Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some experts have GW in the Sweet 16 vs Gtown

CBS Sportsline has a bunch of expert brackets - about half have GW beating Vandy, and two, Dennis Dodd and former UMass and Villanova coach Steve Lappas, have GW meeting Georgetown in the Sweet 16. I can only dream.

Former UVa coach Pete Gillen and Tony Mejia have GW beating Vandy. I refuse to look at Doyel's picks.

In addition, Sportsline's "The Edge" gives GW a slight edge.


broonum said...

How schweet would that be for GW and Georgetown to meet in the Schweet 16. Regardless of who would win it would be exciting and maybe it would finally convince them to play during the regular season.

broonum said...
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broonum said...

Also the potential for that matchup I think shows that GW are getting a tiny bit more respect after making the tourney 3 years in a row. Doesn't make up for last years seeding debacle but its a start.

Erich said...

Gillen even as us as his value pick.

And for the record, Doyle doesn't treat us as badly as you might think.

Andrew said...

erich, you may be right, but all the stuff last year really pissed me off. And the last thing I saw him say was "Paranoid conspiracy-theorist Karl Hobbs isn't my kind of guy, but he did a (cringe) fabulous job this season leading George Washington back into the NCAA Tournament after losing three starters from last season's record-setting GW team." So I choose not to give his articles any hits. He does some good analysis when he doesn't try to get people mad, but he does that too much for my taste.

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