Thursday, September 27, 2007

Smith Center renovations?

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The Hatchet reports that an unnamed donor is considering funding major renovations to the Smith Center. They quote athletic director Jack Kvancz as saying it will "look like a new building," and will have updates to the pool, locker room and weight room. Capacity for basketball would increase, but it doesn't seem like the increase would be very large - not enough to help scheduling, according to Kvancz.

Apparently the University will show the plans to the donor, then the donor will agree to fund all or part of it. Kvancz is optimistic and expects a decision in October.

The article also quotes coach Karl Hobbs as wanting an academic facility, which I guess would be a study area for student athletes, like other schools have.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully this is finally happening... when will the plans be released to the public?

Andrew said...

I would guess once the donor gives his answer. Not sure

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