Friday, March 30, 2007

Former assistant Broadus becames head coach at Binghamton

Kevin (not Calvin) Broadus became the second of Karl Hobbs' assistants to become head coach at a SUNY school when he was named the head coach at SUNY-Binghamton. The first was former associate head coach Steve Pikiell, who now is the head coach at Stony Brook. Broadus has been with that school up the street for a few years (outsiders may know it as Georgetown) and was one of their chief recruiters. I wish him luck.

Binghamton newspaper article

Thursday, March 29, 2007

TJ Thomspon playing in France

T.J. Thompson, GW's point guard who helped lead the team to the NCAA tourney in 2004-2005, has moved from being a CBA All-Star to the top French league, the Ligue Nationale de Basketball. He's playing for Hyères-Toulon Var Basketin near the city of Toulon, where another short guy rose to fame - Napoleon Bonaparte. Hopefully that comes true for TJ as well.

I can't find his stats, but there's a poll on the team's website which asks according to the Google translation "Will TJ Thompson be the so much awaited leader?" So far the first choice, "Yes it is certain!" is winning.

Here's his profile in the how-do-you-say? French.

Thanks to BM at for finding this.

Great interview with Pinnock

Draft Express has a great interview with Danilo (JR) Pinnock, about the draft, his time in Germany (which sounds unpleasant) and his D-League play. He comes off very well.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

GW cheerleaders on has pictures of cheerleaders from time to time, and this time they have a couple of GW girls. They're actually the First Ladies dance team - you can tell they're not the cheerleaders because they 1. have better outfits 2. aren't 4'11" or shorter and 3. don't have those dumb bows in their hair. What's with those bows? But in any case, pretty cool.

Hobbs updates - Michigan, USF rumors

Some actual news and rumors. The news is that two people already said no to South Florida, while the rumors are that Karl Hobbs is going to get an interview at Michigan, and that Michigan only wants an established coach (which would rule out Hobbs). So who knows, really.

According to the St. Pete Times, two candidates for the USF coaching job said "no thanks" - Winthrop's Gregg Marshall (one person I would like to see at GW if God forbid, Hobbs leaves) and South Alabama's John Pelphrey. Yes, South Alabama is a D-1 school, they actually made the tourney this year. The article says that the GW AD (Jack Kvancz) said USF has not contacted him about Hobbs. So that's good.

The not so great news is that a Michigan blog (shockingly there are more Michigan blogs than GW) said that "The general consensus from the insiders is that George Washington coach Karl Hobbs is going to get an interview." This blogger obviously has different sources than the other blogger whose sources said Hobbs doesn't think he'd be a great fit at Michigan.

That other Michigan blog said "in the past few days many sources have said [Michigan AD Bill] Martin has decided to choose an established coach if her [sic] can." Which presumably would rule out Hobbsie.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

T-shirt designs

Now if you were a fan of this one university in Foggy Bottom, DC and you bought a t-shirt, what would you rather it say? "George Washington" or "GW University"? I think almost everybody would say the former. For one thing, it just looks nicer. Also, it gives people who aren't GW folks a better idea of what your shirt says - "What is GW University?" as opposed to "Oh, George Washington." William and Mary folks don't have shirts that say "W&M University" after all.

However, the people at the GW Bookstore seem to disagree, as a lot of things say "GW University" and relatively few say George Washington. Some good (bad) examples are this year's A-10 championship shirts, a "Road to Atlanta" one, and this one, which is the worst. I emailed the bookstore manager, Donnice Peoples (who is very good at getting back to me) and here's what she had to say:
"As you may be aware, the university has several art designs that we are able to use. They ask that we offer a balance of various art & garments designs available for customers to buy. We try to have a good mix of products which includes art, garment & texture."
I guess, but I think that's missing the point - GW University is dumb and George Washington makes much more sense. I think merchandise should either say simply "GW", "George Washington", or something involving "Colonials."

