Sunday, January 11, 2009

A tale of two halves: GW 48-Richmond 60

GW played an absolutely abysmal first half, scoring 14 on 25% shooting, while Richmond scored 34, going up big early in the half. The Colonials made all kinds of bonehead plays, getting the ball stripped, dribbling out of bounds, taking crazy shots, etc etc. For awhile, it looked like GW might beat their own defensive record - getting held to less than 20 points all game.

In the second half, however, GW came alive, scoring more and playing good D, outscoring the Spiders 34-26 and shooting 45.8%. Diggs had a monstrous two-handed dunk off the break that ignited the team, and after a small run, the fans got into the game. Unfortunately the first half was so terrible that GW couldn't get close.

Hobbs seemed to make mostly sensible substitutions, with Wynton Witherspoon playing 36 minutes, scoring 16 points off the dribble, from long range, and from medium range, and adding 4 rebounds and 4 assists. I hope Hobbs learns from this and keeps him playing a lot. Rob Diggs also played 33 minutes, scoring 10 and collecting 7 boards. Travis King scored well off the dribble, though Tony Taylor was 0/7 from the floor and often looked out of control. For some reason Joseph Katuka didn't play at all.

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