Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hobbs updates - Michigan, USF rumors

Some actual news and rumors. The news is that two people already said no to South Florida, while the rumors are that Karl Hobbs is going to get an interview at Michigan, and that Michigan only wants an established coach (which would rule out Hobbs). So who knows, really.

According to the St. Pete Times, two candidates for the USF coaching job said "no thanks" - Winthrop's Gregg Marshall (one person I would like to see at GW if God forbid, Hobbs leaves) and South Alabama's John Pelphrey. Yes, South Alabama is a D-1 school, they actually made the tourney this year. The article says that the GW AD (Jack Kvancz) said USF has not contacted him about Hobbs. So that's good.

The not so great news is that a Michigan blog (shockingly there are more Michigan blogs than GW) said that "The general consensus from the insiders is that George Washington coach Karl Hobbs is going to get an interview." This blogger obviously has different sources than the other blogger whose sources said Hobbs doesn't think he'd be a great fit at Michigan.

That other Michigan blog said "in the past few days many sources have said [Michigan AD Bill] Martin has decided to choose an established coach if her [sic] can." Which presumably would rule out Hobbsie.


r said...

Did you see Andy Katz's story on the USF job? He lists the USF candidates as: Pete Gillen, Fran Fraschilla as well as John Pelphrey, but not Hobbs.

Andrew said...

I saw this one, but I wrote about a St. Pete Times one that said Pelphrey and Marshall both said no thanks. Hobbs was mentioned by the St Pete one though.

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