Monday, March 12, 2007

NCAA Ticket Information

I called the Smith Center box office a minute ago and their message said call back after 2 pm today about NCAA tournament tickets. The number is 202-994-6050.

However, GW just sent out an email saying call tuesday or wednesday, GW sent out a correction, they're available today. They are $63.25 which includes a 2.5% handling fee. A small price to pay.

UPDATE: Rumor has it you need to be somehow GW affiliated - alum, student, staff, ticket holder, etc.


Mike said...

The affiliation part is true. They are trying their best to limit tickets to people affilitated with GW (season ticket holders, students, alumni, faculty & staff, etc). They don't want to open ticket sales to the general public until all GW people get a chance to purchase seats, so call this afternoon if you want to go and make sure you tell them how you are affiliated with GW.

Andrew said...

Thanks mike

You can get college basketball tickets here.