Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seth Greenberg = Jerk

Welcome to the club, Seth: the GW pantheon of hated people. You'll be welcomed by the likes of A-10 commish Linda Bruno, former terrible coach Tom Penders (and son), Kevin Frey (former Xavier chump who would always play like Michael Jordan against GW), Ron Rollerson (Temple fatso who crushed Tamal Forchion's leg), and so on.

The reason: Greenberg, Virginia Tech's coach, is blocking Nigel Munson from transferring to GW. I've mentioned Munson before, he's a point guard who was a big time recruit coming out of high school, didn't get a lot of playing time for the Hokies, and wanted to come back to the DC area.

Greenberg's move makes total sense, being that GW and Tech are in the same conference and all. Oh wait, we're not. This isn't the years 1996 to 2000.

The Hatchet interviews GW's AD, Jack Kvancz, who says he was "surprised" and it's the first time he's heard of a school not allowing a player to talk to a school in a difference conference.

I really don't understand Greenberg's whiny baby move here. Maybe he's upset that Wynton Witherspoon transferred from VT to GW and that his brother Wesley is interested in GW. Or maybe it's that GW beat the Hokies in last year's BB&T Classic. Maybe he's worried that VT will start to be a GW recruiting pipeline when big time recruits realize they won't be getting much playing time in Blacksburg. Or maybe he's just a little bitch.

At least GW plays VT this season. It would be a great opportunity for a road trip to Blacksburg complete with signs and heckling.

But hey coach, how about keeping your players happy so they don't transfer? Just a suggestion.


Frank L said...

I'm going to go with....

Little Bitch!

Let's look at the board...Survey says...#1 answer :)

Well done Andrew, Give ol' Greeny whatfor!

Andrew said...

Thanks Frank! I agree with your answer.

Anonymous said...

coach seth greenberg is a jerk with a capital J...he has a lot of personal problems (sex addiction)that carry into his coaching abilities. His arrogant attitude seems to be getting in the way of his coaching. Too bad his wife stays married to her cheating husband and believes him! He is so good at lying and treating people badly..maybe that is the reason these players and his staff are leaving! They are tired of his BS. He is a whiner and coward! They are getting smart about his REAL ways! Has everyone noticed it is always someone elses fault? Get real greenberg!

Anonymous said...

Boy! Are you right about that schmuck! I have had my own PERSONAL DEALINGS with his shit! This is a guy who is egotistical, self-indulgent, narcisstic, and has himself on a pedestal...someone needs to put him in his proper place.

Anonymous said...

let the boy play where he wants. why would greeny stand in the way of munson's desire to get out of VT and Coach Greenberg? Could it be control issues? or self-inflated ego?

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