Friday, January 30, 2009

Pops joins Austin D-League team

Good to see. Senor Pops Mensah-Bonsu has joined the Austin Toros of the NBA's D-League. The Toros are affiliated with the San Antonio Spurs and are coached by Quin "Slickback" Snyder, formerly at Mizzou.

Pops has had success in the D-League too, being named D-League All Star game MVP.

Good luck to Pops, I hope he makes the bigtime and makes an impact!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

GW Recruit Dwayne Smith Doing Well...

...on and off the court. Congrats for the academic Honors. Bridgton profile. Here are a couple nice action shots from 3 point land.

We look forward to seeing you in Buff and Blue next season. Who knows, maybe President Obama will show up to a game like Clinton did for GW's upset of #1 UMass in 1995.

Thanks to the Wolverine Basketball Blog for the info and photos.

GW Recruit Kinley Branch an All-American Nominee

One of 39 nominees from the state of Georgia. Source: Georgia Hoops blog

Congrats Kinley and look forward to seeing you in Foggy Bottom Buff and Blue next season!

GW 66 - LaSalle 76

Yeah, whatever.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comparing the players

So I was talking about this with Max, comparing current players to past ones. Here's my ideas, although some players are pretty unique = Diggs, Taylor.

--Johnny Lee = a more clutch Bernard Barrow. Good passers, don't have much offense, occasionally spectacular.
--Hermann Opoku = freshman year Pops Mensah-Bonsu in very limited time. Same number, big dunks.
--Aaron Ware = early JR Pinnock. Good at penetrating, good on D. Not a good shooter (as JR didn't get better until later)
--Travis King = early Carl Elliott, but not as awesome, and didn't catch any passes from Colt Brennan.
--Damian Hollis = Omar Williams with less rebounding. Lanky, good shooter, dribbler.
--Noel Wilmore = Greg Collucci, though Noel's playing inside a bit more, and isn't as streaky as Collucci
--Matt Allbritton = Ricky Lucas. Supposed to be a three point specialist, but didn't really get a chance to see that. Lucas had a lot more playing time, however.
--Wynton Witherspoon = sometimes he's a glue guy like Mike Hall, and sometimes he's a bit like Mike King. Nobody could be Mike Hall or Mike King though.
--Tony Taylor = Sir Valiant Brown at times, in that he's out of control but sometimes awesome, and Lewie Helton at times with crazy hand-waving defense

Got any others?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Xavier Alexander: "GW was just not a good fit for me."

The Hatchet had a chat with Xavier, who said he just didn't fit and also wanted to transfer after the first year. Too bad. He hopes to transfer to Oklahoma, Okla. State, UNC-Wilmington, or North Texas. I wish him good luck.

GW loses to URI in double OT

Well, that stinks. I wasn't at the game unfortunately, but it sounds like a good one. Max tells me Aaron Ware and Johnny Lee were awesome, and the team's final shot plays (both of them) were terrible. Rob Diggs and Noel Wilmore had 20 each, Ware and Lee had 11, and Damian Hollis had 18. Crazily, Johnny Lee was the leading rebounder with 7. I'm not sure if that shows his hustle or GW's lack of rebounding. Spoon was 3/14 from the floor after a great game against Dayton. The team seems to be coming together and getting more defined roles, but will they be too down after the close losses to let it coalesce?

Here's the box score and GWsports article, and Herve's recap.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's to Blame?

Found a good GWHoops thread with a discussion of who's at fault.

The suspects are:

The scorer's table, for not sounding the buzzer.

Hobbs, for not knowing what was going on.

Collucci, because he was supposed to be in track of who's on the court.

The players, for not signaling that somebody should come off.

And here's my impressions. Hobbs should have known, for one. Players probably should have figured it out, though Spoon did notice and try to run off the court. Collucci apparently was going nuts trying to get somebody's attention, so I don't think he's to blame. And the scorer's table should have sounded the buzzer. So I guess it's a combination, but still, that stinks.

GW 61-Dayton 63

This is one of those games where I don't want to look at I had a lot of positive things to say about the team at first, then the debacle happened - up 61-60 and 21 seconds left, GW had 6 players on the court, which resulted in a technical foul. The Dayton player hit both foul shots, giving the Flyers the lead, and then they went 1/2 on another foul, putting them up 2. Tony Taylor missed a three and Rob Diggs missed a put back, and that was it.

It was infuriating because it looked like GW was going to win and break the losing streak, taking a 4-6 point lead into the 2 minute mark - the team played well most of the game, aside from missing a lot of threes and not guarding against perimeter threes - Dayton hit at least 5 wide open ones. The team played hard, hustled, got contributions from everyone, and could have won. It was a terrible way to lose a game, and without knowing specifics, it seems like that should be the coaches' job, to make sure everyone knows whether to be off or on court. I could even hear people in the student section yelling about 6 players on the court from my seats in the upper end zone.

