Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daily Colonial on Kvancz

Good article in the Daily Colonial the other day, columnist Julian Gompertz questions athletic director Jack Kvancz's goals for the program. Gompertz speculates that Kvancz doesn't think the program is or can be big time, which is an interesting theory. That could also be the reason why GW hasn't really done much to hype the program around the area or in the national media, despite three NCAA tournaments, NBA players, and great seasons by Karl Hobbs' teams. Gompertz says:
If Kvancz does not believe this program is improving, and is willing to accept mediocrity and that his head coach could walk at any moment, than why should we, as fans, get worked up over the extension of a coach who is destined to follow the former successful A-10 coaches. Why should we get excited about this program and get rewarded with four home games against teams with RPIs that could be confused with prospective students’ SAT scores.
It's an interesting point. What do you readers think?

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Anonymous said...

I think we need a new, bigtime, AD!

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