Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pops to the Rockets? Or Zaragoza?

Looks like El Rey might be getting another shot at the league - a blog post (in Espanolish) says Pops is the first option of CAI Zaragoza, a team in the top Spanish league, but first will try his luck with the Houston Rockets.

I can't find much more about Pops and the Rockets, other than a Spanish news article saying they have an interest in him. Thanks to Spanish 9 at GW for that (which for some reason was held in Gelman). Hope he catches on with the Rockets or Zaragoza and does well.

Here's the first article's (rough) Google translation.

UPDATE: The rumor is mentioned on a Rockets message board, with some speculation as to why he might go there - cap room, basically, and maybe they'll trade somebody. The posters say the Heraldo (second link above) is usually pretty reliable.

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