Monday, March 26, 2007

Jack Evans wants GW vs Georgetown

Jack Evans is now my favorite D.C. councilman ever. The Ward 2 rep wrote a great article in the Post calling for a GW-Georgetown matchup. I feel like I may have sent him an email urging Evans to support GW-Georgetown, but I forget, I send a lot of those letters.

But in any case, he makes all the right arguments - the teams have played against each other more than any other teams, they haven't played since 1980-81, mentions the history, and mentions Philly's Big Five. Last year he also proposed a Ward 2 championship game (GW and GU both being in Ward 2).

Maybe there's a groundswell for this, as the Post's Mark Plotkin mentions it a lot in his online chats, and there was even a question on it at a Univ. of Minnesota blog. Let's cross our fingers.


Frank (The Soft Lounge) said...

I think there is something to be gained from that match-up, not the least of which really is another opportunity for GW to play in a bigger venue.

Apart from the "we'd likely get crushed" aspect of the game, GW could stand another high exposure game to replace one of our UMES or UMBC games. Georgetown's program pre-signing the arena deal 20 some odd years ago looked a lot like GW, and with exposure and money more important today then ever before GW needs to take more big game opportunities. There is, after all, no place to put a new basketball arena and it isn't as if Georgetown is going to share their peach of a deal with Verizon (although, maybe they should be made to).

Great work on the blog btw.

Oh, and I got my A-10 champs shirt today!

Andrew said...

Thanks, glad you're liking it! It'd definitely be good for GW on a number of levels - a natural and historical matchup, it would energize the students, give GW a good opponent and an RPI boost, and of course a chance to be top dog.

And I have to get one of those shirts!

DCSportsChick said...

Jack Evans was never one of my favorite guys (he wasn't exactly a friend to the GW students, back in my day) but I'm glad to hear that he's all for GW vs. GU. Sure would be an interesting prospect!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Evans article; he made a similar comment last year. I think slowly but surely Georgetown will get on board, especially if GW keeps making tournaments year-in and year-out.

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