Sunday, September 30, 2007

Veterans on Campus

No, I'm not talking about Iraq (I & II), Vietnam, or WWII Veterans. I'm talking about GW basketball alumni.

Over the last week, I've seen Regis Koundjia and Carl Elliott around campus with the team. Not sure if they're finishing up their studies, working out together, mentoring, or simply find it hard to leave the Fog Bod, but having 2/3 of last season's Captainship around probably doesn't hurt team cohesion. Any readers have any additional insights?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hall has partially guaranteed contract, helps kids

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Mike Hall has a partially guaranteed contract, according to the Post. Basically (thanks to Thinker at GWhoops) that means that he gets some money whether he make the Wizards or not, and he gets the full amount if he makes the team. They currently have 15 players under contract, of which Hall and Donnell Taylor are non-guaranteed contracts.

But even though he might not make the team, Hall is still doing community relations stuff with the team, like helping to paint Spingarn High School on the 27th (pictured second from right on top). The Wizards' site has more on their community service day and there are more photos here.

Meet the Freshmen: Joseph Katuka

Time for the 4th and final episode of Meet the Freshmen.

Joseph Katuka

Hometown: Zaria, Nigeria
Uniform number, and why: 42
Sneaker size: 16
Best part of your game: Rebounding
Still need to work on: Jump Shot
Game day superstition: Listen to Nigerian music
What you like about DC so far: The historical background
College team you'd love to play: FSU
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: A house for my parents
Favorite athlete and pro team: San Antonio Spurs
Favorite class in high school: 2007
Planned major: Business
Class you're looking forward to at GW: Sociology
Typical breakfast: Eggs & Pancakes
Favorite music: Hip Hop
Favorite movie: National Treasure
Favorite TV show: ESPN
Favorite video game: NBA 2K
Your best sports moment: My final game in High School
Biggest influence in your life: My family

Previous Meet the Freshmen:
Xavier Alexander
Jabari Edwards
Miles Beatty

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Smith Center renovations?

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The Hatchet reports that an unnamed donor is considering funding major renovations to the Smith Center. They quote athletic director Jack Kvancz as saying it will "look like a new building," and will have updates to the pool, locker room and weight room. Capacity for basketball would increase, but it doesn't seem like the increase would be very large - not enough to help scheduling, according to Kvancz.

Apparently the University will show the plans to the donor, then the donor will agree to fund all or part of it. Kvancz is optimistic and expects a decision in October.

The article also quotes coach Karl Hobbs as wanting an academic facility, which I guess would be a study area for student athletes, like other schools have.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bob Dylan's A-10 Predictions

Well not really. A poster at named Grant. posted this, a remixed version of the video of Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" with his A-10 predictions. Pretty neat, and you can make your own that says anything.

Daily Colonial on Kvancz

Good article in the Daily Colonial the other day, columnist Julian Gompertz questions athletic director Jack Kvancz's goals for the program. Gompertz speculates that Kvancz doesn't think the program is or can be big time, which is an interesting theory. That could also be the reason why GW hasn't really done much to hype the program around the area or in the national media, despite three NCAA tournaments, NBA players, and great seasons by Karl Hobbs' teams. Gompertz says:
If Kvancz does not believe this program is improving, and is willing to accept mediocrity and that his head coach could walk at any moment, than why should we, as fans, get worked up over the extension of a coach who is destined to follow the former successful A-10 coaches. Why should we get excited about this program and get rewarded with four home games against teams with RPIs that could be confused with prospective students’ SAT scores.
It's an interesting point. What do you readers think?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Thanks to Yoni Cohen from Yocohoops and Fox Sports, we have a new URL for the blog,

Long time readers may recall that was the original URL for the blog years ago, and now we can use it again. You can still use, so don't worry, is just easier to remember.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet the Freshmen: Miles Beatty

Here's number 3 in the four part series of Meet the Freshmen.

