Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Five recruits coming in?

The Daily Colonial reports that GW has signed three players, Xavier Alexander, Miles Beatty, and Jabari Edwards, which is not really news. However, they say that GW will add two more, but can't give the names because they have "paperwork still to complete."

However, based on my calculations, GW only has four open spots. Joseph Katuka was the fourth, but who is the fifth? The rumor at GWhoops.com is that it will be Virginia Tech PG Nigel Munson, who went to DeMatha in Hyattsville and the Post says will be transferring, possibly to GW.

The GWhoops speculation continues that 7'2 center Jermaine Middleton will not be on scholarship for an undetermined reason, which would thus open one for Munson. Poster Thinker mentioned Munson (who was a 4 star recruit) and posted the articles, and Blue Seats was the one who implied Middleton would be leaving, and he is usually pretty accurate, though he notes he hasn't confirmed it with anybody. Middleton's name has come up before though as a potential transfer.

The Hatchet reported a couple months ago that Katuka wasn't signed, which would agree with the Daily Colonial piece.


Anonymous said...


You gotta give thinker the speculation credit here from gwhoops.

Andrew said...

you're right about munson, though middleton seems to be a group speculation

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