But don't take my word for it - a bunch of folks in a thread make the same point. And if you'd like to email Donnice (who is a nice lady, so be polite) her email is

UConn forward may transfer to GW

Thanks to the Hatchet's sports blog for finding this one - UConn rising sophomore forward Ben Eaves is looking at GW, URI and Davidson as possible transfer locations. He's 6'7 and 210, and the team sure could use him with Dokun Akingbade and Regis Koundjia's graduations.

Eaves only appeared in 11 games and scored 1 point this season for UConn. He's English, like Pops Mensah-Bonsu (the king whale killer) and went to Worcester Academy in Mass., which is also where Carl Elliott went. Eaves is on England's under 18 national team too. And if does come to GW, I'll be able to make Eaves-dropping jokes. Hilarious.

--UConn article
--UConn profile
--UConn stats

Monday, March 26, 2007

Jack Evans wants GW vs Georgetown

Jack Evans is now my favorite D.C. councilman ever. The Ward 2 rep wrote a great article in the Post calling for a GW-Georgetown matchup. I feel like I may have sent him an email urging Evans to support GW-Georgetown, but I forget, I send a lot of those letters.

But in any case, he makes all the right arguments - the teams have played against each other more than any other teams, they haven't played since 1980-81, mentions the history, and mentions Philly's Big Five. Last year he also proposed a Ward 2 championship game (GW and GU both being in Ward 2).

Maybe there's a groundswell for this, as the Post's Mark Plotkin mentions it a lot in his online chats, and there was even a question on it at a Univ. of Minnesota blog. Let's cross our fingers.

Women's season ends. UNC 70-GW 56

The women's season ended in the Sweet 16 as North Carolina's inside strength kept them ahead for the game. Sarah Jo Lawrence had 23 for GW, her career high, but the Colonials were crushed on the boards. Whitney Allen, who is GW's defensive leader, got into foul trouble early. And while UNC star Ivory Latta was only 2-12, the Tar Heels still had enough inside power to take it.

It was a great run for the women, who return everybody except outside shooter Kenan Cole next year.

Post article article
Box score

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rumor: Hobbs not interested in Michigan

Finally some good news on the Karl Hobbs coaching carousel - apparently he's not interested in Michigan. This coming from a Michigan fan's blog, so who knows how reliable that is, though the blogger says "Sources close to him say he doesn't feel Michigan is the right fit." I'll try to confirm this more, but it's tentative good news.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wiz sign Mike Hall for the rest of the season

Nice! The Wizards signed Mike Hall for the rest of the season. Pretty good news, and something I'd been hoping for after his two 10-day contracts. The NBA rules are that a team may sign a player to 2 10-day contracts, and after that either have to cut him or sign him. This is great news for Mr. Hall and for GW, since it means there are two players on NBA rosters. And maybe three, if Danilo gets picked up.

Mike has yet to appear in a game, but he must be doing something right.

Wiz link

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Show Me The Money

This article from a recent edition of USA Today discusses the rising salaries of men's college basketball coaches across the country. The corresponding chart reveals that Karl Hobbs makes $377,269 per year at GW (which includes a $9,000 expense account according to the .PDF file showing the university's tax forms).

With the talk of Hobbs heading to South Florida, it is interesting to consider the financial figures. Robert McCullum, the outgoing Bulls coach, made around $450,000 per season, roughly $73,000 more than what Hobbs makes at GW. In addition, according to numbers presented by the Office of Postsecondary Education, GW actually spends about $600,000 more on its basketball program than South Florida. Certainly things to consider if you're a coach thinking about moving to a new school.

Women win again, into the Sweet 16

Sweet! GW beat Texas A&M to make the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1997. They'll face either #1 seed North Carolina (who GW beat in 1997, when UNC was also a 1 seed) or #9 seed Notre Dame. Those two play tonight. article
Post article
Post on McKeown (before the A&M game)

More Hobbs to South Florida rumors

The St. Petersburg FL Times has him as an unconfirmed candidate, a Conn. paper mentions him, and the New Haven Register mentions him, as well as possible successors at GW - UConn assistant Tom Moore and Vermont's Mike Lonergan. I guess those guys aren't terrible replacements. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Uh oh, it's started - Karl Hobbs coaching rumors

I was dreading this day like the first day of school - let the Karl Hobbs Coaching Carousel begin. Mr. Hobbs has been rumored to be interested in the South Florida job, one of the lower rungs in the Big East. I certainly hope he doesn't leave, and in the coming days I will reprise my list of coaches I would like to see if, God forbid, Hobbs leaves.

