Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bit More on Dwayne Smith

Little bit more on GW commitment Dwayne Smith stuff out there, via GWhoops and the Googles.

For one, the Hatchet says Smith goes to Pickering-Ajax High School in Ontario, which won the Ontario championship. The Hatchet also notes, like I did, that GW appears to have 15 scholarship players, two more than are allowed. And the links say he's 6'5".

Herve found a link from 2007 saying he's the #1 wing and #5 player in Canada, which is pretty cool, and here are two Youtube videos. He's #00. This one might be him too (turn the volume down).

He's on Rivals now too, with very little info.

I just emailed GW Sports Information Director Brad Bower: "We have no comment regarding the men's basketball roster at this time."

Monday, April 28, 2008


The University of Maryland baked 50,000 cupcakes in honor of their basketball schedule.

Next up: 100,000 cupcakes in the shape of Nik Caner-Medley.

(The cupcakes are actually for "Maryland Day.")

Photo by Sabine01

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Committment: Dwayne Smith

According to a Rivals.com writer, Canadian Dwayne Smith committed to GW on Thursday.

This is the Canadian that Thinker from GWhoops mentioned. He's Dwayne Smith, a 6'6" guard/forward from the Great White North. As herve noted, he sounds like former GW forward Tamal Forchion - a scouting report says he plays bigger than he is, attacks the basket, is a good rebounder, and can muscle down low.

He's in the class of 2008, which means that the same issue arrives - that means GW is two scholarships over the limit. NJSPride at GWhoops says the speculation is that at least one of the new recruits will take a year of prep school or something. That worked out well before - one Mr. Carl Elliott.

I can't find Dwayne's high school team and he doesn't have a page on Scout or Rivals.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

All Quiet on the Munson Front

Remember Nigel Munson?

If not, he was Virginia Tech's backup point guard and he decided to transfer to GW. After already losing Wynton Witherspoon to GW, Va Tech coach Seth Greenberg got grumpy and allowed Munson to transfer anywhere except GW. Munson appealed, to no avail, and then decided to transfer to a junior college, with the expectation of coming to GW for the 2008-2009 season.

But I haven't heard much about him in awhile. The last I heard were some rumors at GWHoops.com that he quit playing basketball altogether, but no confirmation there.

I just emailed the Post's recruiting guru, Josh Barr, if he had any new info and he responded with "I wish." Barr's blog said Munson would probably enroll at Prince George's Community College or Montgomery College, but he wasn't on the Montgomery roster (pdf) and I can't find a roster for PGCC. A Post discussion also had no news.

Who knows, but I'm assuming he won't play at GW next year.

Alex in the comments points out that he didn't play for PGCC either.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Memphis Assistant Kellogg to UMass

Replacing Travis Ford, who's going to Oklahoma State, is Memphis assistant Derek Kellogg. Kellogg used to play at UMass also.

Hopefully a good move for the One Minute Men.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Few certainties in life . . . A-10 Basketball and Taxes

This website has a bunch of interesting financial figures from major (basketball and football) conferences.

A couple observations:
- Linda Bruno herself made more than 11 of 14 A-10 teams received from revenue sharing in 2006.
- Television and advertising expenses ($987,200) exceeded television and advertising income ($963,600)

Summary of A-10 numbers after the jump

2006 - 990 Tax Statements for A-10

Income NCAA tournaments $3,892,500
Atlantic 10 basketball tournaments $1,520,400
Television and advertising $963,600
Sponsorships $562,400
Dividend income $119,500
Expenses Conference revenue sharing $1,969,900
Championship administration $1,647,900
Conference revenue sharing – member dues $1,500,000
Salaries, payroll taxes, benefits $1,193,400
Television and advertising costs $987,200
NCAA student opportunity assistance $635,200
NCAA student special assistance $391,500
Meetings/convention/travel $341,900
Sponsorship commissions/expenses $275,200
Officials bureau $197,600
Rent and utilities $129,800

Revenue split
Xavier $500,917
St. Joseph’s $469,960
Temple $392,094
George Washington $290,210
Dayton $286,887
Richmond $215,840
LaSalle $203,114
Charlotte $194,221
Massachusetts $185,481
St. Bonaventure $184,425
Rhode Island $176,845
Duquesne $157,711
Fordham $145,042
Saint Louis $67,161

Total $3,469,908
Average $247,851

Commissioner Comp Linda Bruno
Compensation $291,792
Benefit plans and deferred compensation $29,179
Expense account/other allowances $9,000

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rumor: Another Recruit?

Thinker at GWHoops.com was at some event recently and ran into a current player. The current player said there is no more "disharmony," and apparently there is a fourth recruit coming in, a Jamaican-Canadian.

