Thursday, March 8, 2007

Non-basketball stuff

If you want to read about who GW plays on thursday (hint, it's St. Joe's) then skip the next post. Otherwise, here's some more non-basketball stuff, like where people are meeting before the game.

The consensus seems to be that people are going to meet tomorrow around 6 at the Dizzy Dolphin bar at Boston Ave & the Boardwalk. It's SW of the arena and attached to the Hilton. Tin Tabernacle from says the drinks are cheap and the slots are loose. Sounds good to me.

The arena, Boardwalk Hall, is next to the Trump Plaza, which is a fairly pricey place for gambling (and food). Most of the tables are $10 minimum, and even the slots are $5 minimum (even for nickel and penny stuff). The food there was pricey, so we went to a sub place at Atlantic and California, it was good and was one of the few places that was open in the mid-afternoon. Most of the places on Pacific (the main drag) were closed then.

I've heard the Irish Pub on St. James Place is cool, it's supposedly cheap and a local place. It's a walk, about 10 blocks NE of the arena.

And if you're interested in adult entertainment, there seems to be only one place where the females are nekkid, otherwise they are in bikinis. It's Bare Exposure outside the Trump Plaza on Pacific. However, it's BYOB and there's a $20 cover. Still, rumor has it that people from GW had a good time there. There's also a place about a block down that says "Stopless" on it. I don't know if that means it's topless, or they're just sneaky and it's "stopless" not topless.

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