Women play today against A&M

The GW women are in the second round, having beaten Boise State thanks to a big game from Jessica Adair. Their next foe is Texas A&M at 8 pm tonight on ESPN2. Yahoo has a preview, which is the same as the ESPN one. Let's go women!

Carl, Regis in top 60 seniors

I was looking for any mentions of Carl Elliott on NBA mock draft boards, and I didn't find any. However, I did find this, which mentions Carl as the 59th best senior and Regis Koundjia, surprisingly, as the 61st. I guess they rank defense and potential. SLU's Ian Vouyoukas is just ahead of Carl at 58.

I think Carl will definitely see time in at least the NBDL, but I always wondered why he never got more NBA hype - he's big, can score, pass and defend, he's tough and he's clutch. I guess he does the little things that are important, like Mike Hall, and isn't all that flashy, but I think he'd make a good backup PG on an NBA team. And he's the winningest player in GW history too. Then again, I'm no GM.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Remember the ladies

Little Abigail Adams there for you. Almost forgotten about after the men's drubbing yesterday is the women have yet to play. They earned an 5 seed and will face Boise State in Los Angeles. The game starts at about 4:45 tomorrow, and will be on ESPN and ESPNU (but who gets that?) has a bit of a preview. Good luck women!

Why GW lost: the kangaroo didn't go

Now we know why we played so poorly. Kangy the kangaroo didn't make the trip. Note that the last time the kangaroo didn't come to a GW game was the Xavier game where GW lost by 31.

Previously on Colonial Hoops: About the kangaroo

Greg Oden is 45 years old

Just look at him.

An eyewitness account from Sacto

Sounds interesting, but unpleasant post

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vandy 77-GW 44

Well that was absolutely terrible. I don't think I've ever seen a worse GW basketball game, and i've seen them lose in American and Duquesne in person. GW was outshot, outcoached, outhustled, outrebounded, out-passed, out-classed, out everythinged. Vanderbilt had more open shots than a firing squad. I could go on, but here's the box score if you feel like crying.

So how about some positives from this game. I swear there really are some.
-If GW had made a long run in the tourney, Karl Hobbs would be on a lot of schools' coaching radars. After this abominable display, not so much.
-At least I didn't pay $500 to fly out to Sacramento.
-Freshman Travis King was our leading scorer and the only Colonial to shoot above 50% (just don't ask how many he scored)
-Some of the walk-ons got some time. That's pretty neat, walking on and playing in the NCAA tourney.
-We've been to the tourney three years in a row, which Gtown and UMd can't say
-At least Vanderbilt is a good academic school.
-Vandy fans are classy folks, as at least three came to to say good game (and they meant it)
-And at least the women are still in the tourney.

Now I'm going to watch some other games and pick a new team to follow. Let's go VCU?

Further analysis to come, when I recover.

Practice photos and notes from Sacto has some practice photos, as does Vandy's site (scroll down), the Daily Colonial has some practice notes, and has some stuff you probably already knew. And if you're interested in Vandy's practice and some interviews, they have a bunch on their site.

Three hours to go!

Game time is not exact

As a poster at noted, the tip off time is variable - it depends on how long the ORU-WSU game goes before, and the GW game will be 30 minutes after that. So I'd say if you get wherever you are going by 4:30 (or earlier if it's going to be crowded) you should be sure not to miss any.

Today's the day

T-minus about 6 hours until GW plays Vandy. It looks like there's an official watch party at Mackey's at 18th and L, they're also showing it in the Hippodrome, and I'm sure other bars around the area will have GW contingents. has some more analysis, and I wrote up some for, though I forgot to include a prediction (the one in there is the sports editor's).