Assuming this isn't Tuck the Ruckus, that means somebody else is leaving. I hope nobody does, but if so, it could be anybody really - Jabari Edwards was hurt, Hermann Opoku didn't get a lot of time, and neither did Joseph Katuka. And again, that's assuming Miles Beatty is gone. Who knows.

Some GWhoopsters are speculating who the Canadian is - maybe Curtis Trotter or Alwayne Bigby (#20).

CSTV has Bigby as a 2009 recruit. Thus it wouldn't mean somebody else was leaving, (assuming of course that the recruit really is Bigby).

UMass's Ford to Oklahoma State

Good for Travis Ford, bad for the A-10. After a few pretty good seasons at UMass, Ford is heading to Stillwater. Ford didn't make the NCAA tourney, though his team did get to the NIT title game this year.

Oklahoma State has a nice campus, a good basketball tradition, and a super-rich booster, T. Boone Pickens.

Who's going to UMass? I dunno.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ProJo: Hobbs "not in the mix"

Looks like Providence is going after Drake's Keno Davis, the AP National Coach of the Year. The Providence Journal reports that Hobbs, Iona's Kevin Willard, and Hofstra's Tom Pecora "were not in the mix as of yesterday."

Then again, things could change.


Yup, today Providence hired Keno Davis. Dodged a bullet there.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hatchet: Hobbs says "I'm not a candidate for the job."

Finally some decent news, Karl Hobbs says "There’s no development. I’m not a candidate for the job. I haven’t been contacted by the job. I’m very happy here at GW."

Of course, Hobbs doesn't explicitly rule out the possibility, neither does athletic director Jack Kvancz, who says he'd let Hobbs interview if he were asked. But hey, it's good news. And Kvancz says that no one has called him from Providence, meaning today's Friars message board rumor, that Hobbs will be named coach today, is apparently bogus.

Keep stayin' tuned.

Rumors on Hobbs and Providence

Most legitimate news sites don't have much new, but a poster at a Providence message board says Hobbs will be named Providence coach today, Monday, at the team's banquet. The poster says "if he can't personnaly attend tonights banquet it will be announced then. take this to the bank". Then again, it's from a message board, so who knows.

Now for some legit sources, with not much new:

ProJo again
Daily Colonial

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Next Season: 5-11 or 11-5 in A-10 play?

I found a rather peculiar statistic on Wikipedia not quite sure what it means, but it serves as an interesting way to think about next season. Which in-conference season will we have, 11-5 or 5-11?


George Washington



5th (West)


George Washington



T-4th (West)


George Washington



2nd (West)

NIT 1st Round


George Washington



1st (West)

NCAA 1st Round


George Washington




NCAA 2nd Round


George Washington




NCAA 1st Round


George Washington




(sources: wikipedia and kenpom)

Every single season Hobbs has coached at GW (except for the undefeated run in 05-06), his teams have finished 5-11 or 11-5 in conference play.

Which will it be next season and why?

My thoughts after the jump.

One would assume that a team returning 5 starters (effectively with the absentia of Rice during much of the season) including 4 seniors (including two former transfers) that this would be the type of program ready to jump back into the limelight. Unfortunately the Colonials have far too many question marks still for such a rosy prognostication.

First and foremost, PG. GW may have lived and died by the three much of last season, but the true drama was at the 1 spot. With Travis King going down during the summer with a fractured knee cap, and no immediately identifiable viable second option, Hobbs turned to his lone senior leader-to-be Rice. When the sweet-shooting natural, but undersized two could not transition his game, Hobbs moved to point guard by committee, giving Rice, Witherspoon, and Freshman Miles Beatty equal reigns, but confusion's reign bested all three. From desperation, inspiration. Walk-on Johnny Lee began to command significant minutes. Turnovers decreased, needles were threaded and the Colonials regained some mojo (including some of the best dunks I've EVER seen at Smitty). Lee got the starting nod and put up some remarkable showings, particularly against Xavier.

Next season it's unclear that King will be able jump right back in to where he was two seasons ago (or that two seasons ago even showed that much given the support he had in Elliott, Rice, and elsewhere on the team). Just as Rice collapsed without the support of a distributor like Elliott, King will undoubtedly feel the same pinch as he tries to pick up the broken pieces of this team.
Should Lee remain a fixture for the Colonials next season and spell a few minutes rest for the scholarship athletes, it will hopefully be a testament to his continued determination, not another desperation decision. Pass-first, but successful scoring recruit Tony Taylor will also hopefully help in this process, assuming he is able to transition his high school game to D1. With a King Medical Red Shirt for 2007-08, GW has three years of Taylor/King to look forward to.

There are many reasons to be optimistic, but also skeptical. Let's hope GW returns to 11-5 form.

Friday, April 11, 2008

UMass' Ford turns down Providence, Hobbs next?

