Friday, March 9, 2007

GW beats St. Joe's, will face SLU

GW won a sloppy and nerve racking one, with GW having 20 turnovers and St. Joe's 21. The Colonials defense was strong, keeping the Hawks to 24% shooting from the floor. Diggs, Elliott and Rice had good games, all scoring at least 13 on 50%-plus shooting, while Hollis and King both looked timid and nervous, which is not too surprising for freshmen.

GW faces SLU at 9. GW lost to SLU earlier in the season, but played one of their worst games. Ian Vouyoukas has looked strong the times I've seen him in the tourney, and their other big guy, Bryce Husak, also looked good. They went to overtime last game, so that might hurt SLU a bit. GW should have the fan advantage, as there were very few SLU fans at their Duquesne or UMass games, and no band. I hear a lot more GW people are coming today, and there was a pretty big turnout yesterday. Unfortunately, most of the GW fans moved down to an empty section, but the stadium staff made them move back up. It probably looked like crap on TV, since the section was practically empty after that.

I hear the game will be on CN8 in DC, but not sure where else around the country. If you have CSTV, it might be on, but I don't think most people do.

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