Thursday, April 24, 2008

All Quiet on the Munson Front

Remember Nigel Munson?

If not, he was Virginia Tech's backup point guard and he decided to transfer to GW. After already losing Wynton Witherspoon to GW, Va Tech coach Seth Greenberg got grumpy and allowed Munson to transfer anywhere except GW. Munson appealed, to no avail, and then decided to transfer to a junior college, with the expectation of coming to GW for the 2008-2009 season.

But I haven't heard much about him in awhile. The last I heard were some rumors at that he quit playing basketball altogether, but no confirmation there.

I just emailed the Post's recruiting guru, Josh Barr, if he had any new info and he responded with "I wish." Barr's blog said Munson would probably enroll at Prince George's Community College or Montgomery College, but he wasn't on the Montgomery roster (pdf) and I can't find a roster for PGCC. A Post discussion also had no news.

Who knows, but I'm assuming he won't play at GW next year.

Alex in the comments points out that he didn't play for PGCC either.


Alex said...

according to stat sheet seen here:

it doesn't look like he played at PGCC this year.

Andrew said...


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