Monday, January 26, 2009

GW loses to URI in double OT

Well, that stinks. I wasn't at the game unfortunately, but it sounds like a good one. Max tells me Aaron Ware and Johnny Lee were awesome, and the team's final shot plays (both of them) were terrible. Rob Diggs and Noel Wilmore had 20 each, Ware and Lee had 11, and Damian Hollis had 18. Crazily, Johnny Lee was the leading rebounder with 7. I'm not sure if that shows his hustle or GW's lack of rebounding. Spoon was 3/14 from the floor after a great game against Dayton. The team seems to be coming together and getting more defined roles, but will they be too down after the close losses to let it coalesce?

Here's the box score and GWsports article, and Herve's recap.

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