Tuesday, January 6, 2009

JR Pinnock: Give Hobbs a break

Looks like Danilo Pinnock, aka JR, posted at GWHoops.com backing up Karl Hobbs. Here's his post. Click here for the responses.
As a player that played for coach Hobbs and being a part of 27-3 team I think you guys should give coach Hobbs a break. This team is not as good as we were and they are going to struggle to win games . Coach probably went into this season thinking he would be able to run and gun like we did but know he knows he cant. Give him a chance to change things up.

As much as I love GW we are not DUKE and we are not UNC. Yes we did go to the NCAA's 3 years and a row and i think some of you got spoilled and forgot where the program was when coach Hobbs took over not so long ago.

when look back to those coach hobbs teams that went to the tournaments we had 5 to 7 guys that could kill you on any givin night this team does not have that make up. our teams had guys who were naturally leaders but also did not have a problem nothing when it was their time to be a follower. Another big thing is that we had time to gel together my freshman year if you can recall we beat Xavier by 21 at home and then they went on to the elight 8 but be for that we lost a game to appalachian state after beating them badly like 4 days earlier. we lost at fairfield when we were up by 8 with less then 2 minutes to go . So you have to go give the team a chance to grow together.

GW basketball means as you guys know i have been leaving messages on here since before i ever played one minute at GW. ( Incase you have not figured it out it is JR Pinnock) To hear you guys so ready to throw coach to the under the bus give him a chance. before last year his win loss record looked pretty good. Its funny because before we went to the tourney my sophmore year it had been how long now we want to fire the coach because we might not go 2 years in a row.

I dont know this team because Im here in Italy and not getting to watch. I let coach down this summer because he asked me to be around the team more and I wasnt but that wont be the case this year but i know coach can and will turn thigns around just give him that chance.
Pretty good points. Your thoughts?

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