Miles Beatty

Hometown: Guttenberg, NJ
Uniform number, and why: 4, it’s the one I was given
Sneaker size: 11 1/2
Best part of your game: I can do it all
Still need to work on: Everything
Game day superstition: Nothing
What you like about DC so far: The atmosphere
College team you'd love to play: Duke
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: Dad and Mom houses
Favorite athlete and pro team: Kobe Bryant, Baron Davis & Steve Francis
Favorite class in high school: English
Planned major: undecided
Class you're looking forward to at GW: English/Sociology
Typical breakfast: Oatmeal
Favorite music: Hip Hop
Favorite movie: Too many
Favorite video game: NBA Live
Last thing you read: “Gifted Hands” and “Art of War
Your best sports moment: Scoring 1,000 points
Biggest influence in your life: Michael Jordan and Tu-Pac

Previous Meet the Freshmen:
Xavier Alexander
Jabari Edwards

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Friday, September 21, 2007

GW alum joins the Redskins

Yes, this is just an excuse to post a picture of a pretty girl. Sabrina, who got her bachelor's in psychology at GW, is now a Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador. The Redskins' site says "the Ambassadors are in the Tailgate Club, Touchdown Club and Suites--and even in the stands--bringing a personal, up-close interaction with fans."

I don't remember her being on the First Ladies dance team at GW, but who knows. This makes her at least the second GW grad to join a pro dance team, as Meg (aka the redhead from the First Ladies) is on the Wizards' dance team. Congrats to Sabrina!

And thanks to GWinYOURface at for finding this.

1850s Columbian College body identified

Not basketball related, but interesting nonetheless. Some researchers found a body buried at what was the Columbian College cemetery, the college which became GW. (The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences got its name from the original Columbian College).

Located on what used to be called College Hill, roughly where Meridian Hill Park is, the school and its prep school were there until 1912 when the university moved to Foggy Bottom. The body belonged to a student at the prep school, and after some DNA research and family tree stuff they finally learned the student's name. The Post has an article, and GW's enyclopedia can tell you more about the school and its history.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Even more merchandise

Browsing the internets, I found a few new sites for GW merchandise. A site called FootballFanatics (no, really) has some nice GW hoodies and other gear, and the Atlantic 10 has their own online store with shirts and hats for GW's A-10 championship. Pretty cool.

The A-10 site also has conference shirts and hats and bags and such. For whatever reason.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GW Bookstore phasing out "GW University"

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I was hanging out at the bookstore waiting to get interviewed about Wikipedia (nerd alert) when I noticed some official bookstore types discussing the merchandise. As I've noted before, I think that all the shirts and merchandise that say "GW University" as opposed to "GW" or "George Washington" look dumb, it's a generic looking and not very descriptive logo.

So I decided to tell the bookstore administrators my thoughts on the "GW University" text, and they all agreed with me. They said they had been discussing the exact same thing a couple of minutes before. One of the folks (whose names I didn't get, but all seemed to be from eFollett, the bookstore company) said they were indeed phasing out the "GW University" text, which made me happy.

And I also saw some neat stuff there, a lot of which doesn't seem to be on the website. Some things I noticed were the shirt pictured, some nice looking hoodies with fancy vintagey cloth GW logos sewn on, the famous GW Crocs, and a lot of buff and white GW jerseys on sale, which I also mentioned before. Pay the place a visit.

Hobbs' contract extended until 2011-2012

Good news, head coach Karl Hobbs gets an extra year, until the 2011-2012 season. Andy Katz says it's "yet another sign that Hobbs is at George Washington for the long haul" and WJLA notes that this is his third extension.

Hobbs has a 114-65 record record at GW. Interstingly, Katz notes "He's had his chances to bolt on the Colonials after taking them to the NCAA Tournament three times during his seven seasons at GW. A huge buyout, at one point estimated at $1 million, prevented him from leaving."

Katz also says that Tom Penders used GW as a stepping stone. More like he missed the stepping stone and fell into a lake, since his tenure in Foggy Bottom was beset by scandals.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Xavier Alexander in a dunk contest

Found this on the Youtubes, Xavier Alexander doing a dunk contest in a Texas vs Oklahoma high school game. He goes last on the video. Must be those Flintstones vitamins.

There's one of Jabari Edwards too apparently, but it is really blurry, probably taken from a cameraphone.

Meet the Freshmen: Jabari Edwards

Here's the second in the series, Jabari Edwards.

