Thursday, July 12, 2007

Clarification from the Daily Colonial

After Alex Goldstick's Daily Colonial article about scholarships, poster Thinker's followup, and the confusion afterwards, I contacted the Daily Colonial for a clarification of the story. Here's what editor Alex Byers said:
Thanks for your interest in the story. I check out both and Colonial Hoops quite frequently, and saw the post that thinker made. While I wasn't on the phone with Bower when Goldstick spoke with him, I did speak with Goldstick at length about the conversation afterwards.

After Bower confirmed Beatty, Edwards, and Alexander, Goldstick asked about the status of Katuka and Jared Cunningham (though we now know that Cunningham won't be coming). What I've heard repeatedly is that Bower said, "THEY have paperwork," which logically implies that there is more than one recruit remaining.

So there you have it. Could be Nigel Munson.


thinker said...

That could logically imply that there is another recruit with paperwork in the works. In fact there might be. But Bowers specifically said he is not aware of anyone other than Katuka. The coaches could very well be talking to Nigel Munson - but Bowers isn't aware of it. I'm not trying to be an ass - but the Daily Colonial misinterpreted what Bowers said. Bowers told me that himself. Repeatedly repeated how the Daily Colonial's misunderstanding of what Bowers said doesn't make it any more true. If we find out tomorrow that Nigel has transferred to GW, that still won't make the story accurate. Or the reporting of the original story.

We have another scholarship to give. Nigel is reportedly interested in GWU. He might come here. The Daily Colonial still misinterpreted what Bowers said. Or he misspoke, either way, he didn't know about another recruit.

Andrew said...

Thinker, I know, in fact I said the Daily Colonial said Bowers wasn't aware of one in the previous post.

Alex said...


We understand your point of view. Per your conversation with Brad, he is not aware of another recruit other than Katuka.

The difference, however, is in the two conversations. While Brad may have told you that he doesn't know of other recruit, as far as I know, he did not say that to our reporter.

On a side note, thanks for the insider info you've brought here and to GWhoops recently. It can be hard to get a hold of the right personnel during the summer, especially from half a country away.

Andrew said...

I think we're both saying about the same thing here. Goldstick from the Daily Colonial spoke with Bowers (though it didn't say Bowers in the article, Alex Byers told me that) and Bowers said "they" have paperwork, implying more than one recruit, thus they came to the conclusion that there is another recruit. That's what I wrote. Then Bowers told Thinker he didn't know of another recruit, which is what I wrote. Right?

Alex said...

Yep, that's what I'm reading.

You do make a good point that the original story could have included Bower's name.

We'll make sure to clear the air next time.

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