Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another reason for recruits to come to GW: Whole Foods

I can just hear it now: "I liked George Mason's recent history, but at GW they had an olive bar." Take that, other non-fancy pants schools.

DCist has the story. The place is going into Square 54, where the old hospital used to be. I wonder if that'll reduce lines at Trader Joe's.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mike Hall owns a bobblehead of Mike Hall taking a dump

No, seriously. Mike Hall, former awesome player for GW from 2002-2006, has a Twitter account, @_MikeHall. The icon for his account is a bobblehead of him on the toilet, reading a newspaper. #3 is taking a #2. This is amazing.

I reached out to him (hopefully while he's not taking a dump) to ask what the deal is with this. Where did it come from? Why taking a dump? Is that the Chicago Sun-Times or Tribune?

Mr. Hall, as you may remember, is playing for Turkish team Erdemir SK after a stint in Italy and with the Wizards.

He averaged about 10 points and 8 boards for his 4-year career at GW, and also pretty much willed GW back into the NCAA tournament game in his senior year against UNC-Wilmington when the team was down 18 early in the second half. During a timeout he yelled at the other players that their careers were about to be over, which got them fired up and they came back and won. It was a great game.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awesome season ticket commercial -- buy yours!!

Check it out. Pretty great, and I like the clips of old school GW players like Shawnta.

Also, buy season tickets. They're inexpensive and you're helping the university!!! I usually get an extra one so I can bring a buddy.
You can get college basketball tickets here.