Monday, August 13, 2007

Munson to GW in a year

Finally some good news on the ridiculous Nigel Munson situation. Virginia Tech coach/jerk Seth Greenberg allowed Munson to transfer to any school except GW, and Munson appealed to Virginia Tech. His appeal was denied, but the Post reports he's leaving anyway to transfer to a junior college before coming to GW for the 2008-2009 season. The Post says he'll probably have three years of eligibility left. Good news, though disappointing that it'll take an extra year.

The Post's Josh Barr notes that there is speculation that GW somehow tampered with Munson's decision to transfer. So stay tuned. Then again, it could just be that after one Virginia Tech player transferred to GW (Wynton Witherspoon), Greenberg didn't want a second to go the same route.

And Kleos at makes the point that this probably won't help VT's recruiting in DC.

I also learned that Munson broke the career assists record at DeMatha High School, which has a long basketball tradition. Pretty cool.

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Max said...

The Philadelphia scoring champ 'Reese Rice graduates, DeMatha assists champ arrives. Exciting...

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