Monday, March 12, 2007

About the kangaroo

Those of you at the A-10 tourney (and probably those watching on TV) may have noticed some students with an inflatable kangaroo and a blue flag with a tree on it. I talked with them after the game and also went to a few establishments with them. They posted a thing about it in a fantastic thread - in short, it symbolizes the leapers Karl Hobbs has brought to GW, is from Australia, has magical powers, and curses a player from the opposing team. The thread is great, I highly recommend it.

And here's the more serious version from talking to them, though it's a bit foggy thanks to post-game celebration. The flag is a colonial-era flag, and after some research I found it's similar to the Bunker Hill flag, a variation of the New England flag. It's here labeled "Bunker Hill."

The kangaroo was brought back by one of them (or one of their buddies) from Australia. They brought it to a game and GW won, so they kept bringing it back. The one game they didn't bring it to was Xavier, in which Xavier crushed GW. They also said it curses one opposing player to have a bad game, though they won't know who it will be until they see who's playing badly. I think there was more to it, but again, late night and so on. They also waved it during free throws, which was funny. And my buddy also brought a horse on a stick, one of those kiddie ones you ride around when you play cowboys and indians, which was cool.

If you didn't see the kangaroo (or the horse), they're both in the background of the video recap from ESPN, when Carl Elliott is being interviewed.

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