Monday, May 7, 2007

Rumor: A transfer?

This has been floating around, so I figured I'd update people. A few days ago, an anonymous poster at said that GW has signed Joseph Katuka and Cem Dinc. This would mean the school has one more scholarship than the NCAA allows. Poster Blue Seats, who seems to be in the know, said that there may be a transfer, but "I don't think anyone will be losing a lot of sleep over it." That has spurred some speculation over who it is. The leading candidates are Hermann Opoku and Jermaine Middleton.

And the Hatchet further confused matters by quoting the AD's office as saying Katuka wasn't actually signed, but I figure they just said that for NCAA rules reasons - you can't announce it until it happens.

I haven't been able to confirm anything about Dinc other than "no decision."

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Anonymous said...

Herman and Jermaine are both not transferring.

Andrew said...

I hope you're right! I'd like to see everybody come back.

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