Providence College has been trying hard to find a new coach and have not had much luck. George Mason's Jim Larrannaga said "no thanks," and UMass coach Travis Ford just did also. The Providence Journal says Karl Hobbs might be added to their list, and a Providence newscaster speculates Hobbs might get an interview. A poster at a Providence message board says Providence is very interested in Hobbs, and Hobbs is interested in Providence. Then again, it's a message board, so who knows where this information is coming from.

But I have to assume he wouldn't leave if his goal really is UConn, plus ProCo is kind of a wasteland, you never hear about them.

Then again, maybe he'd want to bail after last season, and he might get some Big East experience. But that's all speculation.

And Outside Providence is a funny movie, I recommend it.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kim Beck Taken in WNBA Draft

Pretty cool. After a great season, ending at #14 in the nation, and a Sweet 16 finish, GW point guard Kimberly Beck was taken in the 3rd round of the WNBA draft by the Seattle Storm. Beck averaged 12.5 points and 6.2 assists and was honorable mention All-American for the second year in a row. Considering it's the third round, who knows in Beck will make the league, but let's hope.

Sarah-Jo Lawrence was invited to some pre-draft camps but wasn't taken.

The Hatchet has two articles, and GWSports has one too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Schedule News: GW to play in Hawaii

GW will be playing at the Rainbow Classic in Hawaii next season, getting three games no matter what against some combo of Clemson, Colorado, Hawaii, Colo. State, Pepperdine, Coppin State, and Vermont. The tourney only counts as one game, which is even better.

Thanks to Section 105 at GWHoops for finding it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wesley Witherspoon Takes GW Off His List

No surprise here really, especially with the lackluster season and now a more-than-full complement of scholarships. Lil Spoon lists his choices as Memphis, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and some place in Charlottesville.

It was fun while it lasted.

Hobbs and Pops

Just found this on the Youtubes. Good stuff.

Monday, April 7, 2008

GW, Shawnta in a Slingbox Commercial

Eagle-eyed GWHoops poster Mister Days noticed this - GW is in a commercial for the Slingbox, a cool device that lets you watch your local TV over the internet from anywhere. The commercial shows a GW-Xavier game at Xavier, and you can (briefly) see Shawnta Rogers and Mike King. Pretty cool.

Here's the commercial - GW vs Xavier is shown twice.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tuck the Ruckus

The other day on GWHoops.com, Brendan mentioned Tuck the Ruckus. We made some jokes about him and stuff. So who is Tuck the Ruckus?

Tuck the Ruckus was (still is?) a recruit, who I may or may not know personally, who may or may not have added himself to the GWHoops recruiting section (I actually don't know that one.)

He's a 6'0" C from Canada City, Canada, and his age is "old". His coach says "real nice head of hair on this kid." He garnered some curiosity from a casual poster, who asked for more info about the man. Here it is. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scholarship Situation - with Ware

Here's the 2008-2009 scholarship situation, including Aaron Ware and Matt Allbritton.

Considering the team was already maxed out with Allbritton's addition (13 scholarships is the max), adding Ware must mean somebody is leaving. Most people assume it's Miles Beatty due to his suspension last year, but thinker posits/hints that it could be Cheyenne Moore as well/instead. Confusing, no?

G Maureece Rice


F Rob Diggs
SG Noel Wilmore
G/F Cheyenne Moore (may leave?)
F Wynton Witherspoon (senior according to GWSports)

PG Travis King (could be redshirt sophomore)
F Damian Hollis
F Hermann Opoku


G/F Xavier Alexander
PG Miles Beatty (most guess he will leave)
C Jabari Edwards (could be redshirt freshman)
F/C Joseph Katuka


PG Tony Taylor
SG Matt Allbritton
SF Aaron Ware

I haven't heard anything about Johnny Lee getting a scholarship, but it appears they're all taken anyway.

And I assume that means no Nigel Munson or Wesley Witherspoon, or Sean Kilpatrick, a comparative late comer to the recruiting race.

New Committment (No Joke): Aaron Ware

Another out of nowhere recruit - Aaron Ware from California verballed to GW. A 6'5" forward, Ware averaged 20.4 points and 9.7 rebounds for Bishop Montgomery High in Torrance, CA, right outside LA. The school won the state championship and Ware was named player of the year by the Daily Breeze, a newspaper that covers the South Bay.

ESPN ranks him a solid prospect, but says he'd be good at a Big Sky or Big West school - lower level conferences.

The buzz on the GWHoops board is that he sounds like Xavier Alexander - aggressive but not a good shooter. His Scout profile doesn't say anything.

Max thinks he saw him on campus with Collucci, his mom and maybe brother also.

Here's the school's basketball page.

Stay tuned for an updated scholarship count.

Photo from the Daily Breeze
You can get college basketball tickets here.