Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Scholarship Clarification

GWHoops.com poster Thinker talked with GW's sports information director Brad Bower and cleared up a few things. For one thing, center Jermaine Middleton is no longer on the team, so he may have been the transfer Blue Seats talked about. Middleton transfered into GW from Central Connecticut State.

Also, Bower is only aware of one other recruit for GW, Joseph Katuka, and said that the Daily Colonial reporter was mistaken that he said there were two more.

I'm following up with the Daily Colonial to see what they have to say


thinker said...

Brad Bower told me HE is only aware of Katuka - the coaches may have another recruit that HE doesn't know about. The Daily Colonial was only wrong if it was relying on Brad Bower to say there were two recruiits. I went to great lengths to be expressly specifically accurate. You have reported my post in a nuanced incorrect way just as perhaps the Daily Colonial was incorrect in a nuanced way how they reported thier interview with Bowers. Clearly there is another scholarship available now and the coaches could give it to a rumored transfer like Nigel Munson from VA Tech, give it to one of the walkons, for this year, and then give it to another recruited player next year or have some other recruit in mind for this year.

Andrew said...

What did I get wrong? Seems like I put exactly what you put. Bower's aware of one other recruit, and that the Daily Colonial was incorrect when they said he said there were two. I never said there wasn't another scholarship available or that there isn't another recruit.

thinker said...

If the Daily Colonial was going by what Brad Bowers said then they got the story wrong. If they had information from some other source about a second recruit then their story would be correct. Again this is a very nuanced point, but Bowers didn't say that there wasn't a second recruit that they're doing paperwork - only that he wasn't aware of one. But the coaches do the paperwork and only tell Bowers later so it is not correct to say that there isn't a second recruit for whom they're doing paperwork - because there very well could be another recruit - just that Bowers doesn't know about it.

thinker said...

Just to elaborate on my small point - The Daily Colonial didn't (as I recall) specifically mention Bowers. A later poster on the same thread in gwhoops said he had gotten his information from Bowers. That's why it was unclear to me; that's why I called Bowers; that's why I posted my info there. And of course I still don't know what the Daily Colonial was basing its information on (although we can assume).

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