Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Committment (No Joke): Aaron Ware

Another out of nowhere recruit - Aaron Ware from California verballed to GW. A 6'5" forward, Ware averaged 20.4 points and 9.7 rebounds for Bishop Montgomery High in Torrance, CA, right outside LA. The school won the state championship and Ware was named player of the year by the Daily Breeze, a newspaper that covers the South Bay.

ESPN ranks him a solid prospect, but says he'd be good at a Big Sky or Big West school - lower level conferences.

The buzz on the GWHoops board is that he sounds like Xavier Alexander - aggressive but not a good shooter. His Scout profile doesn't say anything.

Max thinks he saw him on campus with Collucci, his mom and maybe brother also.

Here's the school's basketball page.

Stay tuned for an updated scholarship count.

Photo from the Daily Breeze


WCBaller said...

You probably haven't seen Ware play. The scouting report you are speaking of was written in Dec 07 and he had an outstanding season. Also, the conferences you speak of are not as weak as you think. What do you know about the Big West and Big Sky? There are other conferences on the West Coast besides the Pac-10. Wait and see before making a judgment about a player you know nothing about.

Andrew said...

First, calm down. Second, I made no judgement, I quoted a scouting report. I know a fair amount about the Big West and Big Sky, and I know the Atlantic 10 is better. If they said he'd be a WCC player I'd be fine with that, though I think the A-10 is still better than the WCC overall. Do I want Ware to succeed at GW? Of course. So relax.

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