Hail to the buff!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A-10 Photos Galore

Originally uploaded by squidpants.
I posted the photos I took in Atlantic City. Check them out

More great articles

One from Yoni Cohen of and, and one from the Washington Times. Read em and enjoy.

GW-Vandy game will be on TV in DC, a cool site that has TV listings, says the GW-Vandy game will be on WUSA Thursday at 5 pm. If you live outside DC you can check the site to see what they're showing in your area.

Some experts have GW in the Sweet 16 vs Gtown

CBS Sportsline has a bunch of expert brackets - about half have GW beating Vandy, and two, Dennis Dodd and former UMass and Villanova coach Steve Lappas, have GW meeting Georgetown in the Sweet 16. I can only dream.

Former UVa coach Pete Gillen and Tony Mejia have GW beating Vandy. I refuse to look at Doyel's picks.

In addition, Sportsline's "The Edge" gives GW a slight edge.

Monday, March 12, 2007

NCAA Ticket Information

I called the Smith Center box office a minute ago and their message said call back after 2 pm today about NCAA tournament tickets. The number is 202-994-6050.

However, GW just sent out an email saying call tuesday or wednesday, GW sent out a correction, they're available today. They are $63.25 which includes a 2.5% handling fee. A small price to pay.

UPDATE: Rumor has it you need to be somehow GW affiliated - alum, student, staff, ticket holder, etc.

Rushing the court at the A-10 final

I took this video of folks storming the court in Atlantic City after GW won. You can see the kangaroo and the horse, as well as lots of happy fans and the occasional player. Check it out:

Mike Hall gets second 10 day contract

More great news for Colonials fans - former forward Mike Hall got a second 10-day contract with the Wizards. After it runs out, the team has to either sign him for the season or release him. He has yet to appear in a game, but congrats to Mike, and I hope he catches on with the Wiz or another team. But preferably the Verizon Center crew!

Post mention
(under personnel moves)

About the kangaroo

Those of you at the A-10 tourney (and probably those watching on TV) may have noticed some students with an inflatable kangaroo and a blue flag with a tree on it. I talked with them after the game and also went to a few establishments with them. They posted a thing about it in a fantastic thread - in short, it symbolizes the leapers Karl Hobbs has brought to GW, is from Australia, has magical powers, and curses a player from the opposing team. The thread is great, I highly recommend it.

And here's the more serious version from talking to them, though it's a bit foggy thanks to post-game celebration. The flag is a colonial-era flag, and after some research I found it's similar to the Bunker Hill flag, a variation of the New England flag. It's here labeled "Bunker Hill."

The kangaroo was brought back by one of them (or one of their buddies) from Australia. They brought it to a game and GW won, so they kept bringing it back. The one game they didn't bring it to was Xavier, in which Xavier crushed GW. They also said it curses one opposing player to have a bad game, though they won't know who it will be until they see who's playing badly. I think there was more to it, but again, late night and so on. They also waved it during free throws, which was funny. And my buddy also brought a horse on a stick, one of those kiddie ones you ride around when you play cowboys and indians, which was cool.

If you didn't see the kangaroo (or the horse), they're both in the background of the video recap from ESPN, when Carl Elliott is being interviewed.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

GW vs Vandy in Sacramento

The Colonials got a pretty good seed, with an 11, facing #6 seed Vanderbilt on this Thursday. This comes with some positives and some negatives. It's in Sacramento, which will be hard to get to - it looks like flights start around $400 to San Fran, and more to Sacto. The good part about that is Vandy fans won't be able to travel as well either. Rumor has it the game is at 5:10 pm, but that's unconfirmed as of now. Doug Gottlieb of ESPN says Vandy is over-seeded (as in they should have been a 7 or more), which is good for us, but they also are reliant on three pointers, which GW is somewhat weak against pretty good against, holding teams to 33% this year (thanks FQ for the stat). The team was especially good in the A-10 tourney (about which there will be more soon).

So it's a bit of a mixed bag, but I'm still thrilled. We got in, didn't get screwed on the seeding like last year, and have a decent shot at winning one game (despite one of the CBS analysts calling Vandy a sleeper team).

