Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rumor: Hobbs not interested in Michigan

Finally some good news on the Karl Hobbs coaching carousel - apparently he's not interested in Michigan. This coming from a Michigan fan's blog, so who knows how reliable that is, though the blogger says "Sources close to him say he doesn't feel Michigan is the right fit." I'll try to confirm this more, but it's tentative good news.


Red Andrews said...


What's up, dude? We of the BearMeat Editorial Board salute your efforts in blogging the GW Colonials. Colonial Alumni J. Edgar Hoover is one of our heroes. He occupies the same brilliant constellation as Baylor alum Priscilla Owen.

We are in the process of fast-tracking your blog to "Oso Amigo" status on our blogroll.

We'll always have Stillwater.

Good day,

Red Andrews
Senior Editor, BearMeat

Andrew said...

Hello Wacoianites. Don't forget GW alum Ken Starr. Or better yet, do forget him.

Once I get a blogroll I'll definitely add you fellows.

You can get college basketball tickets here.