clothes, and a belt. My shirt was tucked in before the game even started. Mentally prepared myself and perfected my strategy over wings and beer. Half-time began. I practiced my moves on the sideline as I got ready. I felt the kind of adrenaline reserved only for super-star athletes. As I saw the student-athletes on the Dean’s List file by, I smiled. I had joined their ranks.

They blindfolded me while I still attempted to conspire with the cheerleaders. This seemed earlier than normal. Maybe they were on to me. They knew I had something up my sleeve. I desperately offered them nickels on the dollar. No luck.

Last night I learned a few new things about the Cash Crawl.

First lesson: IT’S FUCKING HARD.

Lesson two: They used to throw down something in the range of a cool grand. Now it’s $100 on the court. Singles. Yeah, it’s all about the Washingtons. Some sort of sick University-namesake joke? I tried to get the cheerleaders to help me out, put a few bills in my pocket; anything to get ahead, this is DC after all. To no avail. They mostly seemed like they wanted to go home. Can’t really blame them. As much fun as getting pummeled by La Salle at home in the middle of the week can be.

Third: it’s kind of a creepy bank operation. I had to sign things and provide information AFTER I made the money. If I didn’t sign, would I have to return the money? How much more work is this going to add to my tax filing and will it actually be worth half of what I made. I felt like I was signing up for something I didn’t quite understand for an amount in a denomination I wasn’t sure had any use. Sign your name address and social security number away for $22 dollars and 53 cents. Well, there wasn’t 53 cents, but I still felt somewhat shortchanged.

At the end of it, as my friends shook their heads in turns of disbelief and disappointment, I returned to my spot in the empty bleachers with a new found respect for the accomplishments of athletes. Maybe this is why true athletes like Pacman and myself find the need to use our singles and make it rain after a tough game…

Camelot or Archibald’s anyone? 22 Washingtons ought to get us half a dance…

-Now with video goodness.

-Thanks to Andrew for photo and vid.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

GW 58 - La Salle 80

No more silver linings. This was just awful. A game GW needed to win to even sniff making the A-10 tournament, and the team came out flat as a board. The only players who kind of considered playing were Damian Hollis and Rob Diggs, and Diggs didn't get the ball enough, and Johnny Lee was alright. The team was lackadaisical, played bad defense, especially on the perimeter, and was crushed on the boards by a smaller team.

Mo Rice - zero points. There's really not much else to say, GW got their asses handed to them, and Karl Hobbs said he was shocked by the lack of effort in the game. I was furious during most of the game.

But don't get too discouraged, Colonials fans, we'll have some fun stuff in the next few days on the blog. Stay tuned.

Links etc after the jump.

--AP recap
--Box score
--There's really nothing else worth seeing

Tonight: GW vs La Salle

GW's last in the A-10. La Salle isn't that far ahead. The Explorers, who have a weird-looking mascot, (see right) are 8-12 and 3-4 in conference, which looks better than it is - they've beaten St. Bona twice, Richmond once, and out of conference they lost to Howard and Morgan State with their best win against Penn, who are 7-12.

I know enough now not to say this looks like a chance for GW to break that 6-game losing streak, but the Colonials are favored by 3 by the oddsmakers. The game is at the Smith Center, which might give the bookies some hope.

The Explorers have three players scoring at least 10 per game, led by shooting Jarnell Harris, who makes almost 4 threes a game, at 15.8 points, guard Rodney Green at 13 and forward Jerel Williams, a strong candidate for A-10 freshman of the year, at 10 and 7.5 boards.

Four other players score at least 6. They also shoot 39% as a team from three, and take a lot of threes, making almost 8 a game. That's a lot of free Domino's pizza. They don't have a ton of size at forward, but have some bigger guards and outrebound their opponents by more than 5 per game.

Should be an interesting one, especially if Mo Rice and Rob Diggs play well. And I think the mascot looks more like Robert E. Lee than the Sieur de la Salle.

Photo from La Salle's website. Look after the jump for more previews:

--GWSports (with detailed game notes link)

Hoops Alum Hangs with Kevin Sorbo at Sundance

That's something you don't hear every day. GWHoops poster jerseyGWfan noticed that former GW big man Ferdinand "Ferd" Williams is in the background of this video with Kevin Sorbo, helping Hercules carry his bag of freebie crap. A couple other GWhoopsters confirm it's Ferd. He shows up about 1 minute in.

