Monday, March 19, 2007

Carl, Regis in top 60 seniors

I was looking for any mentions of Carl Elliott on NBA mock draft boards, and I didn't find any. However, I did find this, which mentions Carl as the 59th best senior and Regis Koundjia, surprisingly, as the 61st. I guess they rank defense and potential. SLU's Ian Vouyoukas is just ahead of Carl at 58.

I think Carl will definitely see time in at least the NBDL, but I always wondered why he never got more NBA hype - he's big, can score, pass and defend, he's tough and he's clutch. I guess he does the little things that are important, like Mike Hall, and isn't all that flashy, but I think he'd make a good backup PG on an NBA team. And he's the winningest player in GW history too. Then again, I'm no GM.

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