Friday, January 2, 2009

What if Hobbs gets fired?

How tables have turned. A few years ago (and even in 2007 and 2008) we were worried about Hobbs leaving for a better job. Now, we're wondering what happens if he gets fired.

If he does get fired, and I'm still kind of undecided, I hope Jack Kvancz gets the boot also. I'm sure Kvancz is a nice guy, but my impression of him is that he doesn't believe GW can get much better, and thus doesn't make the steps for GW to do so. That's my theory, at least.

But anyway, what if Hobbs is fired (or resigns)? Who would come in to replace him?

A couple years ago, when all the rumors about Hobbs going to Michigan and elsewhere were swirling, I wrote up a post about potential replacements. Unfortunately, that was when my blog wasn't on Blogspot, and that post is lost to history, but some of the names are on this list.

Here are some I'd like to see:

--Bob McKillop, Davidson. I doubt GW could get him, but he's done wonders at a small school.

--Brad Brownell, Wright State. Also had success at UNCW.

--Jeff Jones, American. Has had some success at AU, and would presumably know the area. Not my top choice though, only one NCAA tourney since 2000-2001 at AU.

--Anthony Grant, VCU. Lots of success at the Richmond school. I have to assume bigger teams would be calling him.

--Blaine Taylor, ODU. Lots of success there too.

How about you, any other suggestions?


David said...

1) Mike Lonergan, Vermont. Has D.C. ties as a former assistant at Maryland and before that built a D-III powerhouse as coach at Catholic. Been to two conference title games in three seasons at Vermont, though no NCAA appearances yet.

2)Steve Pikiell, Stony Brook: Maybe hasn't won enough as a head coach to earn a bigger job, but he's had to build Stony Brook's program from almost nothing. And as a GW assistant he was the lead recruiter for their best season in school history. Recruiting hasn't been the same since he left.

Andrew said...

Good call on Lonergan. I thought about including Pikiell, but he doesn't have many wins yet. That said, I wouldn't be upset if GW picked him.

Fire Hobbs said...

I am thinking Todd Bozeman from Morgan St. That would make for a nice story if he keeps his act clean. Bring him back to DC. Gets reunited with his brother. He is a really good coach too. Plus he would definately be cheap. Everyone deserves a 2nd choice

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