There were some positives - Wynton Witherspoon had a great game, scoring 19 from everywhere and grabbing 7 boards. Travis King scored well when he went inside - I'd like to see more. Johnny Lee passed it well in limited time, and Aaron Ware looked solid on D, rebounding, and getting to the basket. There were some set plays, they got the ball down low, and there weren't too many crazy substitutions. It seems like the team might actually have set roles, for once.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today: Dayton at 7:30

GW faces the Flyers of Dayton today at 7:30 in the Smith Center as GW tries to get its first conference win and end the 7-game losing streak. However, Dayton is 16-2(!)and 2-1 in conference, including a win over ranked Marquette, which leads me to believe it won't happen.

They're not a particularly high scoring team and play pretty good D (allowing 57 points per game) so this could be painful for GW on offense. GW has won 5 of the last 6 against Dayton, so who knows.

--GWSports preview
--Herve's preview


This graphic was made by poster Dootie Bubble. Pretty awesome.

Friday, January 16, 2009

We got Sports Bogged

Dan Steinberg at the Post posted about my texting ESPN that GW should be ranked.

Pretty cool.

Small victories are the name of the game this season.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

GW 83-Duquesne 88

Now if you heard that a team shot .638 from the floor and 8/10 from three, you'd assume they won, right? Not in GW's case. The Colonials did that, but got outrebounded 31-22 and turned it over 17 times to DU's 10. Duquesne also scored 54 in the second half, going 8/13 from three and shooting 24 free throws in the frame, hitting 18. Not the way to close out the game.

Here's the box score.

Kvancz: Alexander leaving "not the start of a trend"

GW athletic director Jack Kvancz told the Hatchet that Xavier Alexander leaving was not the start of a trend. You're right, Jack, it's not the start of a trend, it's the latest in a long-standing trend - Miles Beatty, Cheyenne Moore, Maureece Rice, and more before that.

A new poster, "WallStreet," says he hears two more players will be transferring, which would be ridiculous if true. He says look for Katuka and Hollis to go. I don't see Hollis going, and I hope Katuka doesn't, but given his playing time, I can't say I'd blame him.

The trend has started to get national news too, like on the AP, via Jack Kvancz, or people higher up, need to wake up and do something about this. This is a trend, and it needs to be addressed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Xavier Alexander leaves the team?

There's another rumor about Xavier Alexander leaving on - new posters named fanofman and GOODsource say he's left school and left DC, although the Hatchet's Andrew Alberg contacted GW sports information director Brad Bower, who said "As far as I know, Xavier is still on the team."

Of course, there's been rumors about Alexander leaving before.

Obviously I hope X doesn't leave, he's always showed a lot of promise - especially taking the ball inside, playing good defense, rebounding.

Apparently WRGW has confirmed this. That sucks. Here's more of what fanofman says:
He's gone!!!! He will not be at the next game because he left D.C. I was told that he was very unhappy with the team, so he didn't care anymore. I wouldn't blame Hobbs either. I guess it's hard for people to believe that kids can be AZZholes in and of themselves.
If this is the case, that's not good - players being jerks to other players. If my count is right, this is the 4th player who has left or been kicked off in the last two years - Maureece Rice, Miles Beatty, Cheyenne Moore, and now Xavier Alexander. There was also Montrell McDonald earlier, and probably some more - there are almost too many. This is worrisome.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Sort of.

As noted in the video, I was watching the Memphis-Tulsa tonight game and ESPN had a thing where you can text in and they'd put your texts on TV. I decided to see if they checked what they put up. While the rest of the texts were about the game and C-USA, I texted in as "Marion" (as in Barry) suggesting that GW should be ranked and will make a deep run in the tourney. Pretty funny. Later I texted "Memphis should score more points than Tulsa in order to win," but they didn't show it. Must have caught onto me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A tale of two halves: GW 48-Richmond 60

GW played an absolutely abysmal first half, scoring 14 on 25% shooting, while Richmond scored 34, going up big early in the half. The Colonials made all kinds of bonehead plays, getting the ball stripped, dribbling out of bounds, taking crazy shots, etc etc. For awhile, it looked like GW might beat their own defensive record - getting held to less than 20 points all game.

In the second half, however, GW came alive, scoring more and playing good D, outscoring the Spiders 34-26 and shooting 45.8%. Diggs had a monstrous two-handed dunk off the break that ignited the team, and after a small run, the fans got into the game. Unfortunately the first half was so terrible that GW couldn't get close.

Hobbs seemed to make mostly sensible substitutions, with Wynton Witherspoon playing 36 minutes, scoring 16 points off the dribble, from long range, and from medium range, and adding 4 rebounds and 4 assists. I hope Hobbs learns from this and keeps him playing a lot. Rob Diggs also played 33 minutes, scoring 10 and collecting 7 boards. Travis King scored well off the dribble, though Tony Taylor was 0/7 from the floor and often looked out of control. For some reason Joseph Katuka didn't play at all.

--Box score
--Hatchet recap
--Herve's recap

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pops to the Rockets? Or Zaragoza?

