Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet the Freshmen: Miles Beatty

Here's number 3 in the four part series of Meet the Freshmen.

Miles Beatty

Hometown: Guttenberg, NJ
Uniform number, and why: 4, it’s the one I was given
Sneaker size: 11 1/2
Best part of your game: I can do it all
Still need to work on: Everything
Game day superstition: Nothing
What you like about DC so far: The atmosphere
College team you'd love to play: Duke
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: Dad and Mom houses
Favorite athlete and pro team: Kobe Bryant, Baron Davis & Steve Francis
Favorite class in high school: English
Planned major: undecided
Class you're looking forward to at GW: English/Sociology
Typical breakfast: Oatmeal
Favorite music: Hip Hop
Favorite movie: Too many
Favorite video game: NBA Live
Last thing you read: “Gifted Hands” and “Art of War
Your best sports moment: Scoring 1,000 points
Biggest influence in your life: Michael Jordan and Tu-Pac

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