Mr. Williams was a popular big man from Perth Amboy, NJ, playing from 1993 to 1996. Post writer Matt Bonesteel liked him.

More stuff on Ferd after the jump.

I found this blurb from a 1995 Sporting News article ranking every team. Blast from the past:
#63 GEORGE WASHINGTON Last year's final ranking: 72 Since practice began: The Colonials have increased their contingent of Belarussians to four with the addition of 6-3 freshman point guard Andrei Krivonos, who should help fortify a thin backcourt. Expect Coach Mike Jarvis to give 6-5 sophomore Darin Green ample opportunity to earn time at one forward, and don't be surprised if electrifying 5-3 freshman point guard Shawnta Rogers is in school and eligible by mid-December. They'll win in March if: Jarvis can find a power player (junior Ferdinand Williams? freshman Yegor Mescheriakov?) to pair with 7-1 sophomore center Alexander Koul and gets some solid backcourt defense from Krivonos, Rogers or sophomore Rasheed Hazzard.
Of course, Yegor's brother Nikita now plays at that school across Rock Creek.

Ferd was the #115 recruit in the country when GW got him, and that was the same year that Marcus Camby and Keon Clark (remember that guy?) came to the A-10.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pining for a Point Guard

Though against Temple the assist to turnover ratio was actually quite good, the Buff and Blue's ball distribution and ability to get quality shots has been seriously hurting this season. This video of commit Tony Taylor gives some serious optimism for the future. Wish he could suit up today.

Time to make New Hall "Mike Hall"

I've written about renaming the boringly named New Hall as Mike Hall many times before, and with the season going like it is, I think it's time. Now here is your official do-it-yourself Colonial Hoops "Mike Hall" dorm sign. I couldn't match the exact font or color, but they're close enough, and the size is about right.

For legal reasons I am probably not supposed to say what you can do with this sign, so be sure you do not put the sign over the "New Hall" words on the dorm's blue sign, because that would mean the sign would read "Mike Hall" instead of "New Hall," and I'm sure we wouldn't want that. Masking tape probably won't take paint off but your results may vary. Just download the sign and print it out!

As I've written before, Mike Hall is a credit to GW. He's a good student, a good athlete, and a good guy who's made the NBA, the pinnacle of his profession, and singlehandedly willed the team to come back from an 18 point deficit against UNC-Wilmington in the NCAA tournament. What better reasons to (theoretically) name a dorm after somebody? We have dorms named for alums like Fulbright, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Billy Mitchell, and the Marquis de Lafayette (ok, so he didn't go to GW.) So why not Mike? It's a lot better than "New," especially considering New Hall isn't even that new anymore.

Monday, February 4, 2008

GW 80 - Temple 93

Just when I thought I was out of silver linings this season, I see some good stuff. GW got beat, but played a scrappy game, and Maureece Rice had a good game as well. While GW lost by 13 and were down most of the game, in the second half they went from 10 down to 1 up after a run. Temple pulled away again, but it was something. And putting up 80 points is nice, the most they've scored all season (allowing 93 however, not so nice). It's also the sixth straight loss and 9th straight road loss. Yeesh.

But on to Maureece Rice. He scored 22, leading the team, on 7/15 shooting and 4/9 from three. He also added 6 assists. Noel Wilmore scored a career high 18 on 6/7 from behind the arc and A-10 player of the week Rob Diggs had 19 and 6 boards. Aside from being outrebounded by 11, GW beat the season averages for most stats, shooting 50% from the floor and 46% from three, hitting 13 treys.

Another good sign, GW had 19 assists versus only 8 turnovers, tying last week's mark with the most assists in the season. Just keep telling yourself baby steps, rebuilding year, baby steps. GW drops to 5-12 and 1-6 in conference (last place) while Temple improves to 11-9 and 4-2.

Links, box score after the jump.

Great Hatchet photo by Nick Gingold.

--Hatchet article
--Brief GWSports article
--Hatchet on Mo Rice

You can get college basketball tickets here.