The Bottom Line

The following 20 programs have reached the NCAA Tournament in each of the past three seasons:
-Boston College
-George Washington
-Michigan State
-North Carolina
-Southern Illinois

Saturday, March 10, 2007

We're Going Dancing!

Who would have thought? Three nail-biters, with GW holding off URI and won the A-10 tournament. The students (and bloggers) rushed the court, and Mo Rice was named MVP of the tourney. Carl Elliott also made the all-tourney team. Dokun was clutch. Johnny Lee made the SportsCenter top 10. I took a buttload of pictures and videos (a technical term) and will post them when I get back to DC - which will be in awhile because I'm going to continue to celebrate.

Hail to the Buff, and see you in the tourney!

Check back tomorrow for more about the tourney, Atlantic City, our seeding (6 pm tomorrow on TV) and the team.

Hatchet articles
ESPN article and awesome video
ESPN game photos

Friday, March 9, 2007

GW beats St. Joe's, will face SLU

GW won a sloppy and nerve racking one, with GW having 20 turnovers and St. Joe's 21. The Colonials defense was strong, keeping the Hawks to 24% shooting from the floor. Diggs, Elliott and Rice had good games, all scoring at least 13 on 50%-plus shooting, while Hollis and King both looked timid and nervous, which is not too surprising for freshmen.

GW faces SLU at 9. GW lost to SLU earlier in the season, but played one of their worst games. Ian Vouyoukas has looked strong the times I've seen him in the tourney, and their other big guy, Bryce Husak, also looked good. They went to overtime last game, so that might hurt SLU a bit. GW should have the fan advantage, as there were very few SLU fans at their Duquesne or UMass games, and no band. I hear a lot more GW people are coming today, and there was a pretty big turnout yesterday. Unfortunately, most of the GW fans moved down to an empty section, but the stadium staff made them move back up. It probably looked like crap on TV, since the section was practically empty after that.

I hear the game will be on CN8 in DC, but not sure where else around the country. If you have CSTV, it might be on, but I don't think most people do.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Non-basketball stuff

If you want to read about who GW plays on thursday (hint, it's St. Joe's) then skip the next post. Otherwise, here's some more non-basketball stuff, like where people are meeting before the game.

The consensus seems to be that people are going to meet tomorrow around 6 at the Dizzy Dolphin bar at Boston Ave & the Boardwalk. It's SW of the arena and attached to the Hilton. Tin Tabernacle from says the drinks are cheap and the slots are loose. Sounds good to me.

The arena, Boardwalk Hall, is next to the Trump Plaza, which is a fairly pricey place for gambling (and food). Most of the tables are $10 minimum, and even the slots are $5 minimum (even for nickel and penny stuff). The food there was pricey, so we went to a sub place at Atlantic and California, it was good and was one of the few places that was open in the mid-afternoon. Most of the places on Pacific (the main drag) were closed then.

I've heard the Irish Pub on St. James Place is cool, it's supposedly cheap and a local place. It's a walk, about 10 blocks NE of the arena.

And if you're interested in adult entertainment, there seems to be only one place where the females are nekkid, otherwise they are in bikinis. It's Bare Exposure outside the Trump Plaza on Pacific. However, it's BYOB and there's a $20 cover. Still, rumor has it that people from GW had a good time there. There's also a place about a block down that says "Stopless" on it. I don't know if that means it's topless, or they're just sneaky and it's "stopless" not topless.

GW faces St. Joe's

So we went to three of today's four games. Dayton beat Charlotte, which we didn't see, but the other three were all close. Fordham beat Richmond just barely at the end of the game, Saint Louis beat Duquesne, and the game that's most important to GW fans, St. Joe's beat Temple. That means GW faces St. Joe's tomorrow at around 9 pm.

The whole game, it looked like Temple was going to win. They were shooting well and St. Joe's only offense seemed to be entry passes to the post. Once those were stopped, St. Joe's couldn't score. Then in the second half, St. Joe's defense started to lock down and Temple started forcing wild, Sir Val-esque shots, and the Hawks held on to win.

