Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mike Hall - no longer a rumor

DraftExpress is reporting that Hall was indeed signed to a 10 day contract. The Wiz cut James Lang to make a roster spot.

This makes the second GW player from last year's team to make the NBA this year, which I think is more than any other local team. And Danilo (JR) Pinnock is playing well in the D-League, taking a page from Carl Elliott and getting a triple-double the other day. He's averaging 12.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 5.0 assists.

This has got to be good for Karl Hobbs' recruiting. "So coach, what did you do last year?" "We were ranked #6 in the country, went undefeated in conference, got two players in the NBA and another in the D-League."

He will be #42 for the Wiz. Their press release

Rumor - Mike Hall picked up by Wizards

The rumor at is that Mike Hall has been signed to a 10-day contract by the Wizards. I think most GW fans have been saying he should go somewhere, and what better place than the Wiz, where he played in the summer league and training camp. The Wiz could also use a glue guy, like Mr. Hall, who can rebound, shoot and defend. In the D-League, Hall is scoring 15.6 points per game (21st in the league) on 49.6% shooting and collecting 8.6 rebounds per game, good for 9th in the league.

I don't see any news so far, but if I do I'll post it. And if it's true, you'll see me at the Verizon Center in my buff and blue #3 jersey.

GW coaches in Wikipedia

Goofing around on Wikipedia, I noticed that Hobbs, Penders, Jarvis and two older coaches, Baby McCarthy and Nathan Dougherty. However, none of the other coaches have articles, so if somebody knew something about those guys, it'd be great if they could start them. A good starting point would be GW's own wiki.

Karl Hobbs at Wikipedia

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A thing of beauty

That would be Pops dunking yesterday in the Mavericks-Hawks game. He scored 4 on 1-1 shooting and 2-2 from the line in about 2 minutes.

These are the first points in Pops' NBA career and the first from a GW player in the NBA since Yinka Dare in 1998. Pops also had a rebound.

Box score

(Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

Jarvis columns mention GW

Former GW coach Mike Jarvis has a new column at, and so far he's mentioned GW a bunch of times. Good to see.

Mid-major redux

Making an impact - his description sounds like Mike Hall to a T

Monday, February 26, 2007

Women win, finish with undefeated A-10 record

It was a good weekend for the GW women, who beat Temple at home to end the year with an undefeated A-10 record. Temple came in undefeated as well, but didn't leave that way.

The game had a nice crowd, especially considering the snowy weather, and it was tight. GW was shooting well but couldn't rebound whatsoever, as Temple had nearly as many offensive rebounds (22) as GW had total rebounds (27). Temple had 48 rebounds total. Erica Jo Lawrence was GW's main weapon, knocking down open jumpers for 19 points while five other GW players added between 5 and 8 points. The officiating was a little questionable, especially the female ref, who frequently made calls from the other side of the court. But after trading baskets for most of the game, GW locked down and went up 6, holding on to win by 3.

GW has a bye in the A-10 tourney and will face the winner of the La Salle-Dayton game on Saturday.

The Post
on GW's win

Friday, February 23, 2007

Food For Thought

Teams in the RPI Top 50
ACC - 9
Big East - 6
Big Ten - 6
SEC - 6
Big XII - 5
Pac 10 - 5
Missouri Valley - 4
Mountain West - 3
CAA - 2
Atlantic 10 - 1
Conference USA - 1
Horizon - 1
WAC - 1

Teams in the RPI Top 100
Big East - 11
SEC - 10

ACC - 9
Big XII - 9
Big Ten - 8
Pac 10 - 8
Atlantic 10 - 6
Missouri Valley - 6
CAA - 4
Mountain West - 4
WAC - 4
MAC - 3
Conference USA - 2
Horizon - 2
Patriot - 2
Southern - 2
West Coast - 2
America East - 1
Big South - 1
Big West - 1
Horizon - 1
Ivy - 1
Mid-Continent - 1
Southland - 1
Sun Belt - 1


LaSalle game on TV, women on internet

Just got this from the athletic department, Comcast Sports Net will be showing Saturday's GW-LaSalle men's game at 7 pm. It's on a tape delay, the game is actually at noon. The TV listings for Comcast in DC shows it, so that's good.

They say you can check to see if they carry it in your area. In case you can't get it, you can also get it for $10 over the internet from

In addition, tonight's women's game against St. Joe's will be live on

A little on the Richmond game

It's a few days after the game, so I'll keep it brief. GW won 68-49 in a fairly boring game.

*Rob Diggs was fantastic (as the Post notes) scoring 24 and 6 rebounds.

*The student turnout was atrocious, even worse than the Temple game. The lower student section was maybe 2/3 full, and the upper nearly empty. It's sad. There's been a lot of debate about it on - mainly is it the students' fault or the University? I think a little of both, but I'll write more about it soon.

*I like that Opoku is getting more time.

*Travis King made some nice, flashy passes

*Richmond couldn't knock down open shots. If they could have, this might have been a lot closer.

*Carl had a double-double, 14 points and 10 boards, and the Times notes he might have gotten another triple-double if his teammates had converted. The Times article is great.

*Two game winning streak!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Don't Stop Believing

The top four teams in the A-10 at the end of the regular season receive byes in the first round of the conference tournament. Currently, the standings look like this:

1) Rhode Island (10-3)
2) Xavier (9-3)
2) Massachusetts (9-3)
4) St. Joseph's (8-4)
5) George Washington (7-5)
6) Fordham (7-6)
7) Dayton (6-6)
7) Saint Louis (6-6)

A game out of that crucial fourth spot, the Colonials close the season with games at home against Richmond, at LaSalle, at Charlotte, and at home against Duquesne. What do all four of these teams have in common? Losing records in conference play. On the other hand, St. Joseph's still has to go to Xavier and hosts Massachusetts on the final day of the regular season.

More food for thought: what would happen if the Colonials slip into that fourth spot and Rhode Island wins the regular season title? Xavier and Massachusetts would be on the other side of the bracket.

Just some things to consider with roughly 10 days left in the regular season.

Pops: D-League Dynamo

Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarski has a nice piece on Pops Mensah-Bonsu's time in the D-League, similar to the one I wrote about before. He notes that it was surprising Pops wasn't taken in the NBA draft. Unfortunately the King Whale Killer has yet to play for the Mavs in his second stint with the team, but with DJ Mbenga getting injured, he may be a little more time.

And last week, Pops was the MVP of the D-League All-Star game after scoring 30 and collecting 7 rebounds. Scouts Inc. says he has impressive athleticism, something I think we all knew, but hopefully NBA folks are noticing.

And here's the All-Star game photo gallery.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I decided to start this because we're having some technical issues at, as probably a lot of you have noticed. I'll post on here whenever is down so you can still get your GW basketball fix, and I'll let you know on here when back up.

Thank you for bearing with us, and hail to the buff!
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