Jabari Edwards

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Uniform number, and why: 13 because it was the first number I ever played with and my mom and sister both have birthdays that fall on the 13th.
Sneaker size: 14
Best part of your game: Versatility
Still need to work on: Jump Shot
Game day superstition: Drink a lot of water
What you like about DC so far: The area is similar to NY
College team you'd love to play: UNC
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: A house for my mother
Favorite athlete and pro team: Kevin Garnett
Favorite class in high school: English
Planned major: Business/Sociology
Typical breakfast: Eggs
Favorite music: Hip Hop
Favorite movie: The Sandlot
Favorite TV show: ESPN
Favorite video game: None
Last thing you read: Sociology Textbook
Your best sports moment: Beating South Kent in overtime after being down 20 points
Biggest influence in your life: My mother

(Andrew's note - South Kent is where current Colonials Cheyenne Moore and Hermann Opoku went to school)

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Meet the Freshmen: Xavier Alexander

Based on an idea from the UMass MinuteBlog, I decided to have little introduction interviews for all of GW's freshman. Thanks to GW's SID, Brad Bower, for making it happen. Here's the first in the series, Xavier Alexander. Enjoy.

Xavier Alexander

Hometown: Forest Park, OK
Uniform number, and why: 2
Sneaker size: 14
Best part of your game: I’m an all-around versatile player that has fun all the time on the court.
Still need to work on: N/A
Game day superstition: Sleep a lot
What you like about DC so far: There is so many people.
College team you'd love to play: Oklahoma
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: My mother a house in Rome
Favorite athlete and pro team: Josh Howard and the Dallas Mavericks
Favorite class in high school: Basketball Class
Planned major: Business
Class you're looking forward to at GW: Food & Nutrition
Typical breakfast: Flintstones Vitamins & Milk
Favorite music: Hip Hop & Rap
Favorite movie: Get Rich or Die Tryin’
Favorite TV show: Kim Possible
Favorite video game: NCAA March Madness 2008
Last thing you read: Malcolm X autobiography
Your best sports moment: Winning a High School State Championship and being named MVP
Biggest influence in your life: Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Season prospectus out

Both the men's and women's prospectuses (prospecti? prospecta?) are out. Nothing extremely new, but they give a good rundown of each program and are fairly candid about the teams' strengths and weaknesses.

The part about Karl Hobbs is very long, as GWhoopsters noted, and there are some typos ("hte" instead of "the", and so on), which is kind of disappointing, but I'm happy to read the stuff anyway.

Pinnock Highlights from Germany

Found this video of some Danilo Pinnock highlights during his time with the Giessen 49ers of Germany. They use a weird ball.

Pinnock had kind of a rough time there, apparently the team had some major management issues. J.R. was recently taken first overall in the D-League expansion draft.

Friday, September 7, 2007

United Colors of Pops

Looks like it's official, Pops signed with Benetton Treviso of the Italian league, one of the top teams in Europe. Guess the Mavericks didn't want high energy, big dunks, and a fan favorite.

Good luck to Pops, hope he succeeds and makes some cash, and gets to come back to the NBA soon.

Thanks to GdubNBC for the heads up.

Jerseys On Sale

Just noticed this, GW put last season's basketball jerseys on sale, marked down $15 to $34.99.

You can get Regis (#23), Carl (#25) or Maureece (#33). Pick one up!

And The Man In Buff made the point that maybe they're coming out with new uniforms since the Maureece one is on sale too. That'd be neat.

Go GW Colonels!

Boy, I'm really looking forward to this season, thanks to a preview from some site called College Hoops Update.

According to them, the GW "Colonels" have key players such as Regis Koundjia (who graduated), Jermaine Middleton (left the team), and "Damien" Hollis (actually on the team, but spelled wrong). Go Colonels!!

I think Miss Teen South Carolina must be one of their writers.

UPDATE: I emailed them and they fixed it. The writer said "Unlike most schools, GW doesn’t respond to my requests for updates and doesn’t post their new roster until so late." Can you say Transparency?