Looks like El Rey might be getting another shot at the league - a blog post (in Espanolish) says Pops is the first option of CAI Zaragoza, a team in the top Spanish league, but first will try his luck with the Houston Rockets.

I can't find much more about Pops and the Rockets, other than a Spanish news article saying they have an interest in him. Thanks to Spanish 9 at GW for that (which for some reason was held in Gelman). Hope he catches on with the Rockets or Zaragoza and does well.

Here's the first article's (rough) Google translation.

UPDATE: The rumor is mentioned on a Rockets message board, with some speculation as to why he might go there - cap room, basically, and maybe they'll trade somebody. The posters say the Heraldo (second link above) is usually pretty reliable.

Colt Brennan and Carl Elliott

I was looking around to see what NCAA records Colt Brennan, the former Hawaii and current Redskins quarterback, held, so I went to his Wikipedia page. Here's what I found in the "Early Years" section:
Brennan attended Mater Dei High School in California. He helped Mater Dei to the league championship in basketball as a senior. While at Mater Dei, Brennan was the backup quarterback to Matt Leinart until Leinart graduated. After graduating from Mater Dei, Brennan attended Worcester Academy in Massachusetts for a postgraduate year, where his primary targets were David Ball, now a wide receiver for the New York Jets, and Carl Elliott, the former starting point guard on George Washington's basketball team.
Pretty cool!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

JR Pinnock: Give Hobbs a break

Looks like Danilo Pinnock, aka JR, posted at backing up Karl Hobbs. Here's his post. Click here for the responses.
As a player that played for coach Hobbs and being a part of 27-3 team I think you guys should give coach Hobbs a break. This team is not as good as we were and they are going to struggle to win games . Coach probably went into this season thinking he would be able to run and gun like we did but know he knows he cant. Give him a chance to change things up.

As much as I love GW we are not DUKE and we are not UNC. Yes we did go to the NCAA's 3 years and a row and i think some of you got spoilled and forgot where the program was when coach Hobbs took over not so long ago.

when look back to those coach hobbs teams that went to the tournaments we had 5 to 7 guys that could kill you on any givin night this team does not have that make up. our teams had guys who were naturally leaders but also did not have a problem nothing when it was their time to be a follower. Another big thing is that we had time to gel together my freshman year if you can recall we beat Xavier by 21 at home and then they went on to the elight 8 but be for that we lost a game to appalachian state after beating them badly like 4 days earlier. we lost at fairfield when we were up by 8 with less then 2 minutes to go . So you have to go give the team a chance to grow together.

GW basketball means as you guys know i have been leaving messages on here since before i ever played one minute at GW. ( Incase you have not figured it out it is JR Pinnock) To hear you guys so ready to throw coach to the under the bus give him a chance. before last year his win loss record looked pretty good. Its funny because before we went to the tourney my sophmore year it had been how long now we want to fire the coach because we might not go 2 years in a row.

I dont know this team because Im here in Italy and not getting to watch. I let coach down this summer because he asked me to be around the team more and I wasnt but that wont be the case this year but i know coach can and will turn thigns around just give him that chance.
Pretty good points. Your thoughts?

Monday, January 5, 2009

GW lost to Longwood

Man. This stinks.

Wynton Witherspoon played, surprisingly, being the first off the bench, and Damian Hollis had a double-double. GWHoopsters are blaming the loss on a couple of Hobbs moves. I was fortunate enough not to listen to the game.

GWSports article.

Friday, January 2, 2009

GW vs Longwood on Saturday

I'm not going to bother with a long preview. Longwood is 6-8 (4-8 if you include only D1 schools), but who knows. The game is in Farmville, VA at 7 pm.

Herve has a big preview at GWHoops.

What if Hobbs gets fired?

How tables have turned. A few years ago (and even in 2007 and 2008) we were worried about Hobbs leaving for a better job. Now, we're wondering what happens if he gets fired.

If he does get fired, and I'm still kind of undecided, I hope Jack Kvancz gets the boot also. I'm sure Kvancz is a nice guy, but my impression of him is that he doesn't believe GW can get much better, and thus doesn't make the steps for GW to do so. That's my theory, at least.

But anyway, what if Hobbs is fired (or resigns)? Who would come in to replace him?

A couple years ago, when all the rumors about Hobbs going to Michigan and elsewhere were swirling, I wrote up a post about potential replacements. Unfortunately, that was when my blog wasn't on Blogspot, and that post is lost to history, but some of the names are on this list.

Here are some I'd like to see:

--Bob McKillop, Davidson. I doubt GW could get him, but he's done wonders at a small school.

--Brad Brownell, Wright State. Also had success at UNCW.

--Jeff Jones, American. Has had some success at AU, and would presumably know the area. Not my top choice though, only one NCAA tourney since 2000-2001 at AU.

--Anthony Grant, VCU. Lots of success at the Richmond school. I have to assume bigger teams would be calling him.

--Blaine Taylor, ODU. Lots of success there too.

How about you, any other suggestions?
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