GW is 1-1 this season against the Hawks, winning at home and losing on the road. If GW can handle the defense, which seemed to be their main weapon, and control their three point shooting, then it should be a good game. And don't put Pat Calathes on the line! Temple made that mistake.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm in Atlantic City

It's a little snowy, but not too bad. We made it fairly easily. Dayton beat Charlotte so far, so they'll face Xavier tomorrow. We're heading to see the last of the Richmond-Fordham game. Anybody else here yet?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Things to do in Atlantic City

I've been looking through the newspapers and websites for AC. Besides the casinos and their bars, I've found a few things. Boardwalk Hall, where the games are, is next to the Trump Plaza and a block from Caesars. A bunch of bars seem to be in stumbling distance.

On the 7th, AC has "First Wedndesday" where lots of bars and restaurants have specials. Sounds pretty cool.

On the 10th, there's a St. Patrick's Day parade on the Boardwalk, which sounds like it'll be worth hitting. It starts at 1 pm. And on the 10th and 11th there's a beer festival at the AC Convention Center. I found those on their visitors website.

If you want to get out and see some music, The Who and Lewis Black are both playing (not together) on the 9th, while Blue Man Group is on the 10th. Steel Pulse, an awesome reggae band, is also playing the 10th.

The AC Weekly has a big list of all the bars (and gentleman's clubs) in the city. If you get really bored and want to watch a movie, there's an IMAX at the Tropicana and a few other theaters around. I'm trying to find a list of the best of everything, so stay tuned.

I emailed a staffer from the AC Weekly, and she had this to say
My personal best bets would be Game On, the sports bar at the Pier at Caesars, which is only a few blocks down the boardwalk from Boardwalk Hall.
If you want cheap food and to mingle with the locals, the best two restaurants are Tony’s Baltimore Grill, Iowa Ave. & Atlantic; and Los Amigos, 1926 Atlantic Ave.

Next Stop Atlantic City

Who's going? Where are you staying? I'll be at the Days Inn near the arena, and will be going up tomorrow. I'm working on a little guide of fun stuff to do up there, besides watch basketball and lose your money at the tables. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Elliott, Rice, Hollis get conference awards

Guards Maureece Rice and Carl Elliott were both named to the all A-10 third team, and Damian Hollis was rightfully named to the all-freshman team. In addition, Hollis was named rookie of the week for the second time after averaging 15 in two games last week. Conference player of the year, unsurprisingly, went to Stephane Lasme of UMass, who got a triple double against GW (and three other times this season season). While coach Karl Hobbs' job this year was commendable, coach of the year honors went to Jim Baron of URI, leading the Rams to a 10-6 conference record, 17-13 overall.

Pops: Most efficient player in the NBA

Move over Dirk, Yao and T-Mac. Here comes Pops.

Ok, not really. But Pops has played a grand total of 6 minutes and scored 6 points, without missing a shot or free throw. If you calculate that out to efficiency per 48 minutes, that means he'll score 48 points a game without missing a shot. And if you use the NBA's efficiency statistics, which I think is points, rebounds, assists, blocks per 48, he's the best player in the league. And if you believe that, I would like to sell you some land.

Here's the stats. It's silly, but it's funny to see Pops at #1.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Update On Rice

GW's leading scorer Maureece Rice barely played in the second half of the Colonials' 88-80 victory over Duquesne at the Smith Center this afternoon. In the postgame press conference, coach Karl Hobbs said that Rice's grandmother passed away last night.

"He had a tough day," said Hobbs. "I think that emotionally he just had a lot of things coming at him. He hasn't been well in about two weeks when she was very ill, and it was sort of a day-to-day thing. I thought that today I wasn't sure even if he was going to play."

Friday, March 2, 2007

How It All Shakes Out, Part Five

Saturday marks the final day of the regular season. In the case of a three-way tie between GW, St. Joseph's, and Fordham, the Colonials would hold the tiebreaker, and in the case of a four-way tie between GW, Rhode Island, St. Joseph's, and Fordham, the Colonials would also hold that tiebreaker. Therefore, the only way the Colonials can miss out on receiving a first round bye in the Atlantic 10 Tournament is by losing to Duquesne and watching all of the following happen: Rhode Island beat Richmond, Temple beat Fordham, and St. Joseph's beat Massachusetts.

