Monday, September 17, 2007

Meet the Freshmen: Jabari Edwards

Here's the second in the series, Jabari Edwards.

Jabari Edwards

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Uniform number, and why: 13 because it was the first number I ever played with and my mom and sister both have birthdays that fall on the 13th.
Sneaker size: 14
Best part of your game: Versatility
Still need to work on: Jump Shot
Game day superstition: Drink a lot of water
What you like about DC so far: The area is similar to NY
College team you'd love to play: UNC
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: A house for my mother
Favorite athlete and pro team: Kevin Garnett
Favorite class in high school: English
Planned major: Business/Sociology
Typical breakfast: Eggs
Favorite music: Hip Hop
Favorite movie: The Sandlot
Favorite TV show: ESPN
Favorite video game: None
Last thing you read: Sociology Textbook
Your best sports moment: Beating South Kent in overtime after being down 20 points
Biggest influence in your life: My mother

(Andrew's note - South Kent is where current Colonials Cheyenne Moore and Hermann Opoku went to school)

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thinker said...

Note to Andrew's note - Travis King and recent transfer Jermaine Middleton also went to South Kent. Also the Lakers Andrew Bynum and the Wizards Andray Blatche went straight to the NBA from South Kent.

Anonymous said...

andrew bynum didnt go to south kent retard

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