Friday, September 14, 2007

Meet the Freshmen: Xavier Alexander

Based on an idea from the UMass MinuteBlog, I decided to have little introduction interviews for all of GW's freshman. Thanks to GW's SID, Brad Bower, for making it happen. Here's the first in the series, Xavier Alexander. Enjoy.

Xavier Alexander

Hometown: Forest Park, OK
Uniform number, and why: 2
Sneaker size: 14
Best part of your game: I’m an all-around versatile player that has fun all the time on the court.
Still need to work on: N/A
Game day superstition: Sleep a lot
What you like about DC so far: There is so many people.
College team you'd love to play: Oklahoma
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: My mother a house in Rome
Favorite athlete and pro team: Josh Howard and the Dallas Mavericks
Favorite class in high school: Basketball Class
Planned major: Business
Class you're looking forward to at GW: Food & Nutrition
Typical breakfast: Flintstones Vitamins & Milk
Favorite music: Hip Hop & Rap
Favorite movie: Get Rich or Die Tryin’
Favorite TV show: Kim Possible
Favorite video game: NCAA March Madness 2008
Last thing you read: Malcolm X autobiography
Your best sports moment: Winning a High School State Championship and being named MVP
Biggest influence in your life: Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali

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gdubbnbc said...

how about, "Xavier, seriously.... how tall are you?"

Anonymous said...

Hey xavier see your doing good. Have fun and be free.
Lakeshia Blakes
Midwest City, Oklahoma

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