Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Xavier Alexander leaves the team?

There's another rumor about Xavier Alexander leaving on - new posters named fanofman and GOODsource say he's left school and left DC, although the Hatchet's Andrew Alberg contacted GW sports information director Brad Bower, who said "As far as I know, Xavier is still on the team."

Of course, there's been rumors about Alexander leaving before.

Obviously I hope X doesn't leave, he's always showed a lot of promise - especially taking the ball inside, playing good defense, rebounding.

Apparently WRGW has confirmed this. That sucks. Here's more of what fanofman says:
He's gone!!!! He will not be at the next game because he left D.C. I was told that he was very unhappy with the team, so he didn't care anymore. I wouldn't blame Hobbs either. I guess it's hard for people to believe that kids can be AZZholes in and of themselves.
If this is the case, that's not good - players being jerks to other players. If my count is right, this is the 4th player who has left or been kicked off in the last two years - Maureece Rice, Miles Beatty, Cheyenne Moore, and now Xavier Alexander. There was also Montrell McDonald earlier, and probably some more - there are almost too many. This is worrisome.

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