1) Xavier (12-3)

Remaining: at LaSalle (3-12)
Hold tiebreaker over Massachusetts

1) Massachusetts (12-3)
Remaining: at St. Joseph's (9-6)
Lose tiebreaker to Xavier

3) George Washington (10-5)
Remaining: Duquesne (6-9)
Hold tiebreakers over Rhode Island and Fordham, lose tiebreaker to St. Joseph's

3) Rhode Island (10-5)
Remaining: at Richmond (3-12)
Hold tiebreaker over St. Joseph's, lose tiebreakers to George Washington and Fordham

5) Fordham (9-6)
Temple (6-9)
Hold tiebreakers over Rhode Island and St. Joseph's, lose tiebreaker to George Washington

5) St. Joseph's (9-6)
Remaining: Massachusetts (12-3)
Hold tiebreakers over George Washington and Rhode Island, lose tiebreaker to Fordham

If the Atlantic 10 Tournament Started Today...
#1 Xavier (22-7, 12-3)

#8 Dayton (17-11, 7-8)
#9 Duquesne (10-17, 6-9)

#4 Rhode Island (15-12, 10-5)

#5 Fordham (16-11, 9-6)
#12 St. Bonaventure (7-21, 4-11)

#3 George Washington (19-8, 10-5)

#6 St. Joseph's (16-12, 9-6)
#11 Charlotte (13-15, 6-9)

#2 Massachusetts (22-7, 12-3)

#7 Saint Louis (17-11, 8-7)
#10 Temple (12-16, 6-9)

Free throw woes

Anyone who's seen a GW game this year has probably noticed that the team doesn't get to the line much. I decided to do a little analysis about free throws and see what I came up with.

GW has shot the second fewest free throws in the league - 496. The league average is just under 588, and only Richmond has shot fewer, with 439. That's not good. That equates to 18.4 foul shots per game for GW, versus 20.8 for the league. GW has also taken 59 fewer free throws than their opponents, the second-worst ratio, again behind Richmond. Neither of those are huge differences, but could amount to a 3 or 4 point swing. GW does shoot 70.6%, a little above the league average of 69.7, but has scored the 2nd fewest points from free throws in the league.

Interestingly, Xavier has shot the most free throws in the league, with 736, and their opponents have taken the fewest, 478. That's by far the biggest difference in the league, 258. Either they're very careful and also draw fouls easily, or they have some friendly refs. Their opponents have the second lowest free throw shooting percentage in the league, with 66.3, which could means they've gotten lucky with opponents or maybe the crowd noise is tough. Richmond has the biggest deficit, -266, which I think is due mainly to the fact that they're bad and also take a lot of jump shots.

Surprisingly, Duquesne shoots the best in the league, making 75.4% of their free throws. Their opponents shoot the worst at 62.3%. Maybe they have weird rims or a loud arena.

So, what does this mean? GW should get the foul line more often to get those free points and get their opponents in foul trouble, and whoever plays Duquesne or Xavier should practice their free throw shooting. Any other thoughts?

Here's the raw chart I made

GW 62 - Charlotte 60, Carl Elliott is the man

Not that this is news to anyone, but Carl Elliott is the man. He scored the game winning shot against Charlotte last night with 18 seconds to go, a fadeaway 17 footer to put GW up 62-60. He finished with nearly another triple double (almost his 4th straight double-double) with 14 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. I didn't get to see the game unfortunately, I had to work, but it looks like a good one. GW had a commanding lead in the second half until the 49ers came within two, but Carl's heroics saved the win. Carl did have 6 turnovers though, and the team had a total of 17.

Mo Rice led GW with 15 on 5/13 shooting and added 6 rebounds and Damian Hollis had 12. Noel Willmore made a three, which is good to see.

The team only went to the line 11 times, which is something that needs to change.

Box score
You can get college basketball tickets here.