GW Finally Announces Recruits

As Max noted, GW announced the recruits yesterday. As expected, they are Jabari Edwards, Xavier Alexander, Miles Beatty and Joseph Katuka. Not exactly news, since we already knew who was coming, but it's good to have them confirmed, since there was some worry about Joseph Katuka (at least until Max saw him around). Anyway, good to see, and the blurbs give some good details about the players. And stay tuned for a special series about the newcomers!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Player Status Report

Good News:

I spotted Joseph Katuka walking around campus earlier this week. Hope that dispels any lingering doubts stemming from the fact that the athletic department had not officially announced his arrival (see Andrew's transparency piece).
EDIT: Speak of the Devil...

Bad News:

The Hatchet is reporting that Travis King has a patellar stress-fracture that will keep the projected starting PG off the hardwood until the first of November. Some remain skeptical that one can heal from a stress fracture so quickly...

Pinnock taken #1 in D-League Expansion Draft

Danilo (JR) Pinnock was taken first overall in the D-League expansion draft by the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. He was taken ahead of a lot of notable players like Denham Brown, Will Conroy, Luke Schenscher, Curtis Stinson, Olu Famutimi, Roger Powell, etc.

Pretty good news for Danilo, who played well in the D-League for Arkansas last season, averaging 11 points, 6.8 boards, 4.6 assists, and 1.4 steals per game, including a triple-double.

The Vipers are based in McAllen, Texas, and are affiliated with the Houston Rockets, New Orleans Hornets, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Appalachian State is Hot Hot Hot

I can't believe I chose GW over App State.

The school is trying to distance itself from the video, for good reason.

That being said, I got a pretty cheesy video from GW on a purple VHS tape when I was a high school student - a bunch of overacting dorks in 1995 attire talking about the school, with literally about three seconds of campus shots. I hope they've done away with that.

Pops not resigned, could go to Europe

Bad news/good news for the Whale Killer. The Mavericks decided not to re-sign Mr. Mensah-Bonsu, meaning he could play in Europe or get signed by another NBA team.

Too bad for Pops, who was popular in Dallas, and showed flashes of brilliance in the D-League, earning MVP of the D-League All Star Game.

A Dallas Morning-News sports writer asked "Question: Who's more popular with local sports fans? The Cowboys' third-string QB or Pops Mensah-Bonsu, recently waived so he could play in Europe? Pops engenders more reader interest than Erick Dampier , Sagana Diop and D.J. Mbenga combined. ..."

Pops could be heading to Italy, but I hope some NBA team picks him up.

Also, this is my 200th post at the Blogspot blog!

(Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

GW Reinstates Reserved End Zone Seating

From the A.D.:
Dear Men's Basketball Season Ticket Holders:

Due to the overwhelming concern regarding our change in ticket policy for Endzone season tickets we have decided to go back to the original reserve seating policy. Our main goal in changing the policy to general admission seating was to put more people in the Endzone seats. We certainly did not intend to offend our most loyal fans and for that we apologize.

In response to your comments and concerns we will be sending out a revised invoice to those of you with Endzone seats in the next 7-10 business days. Those receiving a revised invoice will have the opportunity to renew the same reserved seats they had during the 2006-07 season. The deadline for renewing these seats will be extended to October 1, 2007.

We certainly appreciate your loyal support of the Colonials Basketball Program and hope you will renew your seats for the 2007-08 season. Again, we apologize for the confusion. If at this time there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dom Perno, Associate Athletic Director for Development at (202) 995-9005 or Gilma Cockram, Ticket Manager at (202) 994-6050.


Jack Kvancz
Athletic Director
Looks all the responses led GW to change, which is good. I emailed them all the negative comments I saw, and I'm sure other people did too.

Colonial Breakfast Bits: Crocs Edition

You know you've hit the big time when they make GW Crocs. Or maybe they just make them for lots of schools. Who knows.

Here's some other breakfast tidbits for you.

--A-10 rookie of the year Robert Mitchell to leave Duquesne.

--GW baseball alum Derrik Lutz's profile in the minor leagues. He's doing well.

--Good news about GW's high tuition - the school's average financial aid per student is the most in the nation.

--And doing some Googling, I found that Wonkette mentioned the (old) blog awhile ago. Cool.
You can get college basketball tickets here.